(upbeat music) (crowd cheering) – Hey guys, Dr. Mike here. I’ve been reading a lot
of your comments recently, and I’ve seen that a lot of
you are excited for summer, but not so excited about
the way you look for summer. I’ve laid out a list of 10
easy steps that you can do. That’s right, 10 easy steps! For you to get that ideal
last-minute summer body. Wait, what is a summer body? – Um, okay. I don’t know. (both laugh) – Good physique, definition. Someone with abs. – Nice abs. – Abs. – Abs and butt. – Have abs. Get girls. – Toned legs. – The bis and tris. Maybe the pecs. The washboard. – Tight. Compact. – Watermelon?
(record scratch) – Clearly everyone has
a different definition of summer body but what does a perfect
summer body mean to me? Frankly, it means being
comfortable in your own skin. Being able to socialize and being proud of what you look like. It’s about setting goals for yourself and knowing you can achieve those goals. Number one: sleep. Sleep is one of the most crucial aspects for not only staying healthy,
but to have a great physique. Sleep is where your muscles recover, your metabolism re-energizes,
and your mind refreshes. It’s needed for all aspects,
mentally and physically. When you don’t get that optimal
seven to nine hours of sleep your body essentially enters the seventh. (losing horn blows)
You’re looking at zero hours. I didn’t sleep because I was
working a 24-hour call shift. Your body essentially
enters the sympathetic state which means that it’s a
fight-or-flight response, the survival mode. You get decreased concentration,
increased risk of injury, and most importantly, your hunger goes up, so you wanna eat all day long which is gonna ultimately
kill your physique. This concept was proven by a
study done on fighter pilots which compared pilots that got
less than six hours of sleep to fighter pilots that got
over seven hours of sleep and they found that the fighter pilots that got less than six hours of sleep had an increased reaction time, which means that it took them longer to make a good decision. That’s probably not a problem you want your fighter pilot to have. Fuel up. Your body is smart. Starving yourself is not
the right thing to do here. Your brain will automatically
slow your metabolism down, thinking you’re actually starving. You have to be smart
about the types of foods you put inside your body.
(bell dings) It’s not solely about calories. If you eat a lot of salt, you’re
gonna have water retention, you’re gonna look puffy,
you’re gonna get bloated. If you don’t hydrate well enough, your skin is gonna look dry. These are not ways to
get a good summer body. Some of you may wanna lose weight. Some of you may wanna put on weight. Different goals have
different calorie demands, so it’s important you figure out what’s right for your own goal. This is a perfect opportunity to download that new fitness
app, see a nutritionist, or maybe even pay a visit to your doctor. Overall tips that work
for any of your goals would be to decrease the
amount of simple carbs that you’re eating, increase the amount of
lean, healthy protein, and most importantly, focus on a plant-based
diet rich in vegetables. Fiber makes you feel full and also decreases how much
carbohydrates your body digests once you’ve already eaten them. Remember, you don’t have to be 100% rigid with this nutrition plan. Give yourself a cheat meal. Give yourself a cheat day. If you give yourself some flexibility, your chances of success
are that much higher. Hydrate for the win, but do so with water. You don’t wanna drink your calories. Most importantly, you don’t
wanna drink your sugars. So go ahead, skip the soda. Skip the alcohol. Just go with water. When you’re dehydrated it
hurts your performance, increases your risk of injury,
and hurts your circulation. Dress to fool. What does that mean? You wanna make your
clothing your ally here. You wanna accentuate your strong points but hide your weaker ones. This is all about optical illusions. Big logos and graphics will
accentuate a certain area, so for the guys out there that
wanna show off their chest, they’ve been doing bench
presses in the gym, throw a big logo on there and
that will accentuate that area and make you look even wider. What’s the deal with stripes? Well if you’re gonna
wear horizontal stripes, it’s actually making you look wider. If you’re wearing vertical stripes it’s making you look longer. So for you tall guys out there that don’t necessarily want
to accentuate your height, you can go with the horizontal stripes, make you look wider and stronger. And for you ladies out there
that wanna get some height, throw on some vertical stripes and you’ll look that much taller. To the naked eye, dark
colors are actually slimming. So when you’re picking out your outfits, combine different shades of dark colors to get that slim, clean look. On the other hand, bright colors
bring attention to an area. So while it may show off
your fun personality, it might not be the best
way to get a slim look. Burn calories on the go. You’re going somewhere and
it’s less than two miles, go for a walk. Or if it’s more than two
miles, hop on a bike. Don’t be lazy and just get in the car. Also, I see a lot of people
waiting for elevators when they could easily take the stairs, and it’s great for your
glute. (slaps self) Exercise, duh. You gotta exercise if you wanna reach your perfect summer body, but this breaks down into
two basic categories: weight loss and weight gain. If you fit into the weight loss category, you want to focus on two main things and that’s cardio and weight training. Weight training is great
because it allows you to build up your muscle mass, which not only lets you look good, but also allows you to burn
more calories throughout the day when you’re not even exercising. For cardio, lose your
grandfather’s exercise plan. Focus on high-intensity interval training. Yes, HIIT. What does that mean? It means a period of intense
exercise for about 60 seconds followed by a period of
less intense exercise for about four minutes. Those intervals can change
based on your athletic ability, but generally the
principles stay the same. It also applies to any kind of cardio, whether that’s swimming, cycling, running, jogging, whatever you want. It’s not a huge time commitment. You want to get in cardio three to four times a
week for about 30 minutes. If you have the option,
go and exercise outside. It’s a great way to get
vitamin D naturally. In fact, if you’re
interested about vitamins, I did a whole video on just vitamins. Go and check it out on my channel. For those who wanna gain muscle, boy do I sympathize with you. When I was in high school I was 140 pounds six foot three weakling and I was dying to put on some muscle. You wanna minimize your cardio and increase your weightlifting. You really wanna focus on
doing a low amount of reps with a high amount of weight. When you do this you put a
maximal stress on your muscles that encourages and forces them to grow to give you that nice big bicep pump. Focus on compound exercises. A compound exercise is one that involves multiple muscle groups at the same time, like a squat, bench press, shoulder press. You really wanna avoid isolating muscles because you’re getting less
bang for the buck when you do. Know thyself. What’s key is knowing
what your abilities are, what you’re capable of, and
how well you stay motivated. A lot of people that go to
the gym for the first time think they have to go all out in order to get optimal results. However, when you’re just starting out, setting realistic goals
is a smart way to do this because you won’t overtrain yourself and you decrease the risk of injury. Create your regimen
around your personality. If you enjoy being social,
get a workout partner. It’s a great way to motivate
yourself to go to the gym on the days that you’re feeling lazy. Have a good time. Enjoy yourself during this process. This is supposed to be fun, not torture. If you’re not enjoying yourself, you’ll probably just give up. Keep it loose. You wanna be able to stretch your muscles and keep your body in
prime working condition. Stretching before an exercise as a warm-up isn’t a great idea
because studies have shown it actually decreases your
performance during your exercise. You certainly can do it as
a cool down after exercise, but on days where you’re skipping the gym that’s a perfect time
to get that stretch in and prevent injury. Lather up. Use that sunscreen. You don’t wanna have crazy tan lines after exercising outside
and working so hard to build your perfect summer body. Also, by using sunscreen you’re gonna be decreasing
your risk of melanoma, which is gonna kill 10,000 people in the United States this year alone. That number has risen sharply
over the last three decades. Motivate yourself. An easy way to get motivated
is to go to the store and pick up some new swag. If you’re gonna exercise,
get some new fitness gear. Get a new t-shirt. Get some new shorts. Most importantly, get some new shoes. You don’t wanna be exercising in old shoes because the cushion does wear out, and if you’re buying shoes
make sure you buy the shoes with the right stability for your foot. If you overpronate, yes, that’s like this, you wanna get a shoe with extra stability. Also, a fitness tracker is
a great way to stay on track and know if you’re
achieving your fitness goals every single day. So there you have it. 10 steps on how to
perfect your summer body. All these steps are based
on scientific evidence so you know you’re getting the real deal. Once you start the routine, let me know how the progress is going. If you have any questions or concern about any of these tips,
leave a comment down below. And if you haven’t yet,
definitely hit subscribe.

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