How to Eat Low Carb at a Restaurant | Healthy Alternatives When Eating Out

How to Eat Low Carb at a Restaurant | Healthy Alternatives When Eating Out

– Eating out can feel so scary when you’re on a weight loss journey. People feel like they
can’t enjoy themselves or socialize when they’re losing weight because they won’t be
able to find something that they can eat on the menu. I want to let you in on
some healthy alternatives when you’re eating out and
show you that you can find a low-carb option or a
Code Red-approved option wherever you go out to eat. If you’re wondering how to
eat low carb at a restaurant, just keep watching. But before we jump in, I have
a special challenge for you if you’re ready to shed that weight. Click the link below for some information. It might seem difficult
to find a low-carb option when you’re eating out, but
I promise you, it’s possible. Here are some thing you
want to keep in mind for the next time you’re
headed out for a night out or a lunch meeting. Plan ahead. This one comes up a lot, and you’ve probably
heard me say it before, because it’s so important. In this day and age, most restaurants have their
menus available online. If you know where you’re going in advance, look up the menu and find
something that works for you. Look up substitutions on the side options so you know exactly
what you’re going to eat when you get there. I have had to call many
restaurants for my clients and for myself, and I can tell you that every single restaurant
I have ever called, the manager or whoever’s
answering the phone is so very nice, and they
are more than happy to help talk through the menu options with you and help you choose a healthy alternative. Sub for salad. Even if it doesn’t say on the menu, most places are okay with
switching out the fries or other starchy side dishes
with a salad or extra veggies. Ask for your burger to
be wrapped in lettuce instead of a bun with
extra veggies on the side. How about you ask for extra fat? Lots of restaurants leave you
feeling not totally satiated after your meal because
they skimp on the fat and offer more carbs instead. So ask for extra guacamole, extra butter, whatever you can to make sure
you’re going to feel full and satiated long-term. Don’t be afraid to get creative. Look, choose a few appetizers
instead of an entree. Ask for a few sides if
you can’t find a meal that fits your macros. You can even ask for pasta sauce and meat with a side of sauteed veggies
instead of pasta noodles. I don’t eat out often, but when Myles and I do our
once-a-month date night, I don’t find it overwhelming
at all at a restaurant. What I do is I just shove
the table-side rolls to the side or ask them not to bring them. I definitely do not eat
the bun off the burger. I skip the potato, I skip the fries. I ask for steamed veggies. It’s so very easy. I ask for extra butter. I definitely get a steak. It’s actually very easy
to get a meat and a veggie at a restaurant. It can feel pretty
overwhelming to go out and eat, especially when you’re just kicking off your weight loss journey. But trust me, once you’ve
done this a couple of times, it’ll be easy to adjust your meals out to match your macros and goals. Before you go, be sure to
check out the link below for the Code Red 10
Pound Takedown Challenge. If you liked this video,
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when I release a new video. But I want to hear from you. Comment below and tell me, what is your go to when you eat out? What do you do? Do you follow the menu, or you just ask the server what you want without even looking at the menu? Comment below and I’ll
see you on the next video. (inspirational music)

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  1. When i go out, I always get either bacon and eggs and salad or burgers without the bun and salad or some sort of veggies. You rock Christy! Thanks for sharing your amazing lifestyle change with the world.

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