How to Downsize Jeans (Resize Waist & Legs!) | WITHWENDY

How to Downsize Jeans (Resize Waist & Legs!) | WITHWENDY

Hey, you’re watching with Wendy and in today’s video. I’m going to talk about how to downsize [a] pair of jeans I lost a bit of weight over the last year, and that’s left me with some jeans that don’t fit It sucks to get rid of them when I like them so much, so I’m going to show you how to reduce the waistband and slim down the leg if you’re in a similar situation as me. I’m going to be taking in the waistband on these pair of boyfriend jeans that I own. Yes, I understand that as boyfriend jeans they already really lack in the hip department, but these ones are so loose now that they’re at the point where they just looks super saggy, and they almost can slide off of my hips. A little bit of tightening at the waist will help them to sit on the hips better and get a little bit closer to my actual waist. To reduce the waistband we could remove an equal part from the two sides. That’s a bit tricky, because it has to be symmetrical and you run into issues with navigating around the pockets. You can also take out fabric from the back middle, but then that brings your two back pockets closer together, which sometimes looks a little unflattering, so I’m gonna go with the option of putting in two darts directly above the back pocket Here’s the jeans where I’ll be slimming down the leg. The hips of them is okay, but these used to be skinny jeans and are now pretty baggy around the leg area. It makes the butt look pretty unflattering. And also the legs just look like there’s a lot of fabric going on. Okay, we’ll get started with the boyfriend jeans where I’m taking in the waist. At the front I pinched in enough fabric so that it’s fitting comfortably all the way around and still looks ok. And I measure how much fabric I pinched. In total, I pinched two inches, so I divided that in half and pinned one inch Directly above the middle of the two back pockets, I pinned these in with safety pins to try them on. And yes, it’s looking pretty good in terms of how much room is on the side. You will have to pay attention though to how much you pinched in just because these darts are going to make the back pockets sag a little bit So there’s only so much you can pinch before the back pockets start to sag way too much I was pretty happy with the two 1 inch sections that I pinched and so I flipped the jeans inside out and use pins to mark out where the directs were going To go, I put in a regular pin and remove the safety pin And then flip the fabric so that I was looking at it from a side profile making sure that I’ve lined up the fold directly With the middle of the back pocket and pulling on that back pocket to get it out of the way I lay down the fabric In its folded position and pinned so that I’m creating a diagonal line starting from the very top Of the back pocket and going up to the point where I had pinched one inch in from the edge This is where you’re going to be sewing with a straight line to make the dart I repeated the exact same steps on the other back pocket folding it in half Along the pocket and making sure that pocket fabric is out of the way then putting in the three pin So that I can mark out the angle of the dark here’s how the two darts look I was double checking that everything was looking symmetrical and straight down the middle of the two back pockets on the outside You’re going to have these two seems They’re not intensely noticeable But they will be there and it’s an inherent part of taking in the fabric grab your sewing machine and sew down A Straight stitch all along the pins starting [from] 1 inch from the top where I had pinched and going down all the way until you Reach the bottom of the fold which is right where the pocket begins I used a long stitch length And that makes it a bit easier to undo the stitches if it turns out that it doesn’t look that great after putting in these Two stitches I gave these jeans I try just to see if I like to wear the darts were before I go on to the next step if you’re feeling lazy You could stop here, but I’m going to challenge you to finish off The top Edge of the gene to make it look all professional on my left hand side It’s already done But I’m going to show you how it’s done on the right hand side the first step is to Undo the dart that you just made but only along the waistband section of that scene now that we’ve opened up the waistband we’re going To go in again with the seam ripper and start ripping out the seams one inch away from the seam on both sides I do All the ripping on the inside of the gene and that helps to make sure I’m not damaging the outside of the gene and also Makes it [easier] to keep the outside of the jeans looking nice open it up So that you have a hole that goes one inch past the same on both sides the next scene We have to rip up is the top stitch along the waistband so I go in once again with the Seam Ripper this time going half an inch out from the seat we can go ahead and push that part open and then flip that piece of Waistband out of the waist that we’re just dealing with the gene and the waistband half that’s attached to it on this one side now we have the jeans with the dart we’re going to take a straight stitch and finish off the dart all the way down [to] the End of the gene making sure everything is unfolded as we go. Here’s how it [looks] after sewing all the way down I Unfolded the raw Edge at the very top of the waistband and went all the way down with a straight stitch the next part is To grab the waist band that’s been flipped out of the way and give that a straight stitch as well the exact same width on This side so that it’s the same amount of fabric being removed again. Here is the dart that we had so Carrying it all the way to the [top] of the waistband and here is the other part of the waistband with a matching straight stitch I cut off the excess fabric on that top piece of waste and and then also cut off the excess fabric on the dart reach In with your fingers to separate those raw edges of all of the seams and fold the edges that we had unfolded while sewing back into their original Position once those are all folded in flip the entire thing so it’s back to where we started your waistband should have two halves that Are meeting each other and covering the same that we just created with the dart go ahead and pin the top Edge and the bottom Edge then we’ll sew in a straight stitch with matching gold Jean thread And that’s how you finish off the waistband so that your darts are completely hidden I also go into the bottom edge of the dart tie up those loose strings into a knot before Snipping them off or the jeans that were slimming down pick the side of the leg that has no top stitch Which is the golden Jean thread for me that was the inside edge of the leg and that’s the part that’s easier to work with First you’re going to flip the jeans inside out Which is always a kind of a weird experience then we’re going to go in and pinch the inner leg adding safety pins as we go to help us determine how much fabric we Need to sew wait here’s one of the legs after I finished it It was kind of nice because it tucked away some worn down fabric on the inner thigh So I’m gonna replicate this on the other leg I put in a pin at the bottom of the leg to show me where everything started I pinned to show me at which point We reached that third of an inch that we were trying to remove and then one more pin near the crotch to show me where To turn so that I reached the inner crotch from there I made sure the gene was folded cleanly in half and put it into the sewing machine Just going with a straight stitch all the way along the leg make sure if you want your jeans to stay at the same waist Height that you don’t go any higher on the existing crotch seam even though I’m removing a third of an inch all the way up the inner leg once I reached the crotch I made sure I aligned my stitched with the Original one so that it doesn’t change the height of these jeans here’s where I like to give it a try to make sure everything Fits okay, if they’re okay go ahead and snip off the excess fabric This is especially Important if you’re doing this for skinny jeans because you just don’t want that extra fabric sitting around to seal off the raw Edges I used a Zig-Zag stitch I set it to the widest zigzag possible, and then a smaller stitch length so that it gives me a very fine zigzag all the way along the lake and here are the Boyfriend jeans that I took in the waist as you can see there’s way less room at the waist and there no law Great risk of falling off [of] my hips which is great you should be aiming to try to do this super tight? I mean there has to be a bit of room for your tummy to breathe here are the two darts that we put in yes? They’re there but they’re not super noticeable plus. I find this one of the easier ways to get rid of fabric I don’t think I could have removed any more from this because as you can see the pockets are already a bit saggy But I’m pretty happy with how this turned out slipping into my skinny jeans you can see [that] the leg fits much better now There’s way less spare fabric to pinch and it doesn’t look Anywhere near as baggy as it used to everything fits a lot better And I’ll give you a look at the inner leg it definitely doesn’t have the same faded jean quality that it used to because we tucked away a lot of fabric but over time that’s going to come back and that’s The nice thing about taking the fabric out of the inner leg is that it’s a part of the gene that’s definitely not as noticeable Hope this quick tutorial was helpful for you if you were looking to downsize a pair of jeans if you haven’t subscribed yet click The subscribe button below so that you don’t miss out on any more of my tutorials I already Posted a tutorial in the past that shows how to turn flare jeans into skinny jeans and also tutorial on how to hem a pair Of jeans if you want to check out either of those there is a link in the description for you. Thanks for watching bye

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  1. And here I was gonna do it the harder way. And still By taking off pockets if needed to resize and put back on later. And then cutting at where it was originally sewn together and adjusting there and resewing together So there aren’t weird lines on the jeans like yours will and no worries of wonky pockets and keeping original shape.Lucnkily the pants I need to do dont have pockets at all. Or special sewing type, or skinny. Yay vintage. I was just looking for easy tips, this video was not

  2. Wendy! Thanks so much for this tutorial! I just finished making my formerly "skinny jeans", skinny once again. I even took off the pockets and re-sewed them back on with the yellow top stitching. They look great, and so does my butt in these new jeans! Not to mention, my bank account didn't take the hit on a new pair of jeans……thanks Wendy!!!

  3. Thank you. I just had to watch it a few times because I couldn't quite tell how you were doing some of it.

  4. Just wanted to say, I used this method for my jeans and it worked so well! I’m so happy with how it worked it out ◡̈ thanks very much for your help!! I also used this for my skirt as well

  5. This is such a good tutorial, thank you! It's not really for stretchy jeans though is it? Maybe I'll put the darts on the sides so it doesn't strain the fabric above the back pockets when I squat down.

    EDIT: MY PANTS FIT PERFECTLY NOW, I just did the darts on the sides and did it the lazy way, just sewed straight up and cut the extra off. Had to sew it at work (lucky we sew!) because my home machine couldn't get through the waist. Maybe it could with a higher foot and a thicker needle?

  6. My mom gave me her not too old ZARA jeans( it's pitchblack😭 and beautiful*) …but it's to saggy for me..and this video is giving me some HOPE! GOOD JOB!💕

  7. Your idea to do the dart, then the waistband, is brilliant! You saved me a lot of unnecessary frustration. I'll be watching all of your videos. Thank you so much!!

    Long story long, I tripped over the dog, got stuck in a chair for a year, and lost 120 lbs. eating a gallon of ice cream/day {No, I didn't get tired of it, and, no, I wouldn't expect the same result no matter how much you want to try it, so sorry :-(.}. Altering pieces is the best way to rebuild my wardrobe, along with thrift store finds to wear while stabilizing, then cutting them to up add interesting details or hide obvious alterations.

    Gravity complicated the process. Basically, I had to gather my fanny up from around my ankles and carry it around like a hoop skirt for awhile to avoid tripping. I can't thank you enough for putting the time in to help others. 🙂

  8. What would you reccomend for someone who has a pair of old vintage flares that are too baggy in waist and legs, but wants to keep the flare? If I taken them in at the waist they'll still be a bit large though the hips. Any tips? @withwendy

  9. Thank you Wendy! I'm super beginner and I took in the waist of my new jeans with this tutorial. I'm super proud of how they came out.

  10. I think I'm going to try this on a pair of my husband's old Jean's and make myself some shorts. Thanks for the vid. 👖✂️

  11. I think for females there are a lot of jeans with no pockets in the back so if the pockets are popping out there's two option's you can either remove the pockets so that would give you the option of even taking in the waist half inch more on each side so that the butt is more revealing or by using the seam remover open the pockets from the outside stretch them out and sew them back on

    Just put your jeans to boiling in washing machine at 90°C and it will shrink.
    I've learned that the hard way.

  13. Hello! How do you fix the saggy/bulging crotch of jeans/pants? It is a bit frustrating that this occurs with most of my pants, especially when I sit.

  14. Now I just need the motivation to actually fix my jeans lol. I hate setting up my sewing machine so I usually do all my sewing by hand

  15. I got mom jeans and it’s very big at the top lol cuz the point is to be baggy but at the top it literally wants to slide off I love them Sm so here I am watching this video

  16. As a guy who has lost a lot of weight, but kept a great many pairs of old jeans against the day of ballooning up again (I never did), this ought to save me hundreds of Euros. Many thanks.
    PS. The leg slimming instructions start at 5:08.

  17. Thank you for this video! I always struggle buying pants since i have wide hips compared to my waist (the struggles of big booty lmao). Pants tend to fit around my butt, but the waistband ends up being way to wide. Fixed two nice summer shorts that have been hiding away in the back of my closet for years thanks to this video 😊💕

  18. I thrifted a pair of men’s Levi’s but they. Have a Lotta camel toe. Does anyone have an idea to alter it out. Is there anyway to get rid of the camel toe?

  19. Sorry…..Didn't understand I was really confused.. Can you please make the same video in smaller steps/instructions?? Thank you

  20. 1. 666th comment
    2. i’m using this and past experience to bring a pair of men’s size 34 jeans to women’s 00. wish me luck!

  21. Very good tutorial. The only thing is that it’s hard to see up close what you are doing. I think still shots zoomed in would be so helpful, inserted in the video. I appreciate your tutorials 😀

  22. I lost a fair bit of weight recently too. I hated the prospect of throwing away some nice old pairs.
    This stuff makes me wana learn how to tailor.
    Thanks wendy!!

  23. Our neighborhood tailor is not that talented as you lol 😂💙 wearing size 32 jeans everyday with a tight belt is a challenge everyday when you're size 26 😶 took the jeans to multiple tailors in our neighborhood, says it's almost 'impossible' for them to reduce the jeans waist and I cannot sew 😑😪

  24. Hi Wendy! You can also downsize it from the sides which makes it look exactly the same but the size of your preference. Of course the fabric on the sides is a little bit more so the needle may break but i suggest that you try it

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