How to Build Muscle AND Lose Fat At The Same Time (MY SIMPLE STRATEGY!!)

– What’s going on, everybody? It’s your boy, Tanner
Wideman of BarbarianBody. Today, I’m gonna be sharing with you guys my very simplistic process
for building up muscle mass and losing fat at the same time. You guys know the drill. Let’s get straight into this one. Alright, now we’ve got the
obligatory shirtless portion of the video done, let’s get straight into it. I’m gonna be sharing with you guys my personal, simplistic strategy. This is what I do first, before I get into calculating
all these numbers, before I have to follow
some strict routine, I follow this and start losing fat, and building up muscle
mass quite significantly, and, in fact, I don’t
even really do too much of the calculations anymore. You’re gonna love this. So, the first question that I get from guys looking to lose
fat and build muscle, is what’s my calorie deficit? What’s my calorie surplus? Before we get to that, we’re gonna handle the foundation here, crush it with that, and you will see significant results simply just from doing that. So, the first step that I make right here is called error hunting, and what error hunting simply is, is I reflect on what I’ve been doing wrong for the past two to
three weeks with my diet. There’s three main things
that I take into account. Number one, alcohol
consumption during the week. Number two, eating snacks
and bad food during the week, so within the house. Number three, how poorly that I’m eating when I go eating out on the weekend, in addition to alcohol consumption. Now, I recommend that you do this with a piece of paper and a pencil, ’cause once you see it
down on a pad of paper, that’s when you really go wow, that’s bad. And typically what’s gonna happen, is I’m gonna create
this long list of errors that I’m doing with my diet, and I instantly begin
circling the really easy ones that I can make changes
with, as of right now. So, if I notice that I’ve been
drinking two to three beers, you know, two to three nights per week, during the week day, that’s one. At this point, now, I wanna lose some fat. I’m just gonna instantly take that away. I noticed that my Uber Eats delivery app has about four or five deliveries
for Saturday and Sunday. Now I’m gonna go for two or three. If I notice that I’ve been having a lot of Welch’s snack
packs, those are delicious, and rice crispy squares (laughs), and rice crispy squares, then guess what? I’m gonna cut them out, and I’m gonna do the
very simplistic process of purging my kitchen, to make it really easy to succeed. And when I mean purge my kitchen, your kitchen likely has some
really good-tasting shit that you would love to
eat at any given moment. What you do, is you get rid of 80% of it. So, now that you’ve taken
about 80% of your distractions, of your most unhealthiest
and tastiest snacks, well, now you’re gonna
make this a lot easier to actually commit to not eating
that stuff during the week, because when you’re hungry, you’re gonna go into your cupboards, your pantry, and your fridge. You see the stuff there, the good stuff, Fruit Gushers, Fruit
by the Foot, Jos Louis, you’re gonna be like,
dude, I gotta have one. So by taking it out, you really
make it easier for yourself to commit to these things, and again, this is personally what I do, and I’ve noticed that I’ve
been consuming my alcohol during the week, guess what? Not gonna be picking up alcohol. I’m not gonna be storing
extra alcohol at my place, in my alcohol cabinet. I’m not gonna be having
beers in my fridge. I need to purge everything, so there’s no distractions,
no temptations. The next step is to start to add things into my routine, as well. Now, we need to focus on
more of the muscle building, so I want to get more protein. First step I do, is I’m gonna
go hit the grocery store, and get myself one to
two, sometimes three, cooked chickens during the week. Mix it with some rice. It’s a super cheap meal, ’cause it’s gonna help me
consume more of my protein, and it’s gonna be a clean
source of protein, as well. Now, that’s typically gonna
cover me for my lunches. When it comes to dinners,
I’m also gonna reflect and, okay, it looks like
I haven’t been cooking, so I gotta get back into
the habit of doing that. So, I’ll probably hit the
grocery store on a Monday. I’ll pick up the usual stuff. You can see a couple of clips of the types of foods that I like to get, and it commits to cooking myself dinner about every two days, because if I cook enough
dinner for the one night, it’ll probably last me
for the second night. And these dinners are typically stir-fries filled with vegetables, and lean sources of protein, either ground turkey or chicken breast. Now, the main goal with the chicken, with the stir-fries, with all that, is to get one gram of protein
per pound of body weight. If I’m noticing that I need to lose fat and build muscle mass simultaneously, there’s a good chance
I wasn’t even hitting my one gram of protein
per pound of body weight, so now I gotta be a little
bit more strict with it. Okay, so when it comes to my training, again, I’m gonna be reflecting on, what have I been doing for
the past two to three weeks? Okay, I really have not
been on top of my workouts. Now, this will typically happen to me around seasonal times, such as Christmas, but if I haven’t been training, I’m gonna go, okay, which
days was I not training? After that, I need to get
recommitted to my schedule, okay? I’m gonna workout Monday,
I’m gonna workout Wednesday, and I’m gonna workout Friday. Now, if I’m really
getting serious with this, then I might add in even a fourth day, and I might do Monday,
Tuesday, Thursday, Friday. Wednesday, rest day. So, after I’ve got that covered, I need to, again, refer
back to what I’ve been doing the past two to three weeks. What’s my intensity been like? Have I been dicking around on my phone? And, guys, when I’m
dicking around on my phone, it’s for you guys. It’s so I can build the brand, complete the orders and stuff. Regardless, it’s not
acceptable in the gym, so if I’ve been doing that,
I need to go come on, man. When we’re in the gym, we’re
supposed to be working out. Build the brand outside of those times. So, I really have to reflect on that. What’s my intensity been like? Have I been strict on my rest periods? Have I really been challenging myself with intensity increases on my final set? Things like drop sets, rest-pauses, forced negatives, half reps. Have I been doing that? No, okay, now we need to apply those into the routine, as well. Now after I’ve gotten the
resistance training portion of the workout done, the next question is,
okay, what about my cardio? Have I been doing that? No, I’ve been getting, like, one, maybe two of those cardio
sessions every week. Now, we need to add that to the schedule, and I draw out my schedule. I’ve got a really big whiteboard. You can actually probably
see it right there, and what I do is when I’m really
trying to stick with this, I’ll draw what my exact
routine is on there, keep it up there forever. And that’s pretty much the process. Once I have all that laid down pat, and I’m consistent with it, after two or three weeks I notice, guess what, I have lost a lot of fat and built up a lot of
muscle mass right there. I am pretty happy. What the main problem was, was that I just didn’t have my routine. I didn’t have the foundation laid, and you know what? I don’t really need to focus on doing an exact calorie surplus, or an exact calorie
deficit, or my exact macros. Protein I do recommend
that you keep track of, because too many guys miss that, but having my exact protein,
and carbs, and my fats, and all that stuff, I’m not into that. I like simplicity. So that’s, personally,
how I like to do it. So, there you guys go. That concludes today’s video on how I, personally, like to, in a very simplistic process,
build muscle and lose fat. Other than that, guys, if you
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