How to Break an Intermittent Fasting Weight Loss Plateau – Part 2 of 3

How to Break an Intermittent Fasting Weight Loss Plateau – Part 2 of 3

Hi. Hi, and thanks for joining us for part
two of our three-part series on weight loss plateaus. We talked about the
reasons for weight loss plateaus in the first part of this and we talked about
the option to just waiting it out waiting you’re not snow fun so we’re
going to talk about some other options and we’ve been talk about options like
these for 15 years of helping people with intermittent fasting an appetite
correction in the Fast Five diet program so we’re going to go over five things
that we would like to share and may help you our others were on an intermittent
fasting appetite correction schedule break through a weight loss plateau and
if any of these sound interesting to you then you’re welcome to give them a try
and let us know how they worked for you yeah we’d love to hear from you the
first thing that we’d like to talk about is called timed stepping and time
stepping is just a player that you start with your your break fast to make sure
your body has time to digest and measure all of the calories you’ve had in before
you add more and so the way the time stepping works is that when you approach
your break fast time at the beginning of your eating window you decide what
you’re going to eat whatever it looks appropriate for your appetite and when
you’re ready for your breakfast you consume that and when you’re done you
don’t say I’m not going to have any more you just set a timer and for thirty
minutes and go do something else for a while and then
at the end of that 30 minutes are still hungry no notice that I’m saying still
hungry not but you’re not full you’re still hungry you still want to have more
food then you prepare another portion of whatever size seems appropriate and you
eat that and when you’re done with that you set another 30-minute timer and so
you go through these steps each time giving yourself 30 minutes to digest the
food which allows your body time to talk from gut to brain and say this is what
we what we haven’t taken on board do we need more or do we produce that enough
and a lot of times that and that time will give your body the
it needs to digest and measure the calories and say okay this is enough and
take you from not feeling oh that’s not feeling satisfied not for them like
you’ve had enough uh and then say oh yeah it is enough what we’re good and
cut off your appetite at that point until you’re your next eating window so
that’s that’s time stepping 30 minute pause between portions that you choose
based on your appetite yes another change to a schedule or a change to a
regimen that intermittent fasting fast v appetite correction lifestyle followers
have found to be helpful in breaking you weight loss plateau has been to
introduce a skip day into the regimen now a skip day is a day that one moves
away from their traditional 5 hour window of eating and instead they break
their fast earlier in the day or whenever it is that their body tells
them they’re feeling hungry typically when someone follows that kind of a
lifestyle they follow it for seven days a week and during the day if a bit of
hunger you know whatever kind of clock hunger some kind of hunger crops up the
the pattern would be to just wait it out the regular intermittent fasting
scheduled for six days a week and then one day is this give day right exactly
exactly so during the regular intermittent fasting schedule one when
they feel a little bit of hungry coming line they just wait it out they don’t
they don’t break their fast and typically what happens is and 15 minutes
after that little pang of hunger comes on it goes away but what we’re
suggesting is that during the skip day instead of waiting that a little bit of
hunger out just respond to it give the body some food and what that potentially
does mean the reality is nobody knows exactly what goes on in the mysterious
body that we all inhabit but or the each of us inhabits
our own of course but what the sort of thing that is going on is potentially
that the body is having more information that can use to recalibrate to know that
it has plenty of fuel available from the outside it doesn’t have to use the fact
that the fat it has stored and it goes into the equation that lets the body
know that it’s safe and healthy and reasonable to continue to release weight
to continue to burn its stored fat now a significant distinction an important
distinction in thinking about a skip day is that it is not a cheat day that word
cheat day is something that people use and I don’t know precisely what it means
but my impression is if the day that one goes off schedule is sort of in an
unplanned way but what we’re suggesting is this becomes a planned day of the
week instead of doing a seven days a week
intermittent fasting schedule that is your routine
window length and routine timing that one day of that week you decide that you
it’s gonna be time to to mix it up a little bit the goal is to let your body
move forward to not take it not let your body take a day off but let it have the
time and the information it needs to calibrate what you really need and then
it it can do its job it can continue to do its job of of burning the fuel that
is available and requesting fuel that it actually needs how you do that is
entirely up to you some people might think that what we’re suggesting is that
you go to a three meal a day pattern on the day that you do a skip day that’s
not what we’re suggesting we’re suggesting that just let your body tell
you what at once and more casually than typical if it
says I want to eat now then go ahead and let it and sending that message to the
body that it has some some reserve and some potential it’s not used to in your
standard intermittent fasting lifestyle that little mixing up of the schedule
can sometimes shake things loose and get your weight loss going again
in the same way that a skip day can change things that going the other way
can also help and you’ve probably seen if you’re on an independent fasting
schedule that lengthening the interval between meals can hurt your appetite and
so if you’re you’ve seen that then it makes sense that if you go even longer
between meals it may give your body another reset potential to say what is a
what is when our appetite should be how much fat do we have stored and can we
afford to let a little bit more fat go and burn it away and so instead of a
skip day they the opposite is to add a fasting day and on a fast v schedule
where you’re doing a 99 pass with a 5-hour eating window each day if you do
a an extra day of that then you extend up by 24 hours so you have a 1 fast
that’s 43 hours long within a week of regular passing schedule and that gives
the body another reset potential to to measure everything to get a zero when
your guts not offering any fuel and it can measure how much fat is stored and
your body can can know how much it can afford to to burn and so this is kind of
the opposite reset of what Judy was just talking about we’re in that way in the
skip date you’re making sure the body knows that there’s plenty of food
available in the extra fasting day you’re pushing it to reset itself and
make sure it knows how much fat is stored and can sense everything and put
everything into the calculation that winds up in your brain telling you how
much you need to eat and past survivors who have done this are well-adapted have
been surprised at how easy it is to go that full 24 hours it’s it’s not all
that hard to do and often the hardest part about it is the usual the social
friction about not eating people giving kind of flack about oh you’ve got to eat
and this is not really such a big deal and so that’s an option to help your
body reset and measure accurately what what it has stored and whether it can
afford to lose some more and obviously you can’t do both of those at the same
time and so this gives me an opportunity to to just remind us and to suggest to
you that we’re not saying that you are going to adopt all of these things as
your way of trying to break your weight loss plateau we’re offering something of
a menu and whatever seems like the reasonable approach to you as the one to
adopt and to try and and then if it doesn’t work then try something else
that it doesn’t really need one that works Bravo exactly and we we wish we
could tell you which one will work for you but people are so different the
different things work for different people and you just have to give things
a try what make sense to you yes absolutely
another thing that people who live the Fast Five intermittent fasting appetite
Direction lifestyle have found to be effective in breaking a weight loss
plateau is to take steps to improve their gut health to optimize the
population of bacteria that is in the gut it’s surprising the degree to which
that bacteria influences how we process food and a whole bunch of other things
in the body for that matter so working to have a
favorable a favorable population of bacteria in the gut is is worth the
effort that it takes we consider the the bacteria in our gut to be our inner
garden and and we recognize that tendons of that garden is something that that is
is worth the effort and so one of the things you can do to change around your
gut flora if that’s something you’re interested in trying as a way to
possibly break your weight loss plateau is to excuse me and by flora really
things bacteria that are growing in the gut to put the billions trillions of
bacteria growing in the gut are what we call a gut flora yes thank you very much
um and so to to try to improve that to make that optimize one of the things you
can do is is add to your diet if you don’t take this sort of food in
fermented foods like yogurt and that’s the kind of yogurt that’s made from live
cultures and kefir is another product in and then sauerkraut and sauerkraut all
sauerkraut is not the same so sauerkraut that is not all starter because I think
it’s all sour but I think it does not all have the same amount of fermented
wonderful things in it right live bacteria right excuse me so
sauerkraut that’s in a can that has been processed in the canning factory or
canning works yeah good not to worry that’s that is not going to help you any
but the the bacteria or excuse me the UM the sauerkraut that is in the
refrigerator section of grocery stores those have bacteria in them and that can
be valuable and might be an addition if you like not everybody likes sauerkraut
but if you like sauerkraut adding that to your dietary regimen may be
beneficial and then kimchi is another is another food that some people like some
people don’t but if you do that’s something that can certainly add some
variety to your your bacterial population in your gut another thing is
to include raw vegetables and a variety of vegetables beyond the ones that you
eight perhaps those that are grown in your own garden or in a garden that’s a
local garden or a non commercial garden where there are no pesticides or
herbicides used those have the highest likelihood of giving a nice variety of
bacteria to possibly introduce into your gut you can also consider taking a
probiotic supplement but as in the same way that all sauerkraut’s not the same
all probiotics are not the same either there are some preparations that are
better quality and those that are not and I as I understand it there are some
that are safe and some that or not I don’t have personal experience or I
haven’t done a deep dive into that topic but certainly if you’re going to choose
to take a probiotic supplement it’s worth researching the manufacturer and
the brand and making sure that it’s endorsed by a trusted source so you make
sure it’s safe and and effective you don’t to just waste your money another
thing that has been effective in breaking a weight loss plateau for some
individuals has been the addition of a magnesium supplement to the daily
regimen and that’s usually or what we favor is in magnesium citrate it’s in a
gel cap kind of form not not the bottle that is in the laxative aisle mind you
but a gel cap kind of magnesium citrate preparation becoming 250 milligrams
sizes and two of those a day as a supplement that has been shown to be
helpful in keeping the bowel moving and interestingly it has also been there a
couple of studies that have shown that it has been helpful in improving
people’s sleep hygiene and in the in the first of this series of videos about
breaking the weight loss plateau we mentioned I think you mentioned that
sleep is certainly an important part of making sure that I poor sleep can lead
to difficulty in weight loss and so after my the magnesium supplement may
give you two bangs for your body and that is help with your gut health and
also potentially help with sleep and and again all of us
individuals who knows what will help any individual person but there are some for
whom it has been beneficial and then one thing I’d like to point out is that when
one is working to change the gut health that’s not a quick fix it is when you
implement a change it may take several weeks to see any difference and so if
that’s the step that you take or one of the steps that you take to try to break
your weight loss plateau anticipate that it’s going to be a couple of weeks maybe
several circle week yeah the boys right two months before you see any resumption
of your weight loss from that now certainly something else can break it in
the meantime but we’re talking about things that that you can do that are not
just waiting it out and so anyway that’s my take on that or our take on that so
another thing that can both improve the gut health as Judy was talking about and
also improve your appetite sensation is avoiding predigested foods and by
predigested foods I mean anything that is cooked or chopped or ground-up that
you would you could have eaten raw by doing that you give yourself more
satisfying meals but you also give your body more of a challenge in digesting
that there’s more work to do in digesting something that is just chewed
instead of something that’s already been ground by a machine into pulp and so
anything that’s that’s brown cooked or silver eyes during right chop this that
you would otherwise eat raw is considered predigested okay and so the
idea is to avoid predigested food and cooked vegetables are a good example of
that you could eat them wrong you could eat cauliflower raw you can
eat broccoli raw if you cook it and then that student some pre digestion on that
food because it breaks down this so well right it makes it easier to digest which
means you get more of the nutrients out of it but in this case you don’t really
want to get all the nutrients out of it you want your body to do the work I’m
digesting and also it sense accurately how much is how much nutrition is in
there and and leave some of it for the large intestine right and some of some
of what you don’t digest goes through your intestine to the gut and supports
the health of the bacteria and the variety of bacteria in your gut so you
want some things to pass through and so some examples are peanut butter
peanut butter is finding ground peanuts and if you eat peanut butter then you
will completely absorb that none of it will pass through your gut intact and so
all of the calories go into your body if there’s an excess that gets stored as
fat but if you’re eat peanuts then some part of that gets passed into the large
intestine the bacteria to get to chomp down on it and that supports your your
gut health and it also spares you some of the calories that you didn’t take in
and so that applies to things like shakes and smoothies anything where the
food is all chopped up and finely ground that’s pre digestion and it’s like baby
food you know we’ve got say you can eat beans and talk to him Tom – or you can
pulverize them into mash it looks like baby food
yeah everybody doesn’t need that yeah it doesn’t need help absorbing food it’s
made for that and so stick with the brah stuff sticker with the intact vegetables
or fruits take a bite of Apple instead of eating applesauce
so I’ll avoid predigested food that’s the the fifth of our five great thanks
Bert so we’ve talked about five ways that some people have who who live the
past five intermittent fasting lifestyle have found success using those to break
a weight loss plateau in our final video in this series we will add a couple of
more ideas a few more ideas to be to the mix and hopefully with the composite of
what we bring forward in these three videos you’ll find something that will
help you break your weight loss plateau that’s our goal and we hope you’ve found
this video helpful and you can stay tuned for part three and we invite you
to subscribe to our Channel so you’ll get the updates as they come out
we’ll keep producing more of these alright thanks so much for taking the
time to be with us and we hope it helps the line for this video bye bye

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  1. Great to have a whole "menu" to choose from to try and break the plateau… :)) I think the one that causes the most resistance in my mind/friction in my thinking, would the one I should go for (avoid "pre-digested" food, as I'm SO into that "baby food" style of eating; like, why eat an apple if you can eat Dutch "appelmoes", lol). Luckily I'm not at a plateau yet, only in my full blown 5th week of Fast-5)

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