How to Avoid the Obesity-Related Plastic Chemical BPA

How to Avoid the Obesity-Related Plastic Chemical BPA

55 thoughts on “How to Avoid the Obesity-Related Plastic Chemical BPA

  1. The key is to never put any foods in ANY form of plastic….even the BPH free stuff. Always store food stuff in glass. Never use Teflon or other coated pans(ceramic) to cook with because they all leach their carcinogenic coatings and gasses. Cast iron or stainless steel only!

  2. I love it when dr Greger's vids conclude that my plant based diet is already protecting me from yet another nasty issue, yaas!

  3. I was just thinking I might get a glass water bottle, but then at my school, the water cooler is plastic, so….

  4. so its not over eating on all the wrong foods that makes people fat, its not being a greedy pig, its BPA that causes fatness

  5. Do you have a good idea about what to do in my case? I cook grains and beans every week, let them cool down after cooking and package them into plastic bags and freeze them. This way I can just grab a bag or two (each measured to be 1cup) and I got a meal. I'd love to cook fresh but my schedule doesn't allow me to. I know this is an issue, but glass containers don't make much sense, since the grains and beans freeze and I wouldn't be able to manage this properly with glass.

  6. I've been avoiding canned stuff mostly cause of the high amounts of sodium, but I think I'll keep avoiding them for this reason too.

  7. The problem Dr. Greger presents must not be that important or critical to our health. Today's Billions of people on earth are exposed to BPA and yet this generation of people on earth have longer life spans than previous generations who lived before the industrial revolution and who were not exposed to BPA.

  8. It makes very little difference to your health to avoid BPA,they ban it or say they don't use it ,then just use another chemical very very close to it, probably called BPB or some other name,every time these chemicals are close to being banned the chemical companies just come up with a new one that is just as bad as BPA and will take just as long to get banned.I love beans,I love soup,there's so many things in cans and so much food wrapped in plastic we cannot avoid it unless we grow our own food.

  9. I always thought tomato paste and tomato products had high concentrations of BPA from the acid eroding the protective coatings but in this video it is listed as extremely low. @[email protected]

    Anyway I will keep using glass ones because I like to reuse the jars!

  10. Concerning tin foods, I'm guessing it's best to stay away from tins that are white on the inside. What about tins that aren't white lined?

  11. Very interesting studies Dr. Greger. is my go to source for all topics regarding nutrition. Just wanted to say thank you Dr. Greger for your amazing work. No reply needed.

  12. I thought you were born with all the fat cells you will ever have? They just shrink and grow? Have I been told wrong?

  13. While we're on the topic of plastic and BPA plastic doesn't decompose, it photodegrades which means the sun breaks it down into tiny pieces and during that process the chemicals leach out. Although the plastic turns into tiny pieces it never goes away. Meat eaters consume a lot of plastic (especially people who eat fish) because the animals will eat the plastic and then we eat them.

  14. Wow. Sad. How come the obesity effect of canned food only started in the 1990's? We've been eating canned food since the 1850's. For example, Canned beans found underneath a Gold Rush miner's cabin (in cans that did not rust, being preserved above the dirt and moisture) were still "good" 150 years later.

  15. These studies are completely misrepresented. The one which says BPA levels are significantly associated to obesity also says this could be explained by those obese kids drinking a lot of soda…the way the studies are skipped over so fast with little carefully selected snippets to serve the presenters agenda discredits the whole message.

  16. Dr. Greger would be great at telling scary stories around the campfire. "But they couldn't find a control group, because they were ALL EXPOSED!!!"

  17. While I like most of your videos, this one is misleading and the conclusion is not supported by any of the studies you have shown, because none of the studies show a causal link (except for the high concentration in a petry dish one). I think it substantially more likely that the BPA is just a marker, and it's the content of the package that makes the difference.

  18. People are so good at making excuses.
    Fat people’s BPA levels higher than others because they eat more foods than others.
    Just watch those studies again, carefully, and think about it once more.

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