How Much Fat Do I Eat: Ketogenic Diet?

How Much Fat Do I Eat: Ketogenic Diet?

Hey, guys. Dr. Berg here. In this video, we’re going to talk about how
much fat you need to consume on a ketogenic diet per meal. There’s a lot of theories out there, but I
have an unfair advantage because I have a lot of people I can practice on in my clinic
to see what works and what doesn’t work. I’m going to show you what works. A couple of things that people bring up all
the time is, is a ketogenic diet, which means you’re eating more fat, is that dangerous
for your heart? The answer is no, it’s not. In fact, it’s not the fat that plugs up your
arteries, it’s the sugar. There’s tons and tons of studies, I’ll put
some links below, on this fact. Ketogenic diets are not dangerous if you do
them correctly. Second question that people say or they’ve
heard, they say, “Well, the more fat that you eat, the more fat you’re going to burn.” That’s another myth because you could be burning
the dietary fat and not your own fat. Now, the whole concept of the ketogenic is
that you’re having very low carbs, moderate protein, higher fat. What I found is we want zero sugar, unlimited
vegetables. In fact, we need more vegetables because if
you do this, ketones are acidic, and the ketones can potentially raise your pH, and you can
end up with either gout, a type of arthritis, or kidney stones. The way to prevent that is to consume a lot
of vegetables, and also lemon. Lemon actually prevents kidney stones. The other key is to don’t consumer sugar with
fat. Why? Because it will increase insulin even more. We don’t want to add the sugar to this eating
plan at all. The other point is you want to do this gradually. If you’re increasing fats too quickly, it’s
going to overwhelm the gallbladder, and you’re going to have right shoulder pain, and bloating,
and things like that. That’s why I recommend that if you’re going
to do this, I’d recommend the gallbladder formula because that gives you the enzymes
and the bile to help handle this fat in the transition. Number two or number three is that it does
take time to adapt to your body to fat burning. All these cells must change their enzyme structure,
their machinery to handle this new fuel source because we’re limited in the glucose, and
we’re increasing the fat, and it does take sometimes between two, three, four, five,
even six weeks to make this transition. The process, we’re going to do this nice and
gradually so your body can go right into it, and you’ll feel really good. Now, let’s talk about how much fat that you
really need. Now, these are list of fats that you can potentially
consume. By the way, I have a link that I’m creating
below so you can download this chart, which actually is right here. This one right here. Basically, this is a short version. Heavy cream, one tablespoon is five grams
of fat. An average person, and this is very general,
needs between 20 and 40 grams of fat per meal on a ketogenic diet. 40 would be the highest scale of someone really
large who’s been doing it in a while. 20 is someone smaller, and they’re just starting
out. We’re going to calculate this midrange at
30 grams just to give you an average. Heavy cream. You can make whipping cream. I have a video on that. You can make all sorts of things with heavy
cream. Five grams, you would do six tablespoons per
meal. You’re going to have that right after the
meal as your fat. The fats could allow you to go longer so you’re
not as hungry, and it’s not going to increase insulin. It’s exactly what we want. You may only be doing two meals. If you’re concerned about calories, which
I actually did add calories to this, do two meals, especially if you’re not working out. You’ll find that once you adapt, you can burn
your body fat as a fuel source, and you can go a long period of time without having to
worry about it. Now, egg is five grams of fat. Now, realize that there might be more than
five grams for the egg, but we’re talking five grams of fat. One egg is five grams. You need three to four eggs per meal. I do four eggs in the morning. Sometimes, people do two or three. That’s totally fine because you can combine
these in certain ways. Now, let’s get to the beef. We got three ounces is 16 grams, about three
to six ounces of beef. What I want to show you is an example of this
beef that’s frozen right here. This is some beef that’s 85% lean. I do not buy the 90% lean. I like the 80%, but it’s hard to find it. I like this thing to be more fat, but this
is the type I have, which is grass-fed, organic beef. Just so you know, I do the pasture-raised
organic eggs. That’s the type of eggs that you need to consume. Then, we get coconut oil. One tablespoon is 14 grams. We’re just going to double that, and have
two tablespoons. Now, you can put that on your vegetables. You can make little treats. There’s all sorts of recipes you can make,
but that’s the amount of fat that you would need per meal. Brie cheese, three ounces, 28 grams. You would just do three ounces. I’ll show you, brie cheese is very high in
fat. I actually took this, and I drew these little
lines here to show you what three ounces is just to give you an idea. It’s a little slice of this. This is four three-ounce sections. This is 12 ounces of cheese. One of this for a meal would give enough fat,
but this also has the protein, so you could kill two birds with one stone. I do a lot of cheese. Another idea, here’s some other cheese right
here. This is a German cheese. Just less than half of this is three ounces. That gives you an idea. It’s like a little bit bigger than a � Yeah,
it’s not a card deck, but it’s a little bigger than the palm of your hand, but half of this
should be three ounces, just to give you an idea. Almond butter, one tablespoon is ten grams. That would be three tablespoons of almond
butter that you would consume. You can do that right after a meal. That would be your fat. Olive oil with one tablespoon, 14 grams, so
two tablespoons of olive oil. That’s really easy just to put on your salad. Boom, you’re done. Of course, some of this is going to end up
in the bottom. Maybe you want to add another one, but that
would give you about 30 grams of fat. Pecans, 10 pecans is 20 grams. If you do 15 pecans at the end of the meal
or maybe macadamia nuts, that would give you enough fat. Ice cream. Now, you’re saying, “Wait a second, ice cream. Can I have ice cream?” There are certain ice creams that have no
sugar. In fact, I’ll show you the one that I have
right here. I put a chocolate brownie on here. That’s a recipe that we have in some of the
videos in ice creams, and you can basically make this ice cream or get it from the store,
and it has no sugar. One cup would you give 22 grams of fat. Now, personally, this is an ice cream that
I’m developing right now. I’m having my own line of ice cream. Now, I’m experimenting right now, and it’s
not perfected. I’m in the R&D stage. In fact, a couple of day ago, I had all my
staff consume this much ice cream. I gave them a container because I wanted to
see what would happen. Half of the group had some digestive bloating. It’s temporary, but still it’s not perfected
yet. We’re going to be perfecting this. I have to go back to R&D, and how figure out
how I’m going to fix that because the last thing I want to do is have you get it, and
have you bloating, and call me up, and say, “Dr. Berg, gas me out.” I don’t want to go there. The ice cream is made with a high-quality
fat, no sugar, but we have to figure out the fibers in there. We’re working on that right now, but that
would be down the road. Some people want to know when it’s going to
be. I don’t know. I’m going to have it done when I perfect it. This will give you an idea. If you download the chart below, it will give
you an idea of how much fat that you really need. Go ahead and apply this. Go ahead and write your comments below. I hope this helped you. I’ll see you in the next video. Hey, guys. Thank you so much for watching. I really appreciate it. Please click the share button below, and I
will see you in the next video.

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