How Einstein’s Brain Is Different Than Yours

How Einstein’s Brain Is Different Than Yours

Look, we’ve always known that
Einstein was better than us. But now we know why. Anthony here from D News. And we are constantly hearing
about Einstein’s brain. It was removed about eight
hours after his death, and we’ve just been
poking at it ever since, looking for the differences that
made it such a brilliant mind. And a study recently published
in the journal, Brain thinks that they’ve
found the answer. And it’s in the corpus callosum,
the body’s largest bundle of neuronal fibers
that sits underneath your cerebral cortex. Among its functions
is making sure that both halves
of the brain can communicate with each other. Now, we’ve talked about the
left brain, right brain myth and lateralization before. Spark Notes version–
there’s no such thing as a left or right brain person. You are a beautiful,
unique snowflake that can do anything you want,
thanks to practice and neural plasticity. However, the things
you do are controlled by different parts of the brain. And if those parts
are on different sides and need to work
together, they’ve got to go through the
corpus callosum to do it. Einstein’s corpus callosum had
extremely thick connections between the halves of three
very interesting brain regions– his
prefrontal cortex, which controls abstract thinking
and decision-making, his parietal lobe, which is all
about sense and motor function, and his visual
cortex, for seeing. The thicker connections could
be responsible for lower lateralization of brain
activity and at least partially explain why he was so
brilliant, which is interesting, because lower
lateralization in the brain has also been linked to
schizophrenia and psychopathy. So how do you get
brain like Einstein’s? Last week, I talked a little
bit about neural plasticity and how the more you use
a part of your brain, the stronger it gets and the
thicker its connections become. So in theory, to
think like Einstein, you’ve got to do
activities that will keep your corpus
callosum active and use both hemispheres of
your brain at once. Multiple studies have
shown that musicians tend to use their
whole brain more. Einstein himself
was a violinist. So maybe taking up an instrument
or music lessons could help. Handedness is connected
to lateralization. So by being
left-handed, I’m using the right part of
my motor cortex. A 2004 study in Nature
showed that juggling could help me strengthen
up my whole brain activity by requiring me
to use both hands. Just using your
non-dominant hand throughout the day for things
like brushing your teeth could potentially
do the same thing. Logic and math puzzles are
good, because number estimates and comparison use both
halves of your parietal lobe. And if you’re terrible
at them, like me, it means you also get to
work out your amygdala, yor ventral medial prefrontal
cortex, and your limbic system by flying into a rage. Just remember to
flip the desk over with your non-dominant hand. I have some issues. Anyway, an unanswered
question here is whether Einstein was
born with a more developed corpus callosum to
begin with, which would have given this sort
of thinking a head start. I also cannot tell you with
a straight face that brushing your teeth with the wrong hand
or playing the ukelele is going to turn you into the
next great thinker. But making conscious
decisions to learn, adapt, and be creative
every day can’t hurt. What do you think? Was Einstein born better, or
did he make himself that way? Let me know down below, and
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100 thoughts on “How Einstein’s Brain Is Different Than Yours

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  2. Ppfffttt,you said I was bad at math because I was just lazy and now you're comparing brains and saying that intelligence isn't created equally?

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  4. He put a lot of hard work and time combine with effort and passion to developed the ability to learn and improve. with enough practice he was able to grow the brain.

  5. Please don’t believe the hype. Einstein is NOT better than us. The same way he opened access to more of the brain, we can as well. It takes years and an abundance of hard work and time to activate more access. If we took more effort into learning more knowledge and training our brains will help that activation. He has the same brain as ours, just more driven.

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  7. I think Einstein's brain had ,
    300 TO 1000 GB RAM
    100000000 THZ PROCESSOR ( G means Giga And T means Tera )

  8. einstin didnt get smart untill older is what a trivia question was answered with since he wasnt in his high level in school yet . I remember a documentary that he became smart while sitting at his desk in his employmenty company and started to experiment with math

  9. Both! My dad was born into a family that had zero education but got lucky he was spotted by missionaries who took him to school. He's now a senior lecturer at a university, with a PhD and written books about mechanical engineering.
    I was born naturally smart – thanks to both parents, mainly dad – but don't have same drive as my dad, which is why I haven't achieved as much as him, like have a PhD.

  10. He had a very high IQ. Which is mostly genetic. So, yes… He was born with it. He also worked hard. You need both to be a genius. Some people work hard but will never get as far as him simply because they werent born with a high enough IQ. Some people with high IQs can also be useless. Because they don't work hard enough.

  11. Albert Einstein had an alien brain structure but what immortalized his name was his contributions to the field of Science with 6 decades of dedication.

  12. I stopped watching and disliked this video from the first line. Yeh he is smarter than me but ffs the next Einstein could be watching your video. Don't judge your audience you prick

  13. no one has born smart but the desire that he have about science he learnd more and more and he became smart. am i right or not

  14. Ibelieve that Einstein was a great man but even l can be like him because practice makes a man perfect the only thing is focus and faith

  15. u can never know how einstein was that brilliant.. no one can.. u r just bullshitting yourself by thinking that doctors have found out how his brain worked.. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  16. Being able to visualise in his head is what made him a genius. I'm personally good a physics not because I'm a genius in maths but because I can visualise the physics of things in my head before even starting to solve them.

  17. U r very entertaining. I think Einstein was born different. Our differences are what make us interesting. Everyone has some kind of gift.

  18. "A Music and Art Test of Einsteins Theories"

  19. The people (including me) of today expect to discover the next groundbreaking theory within months because of the popularity of this specious idea that geniuses are quicker and learn faster than the others. And when it doesn't happen as fast as we expect it to we start losing morale. It took Einstein years of hard work to achieve this feat. And we think scoring 160 on an IQ test is more than enough to get whatever we want done with little to no effort. Einstein's life just revolves around Physics and nothing else. This was his life. And we, on the other side, think about what career can get us more money, more fame, more recognition, more love, more attention, and what not. Greatness comes with crazy obsession for something particular.

  20. "I think intelligence is to focus at something and give your best mental hard-work" if you are reading this it's mean not that you will become intelligent it's depend on how much energy and focus you applying in physical world.

  21. Don't believe that Einstein was born with his incredible knowledge. We all have the potential to be as smart as him and even in modern time where technology is widely available we could be even smarter, stop procrastinating, stop wishing, and stop hoping for the positive things you want and just go for it. We can all be like Einstein and better the human species, save earth from ourselves and most importantly save eachother from ourselves. We need to take the time and energy into learning more.

  22. Yes he’s such a great mathmatician but there are people alive today that have higher IQs than him and can not only understand but use his math to do other calculations.

  23. Yes he’s such a great mathmatician but there are people alive today that have higher IQs than him and can not only understand but use his math to do other calculations.

  24. Yes he’s such a great mathmatician but there are people alive today that have higher IQs than him and can not only understand but use his math to do other calculations.

  25. Albert Einstein relative theory used his sense of humor could help your thinking be more profound enough that taken at your own pace realize that you too as a separate entity become a better who could with visualization to realization become with a brain like Albert Einstein because and foremost or brighter than you thought because with God everything for those who wait for the Lord to be still for God will reveal himself to you

  26. Every brain is unique. Theoretical jargon based on heliomysticism is theory. Now use your unique brain..and go outside.

  27. I'm sure most people could get smarter by doing some of these recommendations consistently, but genius's are genius whenever their born. As Einstein took a IQ test when he was 10-16 years old and scored a 160 IQ. So…

  28. Guys. improve your intelligence does not need to be hard (I used to think it did). I'll give you some advice right now. Get a intelligence boost system called Rotogenflux Methods (google it). Thanks to it I've increase my IQ of 20 points. I probably should not even be speaking about it cause I do not want lots of other guys out there running the same game but whatever. I'm just in a great mood today and so I will share the wealth lol.

  29. it's a fact there you can't be as smart as me or near it lol. ill be the smartest person in history but Don't be surprised cuz I'm this smart it doesn't have to be a feeling etc . hit me from the start. no it's a fact there doctor nobody comes near my knowledge. period. and I don't have to be this smart . cuz when it hit me I'm the smartest person in history. but I also fight to get here it's not ez like creating a human lol. ask the doctor macahineary

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