How Can Bariatric Surgery Be Reversed?

How Can Bariatric Surgery Be Reversed?

We go into surgery not
planning to reverse it, but if there’s a
problem or an issue, some surgeries can be
reversed easier than others. Surgery like gastric
band surgery, it’s almost as simple as
removing the lap band, and your anatomy is restored. Surgeries like
sleeve gastrectomy is a lot more difficult to
reverse because we’ve actually removed a portion of your
stomach in the beginning, making it tough. A surgery like gastric bypass
is possibly reversible, but it requires a lot of
surgery that’s pretty complex.

2 thoughts on “How Can Bariatric Surgery Be Reversed?

  1. Can you please explain what you mean in situations relatining to gastric sleeve?? Is there any possible solution?? Will i be able to have a stomach back?

  2. Wow, I'm suffering from extreme complications from a gastric bypass from 2009.

    Almost makes me just want to kill myself after watching this. My life is ruined basically.

    How nice to know.

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