How a peptic ulcer develops

How a peptic ulcer develops

This animation will show how a peptic ulcer
develops. A peptic ulcer is a roughened area or cavity which is found in the stomach or
small bowel. Click the navigation arrows below the animation screen to play, pause, rewind
or fast-forward the animation. This animation contains sound. Here we show the digestive
system. Peptic ulcers can occur in the stomach or the first part of the small bowel, which
is called the duodenum. The stomach produces acid to break down food. The stomach and duodenum
have a layer of mucus which protects it so the stomach acid doesn’t damage it. A peptic
ulcer occurs when the inside of the stomach or small bowel is damaged by the acid. It
attacks the tissue causing a lesion or ulcer to form. The body’s usual mechanisms, which
protect the tissue lining the stomach and duodenum, are not working properly. Here we
show what a peptic ulcer looks like in the stomach. Peptic ulcers are usually about one
to 2cm across. They look like large mouth ulcers. Sometimes, the ulcer can erode the
stomach wall and cause it to bleed. Rarely, the ulcer may cause a hole to form. This can
cause severe pain and is a medical emergency. This is the end of the animation. Click on
the animation screen to watch it again.

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