HOME REMEDY TO CURE OBESITY  II मोटापे का घरेलू उपचार II

HOME REMEDY TO CURE OBESITY II मोटापे का घरेलू उपचार II

welcome to health care at home nowadays there is a common problem seen in
people that is obesity and increase in weight leads to invitation to other problems like heart problem, blood pressure,diabetes etc so through health care at home we are showing
you some home remedies through which you can keep control on your weight and if your weight has increased then it will help you to loose your weight and increase in weight also cause an increase in cholestrol the weight increases because of your way of eating food such as junk foods, pizza fast foods etc that is very harmful for your health so through this remedy your weight will become
normal, your cholestrol will be controlled and also your extra fat will decreased so what you have to do is, take one glass
of pineapple juice, if you want you can also take orange juice or grape juice take a glass of juice and add 2tsp of apple
sider vinegar and add 1tsp honey and mix it properly mix the honey properly. honey takes time to mix. and after mixing it, before having lunch or dinner, you have to take it immediately before having meal through this you will lose 50% fat and 50% cholestrol so was’nt it a very simple way. take different juices like pineapple juice,
orange juice, grape juice so you will also get some varieties, apple sided vinegar and 1tsp honey by doing this within a few days you will loose your weight in kgs and also your cholestrol will get decreased So, we wish you be happy, be healthy and stay in touch with us.Thank you.

33 thoughts on “HOME REMEDY TO CURE OBESITY II मोटापे का घरेलू उपचार II

  1. We want to loose weight and really want to follow your  remedy . But here I need a clarification. My sister is 26 and has Hypo Thyroid since long time and now taking 150 mg thyroid tablets.She is 100 kgs and also has PCOD.. If we take the sugarcane , orange or grape juice with vinegar and  honey as you said could there be any side effects or like food poisoning as her body is very weak.She doesn't even digest food properly.. There were cases when people took bitter "lowki "  ka juice and died. So please clarify us sir. Thank you.

  2. hi, The orange juice that you mentioned, does it need to be fresh orange fruit juice, or is it ok to go with the orange juice that comes in a tetrapack?

  3. I'm writing on behalf of my sister. She used to be slim but fir the last 6 years she has gained a lot of weight. Currently she is on HCG diet and she weighs more then 79 kg. She is 30 years old. Her body retains water immensely. Could you please suggest a safe way to lose weight and water retention. She did try applecider vinegar mixed with some juice but her throat gets irritated. Thank you.

  4. Hi sir I want to lose my belly fat in 15 days will these do the work ? I also have seen your other videos can I use all the remedies in one day one by one everyday ? Dose that make any sense or I will put myself in problem ? Can I use these juice 2 times a day lunch and dinner ?

  5. I tried this but … I got soar throat infection … Meri awaaz bait gayee or gale me dard bhi hova plz tell me how to cure this

  6. Pineapple juice nikal ne ki jagah per readyment juice use kare to chalega???
    like tropicana, real etc….

  7. hi this is Daljit. how long should I take this pine Apple juice with apple cider vinegar and honey to lose weight. pls advice. I have been taking since last 2 days…

  8. Hey, I found this product on ebay. I loosed around 12 kgs in 2.5 months, however it has been around 25 days since I don't see any difference in my weight. Kindly suggest what is stopping me loose more weight. I want to loose 5 kgs more.

    You may check what product I am taking at ebay http://www.ebay.in/itm/BIOSYS-GARCINIA-GREEN-COFFEE-EXTRACT-Ultra-Fast-Fat-Burner-/112048456747?hash=item1a169bc42b:g:omAAAOSwbYZXe-77 .

    Please review and reply Sir. I really follow your home remedies. Can I take any remedy simultaneously with this product to loose more inches.

  9. sir..your videos are very useful. thank you.pls help me sir ..my son who is 18yrs old affevted with acanthosis nigricans. is. it curable.pls any medicine for that?

  10. Sir mera weight 100/ hai thyorid hai sugar hai high bp hai sir app baatao konsa salt mera liye aachi konsa aacha salt khana kaliye wt to do sir rlp sir sab app ka videos dekhti hu thank you so much sir god bless you

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