31 thoughts on “Hernia Repair Inguinal (Open) Surgery Patient Education

  1. Had mine done about 2 weeks ago. I feel great. At my preop visit he a told me that they could lathroscopic or open surgery. he explained both procedures. He felt by doing open that he could get a better look at the hernia. I said that's the way we're going. Great results. Had the other side done about 15 years ago.

  2. I also have minor surgery. But the produce done to me is a little bit different and no mesh. The doctor says there is a modern technique for inguinal hernia surgery.

    It’s better to have surgery immediately than to make it worst in the future.

  3. I think I have this. It goes straight to my left testicles comes in and out as it's pleases. It hurts sometimes I feel like I have to throw up.

  4. Mesh  … Seems like a good surgeon would not need this crutch and the patient would not have to live with the foreign material in his body. Is there any dissolvable mesh?

  5. I had a Lichtenstein procedure back around 2005. I was in a remote place for nearly a year before I could get to civilization for the surgery. I'd actually diagnosed the hernia myself, but couldn't afford to travel for almost a year. When I woke up after the surgery which was in the afternoon, the doc said he never saw a peritoneum that long! Anyways I was discharged in the morning, pretty painful but I never took any painkillers. After about 3 days I went to the gym and started gentle exercises and continued with increasing intensity over several weeks. I recovered fully and was able resume normal gym routine, to this day there hasn't been a recurrence.

  6. হানির্য়া অপারেশন করলে বাচ্চা জন্মদানে কোনো সমস্যা হবে নাকি????

  7. already 6 weeks after surgery mesh and always feel pain my tummy after eat full food. is it normal and when it can be solved?

  8. I rather be asleep than feeling pain sorry I'm going to take sleeping pills while getting my hernia cured

  9. Its been a month when I got my surgery it's good to have a surgery and cured early than late… god bless guys

  10. I like the idea of a cut right at the op site with local anesthesia. Wondering why the doc I just saw is pushing a robotic endoscope procedure that require general anesthesia ?

  11. I am having inguinal hernia. I can feel it by touching. In usg report they have told small hernia. Bt i feel it by touching. Bt not so much pain. Do I need to have surgery now.

  12. I had mine done after it dropped into my sack one day, yes I had ignored it for years as it kept "going away" by itself. After that I couldn't function at all without having to constantly having to hold it in. Imagine making dinner or taking a show only using one arm… I even purchased a hernia truss, which worked ok, but at the end it just put even more pressure on whatever was traveling down my sack. I also remember having a pretty hard time pushing my hernia in again sometimes, like it was stuck. So if you have a hernia, get it fixed asap. It'll only grow bigger and it'll only get more dangerous. I did get an open mesh repair and it made my life so much better. The first week is really painful, so eat your painkillers and for the love of god remember to get some laxatives BEFORE you go to surgery !!! I cannot stress this enough. The pain killers will completely shut down your gut, so get them the day before!!! DO IT!!!!!!!

  13. I watched many videos about people who had the mess put it and most all have bad pain, not able to move since the mess is not flexable but stiff, developed many illnesses and even cuts from the sides of the mess. SO I decited to not get it taken care of with the mess. And you see so many lawyers taking peoples cases that the mess has messed their lives up badly. And the Hospitals quote at $55.000. plus the other nesesities to operate, they can keep their mess and high cost to have it done.

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