Here’s Why I Don’t Trust Toyota Anymore

Here’s Why I Don’t Trust Toyota Anymore

Nicholas Samuel says should I buy a used
Corolla or a new Corolla from Quebec me I’d buy used for two reasons one you
save a lot of money buying a used car you buy a new one even a Toyota
money goes down the toilet but they’re gonna be recalling a new ones because of
that fuel pump issue and they’re not even telling old Scotty what the problem
is they just say there’s a fuel pump problem they don’t tell you if it’s for
wiring or the computer they don’t say anything so you know I definitely say
get a used one on that one who knows until they fix these that’s the way it
goes these days you know and even a company like Toyota is having problems
than they don’t tell you what the actual problem is oh these corporate dudes man
they have a tendency hiding stuff and I’m not one for hide stuff so I’d say
get a used one get one before 2018 it’s not included in any of this recall your
own carelessness Scotty only reliable economical cars that are actually cool
well if you want a reliable car relatively cool looking these days if
you don’t mind spring it for a Mazda Miata they’re kind of cool-looking and
they’re very alive the little four-cylinder convertibles if you got
the scratch to buy something like that or maybe you got a used one you know the
problem is the coolness factor generally goes with the price of the car they
deliberately make the better-looking ones cost more so they can make more
money selling up to you but you know I mean if you like the civics though yeah
you know I would have said the Corollas but now we’ve got this fuel pump issue
I’m waiting on that until they fix that actually tell Scotty what is happening
they’re not telling me maybe they’ll see this video and they’ll actually can’t
take me and tell me what’s happening cuz I attempted calling them and they did
not give me any information other than well we don’t know it’s something with
the fuel pump I mean what a load of BS gigantic ruse says Scotty what’s your
opinion Jaguar x-type and what can go wrong with it
alright just about anything they’re poorly made don’t sex just so poorly
made originally it was Jaguar in England then Tata the Indian company bought it
and then they lost a ton of money so they’re owned by the Chinese and a few
months ago even the Chinese were protesting that the Jaguar headquarters
they’re about low quality of the vehicles that they bought in China that
were Jaguar so anything can go wrong with those
vehicles you know don’t buy one if you value your money but if you got an
endless supply money you want to be seen in a Jaguar like they call them in
England go right ahead and spend your money you got tons of it you don’t care
what difference does it make this calendar still says Chevy better than
Ford ok she’ll be better and Ford well they were pretty tight or closed a long
time ago but Fords are definitely better than Chevy’s these days they have better
quality than the GM products I just get him over here all the time fixing
people’s cars and I ask him why’d you buy a Chevy so well my father had one 30
years ago it was good and I said yeah that was 30 years ago this is now I
would not advise buying one the quality is just not all that generic name says
thoughts on an Infiniti g37 2010 is it reliable well it still might be for a
while you didn’t say the mileage those are decent cars up to a point but when
they get high mileage and get old they start to have very expensive repairs now
I get customers with 2,000 tons and they’re still going pretty strong but
they all have only around a hundred thousand miles I also have customers
that buy them usually one hundred and forty thousand or more and they’re more
in ten years old and they generally fall apart cause them a fortune so if you’re
thinking about buying one don’t pay much for it because they don’t have much
resale value because of that the catalytic converters go bad the
transmissions go bad two air conditioning systems go bad as they age
they don’t hold up its wizzy says why does my catalytic converter keep going
out of my 02 Toyota Camry catalytic converters burn unburned hydrocarbons if
you have a catalytic converter it keeps going bad something is wrong with your
vehicle it could be that the engines running too lean which burns them out
could be running too rich which then puts extra fuel in it and then that
destroys the catalytic converter if the engines burning oil that’ll destroy it
if you buy a cheap after-market catalytic converter a lot of times they
won’t last long because they don’t have enough catalysts in them they’re just
cheaply made they don’t last that long so first I’d say make sure using an OEM
Toyota converter and see if it works with that but you want a guy like me to
check all systems cuz candolyn converters on Toyotas they
don’t go bad that often if they do it’s generally something else is breaking
them and if you don’t fix the root cause like it’s burning oil or it’s running
lean it’ll keep breaking the new catalytic converters regardless of what
brand you buy Jonathan Grubb Meyer says all of the sudden no more carvana advertisements good I got never agree well I did a little
research the other day and I found out that the company is 1.8 billion dollars
a death so they’re probably finding they can’t afford to keep throwing more and
more and more money Scottie’s forecasts is that the company
will go bankrupt in the future because they charge too much for their cars they
have big overhead and the only way they make money is by selling cars so if they
keep charging too much people won’t buy them and if they keep having more and
more overhead and borrowing more and more money eventually they’ll go
bankrupt because they won’t be a profitable company it’s only logical
99 Jose Rivera says what do you think of the reliability of an FRS BRZ 2014 you
know problems head gaskets blowing and stuff if they aren’t taken care of and
if they’re beaten are the problem with buying a vehicle like that it’s a pretty
zippy vehicle they rag the heck out of it many wear out faster so buying a used
vehicle like that is always a challenge you never know now if it’s an older guy
maybe he just liked it he didn’t beat it up I’ve had people buy used Corvettes
that were that way hey the guy who drove them was older didn’t beat him just like
driving around the car and took care of it garage it so you never know but with
something like that never ever buy used until mechanic checks a time a guy knows
what he’s doing do because you don’t want to buy somebody else’s problem
Steven gain are so Scotty will you take 500k for you 94 Celica well of course I
would I’m not a fool I only paid 350 bucks for it get up it’s just
possessions they’re not it’s not like my wife I wouldn’t take five million
dollars from my wife she probably took five hundred million dollars for me
sandy women says Toyota Corolla vs. Yaris sedan which one should I pick
Corolla I pick the older ones until they fixed the problems at the New Orleans
after Yaris has it just rebadged Mazdas now if you don’t want to spend much
money you could be happy with the Yaris they’re a cheaper car they ride cheaper
don’t have as much acceleration but if you want a car that’s cheap to keep and
you’re talking about a new one they can still run quite some time you’d pay a
lot less money for it it’s not kind of a matter what you want but if you want
ultimate quality and they last longer get a used Corolla get a new one when
they figure out the problems they have enough no one’s gag the Snipe says it’s
a 2003 diesel Ford Excursion a good buy okay the problem with excursions are is
their high-end vehicles as they age high-end vehicles generally get
expensive to prepare cuz they got all that electronic crap and on stuff that
breaks us to get all the diesel yeah that’s better than a gasoline engine
it’s gonna last longer if it’s taken care of there’s no doubting that if it
was taken care of it is a 17 year old vehicle you’d wanna can check it out it
would be better than the gasoline virgin certainly especially if you do a lot of
long distance traveling the diesels are much made for the highway but on the
other hand let’s say you do a lot of in town driving most people in the end
aren’t satisfied with a diesel when they do a lot of in town driving in that case
you’re better off like a gasoline engine doggone says hey Scotty why the dark
sunglasses well you only see this sign if I got bright light shining on my face
I’m old I’m half blind and so that’s what I wear plus wear would answer
questions on my computer because it keeps the glare down and doctors told me
you know you wearing your old your eyes will probably last longer that way so
that’s why they are plus is my image you know if I take them off I look a lot
older cuz I’m old maybe I have a whole face
mask it huh where I give mask or something buddies to be hockey goalie I
give my old goalie mask and put it on brandon doughty size is the recommended
to change your sealed automatic transmission fluid yourself sure I’ve
got video showing you how to do it if you learn how to do it and you got a
little pump you can get a little pump like I use from autozone for 12 bucks
you just drain out whatever drains out follow the directions you can get him on
I use all data you can Google lots of places show you how to do it measure it
man in a container exactly and put that same amount of new
fluid pumping back in it’s not rocket science now there’s a lot of ones that
say you’re gonna put a scan tool on and drive it an instant check the
temperature and then an it and then drive it but if you empty it out and you
pump in the same amount that came out as long as your transmission is good that’s
fine now if you rebuilt it or did work you might not know how much it needs but
as long as your transformation is dry and it’s not leaking anywhere you know
it’s full now just doing it out but they’d say well not back in it’s not
that hard to do James self so Scotty computer won’t engage they see
compressor are there alternatives there’s always alternatives you can roll
your windows down you can move to a colder climate depends
on the complexity of your system now if you got a Plain Jane
air conditioning system where there’s just a power wire going to the
compressor and it’s got a normal electric clutch on it you can just cut
the power wire and you can run a toggle switch to the battery with a fuse and
then back to the compressor and if that turns it on and it works great you know
I mean you can bypass all kinds of stuff if you want to start messing around with
it you’d have to make sure that the cooling fans are still coming on you
might have another switch to turn the cooling fans on there’s all kinds of
things you can do if you want to but see if you have a real modern car with one
of those fancy compressors that has various different speeds that run by
computer 5 volt circuits you can’t bypass them because you need
the computer to decide when to make it run at 20% went to 100 and not wanting to
run the clutch itself and some of the modern ones don’t even have clutches on
them they run all the time and you can’t bypass that fortunately they really make
it stuff so even though Scotty can’t rig them up so they work cheaper, so if you
never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that

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  2. Actually Scotty, the Jaguar X-type is mechanically a Ford Mondeo (Jaguar was owned by Ford back then). It's probably one of the more reliable Jaguars if you get a manual and a FWD model. I still daily drive my 19 year old Mondeo about 40000km a year.

  3. i love you Scotty Kilmer hahahaha your wife must be laughing all of the time; I know your like 70 years old so luckily you won't be changing anytime soon, UNLESS God changes you – He Will and Has and Can many people and you Scotty Kilmer is no exception! You're awesome!

  4. Scotty, are the Civic Type R made well? I saw that they are made at Honda UK, and I thought cars built in the UK were junk.

  5. Scotty, the recall isn't for new models… Models now included in the recall are certain 2018 and 2019 Toyota Avalon, Camry, Corolla, Highlander, Sequoia, Tacoma and Tundra vehicles, as well as the 2018 and 2019 Lexus ES 350, GS 350, IS 300, IS 350, LC 500, LC 500h, LS 500, LS 500h, RC 300, RC 350, RX 350L. Also covered are the 2013-2015 Lexus LS 460, the 2013-2014 Lexus GS 350, the 2014 Toyota FJ Cruiser and Lexus IS-F, the 2014-2015 Toyota 4Runner and Land Cruiser and Lexus GX 460, IS 350 and LX 570. Other vehicles include the 2015 Lexus NX 200t and RC 350, the 2017 Lexus IS 200t and RC 200t, the 2017-2019 Toyota Sienna and Lexus RX 350, and the 2018 Lexus GS 300.

  6. Reasons Toyota’s ain’t what they used to
    There is No
    1. The musty Toyota smell
    2. The sludgy stuff that comes out of the plastic
    3. No happy go lucky boxy design !
    4. Their ain’t no more re 4s, gz’s for the cruisers and Supra, phoned in that crap just like gm.

  7. I am a Canadain and I would never buy a used car from Quebec. Odds are the front half and the rear half are from 2 different same model cars; even worse from 2 different years.

  8. From Australian Toyota site…..oyota Australia is recalling more than 40,000 vehicles, including FJ Cruiser (2948), Camry, Corolla, Kluger, Hilux (10,771), LandCruiser (106) and Prado (483) vehicles produced between September 2013 – June 2015 and September 2017 – July 2019 because of a faulty fuel pump.

    According to the recall notification, “The involved vehicles are equipped with a fuel pump which may stop operating. If this were to occur, warning lights and messages may display on the instrument panel, and the engine may not run smoothly. This can result in a vehicle stall, and the vehicle may be unable to be restarted. If a vehicle stall occurs while driving at higher speeds, this could increase the risk of a crash”.

    Toyota Australia said it will replace the fuel pump with an “improved one” free of charge with the work taking around two to four hours to complete.

    This recall began in the US back in January, but Toyota said that after internal investigation it was decided a global recall was required. So, what’s the main problem? Well, it seems the impeller inside the fuel pump wasn’t “of a design with lower surface strength or of a different design but were exposed to production solvent drying for longer periods of time, higher levels of surface cracking may occur. This may cause excessive fuel absorption to occur, resulting in impeller deformation. In some cases, the impeller may deform to a point that creates interference with the fuel pump body, which may cause the fuel pump to become inoperative”.

    Owners of affected vehicles will be contacted by Toyota Australia but if you’re worried, call he Toyota Recall Campaign Helpline on 1800 987 366 (Mon-Fri 8:30am-7:00pm AEDT) and quote your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).

  9. At least Toyota is addressing the issues with the fuel pump and engine recalls and doing something about it. Unlike GM who would ignore the problem and do nothing about it.

  10. Just bought a 2017 Ford Focus 1.5 TDCI titanium x with 35000 miles with a manual transmission. Will it be reliable?

  11. All 2019 2020 RAV4 hybrid GAS TANK
    says to fit 14 gallons when instead just 9 due to a bad tank design
    mean time TOYOTA just crickets

  12. Auto industry is ripe for a halfway decent company to provide economical, reliable cars, just like Toyota and Honda did decades ago

  13. Hey Scotty I’m 20 years old and I have a 2013 Cadillac ATS 2.5L with 70,000miles on it and my aftermarket warranty is about to expire next month. These past few years I had to fix it and cost me a ton of money. Should I sell it and buy a 2017 Toyota Highlander limited with 20,000 miles for $30,000? I’m in the market for a Crossover/SUV, thanks.

  14. Maybe since some Toyotas started getting built in Mexico , the quality went down ?


  16. Hey Scotty I’m looking at buying a used truck, 2016-2018 F-150 4×4, Tacoma 2016 and tundra 2016. Are EcoBoost v6 2.7 trustworthy….planning on using the truck to throw trash, stuff from Lowes, mulch, mower. What would u suggest? More concerned about reliability. Needs to be a crew cab with 5 ft bed or longer. Thnx

  17. Bought a brand new 2019 Tundra Platinum 8 months ago! Test drove the Silverado, F-150, and Sierra, but decided on the tundra because I want to keep it for a long time. Now I just got a recall notice in the mail about the fuel pump/stalling problem. Why is this happening! Lol spent more than I wanted to on a truck so I would not have any/many problems over the years!

  18. Scotty,
    I just get the feeling I have to say despite I have memorized more car brand options from you that could be good car options I believe that most of them under my time constraints to search could only be categorized as local area driver car purchase options and not long haul continuous over the corridor purchase options.

    I had wondered why through last year a dealer wouldn't do a certified pre-owned older than 5 years. But seeing all the different cars from the outside plus just calculating wear and tear from my usage over-the-road I know why now that they won't warrant older than five years and why rental car companies sell them by 40k miles. And in more of your videos you seemed to have toned loudly when a used car from private when it is 10 years old, "Don't expect to put 20000 Miles per year on that car as a daily driver car because it's not going to happen".

    Being in this New Rental car just out of my circumstances I comprehend why they won't go more than 5 years and by 10 years All cars because of the plastic, the unibody, the computers, the computers and sensors, the transmissions, the suspension should be down to no more than $5k max and less depending on the manufacturer and the design concept because the corporate types are definitely trying to build vehicles cheaply. Older cars made with metal despite the limitations for the day are superior. No computers is a must to get back to real American quality cars.When cars interiors were with a metal foundation you could get them smelling better and. These emissive plastic, coatings, and resins are why we are all so continuously sick and aging on top of the intense air pollution the whole corridor from Wallingford CT down through Jacksonville FL and worse in truckstops.

  19. 03 Excursion could have a 7.3L Diesel or a 6.0L diesel. I have an 05 Excursion with a 6.0L and love it, mine is super reliable but I maintain it. Diesels are all about maintenance, if you skimp on it they are super expensive to fix. Not all diesels are reliable, have a diesel tech check it out first.

  20. Toyota has a bad fuel pump, no wayyyyyyy, Toyota’s are indestructible, they last 5 million years, Toyota went to the moon and back without an oil change.

  21. Ford better than Chevy,give me break Why is it everyone I know with a Ford is constantly fixing it ,while the people I know with Chevy's have little or no problems at all!

  22. Jaguar was bought by FORD, who built the car on a Mondeo chassis, later after the GFC selling it to TATA who in turn sold Jaguar to the Chinese company CHERY who would dearly love to get rid of it should a foolish buyer be interested. Good luck with that one.

  23. Hey Scotty. I have a 2004 fiat punto 1.3 multijet diesel engine bought from Italy with 112 000 miles on it..The problem is that it wont go higher than 3k rpms and with that it wont go more than 70 mph..Help please.

  24. Do you think GMC trucks and SUV's or Buick Cars and SUV's good in your opinion? I was looking at a 2012 Dodge Nitro 4.0l R/T what is your opinion about this SUV.

  25. Always used and older the better. My wife’s Mini S, it’s cheap and been amazing. For all the bad talk, we’ve never had issue for years now. It’s the best fun car made with high mpg!

  26. Scotty, remember that Toyota gets its parts like most other manufacturers, from suppliers. Not everything. That's what's in all those semis that get to the assembly line just in time. There is one manufacturer that has a supplier make the whole car.

  27. Mr. Kilmer I have a 99 Avalon its starts to shake when I go 55-60. The shaking will stop after a while for a while, then is will start shaking again. I've rotated the tires, I don't think its the tires, do you have any ideas?

  28. 1:57– I walked into a car dealership last week and said "Let me see those TA TAs". The Latin girl behind the desk punched me.

  29. 😕I missed you yesterday. And possibly buying a 2008 Toyota Highlander Limited sport utility on Sunday. (Or should I go with a basic?)Got 160k miles. All the bells and whistle’s, wonder what the scan tool to get. Think OBD 100, blue driver, Foxwell, c-reader????

  30. Today's cars are depressing. Loaded with computer garbage and plastics; they're assembled with parts that are PURPOSELY designed to fail instead of designed to last. So far, I'm not convinced I could ever buy another vehicle from any manufacturer that would match the quality or longevity of the old Toyota's I already have.

  31. So if I wanted to buy used car how would I ask a mechanic like "hey can you come over and check this car and I'll pay the whatever I need to pay you for checking "

  32. I can't claim to have ever trusted Toyotas. I bought my first when I was 18. A 10yr old 1988 Camry with 118k miles. Of the many cars I've owned, it was by far one of the worst. Tons of issues. In '98 my Dad bought a new Tacoma, which had issues right off the bat with a sticky throttle he couldn't get Toyota to resolve. The interior quality was really crap. Mismatched color and cheap plastics. This past week I had a 2020 Corolla as a rental for several days, which I drove for close to 1,000 miles. For context, I drive a 2018 Elantra, which I bought new. The Corolla had a nice powertrain. Smooth and quiet, but everything else about the car looked and felt like cheap, bad design in comparison. The interior had several rattles. Interior plastics looked and felt really cheap, even for the class of car. Gauges, displays, and infotainment were overly busy and not intuitive to look at or use. The ride was weirdly soft felt like the shocks were busted. So much float and wheel hop. It's like they put all the R&D into the powertrain and cheaped out on the rest of the design.

  33. hey scotty I drove a brand new corolla made in Japan everything. I new something was wrong with it. I done the same thing one time buying a new Toyota it was a corolla I drove it told the salesman their was something wrong with it I bought the celica a friend of mine bought the corolla it was a lemon. he had all kinds of trouble with it.

  34. Got a question about my 2013 Honda Accord sport .. well here it is why is it when I make left turns my car has a nails on a chalkboard sound and I’ve looked at the breaks there good idk what could be my issue

  35. Scotty, the world is a better place because you exist!! I have nothing but admiration and appreciation for you..

  36. Do you have any comments about the RAV4 Hybrid’s gas tank issue? I’ve been reading a lot about that and wanted to see what you thought

  37. Hey Scotty, Should I keep or trade my 2013 BMW 320d MSport Auto with 75,000kms for a 2016 Mazda’s 3 SP25 BM series Sedan Auto with 79,000kms. Both have full service history. Both 2nd owners.

  38. Part of reliability is held in how a brand handles a problem.
    I have a 2014 Camry that had a bad torque converter. Toyota handled that by warranting it until 150k miles. Mine went out at 63k, so after the standard warranty. Toyota replaced that for me, for free, despite being beyond the warranty.
    I had a Chevy Cobalt and the timing chain went which ultimately caused me to blow the engine. This was at 105k…perfect maintenance prior. Oil changes done EARLY. GM did nothing at all to help me with that. I am very confident that, had this been a Toyota, I would have gotten it taken care of. Yes…the fuel pumps went bad, but they're not trying to cover it up…they recalled it and are fixing it. Much respect for Toyota and I want to buy a brand new one someday as a thank you.

  39. As for the question about a Navigator diesel, just don't buy ANY of the model years in which the Navistar diesel was used. Those were terrible engines that cost so much in warranty repairs (and customer satisfaction) that Ford themselves finally refused to buy them anymore. They developed their own diesel in house, which has worked out far better for Ford and it's customers.


  41. The fuel pump problem on the RAV4 2019 and 2020 can be fixed (assuming I’m thinking of the same issue). The dealership I work at was the 1st to fix it then Toyota said to stop because it’s not official

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