Help Fight Obesity | Obesity Week 2015

What I feel it really is changing in Bariatric industry is actually it’s in whole medical industry is more emphasis on actual obesity. and I think many many doctors are
realizing that obesity is not just a risk factor but actually the disease and if you treat obesity we can improve their other metabolic and functional disorders like diabetes, hypertension, joint pains, sleep apnea. I think now there’s been a more emphasis on prevention for weight management and obesity. Because of obesity we know in the cardiovascular realm increases risk
factors such as diabetes, insulin resistance, hypertension, hyperlipidemia. If we take a patient and we help them
with weight loss whether as medical weight loss or surgical weight loss, we
want them to get to a place where they’re happy but feel like a million
and not like a slug because they’ve lost too much muscle mass. Biggest challenge in treating obesity is patient to adhere to healthier lifestyle. Most people don’t really understand what healthy lifestyle is. When talking about healthy lifestyle, they think it’s a diet. When talking about health lifestyle, they think it’s an exercise. But healthy lifestyle is not a diet. Healthy lifestyle are set of habits that you
double up as you’re growing up. A lot of this is about nutrition so we do see a lot of patients that deal with emotional hunger and issues in changing their eating
behaviors for long-term weight loss. Weight management as a whole is a
complex disease process it’s not as simple as calories in and calories out. In my experience a lot of them really care about their body fat percentage so I do think being able to provide them with more than just their weight and their BMR can really help them see their weight loss as they go. The trend that I see is that more physicians and surgeons are concerned about keeping lean mass
and losing fat pounds and it’s more than just a number on the scale that they’re
taking patients to now.

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