Heavily Pregnant Dog With Cancer Was Abandoned But Still Waits For An Owner | Animal in Crisis EP122

Heavily Pregnant Dog With Cancer Was Abandoned But Still Waits For An Owner | Animal in Crisis EP122

A dog has visited a restaurant for 3 years *Seaweed soup* Lady : This potbellied dog seems to be pregnant so I boiled the soup to feed and cheer her up Actually Baeggu(white dog) has a bulging belly Don’t know where she comes from The lady feeds her everyday Lady : Argh! you surprised me But she’s still not opening the door of her mind Lady : She comes to me but doesn’t really open her heart like a family She’s not wary of hooman but doesn’t show affection to them After taking a spoonful of soup Baeggu begins to lie on the floor and sleep Woman : Wrud, Baeggu? But, Baeggu welcomes a woman? Then she is Baeggu’s owner..? Local : I could just touch her head since I have seen her for one year In the past, she used to get up and run away if ppl appear The doggo wanders around the place which is not her house Then, where is her house? PD : She’s going She quickly passes by an alley and Baeggu arrives at a residential area At the moment we chase after her The dog gets in a villa’s parking lot This villa is her house? Local : She walks around here everyday PD : Really? Local : I dunno whether she has an owner or not but sure she often walks around Local : She roams around, lies down feebly, and repeats Local : It’s been so long for her to walk around PD : Oh, really? Baeggu wandering this area has been seen by local ppl for a long time So we tried to find out her owner.. Local : Heard that her owner abandoned her when moving Local : Many houses have gone since a park has built Villa’s parking lot where Baeggu stays /
Assumed place as Baeggu’s old house Since the park has been built in this place Old houses had been torn down one by one People also left the place Baeggu’s family also abandoned her and left but Baeggu might be still waiting for her family In order to keep waiting The doggo would’ve needed ppl’s help But her longing for the previous family is irreplaceable Local : She might be waiting for her previous owner Other ppl cared for her so well. The local ppl They tried a lot to feed and approach her, but she never came Although the previous owner left her, Still believing that the owner will be back and hoping that the owner might come again Baeggu comes back to this place several times per day As she continues to wait for her owner.. In the meantime, Her belly is getting bigger Local : Baeggu, you sleeping? Baeggu seems to be exhausted Local : As you see, she looks for shade and sleeps all day long The reason people worry about her is Local : As a pregnant dog, such symptoms including lactating don’t even appear now Actually, she had to birth to puppies long ago It has been two or three months long but she still has no symptom Is something wrong with her pups? We decided to rescue her without hesitation Rescue team : Rather than forcedly capturing her, We’ll use the way of naturally luring her into a cage For the safe rescue Decided to use her fav. treats Lady : Baeggu, let’s eat, let’s go to eat up~ The lady who often fed her tries to lure her After she sniffs the treat smell Baeggu easily gets into the cage..! Fortunately, she seems to feel secure~ Local : Baeggu~ Local : I’ll miss her since I have seen her for a few years If she’s suddenly not here, I may feel something is missing Dragging her heavy and tired body.. She has struggled to live on the street Hoping that only good things will happen to her from now on Baeggu took a medical examination right away However, Vet : Phew, oh my.. The vet looks so serious Is there something wrong..? Vet : The cause of her expanding belly was neither pregnancy nor ascites She has a huge tumor in the abdominal cavity In the case that the tumor has spread to the area related to the liver, small intestine, or pancreas It might be impossible to do surgery itself In Baeggu’s belly the tumor has been growing, not a baby After transferring her to the University Hospital Tries to check the tumor’s condition Hope the tumor hasn’t spread to other parts but.. Next day Baeggu~ All the local people who used to care for Baeggu visited the hospital Baeggu seems to be happy It’s time for the vet to let them know abt Baeggu’s test results Vet : This tumor is diagnosed as ‘Osteosarcoma’ It’s a malignant tumor which is derived from bony tissues This osteosarcoma is especially one of the most malignant and fatal cancers No one expected that horrible result.. Vet : More than 90% of the liver has already been widespread by the tumor All the red parts mean the tumor The normal liver tissues are the blue one in part, that’s it. Local : All the big things, are they all tumors? Can’t even believe what they see Vet : Moreover, the various lymph nodes in the abdominal cavity have also been widespread by this tumor Surgery is actually impossible we were hoping that her surgery could be possible at least.. Even that is impossible.. Couldn’t even imagine that the tumor has spread to her whole body.. What if we found this earlier than now.. Just feel so sorry for her.. Vet : It’s impossible to detect the tumor in her abdominal cavity in appearance As people look at the expanding belly They would think that she was definitely pregnant at first Just eating well They just hope that she can give birth to pups in good health.. The dog, waiting for her owner, must be very lonely and tough Vet : So, not much time left in her life. It’d be better for Baeggu to enjoy precious memories with her family, and to meet a new family who can care for her and freely go for a stroll with her Getting out of the painful wait Just knew she’ll be happy but… Local : I thought you’ll be meeting a good owner and living well What’s going on this Local : I wish that she can forget all about the pain and live a little longer The limited time of her life might be meaning that they can do their best to more love her for the rest of the day At least for the rest of Baeggu’s life Hope she can fulfill the overflowing happiness in her heart..

58 thoughts on “Heavily Pregnant Dog With Cancer Was Abandoned But Still Waits For An Owner | Animal in Crisis EP122

  1. Truly hope all the abandoned dogs can meet a kind & good owner :'-)
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  2. Baeguu, you're the sunshine 🌞 b bright ☀️& spread you're pure ✨ beautiful heart light to everyone!

    Luv you

  3. This was very heartbreaking. Poor puppy. People who left her are the worst!!! Rest in love sweet girl. ❤️

  4. Всем чудесным людям японцам искренняя благодарность за спасение бедных животных!

  5. Animals Don't go to hell because animals dosent do anything wrong things,but human if you nice hard always help people need help insyaallah Allah Will give you the better place at the heaven, please do a good things for anything you feel better be nice human always prayers to Allah hope you Allah bless you when you die

  6. 이렇게 예쁜개가 악성종양 이라니ㅠㅠ 삶도 얼마 안남았다고요 슬픔니다 이개버린주인은 아마 평생 다리도 못뻗고 살겁니다 부디 얼마 안남은 삶 남은시간동안 주변분들 잘돌봐주세요 감사합니다

  7. Any one who abandons a pet,ill or healthy,need a damn good beating and never be allowed to own a pet again. Thank you to all who helped her at least she will feel loved for a short time,so very sad

  8. tadinha da cachorrinha q maldade q fizeram com uma inocente de abandonar a bichinha doente gracas a deus q existe pessoas de deus pra salva la mas infelizmente a cachorrinha esta com essa doenca q triste essa doenca

  9. Бедная собачка предал хозяин хорошо что есть люди добрые которые позаботится

  10. Спасибо вам большое за жывотных мне очень жалко собачку у неё было надежда надеюсь у неё будет радостная жизнь с хозяинам ❤️ Я в тебя верю💞💞

  11. ดูไปร้องไห้​ไปเป็นอะไรที่ฃึ้ง

  12. I hope the former owner does not regret his actions and decisions, discard the poor dog, someday his former owner will also be wasted the same as this dog😣😢😭😬😠🙏🏻

  13. This is what I love about the East: She was allowed to LIVE after that heartbreaking diagnosis. If it were the West, she'd have been killed with an injection in a heartbeat. I love your respect for ALL LIFE, under ALL CIRCUMSTANCES!

  14. Que triste que las personas adoptan y luego las abandonan a su suerte pero esta este lindo Perrito , casi nunca estuvo abandonado por las personas tan buenas q lo acogieron u lo siguen dando cariño , atención y amor desde que se quedó solo y ahora mucho más recibe amor y calidad d vida en todo el tiempo que le queda que Dios Bendiga la calidad d su corazón d todos que lo ayudan a ser un Perrito Feliz .

  15. What kind of dog owner does that? She could have been saved if the owner did not abandon her. The owner should be charged with animal abuse.

  16. Como pode ter pessoas que abandonam seus animais de estimação,muita crueldade 💔💔💔 Mais amor aos animais 🙏

  17. Miracle of God can cure him. So pray that he is given a long and healthy life as usual. How is Baegu's condition now?

  18. Those loving people, so what's wrong with the people in the wet market who eats the dogs and other wild animals. 🙄

  19. Que crueldade abandonar o animalzinho a própria sorte no mundo e ainda doente. Ainda bem que alguém se importa. Muito triste essa história. Que Deus alivie suas dores e que ela encontre um mundo bem melhor do que esse em que vivemos.

  20. God pls heal the pain of this dog. She dont deserved to suffer this kind of pain. Keep holding doggy. ill pray for your fast recovery :**

  21. No quiero ver estás historias som muy mortificantes muy tristes por favor dividan en 2 canales las historias felices y las historias tristes……

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