Heart -Coronary Artery Bypass Graft (CABG off-pump) PreOp® Patient Education HD

Heart -Coronary Artery Bypass Graft (CABG off-pump) PreOp® Patient Education HD

93 thoughts on “Heart -Coronary Artery Bypass Graft (CABG off-pump) PreOp® Patient Education HD

  1. My father went through this and he has long scar on his arms and legs and worst of all his scar is keloid (raised scar). The raised scar on his chest is the worst. Made him feel uncomfortable. He went through depression after surgery. Took him quite awhile to actually feel normal again. He was in his 60's.

  2. your bone will heal and the wires will stay in as well because thay dont want to go back in to take them out…mine healed fine and looks good. i feel better then ever. hope this helped

  3. I know this is a comment section however, my dad started off knowing and finding out that he had a blockage in his abdomen leading to his groin and one behind his knee on the same side. He had tests ran and now it is leading to blockage in his heart. He is recommended to have bypass surgery in his heart. Will this elimenate the other blockages? If someone has been in this similar situation please comment.

  4. I think your dad needs to be having an Aspirin a day. If there are blockages forming around his heart, they should try a coronary angiogram. This is a much less invasive procedure. However, the blockages need to be prevented. Are the blockages blood clots or fatty deposits?

  5. I had off-pump CABG 5 years ago and it is one of the best things that ever happened to me. This advanced procedure was provided free of charge on the UK's National Health Service, and finding this on YouTube has reminded me that I have a debt to society which I have not been paying very well of late as my sugar and fat intake has gone up recently. Time to pull my socks up and make the most of this amazing second bite at life that I have been given.

  6. Excellent. I wish I'd seen this before my own CABG 12 years ago. It would have removed the mystique and helped understand what it looked like in there.

  7. Heart surgery is the one which must reach each & every ireespective of his financial position, religion, cast or creed..Let humanity enjoy

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  9. ik ben op zoek naar mensen die tijdens een bypassoperatie ppf is uitgevoerd, pericard,dus hartzakje gespoeld is. het is in amc aangeboden

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  11. Lol I'm still in highschool but I'm watching this for advance couz I wanted to be a surgeon(cardiothoracic surgeon😊)

  12. magnificent..i don't know what i want to say but any way i thank the man who did that video and who post it on youtube..#thank_you

  13. Why are the drainage tubes sticking out of the body? Will you have to perform surgery again to take them out? I’m so confused

  14. I am not a doctor 😷 nor a medical student… But still I like this video because I wanna be a cardiology surgen in future 😊😊

  15. Why bypass surgery's medicines if all doctors should cultivate organic crops all are healthy no diseases no patients no doctors no income all are healthy can all doctors cultivate organic crops for Indians to be healthy free from diseases then we respect them doctors conspiracy behind toxic medicines that have side effects not prescribing natural medicines because more diseases more patients more income so why should we respect to doctors if they cultivate organic crops then we respect

  16. I did bypass surgery for 3 blocks in 2012 , now I am alright , but my diet consists of fruit and vegetable and I avoid non veg foods , that has kept me healthy.

  17. I had quadruple bypass on a Friday morning and was sent home Monday afternoon. I'm 47 years old and that's part of the reason I recovered quickly. It's now been six days and I'm able to do pretty much everything on my own I just can't drive or work yet.

  18. An operation like this has been done to me at 21th Sept 2018
    Now my left arm does not work properly. whats the best advise

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