Healthy Diabetes Diet Tips

Healthy Diabetes Diet Tips

Healthy Diabetes Diet Tips Currently there is no cure for Diabetes, although
researchers are making strides in the field every day. However, Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes can be
managed successfully by following a proper diet, getting regular exercise and, in some
cases, using diabetes medication. Diabetes Diet
Treatment of diabetes almost always begins by following a diabetes diet designed to control
blood glucose levels. Generally speaking, a healthy diet of a diabetic
is a healthy diet for non-diabetics: 40 to 60% carbohydrates, 20% protein and 30% or
less fat. Avoidance of excess consumption of sugar is
also an important part of a diabetes diet. Diabetics don’t have to avoid sugar entirely,
but need to incorporate it as part of a balanced diet, being careful not to add sugar to foods. At each meal, diabetics can eat two to five
carbohydrate servings, one protein serving and a small amount of fat. Following are general guidelines on what types
of food to incorporate and types of food to avoid. A dietician or doctor can provide a balanced
diabetes diet plan to follow. Carbohydrates make up the balance of the diet,
and include fruits, vegetables, dairy, beans and starches (such as bread and rice). Reach for fresh fruit. Eat vegetables that are fresh, canned or frozen. Choose bread that’s high in fiber and low
in sugar. Avoid canned fruit, dried fruit or fruit juices,
all of which have excess sugar added. Protein sources include meat, poultry, dairy
products, fish and beans. Eat more fish and chicken than red meat and
reach for low-fat or fat-free dairy products. Avoid eating poultry skin and excess fat on
cuts of meat. Fat is necessary for the body, but should
be used in moderation. Fat is in dairy and meat products, and the
butter, margarine and oils often added to food during cooking. Check with your healthcare provider about
the amount of fat grams you should be eating each day. Avoid fried foods, mayonnaise-based food,
egg yolks, bacon and regular dairy products, choosing fat-free and low-fat dairy instead. Be sure to check low and fat-free dairy product
labels to see how many carbohydrates they contain, and add those grams to your daily
carbohydrate intake. An important part of a diet for managing diabetes
is controlling portion size. Be sure you are eating the right amounts of
the right foods to maintain a healthy diabetes diet. If a diabetes diet isn’t totally controlling
blood sugar levels, a doctor may prescribe diabetes medication. Medication does not cure diabetes, but helps
manage insulin levels.

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  1. Check out the diet plan which I followed to manage my diabetes. See if it helps

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