Gut Dysbiosis: Starving Our Microbial Self

Gut Dysbiosis: Starving Our Microbial Self

33 thoughts on “Gut Dysbiosis: Starving Our Microbial Self

  1. I don't know if you read these comments, but can you do a video on why, if as you claim, people are so unhealthy in so many ways, that many of these people look okay, even though they're not?

  2. Our entire health could actually be linked to what's going on in our intestines. The way they interact with the wall there, through the blood, cells, everything and how it leads up to things like insulin, leptin etc. Everything is literally linked back to the intestines.
    Which would mean it's linked to fiber, especially resistant starch. Resistant starch like bananas, beans and tofu.
    Maybe people misinterpreted the health of the Okinawans to the fish instead of the soy foods consumed everyday.

  3. In work in healthcare and the patients have little to no access to whole plant-based foods. It really makes me wonder how people with reoccurring c-diff would do on a plant-based diet versus the meat, eggs, and dairy that they are continually fed at hospitals and care homes.

  4. How many people is gonna watch this video and just take a supplement instead of changing their diet?

  5. I'm glad I eat white beans, crushed tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, apples, broccoli and red bell pepper almost daily. 😉 I also eat some curcumin.

  6. Whenever I eat high fibre foods, my diabeties (insulin resistance) gets worse, this is due to feeding the bacteria in my body which is unfortunately predominately bad bacteria. So what am I suppose to do to improve the balance?

  7. But what do you do if beans give you high amounts of uncomfortable gas? I would love to eat them but I can't take the intestinal pain.

  8. I ingest lots of fiber on my wfpb diet but still the transit time of all that shit is too long. i usually need to once a day, which is not too bad, but sometimes it skips a day. apparently it's been like that since i was a kid (it's been way worse then though) but i wish i could get rid of the stuff 1-3 times a day. magnesium citrate helps but then the stuff ain't properly solid. any suggestions?

  9. great presentation finally a smart and hand on science approach to what really matters thank you for the information, great channel. Sorry for the bad English 2 language

  10. Carnists get Glyphosphate induced autism from eating toxic corpses.

    Carnism destroys Frugivores' Symbiotic nematodes' Sulfur channels ; parasitic nematodes increase and excrete formaldehyde.

    Formaldehyde WREAKS havoc on human brains.

    THAT FACT is going viral…

  11. I wonder if water kefir is good for the microbiota. There are some related study? Any advice to restore intestinal flora like probiotics or something like that? Thanks

  12. I don't really eat beans, I get most of my fiber from green leafy vegetables and fruit, also from chia and flax seeds en masse. I find a high fat (avocado, homemade cashew milk) plant based diet (I do eat some seafood) has worked best for me overall.

  13. Been on a vegan high fiber diet for two years made no difference to several serious health issues I used to believe everything these youtube doctors said (Gregor, McDougall, Klapper, etc) Now im not so sure. Pain is a great truthsayer.

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