Get Ready With Me | Saachi’s Makeup Tips For When You’re Running Late + GIVEAWAY

Get Ready With Me | Saachi’s Makeup Tips For When You’re Running Late + GIVEAWAY

I’m always in a hurry and tend to get ready more on the go than I do at my dresser at home so I put together five of my absolute staples to make me look fresh and flawless in just under five minutes! Get ready because I’m taking you along on this bumpy ride! Every minute is precious when you’re running late so I make sure to save some time in the morning I keep my makeup bag packed and ready the night before and it holds some of up my most loved and long-lasting makeup products that are going to help me get ready as I wade through heavy traffic! With just a few minutes to spare I don’t have the time to put on a full face of foundation and in this case I like to go in with a full coverage product like the Maybelline New York Fit Me Concealer to cover up any acne, blemishes, discoloration and of course my dark circles So I like to work in one light layer at a time and I use my handy compact mirror to apply the concealer. I dot it onto my under-eye area or in other places that I need to such as around my nose and then using the warmth of my fingertips I start blending it in to make it seamless! Always choose a concealer that’s the same shade as your skintone if not similar to make sure you have a seamless blend without the use of foundation! The key to a long-lasting base lies in a budge proof setting powder which make sure your face stays in place all day long the one I like to use is from Maybelline New York it’s the Fit Me Compact which is super convenient and travel friendly because it comes with its own mirror and make sure my face stays in place all day without it looking cakey! it also comes with an extremely handy sponge which I like to use to smoothen out any creases that may have formed under my eyes and also mattify my t-zone area because the rest of my face gets pretty dry anyway! A compact foundation like this one which has SPF in it is great for oily skin because it provides you with an extra layer of coverage as well as sun protection whenever necessary City roads can be absolutely unforgiving so putting on a full eye shadow look even in peak traffic can be an absolute nightmare! Which is why I always turn to my true and tested Maybelline New York’s The Colossal Waterproof Mascara to give me well-defined voluminous lashes and lasts through the day! Always going with multiple layers of your mascara if you want to achieve that wide-eyed effect but remember to wait for a few seconds before each coat so your lashes don’t end up looking clumpy and once again I’m using my handy mirror to do my mascara as well! A trick that I’ve been super loyal to ever since I was in college is to use my favorite long-wear pigmented lipstick the current one being from Maybelline New York The Superstay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick in the shade ‘Versatile’ as a dual-purpose product for my lips as well as my cheeks! First I like to take a little bit of the product onto my fingertips then using my mirror once again now I’m going to go in on the apples of my cheeks and blend in the color seamlessly. This is going to give me a naturally flushed look! Now I’m going to use the same lipstick as a subtle hint of color on my lips! This monochrome makeup look is super efficient and also absolutely on trend this year! No matter what kind of makeup look I’m going for whether it’s super simple or super elaborate I never skip out on my favorite product which is the Maybelline New York Master Chrome Metallic Highlight. For a quick highlight I like to use my fan brush because it evenly disperses the product and gives me a beautiful finish in just a few quick swipes! I like to highlight my cheekbones, a little bit on my chin my Cupid’s bow, also define under my brow. Then I take my finger and taking just a little bit of the product go down the bridge of my nose make sure you blend it in really well and we’re done! Now that you know all my tips and tricks to getting ready within minutes all you need to do is grab your makeup staples and you’re good to go! Until next time, stay tuned and stay Glamrs!

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  1. I'm a person who loves to ditch foundation for concealer,, Maybelline concealer does the job effectively. A compact powder foundation is the best fit for any women on the go. Maybelline Mascaras are the best to play up an Indian women's eyes which hands down better spoken eyes all over the world.. BUT my favorite is Super Stay Ink Matte lip products from Maybelline,, simply it stays all day long and we can be sure of it,, it does wonders melting into skin when used as a blush,, the real blood run through looks is what you get and like on those apples of your cheek and those sharp and curvy rose petal 💜😍💐

  2. I borrowed the" Master Chrome Metallic Highlighter" from my friend for an event and from then I'm just in love with this product! The lustrous shine on the face and the metallic glow that provides by giving an absolute flawlessly finished makeup without doing much is really adorable, and for students like me such product is a boon, because we are always in a rush! But the dream to get that perfect look is still a dream cause I'm unable to find it in nearby stores. (I really want to win this highlighter😋)

  3. Hello team.I found the compact comes very handy specially when u r in a hurry.And the lipstick is always 💞

  4. Hi Glamrs… of my personal favorite product is concealer…. I just love that …maybelline new york products are just amazing i love that….. Maybelline new york fit me concealer….. Is super awesome. For on the go best product is concealer.. Which not only covers marks n dots on the face but give you the natural glow on the face.

  5. To be honest i loved each and every product🔥….my personal favourite is maybelline lipstick😍 and metallic highlighter…..this is an awesome hamper for makeup lovers❤.
    Keep going team glamrs🔥💕

  6. Another informative video,thanks GLAMRS.😘,I am a big fan of Maybelline,I bought my bridal kit of Maybelline,and the product i loved most was this highlighter….I love metallic shimmer look ,and this made my day,result was beautiful.i hope to win giveaway this time…fingers crossed.

  7. I love compact foundation very much.. it is soo good and I just love it… I don't like heavy foundation on my face.. but it gives me perfect shade.. and its so good… I love it and recommend to every one..

  8. Maybelline fit me concealer is best one I recently give lot of coverage it’s very long lasting one..maybelline is the best❤️I really looking forward win this giveaway 🤞🏻❤️

  9. Hello #glamrs #maybelline #maybellinenewyork
    I love maybelline; my maximum stuff of makeup are from maybelline, specially fit me range- foundation ,concealer and powder. But currently my fav is maybelline superstay ink matte liquid lipstick 💄 and highlighter too. Only a tint of these two can change my look from dab to fab ! 😍🙏🏻🥰

  10. Maybelline super stay ink matte lipstick is my favourite. Multiple usage . Awesome for monochrome look.
    Just a swatch and I feel Fab. All time favourite product is lipstick from 12th std. Must have for me. Cannot step out without it

  11. I love the Maybelline concealer I use Carmel shade .
    Fit me compact is the best for daily use .
    And Maybelline colossal kajal and the mascara is also so good I love this mascara.
    Lipstick also creamy Matt are to die for.
    And molten gold is my first highlighter i love it.

  12. Maybelline colossal mascara is one of my favorite makeup product …. It is so convenient ND easy to gives nice volume to lashes by kept them separate even in single coat….. this waterproof mascara doesn't get smudge easily…. It can be wear all day.such a long lasting mascara I just love it…..😊😊😘

  13. Maybelline New York is my favourite makeup product. I mentioned this in your previous videos too! Fit me Concealer, superstay Matte ink liquid lipstick & hypercurl Mascara is my everyday essential. But I have to purchase new ones since they are finished now. I'll feel happy if I won this giveaway…✨✨✨

  14. I love the Maybelline superstay matte ink liquid lipstick bcoz I like the way it looks on me thanq for this go to makeup gonna try it💌

  15. I've been using Maybelline products since almost 6 years, totally in love with this product, as we all know Maybelline is the brand that is loved by universally, I love to use Maybelline fit me concealer, its handy and also gives a really good coverage, I've used highlighter as well, it's amazing😍 no doubt, I've used almost every products of Maybelline that are available in India, never gonna give up to use these products 💕btw I love Sacchi's makeup look at a hurry time. She's super cute 😍💕 Hope to win this giveaway.😊

  16. I'm an absolute fan of maybelline products. But I've never tried their superstay matte ink liquid lipstick! And since I'm trying out new makeup looks, I would love to try the liquid lipstick in the shade verstaile!💋💋💋

  17. Just in love with the Maybelline new York superstay matte ink liquid lipstick in the shade versatile its a superb shade and long lasting as well and affordable too and it's a dual product because can be used as lipstick as well as a blush such an affordable product soo love it 😍😍

  18. First of all I'm such a big glamrs fan and secondly I would like to have highlighter please… Because my mom doesn't allow me to buy that and I really want to try it …. So please!!!!

  19. Maybelline concealer is my personal favourite because I don't neend any foundation after that😁😁 and it conceals my dark circles and dark spots very easily

  20. I love love love loveeeee 😍😍maybeline products and have been using their products for many years now ,it's difficult to choose one product out of these as they all do their work fantastically and beautifully.But i cant get my hands of the MAYBELINE MASTER CHROME HIGHLIGHTER💕 I use it daily and it brings a glow to my face instantly😍.It can bring a dead face to life 😂💕💕(maybeline lover )

  21. My favouraite product is conceler bcoz i face pigmantation and lots of dark circle and also my mom so conceler is like god of make up for me…

  22. My favorite product is MAYBELLINE SUPER STAY MATTE INK LIQUID LIPSTICK coz it stays long on my lips n I'm addicted to it. It enhances my every smile, pops out even if I'm dull n its a multipurpose tool for lips like a lipstick n cheeks like a blush. Beauty, to me, is about being comfortable with my own skin. That or a LIPSTICK . Lips without lipstick are like cake without frosting. Maybelline lipstick is just wonders to me. The matte look gives my face a wonderful look anytime. This lipstick is within my budget too n I'm obsessed with Maybelline products n lipsticks too

    I'm waiting for a giveaway

    Love u glamrs

  23. Hi team Glamrs,
    I have been using the Colossal Mascara since a long time now. I have extremely small and narrow eyes and so my friend recommended me to use a mascara to make my eyes a little big and defined. My face looks so fresh as soon as I apply my mascara. This is why absolutely love my Colossal Mascara and can’t survive my day without it. ♥️

  24. My favourite product is Maybelline new York heypercurl mascara because this give me very beautiful look without any makeup.Eyes are most important feature of human face and with some Maybelline mascara this looks gives very good amount of volume in eyelashes.This hacks i follow when i go to my job.i travel by local train.In early morning 8 a.m i don't have many time for my make-up .But who don't want look i just put some sunscreen on my face and in train i put some Maybelline heypercurl mascara and lipblam & i good to go.

  25. My favorite product is Maybelline NewYork fit me concealer. It help me to hide my dark circles. It gives me a perfect look. It blends well with my skin. I like Maybelline NewYork products. Maybelline products are one and only product that suits my skin. Your videos are amazing and very useful to me. Thank you so much glamrs.

  26. I would love to win the maybelline's lipstick cos its dual purpose for both lips and cheeks. Who doesnt love to save money huh? 😂

  27. well for me it is lipstick the only thing i wear on my face so i would love to get that ,well from the name you guys would be get confuse but this is pratiksha,🤗🌸

  28. Since it's Maybelline so it's really hard to select one favourite…..but still I will say fit me concealer is my most fvrt becoz it does magic for me ❤️❤️

  29. The Maybelline master crome highlighter is a cult favourite and hence enter into my makeup bag. The buttery soft formula sits perfectly on the skin making it glow from within.

  30. The best product for me has to be the conceler and a perfect lip color any given day.
    Versatile, blendable and gives you that pick me up feeling on days that you are really not feeling up to the mark. They are such an essential part of my makeup kit now :))

  31. For someone who has struggled with oily skin and acne… Nothing is more important than a mattifying compact!! The Maybelline Compact has been my go to saviour since junior college and I have always relied on it and used it diligently on a daily basis!!
    The matte finish and the coverage it provides is amazing and this for sure is one product I cant live without!! 😊🙈
    Hands down the compact is my absolute favorite and has remained for many years!! 💖

  32. I really love Maybelline super stay matte ink… it's texture is really good and is highly pigmented👌🤩

  33. Maybelline's Superstay Matte Ink liquid lipstick. Do I have to say more! Using lipsticks as cheek tints is one of my favorite hobbies.. awesome shade this one too 🥰 Superb video 🥰✨

  34. I am made on make up I ❤️ all maybelline New York products still I have a lipstick so awesome #love maybelline

  35. Maybelline fit me concealer is the best product I have ever used.It's light weight as well better than all other concealers I have ever used. It's pocket friendly as well as worth buying covering all the blemishes, dark circles and uneven skin tone. No foundation no primer just the concealer had enough capacity to give a seamless look with even skin tone. Thanks Maybelline for some awesome products.❤️

  36. Maybelline as a brand is just amazingg. I ABSOLUTELY love the Maybelline Fitme foundation. It's so difficult to find the perfect shade for your skin when you have pigmentation. But Fitme is just magical. It's my go-to product indeed. ❤️❤️

  37. The fit me concealer stole my heart! I bought it after watching your video and absolutely in love with it, already❤

  38. My most favourite product is Blush and Lips- Maybelline New York SuperStay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick ( VERSATILE)

  39. I personally love to use Maybelline fit me foundation, concealer, compact powder, blush and highlighter pallette, colossal kajal, waterproof mascara and all the lipstick shades regularly. But I want to share my own experience to all the viewers.
    Because of working in heavy lights, my skin becomes more blemished. And I never found the right shade of concealer that could correct my dark spots. One day I ordered the fit me concealer in the shade 30 cafe cafe from Flipkart. I was quite in a confused position that if it will work for me or not. But surprisingly it's the best concealer I have ever used in my life. It absolutely matches on my skin tone and gives the perfect coverage. I love Maybelline since my childhood. Infact this is the only brand which I can always use even with my close eyes. We all love you Maybelline😘😘

  40. I totally love with the 😍 Maybelline hypercurl mascara as it instantly give a damn look to your face with a single product ❣️❣️ And i love it🥰

  41. First off THANK YOU for being realistic and filming this in the car just like what many of us do! I recently did my makeup in the car for an interview and realized how difficult it is, so this hugely simplifies that process! I really like using the FitMe concealer because it blends easily without a brush or sponge and gives enough coverage. You’re face doesn’t look flat or colorless, so you don’t even need to contour or’s a win-win product!

  42. Wow…you are doing well demo. I like Maybelline fit me concealer I'm using now I love this.
    Your Lip shade is very nice💕

  43. I love master chrome as it gives the perfect glow to face and maybelline lipsticks are so affordable and long-lasting

  44. Maybelline mascara is the best mascara I have ever come across 💓💓💓💓nd love u glarms for such tutorials😘😘💓💓💓💓💓💓

  45. I love the Maybelline lipstick as I can not step out of the house without a lipstick and a blush, it's perfect ❤️

  46. I just love how super matte the lipstick by Maybelline New York is. It really don't need any touch up,once applied it stays throughout the day.

  47. The Maybelline Newyork Masterchrome highlighter is my go to for every occasion. Makeup or no makeup, it just makes me look good and feel confident at all the times. I love it ❤️❤️

  48. I like the master chrome metallic highlighter, this is my personal favourite and the way it shines looks like a natural glow comes on my face ,I totally in love with this highlighter and the second product which I like is the maybelline fit me concealer this concealer is my favourite because it totally matches to my skin shade and hide my dark circles as well plzz give these goodies to me

    # glamrs

  49. Omg I love the Maybelline moten gold highlighter I didn't see any highlighter like this yet☺️soo affordable and pigmentation is like a dream🤩and thanks glamrs come up with these type of videos❤️

  50. Hi
    I am use all the products of mayballine.But my favorite products is Matte liquid lipstick.bcz if I talk my self I don't like lipstick bcz not longlasting and smudge.but my friend suggested to me use this mayballine matte liquid lipstick I can's really super super amazing products. Then this way my favorite products is lipstick.

  51. Ive been using Maybelline mascara for as long as I can remember…. It just gives me a glam look instantly…. Some mascara and my favorite Maybelline best babe matte Lipstick is alll i need to instantly give a glow to my face

  52. my fav product is maybelline superstay lipstick a long wearing lipstick which is very comfortable on the lips

  53. I use Maybelline kajal and mascara and I really loved it but this time I really want Maybelline highlighter , compact and also mascara please dear glamrs I really want to win Maybelline products are very budget friendly I really need these products ❤❤❤❤❤

  54. My favorite makeup product from Maybelline , definitely has to be the Masters chrome highlighter (Molten gold) . Eve since I tried this out, I haven't switched to anything, it is so beautiful and pigmented. Matches my skin tone perfectly and ufff that Glow!!! 👀✨.

  55. I really loves maybellines super stay mate liquid lipstick, its really long lasting and super pigmented that's just what I love about it one stroke and you're good to go unlike other lipsticks I dont need to reapply it at all
    Although I do not have this shade of lipstick as it always out of stock or not available in the nearby stores I also really love the fit me concealer I have honestly never tried a concealer because always think that it will make my face white but I think the fit me concealer will be just amazing as I have the fit me foundation which is the best foundation I'veever used!!

  56. Maybelline is a one of the best makeup brand . I love the fit me compact as i have an oily skin type and it would help in mattifying my skin as well as it acts as a foundation too. I also comes with an spf which protects the skin from sunrays. As my skin gets very oily in the summers so it would really help me a lot. #maybelline #glamrs #giveaway

  57. Hi!! I looovee the MAYBELLINE fit me concealer❤️❤️ It beautifully hides my Imperfections(insecurity😒) making me an all new with confidence!! The feeling is really amazing.

  58. My favourite product is" Super Stay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick" because it can be also used as blush and eyeshadow and I can create from decent to hot look with just one lipstick 👄 isn't it amazing 💁

  59. I love the Master chrome highlighter💓 It works wonders for me whether it is going for a subtle natural glow or a glam is my go to highlighter and also works great with my Maybelline fit me blush…looking forward to the giveaway results 🙂

  60. OMG its Maybelline giveaway oh god i really really wanna win becoz i m a huge fan of Maybelline i love all the from this brand currently favourite is Maybelline superstay foundation and now o have ordered Maybelline hyper curl mascara 😘😘 to b honest i believe in this brand and i am a girl with oily n acne prone skin so this brand products suited me well😍😍 that's why i love Maybelline ❤️ and fit me collection is just fab… Its loose powder is a jem and creamy matte lipstick is just wow ( i like touch of spice shade) and i think all products from Maybelline is👌👌 and a special note to glamrs ur vedios always helpful and useful 😊😊 loads of love 💕hope to win🤞🤞

  61. Hey #Glamrsmakeup I use the Maybelline Superstay Matte Ink in the shade DANCER & it is the best thing that has ever happened to me!!! I have never used or come across anything so luxurious, vibrant & long-staying like this liquid lipstick 🤩 I get asked by so many girls whenever I wear it at events 🎀 This lip product totally flatters me, lifts my mood and gives me that OOMPH feeling 💖 Matte Ink is closest to my heart and my Go-To when I want to feel like a DIVA 💕 Can’t live without Matte Ink ever🌹

    Loved this video, so much fun & so many helpful tips for Girls on the Go like me 😍

  62. Well it's really difficult to choose one from these products all are my absolute favorites but I really love Maybelline superstay matte ink. The reason is that it can used as an eyeshadow and blush as well. And on lips it stays on for a very long time.

  63. Maybelline new york hypercurl mascara is your go to friend for no makeup makeup look and days when you are in hurry. Its one my favourite mascara which is super affordable for anyone .

  64. Maybelline is really a perfect, beautiful and healthy brand❤️ and the girl in this vdo is super pretty too😍

  65. I'm a 17 year old girl so I always need a light and comfortable makeup products. So I trust Maybelline New York products for my face!
    I have always used Fit Me foundation , it has lots of shades , light weight , easy to use and comfortable! I'm in the shade Light Beige.
    Maybelline Mascara has also been my favourite! It gives instant drama to the eyes!
    Super Slay Matte Liquid Lipstick is one of the best. It is long lasting. I'm in the shade seductress-65.

  66. It's so hard to choose the best product among the best ones already 😄 but yeah, Maybelline master chrome highlighter is my HUGE HUGE CRUSH 😍 the way it pops up on the cheek, God 😍 it glitters my soul❤️
    Makeup is so much more about confidence which I really really feel one can get by embracing self beauty with such lovely products 😍

  67. Maybelline as a brand is my all time favorite but from these goodies I love maybelline master chrome molten gold highlighter the most cause it is perfect for dusky people and perfect amount of shine which does not emphasize my texture at the same time give me that golden goddess look.. ❤️❤️❤️

  68. Maybeline New York Hypercurl mascara is my all time favourite. I never step out without applying it. It really adds volume and length while simultaneously separating my lashes. Its just Amazing!!

  69. The Maybelline Superstay matte ink is just amazing..I love the formula and the colors available; it despite being matte doesn't get dry or cracked and stays on for a good amount of time..loved how you used it as blush I will definitely try this trick next time…Looking forward to the results♥️

  70. The ~ Maybelline New York fit me concealer~👩‍🎤 is a life saver! Helps me not look like a zombie🧟 while I navigate through classes! Easy to apply and blends easily into the skin. Also covers up major acne discoloration and dark circles effectively! Absolutely 💗 it and never leave my house without applying it!

  71. Ok so first of all thank u for this video i'll definitely try this tips and tricks i love the compact bc it make me feel so fresh it really matches my skintone as well nd their lipsticks r so comfortable doesn't feel dry at all honestly all maybelline products r damn good i can't choose between them nd i really enjoyed watching ur videos❤

  72. I'm a fan of maybelline products. First of all affordable. I'm using fit me foundation, colossal kajal, colossal mascara, super stay matte ink lipstick and the creamy matte lipstick touch of spice. These all are amazing products. Long lasting, wide range of color shades. Also available shades for each nd every Indian skin tone..but I have never tried the highlighter, concealer etc. So don't know about that products. I ❤️maybelline… 😘

  73. l really like the maybelline products and among them l think maybelline lipsticks r the best as it's shades r too good and attractive
    l have brought some liquid matte lipsticks from other brands too but I find it's shades much more pigmented as well as attractive

  74. Is it just me or anyone else too obsessing over these products 😍
    Em watching this video for the 3rd time 😻

  75. Hey I would like to choose maskara and lipstick bcz it define the face and the personality of women and make confidence to the women , these are the basic things that every women uses the most

  76. Hi
    Team glamrs
    I'm see all video of you since last 1.5 years . Your all tips are very useful
    My favorite products of mayballine is concelar. Bcoz when my exam was start I have study in long hour so my sleep was not at complete then as much my sister she was beautition . she suggest to conclear it's was very useful. I like it so much.before that I don't use concealer. It's work like magic. After it was my favorite products of all of my makeup. I am forgot to buy foundation at time concealer was not at any time it is in my bag.

  77. Maybelline New York is my favourite makeup product. I mentioned this in your previous videos too! Fit me Concealer, superstay Matte ink liquid lipstick & hypercurl Mascara is my everyday essential. But I have to purchase new ones since they are finished now. I'll feel happy if I won this giveaway…✨✨✨

  78. @glamrs .. I have always been a user of Maybelline products since teenager. They are affordable and best overall group of cosmetic products. I must say ‘Maybelline Master chrome Highlighter’ is the best highlighter. This is creamy, long lasting formula and intensely pigmented and will give the skin that gorgeous sheen. Highly recommended.

  79. This video was actually helpful❤ it is a very realistic that u can actually do n go out and is office/ college friendly ….not like other youtube makeup artist who teach very unrealistic and not very practical makeup.😊

  80. My favourite maybelline product is superstay matte ink lipstick which helps me get through out the day without touching up my lips…..Once I wore it to the family occasion and my all the relatives were asking what lipstick I am wearing….I use all the major products of maybelline❤All of them are absolutely longlasting❤💯

  81. Maybelline Super stay ink matte liquid lipstick I love this shade and I liked so much and I don't afford this lipstick plz give me I love this lipstick

  82. My favourite is a concealer my whole face is covered with acne spots and pimples with few blemishes it would be perfect so my favourite is the Maybelline fit me concealer

  83. I'm that person who believes with or without makeup I look super gorgeous. I'm more of a skincare junkie. Yet, one makeup product that's been my soul sister is my Maybelline colossal mascara. It just pops my eye out and gives my face an Instant dimension. Can never do without it and hope Maybelline forever continues to deliver it.💛🖤💛

  84. My favourite Maybelline product is Master Chrome Highlighter! It gives my skin a seamless metallic glow. It looks very stubble and natural under sunlight as well as artificial light. I wear it during both day and night. It feels very soft and lightweight on the skin. It doesn’t feel powdery or patchy at all. It is my go to product which will be in my bag all the time!

  85. I love the Maybelline fit me concealer as it can cover all my dark circles and flaws that I get due to my hectic schedule and late night office work. Maybelline fit me concealer is also my first purchased concealer and it still happens to be my saviour.

  86. Hi glamrs, I love your channel a lot. I am your big fan. When I apply foundation, it will becomes very dark on my under eye and pigmented area. But Maybelline neywork fit me concealer absolutely hide my dark circles and pigmentation. It makes my skin looks even. I love wearing concealer. It so comfortable and good. It blends well on my skin.

  87. Maybelline have some of the best products as I got to know from others but couldn't buy one yet because of the price… If I get a chance to grab the giveaway then surely it will either the highlighter or the concealer… Really want to experience them someday…

  88. My favourite product is Maybelline superstay matte ink. I have two shades from this collection Artist and Lover. No lipstick on earth can beat the staying power of this lipstick. Trust me it stays on my lips even after having heavy meals like lunch. It stays for the entire day.

  89. Hlo I am your new subscriber and I like your Maybelline fit me compact because it is summer time and my skin is oily

  90. Maybline master chrome metallic highlighter I'm using currently and that was aswmmmmmand I used mascara and compact but not used fit me compact 😑😑😑😑Maybline only one brand which suits to my skin 😍😍😍😍😘😘😘

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