GET $20 JUST BY RUNNING THIS APP! No work! Paano kumita ng P1000 kahit walang ginagawa!

GET $20 JUST BY RUNNING THIS APP! No work! Paano kumita ng P1000 kahit walang ginagawa!

And we’re back here in my Paypal account and i already received now my payment in this app. Received from Jing Zhou and earned $20.31 with fee of $1.19 i got total of $19.12! Truly, this app pays and it is all 100% free! I know you want to earn like this watch this full video because im giving out the name of this site so you can earn too without investment! How i earned $20 or P1000 without doing anything? Hello to all payaman and welcome back again to earn money with aiza! This is your girl Aiza Mercado and im here again to share a legit application how to get extra money online! If you want to earn from home, earn using your phone, using your wifi/internet, and earn using your pc/laptop please subscribe now to my Youtube Channel coz im uploading videos with legit apps/sites where we can earn extra money online. Subscribe now and hit the like button to join our giveaway every upload! Lets get right into our video tutorial and let me share HONEYGAIN. In this site, make money will using honeygain all you have to do is to simply download the app turn it on and earn paypal money. You can download this app in Windows, PC/laptop, Android phones and in MAC OS. Its not yet available in IOS phone but lets wait for it and stay tuned in How it works? 1) Install Honey Gain on your preferred devices 2) Connect your device in the internet 3) Get paid sweet money Totally, we will not do anything just download the app and turn on your internet! Our estimate earnings will be based on our internet GB that we will share in HoneyGain. Which means, this app need higher wifi speed or internet GB so we can earn more. Later on, i will show you my dashboard coz when the time i upgraded my internet speed i tried this right away and truly its easy to use. Here, you can estimate your earning per month max is we we can $300 monthly. Referral program that you can invite friends too your friend will get $5 easy and will earn 10% of their earnings in HoneyGain! Its passive! And there you go, thats the basic information about this site and now, i will show you how it works. From here, you can select your app like Windows App Android App, or Mac OS. Also, when you install honeygain to many devices you can log in 1 account. Which basically means all our earnings from many devices will go to 1 account! More device we can use the more money we can earn. If you want to start, simple go to dashboard… Then you will proceed to Sign up/Log in Page. Sign up here, its very easy enter your email and with 8 special character password. Sign up and you will receive email confirmation. Let me demo first how to use this app in Android device and later, in Windows App. In their site, scroll it down download this APK. Okay and it will be downloaded automatically… Open the apk and install. Then open. Honeygain, earn sweet money. Here, logged in the email address you created. All devices where you installed Honey gain, if you want your earnings be in 1 account only you need to logged in the same email address. Proceed to “more” Log in here your account. Now, im here on my dashboard.. As you can see, i used 5 devices installed HoneyGain to make money so i can demo this to you. 1) I used Android Emulator (mumu) 2) I used Vivo Android Phone 3) One plus (Bluestacks) 4) Windows laptop (asus rog) 5) This android phone (oppo) And basically, I gain more honey using this Bluestacks.. My technique here, i only use 1 laptop then download Bliuestacks and Mumu Player Open this app too in your android phone.. And from here, i already earned $20 and i can now make a request for payout. For windows app, click and download this windows app and it will be downloaded from your browser finish this and install. Once downloaded,s search it on your windows or simply open the app. So yeah, lets open this now… Here in your task bar menu you will see honeygain icon, just run this all day in your pc/laptop! We will not do anything, just run this to your background. Right click, you can exit the app you can logout, quit and go to your dashboard. I already made $20 i will now make a request of payout, you can see that in your dashboard. It takes 2 business days until we receive the money. Lets now request payout… Oh okay, its automatic now. The email you used in creating account in HoneyGain they will send the money with same paypal address too! So in case, upon signing up use the same paypal email address you have. After requesting, supplier emails me with addional info we need to fill out some info before we get the money. When you click the link, you will directed in a form. Select payment method, currency, enter paypal email address, first name and last name. They will include the fee also, for the tax. Click next and we are done! I will now wait until i receive it in my Paypal account. And we’re back here in my Paypal account and i already received now my payment in this app. Received from Jing Zhou and earned $20.31 with fee of $1.19 i got total of $19.12! Truly, this app/website pays and it is all 100% free! Thats how easy to use this Honey Gain and how we can earn paypal money here… Just download and install the app run it on your pc/laptop and phones and you will earn money now. If this video helps you how to make money online please click the like button subscribe to Earn Money with Aiza, Aiza Mer 2.0 and ofcourse to my telegram channel “Extrang Pera Online”. Thanks again for watching Stay cool, stay payaman! My name is Aiza Mercado and have a great day!

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  1. Just run the app lang po sa phone or laptop/pc, okay lang na naka minimize or nasa task bar ng phone nyo. Please read FAQ po para sa iba pang katanungan

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  2. naka refer ako sayo mam ask lang ang bagak nya kase mag earn . hmm san mas mabilis briwser ba daoat or counted ung sa mga app ?
    what i mean like mag DL ako big files sa browser

  3. Bakit sabi nya po opss lakas lakas ng internet lo namin pwede lang poba sa website na lng na mag stay???? Please rwply

  4. Bakit po nawala ung naipon ko sa isang araw? Madidirect po ba sya balance bigla po kaseng nawala eh. Salamat po sa magiging response!

  5. Ate Aiza bakit po nawala yung nauna kong points(gathered) kagabi pag Gising ko ngayon, naka open lang naman po siya.

  6. Hi Ms Aiza, I will try to run a Windows app + Bluestack emulator on my laptop. I have 12 mpbs of internet speed. Question, babagal po ba ang pag-gather ng honey since 2 ang tumatakbo sa laptop ko, sharing 12 mbps. Thank you.

  7. Aiza, is there only PayPal method available for withdrawal???
    If so, then I'm sorry…as PayPal is not supported here in my country…

  8. Hello girl~ I'm new on earning money online and I wonder what is the best crypto currency should I buy and sell? And do you recommend certain apps to look on graphs?~ thank you~

  9. Bakit ganun ang sabi, TOO MANY NETWORK USED. Isang android at isang PC lng ang nakaka connect. Yung ibang PC ko at android puro ganun ang sinasabi. Salamat.

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