Gastric Sleeve Vs Gastric Bypass Vs Duodenal Switch

Gastric Sleeve Vs Gastric Bypass Vs Duodenal Switch

Hi guys, Cross here, i am doing a video on the surgery I am Getting gastric bypass vs gastric sleeve vs duodenal switch and why I’m choosing what surgery on two things first like to go over the differences as far as i understand them if you need is actually true blue medical information you really should go to a doctor and don’t ever take my word for it always research into what is best for you so starting off out I’m not even going to mention the lapband here because this is not an option for me uhm i have seen too many things and stories about it malfunctioning and migrating and about moving up to the esophagusc and choking you no thank you. I don’t need that mess the simplest surgery i believe is the gastric sleeve which uhm number one is not reversible so not sure about that and the gastric sleeve is uh focuses on restricting how much food you can absorb and I’ve noticed people who did the gastric sleeve are not in my BMi range they’re not as big as I am it’s not generally recommended for people who have as much to lose as i am that I have because I currently have a BMI of 61 which according to medical journals here call me ‘super obese that… that’s that great thank you but are so gastric sleeves is really not an option between a plus what I understand there’s a whole lot of like acid reflux and bile reflux and I’m not about that no that’s not that cute that is pretty cool on the gastric sleeve well you know beneficial is that the pyloric valve is left intact and that is what i believe allows you to help digest sugar and fats and stuff so you don’t get dumping syndrome from that unlike in the gastric bypass the gastric bypass it is reversible number one and the pyloric valve is I believe is sectioned off or removed and when that happens to it whenever you digest sweets or fats for whatever that causes dumping syndrome whichcan range from anything to fainting, nausea, dizziness swaeting, hot flashes, just you just don’t feel good and it’s also in the gastric bypass your small intestine is cut in the middle and rerouted so gastric bypass focus on the restriction of food intake and also malabsorption, meaning that you just don’t have much time and bowel to digest the food that you’re getting so that was what I was originally wanted to go but then my bariatric coordinator wonderful wonderful DOC she actually have notified me about the DS, the duodenal switch which apparently is a cross-breed or hybrid of gastric sleeve and bariatric, i mean gastric bypass sorry and oh well I understand the way i understand is that they create a pouch just like the gastric bypass but at leave the pyloric valve intact like the gastric sleeve so you don’t end up getting the dumping syndrome and the intestine is often rerouted so it still is restrictive and malabsorptive but with less dumping syndrome as the gastric bypass now there is a new procedure called a duodenal switch and our i’m going to probably go for that most because … i already talked about the duodenal switch i’m going to bve going for that mostly because of the statistics i’m finding finding online especially on time magazine dot com article here about it and the statistics say that a two-year follow-up the gastric bypass 20% patients have failed to lose at least fifty percent excess body weight at the end of the year of the 1-2 follow up constituting failure of the weight-loss surgery compared to the failure rate of nine and six percent after 1-2 years respectively on the to duodenal switch patients the weight loss is much more pronounced in the duodenal switch and are they also found that the duodenal switch patients are more likely to have control of obesity related condition like diabetes high blood pressure sleep apnea after surgery especially among patients that started out with a BMI greater than 50 you’ll have to take into consideration that those patients were also in worse health so of course the outcome is going to look better in comparison to before so but still the fact that i can… just the benefit of the gastric bypass without the i would say the probably inconvenience of dumping syndrome it’s probably what I’m going to go for so i imagine believe that this is probably my best option. there is a new procedure that some doctors are calling experimental investigative and some just call it a modification of the duodenal switch and it’s called SIPS which stands for stomach intestinal pyloris sparing surgery which i believe is easier or less complex version of the duodenal switch there are some people who are calling it investigative and experimental while some are saying it’s just amodification to the same principles of bariatric surgery that have been used used for the last 25 years I am going to have to talk to my doctor my surgeon when i meet him in about a month to decide what version is best for me suffice to say though i will probably be trusting him as far as which procedure to get if he tellsme he thinks I’ll have better success with the duodenal switch or the SIPS i’m gonna trust him and I’m gonna go for this is you know youpay these people for a reason you know they have experience and my pet peeve is when people talk about things that they don’t understand and don’t know and are just convinced they have all the information especially when it comes to the internet because it’s not always helpful and not always accurate so i will be consulted by my doctor about that sorry i didn’t realize i was so zoomed in in the beginning of the video Oh well quickly i have been approved by my bariatric surgeon to get the surgery my bariatric coordinator she looked at me and she says you done the work me I was really worried that last video i have gained sorry the last visit i had gainedtwo pounds a month before but i had been sick three weeks and they had me on steroids and so I went in and i was like i probably blew it and you know I thought i was done and she goes to me you’ve been on steroids for three weeks from the throat infection and you managed to only gain 2 pounds a win in my book and you’ve done the work you have done the emotional work and you figured out your triggers and you put it out what we’re going to do and all the situation when it comes to food i have every confidence in you and that i really needed to hear I needed to hear that from somebody other than my boyfriend have seen what I’ve been working so hard for and so I get to meet my surgeon on March 9th and I was given a choice between two of them from the clinic and one of them is a little more laid back but one is a little on top of things and more structured and I think that I know that after this process I am somebody who needs from structure i need somebody who says eat this not that you know this is forbidden and do not do this unless you want to mess things up and I need that If you just give me a vague guideline i’m going to justify stuff i’m going to rationalize eating that I’m going to rationalize you know pizza for a week straight so that is really exciting and then I i’m probably going to be looking at in June surgery thing only because my fiancee wi’ll be off work for the summer and he wants me to wait until then so that he can be home and take care of me which is really sweet and speaking of small victories also I this last week i had to go to a work dinner with him and I don’t have any business casual clothes and I told him that cause i don’t really like shopping for clothes what big person does? so off to DXL we went and i’ve been a 4X for 2, 3 years and I put one on and he’s looking at he goes “humor me, but put on a smaller size try a size down” and I was like “okay let’s do this let’s humiliate me in public” I thought It wasn’t gonna fit across my shoulders it wasn’t going to button up but i put it on and there was plenty of room at and i felt some kind of way about it i didn’t know how to feel about it because I’ve gone down a size in anything ever in my life might have been like in junior high i don’t remember the last time i dropped a size except in high school when i did the cabbage soup diet which is horrible don’t ever do it it’s awful you just starving yourself by the end of that but i guess i i was shocked and not really believing this had happened and i still feel that way I look at that shirt “are you really a 3X? Did they mislabel you?” well anyway I guess I’m going to have a lot more of those moments in the next coming… year or two. so i will leave you with that but please if you guys can leave comments and tell me what surgery you’re considering getting and why so I really want to get a whole lot of opinions about if you’ve already gotten your surgery to tell me why you chose that surgery and i’ll see you guys later! BYE!

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  1. Looking GREAT! I just did a video 2 weeks ago called Why Keto? Why DS? I had the traditional duodenal switch on 12/13/16. I have been doing AMAZING! VERY happy with my choice!

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