Gastric Sleeve Testimonial Katie | Blossom Bariatrics | Las Vegas

Gastric Sleeve Testimonial Katie | Blossom Bariatrics | Las Vegas

My husband actually jumped on the bandwagon
with me and decided that we needed to pursue a more healthy lifestyle–not just for ourselves,
but for our children. Once we had our first appointment, we were in love with the office.
Everybody here is just so welcoming–very, very helpful–very knowledgeable about what
they do, and the procedure, and how everything works. The support from these guys–Michelle
is our nutritionist–is wonderful! She’s always available to answer any little question that
we’ve had, as far as our nutrition is concerned. To date–let’s see, our surgery date was February
18th…today is the 23rd of May–my husband is down 110 pounds, and I, myself, am down
85. Next weekend, we’re running our first 5K. So, we’re kind of excited about that.
And then next year one of our goals is to climb Mount St. Helens. So, we are really
excited to train for that in the coming months, and my kids, as well, will be doing it with
us. So, this whole experience that we’ve had has been a complete family life-changer.

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  2. The doctors and the entire staff is highly knowledgeable and very well know what they are supposed to do.

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