Gastric Sleeve / Gastric Sleeve Surgery  – Ed Herman of Brown and Crouppen on Great Day STL

Gastric Sleeve / Gastric Sleeve Surgery – Ed Herman of Brown and Crouppen on Great Day STL

Ed Herman, Brown and Crouppen partner, on
KMOV-4 Great Day St. Louis, discussing his amazing personal transformation from gastric
sleeve surgery. One of our regular guests here at Great Day
St. Louis recently underwent a major transformation. I don’t even recognize him anymore. Our buddy, Ed Herman, from Brown and Crouppen,
has lost more than… more than 150 pounds. He had gastric sleeve surgery a year ago and
that operation shrunk his stomach from the size of a football to a small banana. Surgery was a great starting place for Ed,
but it is not the magic pill. It has taken a lot of hard work to shed the weight and
keep those pounds off. I caught up with Ed recently to find out how this surgery has
changed his life and what to expect if you are considering a similar surgery. Let’s talk a little bit about your life before
the surgery, which was a little more than a year ago, and your life today. You brought
a bag that basically kind of walks us through your daily routine pre-surgery. This is what I slept with every night. I had
to put this on my face, put it in my nose, attach this to a machine that sounds like
Darth Vader, and sleep with this on my face all night. I used to have to take my blood
pressure on a daily basis, so I had to buy one of the fat guys’ large arm things because
the original arm that came with this would not even fit on my arm and I would have to
monitor my blood pressure and take blood pressure medication. Then the worst thing of all…
anybody who has ever had diabetes knows what this looks like… and this is more than a
daily habit, where you have to prick your finger and measure your blood sugar. And you are not doing any of this? Any of that. I don’t have diabetes. I don’t
have sleep apnea. I don’t have high blood pressure. I don’t require medicines for any
health condition. All I take now is just a vitamin. So why do you keep this stuff around? Is this
a reminder of the way things once were? I do. I keep it around and for the same reason,
I keep some of my old clothes around. I do it there to serve as a daily reminder that
no matter how stringent my newly-acquired habits are, I would still rather have my new
habits than have to go back to the old habits. Wow. Right? You know, I think that a lot of people look
at that and think he might be a little too thin, but I have to tell you, when he is in
here, his energy level is high. He tells us he feels great. Oh my gosh. He looks so much younger. He does. I thought he was in his 50s when he was at
his high weight. That’s Okay. I have not told him this to his
face. Well the change is remarkable. The weight
loss is amazing. But he is the first to admit it is not easy. Coming up in about 15 minutes,
he shows us a few of the tricks that he uses to keep the weight off. Then later in the
show, the emotional side of this, and the unexpected impact it had with his wife. Earlier on Great Day, we showed you how Ed
Herman, an attorney here with Brown and Crouppen in St. Louis, lost half of his body weight
after having gastric sleeve surgery about a year ago. The surgery is not magic. Ed still
has to work very hard in monitoring what he eats. Take a look at this. The surgery is not the end of the process.
It is the beginning of the process. The one thing they remind us of is, “Remember when
you wake up from the surgery, you are still going to be heavy.” The surgery is just a
mechanism that now allows you to start making good choices, eating healthy things, and having
that be satisfying to your body. My eating rules are like this: I don’t drink
any liquid calories. I can eat whatever I want, but whatever is on my plate, I try to
eat the protein component first, and only if I still have room left, do I move to the
vegetable and then ultimately to the starch. It is not just about the main meals though.
You are going to be snacking at times through the day, or there may be times when you are
busy at work and you do not have time for an entree. I try not to eat a lot of calories in between
my meals because, you know, when you are grazing, you know, that can get away from you, so I
found some good options that I will share with you. I am a big fan of the Keurig K cups,
the flavored coffees. These have no calories in them. Is that ice cream? It is. This is a brand called Arctic Zero.
And that is not 150 calories per serving. That is 150 calories for the entire pint.
This is 4 servings, so there is only 37 calories per serving. Then I like to pour on it the
Walden Farms Chocolate Syrup, which has zero calories. Then that same company, Walden Farms,
makes these peanut spreads. The plain peanut butter spread is terrible, but the cinnamon
raisin… you know… they are good. You say it is good. It says it is calorie
free. Yeah, there are no calories. How is that even possible in a peanut spread. You would think it is not possible. I have
no idea what is in here, to be honest. It is good enough to satisfy the need to sit
down with a spoon and spoon something that has some good flavor. You know it will probably
kill me, Matt. I don’t know what is in here, but it tastes better than 300 pounds felt. That before and after split screen is unbelievable.
As you can see, there are dramatic physical changes after weight loss surgery. But Ed
has experienced plenty of emotional changes too. We will focus more on that coming up
a little later. Throughout the show this morning, we have
been showing you how weight loss surgery has dramatically affected a local attorney’s life.
Ed Hermann of Brown and Crouppen had gastric sleeve surgery a year ago. Since then, there have been a lot of changes,
both physical and emotional. There is a lot more than just physical changes
that are going on here. There are things that are changing mentally and relationships…
your wife, your kids… that has got to change too, right? It does change, and not all for the better.
Losing a lot of weight can have big changes in other areas of your life. I know that…
luckily I am in a very strong marriage. You know, eating is such a social thing with people
and couples. We go out together, and I have to be honest, during the process it is tough.
My wife goes to a restaurant, and she used to enjoy what she is eating, and now, because
I am looking at every little thing I am doing, she feels guilty about everything she is doing
and she should not because she did not have the problem that I had. You know, she did
not have the problem that I had. You know, she did things the right way. She is the same
woman, but I have changed so much that it has had an impact on how she feels. But then
you have my kids, and I will get them in there as well, and they do not even realize yet
how much more I can do with them that I was not able to do with them before. Two weeks
ago we went on an overnight camping trip with the Boy Scouts. I don’t know that I would
have done that a year ago. I would not have been physically able to do a lot of the things
that we were going to be asked to do, pitching a tent and doing that, and I would have had
nowhere to plug in my CPAP, so my apnea, I would have just been up the whole night, which
I was anyway, but for a different reason… better reasons. Two more quick points: First of all, everyone
is wondering how much weight have you lost? When I went for the surgery, and I’m only
5 foot 7 and a half. I was just shy of 300 pounds. Now, I’m like less than half that. Secondly, anything that would you do differently? If I could have afforded to do it, I would
have done it even earlier and gotten a few more years of enjoyment. He kind of alluded to the cost there, by the
way. It is not inexpensive and not all insurance plans cover it. Ed has his surgery at Barnes
Hospital and he speaks very highly of Dr. Eagan. If you have a legal question for the
team at Brown and Crouppen, you can check out their website at

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  1. Congrats Ed on breaking out of the bubble so many of us are stuck in. I'm so happy for you, and you look great!


  2. Great Job!!!!!!! I had the same surgery on 9/06/11. Do you have alot of excess skin? if so what are you doing about it or plan on doing for it? I currently lift weights, but it is a slow process of toneing up. I am always seeking other wls peoples advice to help with my journey. Thank you for sharing your story!!!

  3. Wow, what an inspirational story! I don't have a need to lose weight, but I sure have some great inspiration to maintain my current, healthy weight. Ed's gratitude toward life is evident and helped me remeber today what I have to be grateful for. Great video!

  4. Great video and story. That "goodie bag" you have should be enough to scare anyone into managing their weight. Good lord that is scary. Truly amazing you are literally half your old size!

  5. I've had gastric sleeve surgery but without weighloss after a year and a half. Here in the U.K. we just don't have 0 calorie foods available much.

  6. its not about calories its about health. All the foods mentioned here are garbage for your health. My god! stick to what comes from the earth and youll be fine

  7. Really sick and doing it that fast is impressive, but It would be sick to see that a bit slower… Youre crazy good.

  8. I live in St.Louis & everyone here is familiar with B&C. Β It's great to see this working for a "local" man. I'm in process for VSG and this has gone a long way to settling my jangled nerves.

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