Gastric ByPass surgery testimonial and review from Helene

Gastric ByPass surgery testimonial and review from Helene

welcome to laser clinics France limited
TV presentations a video testimonial review from Hellene who had a gastric
bypass in October 2015 helene had a gastric bypass in France on the
twenty-eighth of october 2015 Helen says I lost 93 pounds in nine months after my
gastric bypass in France I am so glad that i left it to Tullia to take control and
ensure i would get the gastric bypass I needed, my weight was a battle which I
lost many years ago after many failed diets when I saw myself in dreams I was never
heavy yeah but then when I awoke and saw myself in
a mirror I could not recognize who i had become I would not allow pictures to be taken
of me and ultimately I felt sad because there were very few pictures of me and
my son thinking of the future I felt that my son and I would perhaps miss
having pictures of us both together but worst of all I realized that my
future was going to become more and more limited if I didn’t make some lifestyle
changes now less than 10 months after my gastric
bypass surgery in france i can now fit into any outfits of the rack and I get
to shop at any store on the high street not only that i can now go on the roller
coasters with my son which I was not able to do before because i couldn’t
close the safety belt on them and I felt too self-conscious to go under many way
i can now eat what I like within reason and i even fancy trying fruits and
vegetables we also have many pictures of us together and I even really enjoy
taking selfies i am happy and confident now that you’ve seen the video hopefully
you’ve been able to see and appreciate what we’re offering you it’s not just a question of losing
weight but it’s also a question of lifestyle and maybe health issues let us
help you so please don’t hesitate to contact us contact details are at the
end of this video we work 24-7 so please don’t hesitate to contact us and give us
the opportunity of helping you thank you Laser Clinic France Ltd.

4 thoughts on “Gastric ByPass surgery testimonial and review from Helene

  1. Well done Helene. You look simply amazing after your gastric bypass surgery in France. I hope others can be inspired to follow your lead.

  2. How lovely to see the difference since having your Gastric Bypass at our Hospital in France. Not only in size & appearance, but In her happiness at the results of her Efforts, & difference in her lifestyle that She enjoys now with her son , joining In with activities together, which she Could not do before !! A success story In more ways than one !!!

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