Gastric Bypass Surgery – Pat’s Story

Gastric Bypass Surgery – Pat’s Story

[Music]>>[PAT] Life was existing. I just was sitting there waiting to die, I
really was. I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t walk. There I am there. Looked half dead, didn’t
I? I had COPD, I was on a sleep apnea machine,
I had high blood pressure, I was on five blood pressure medicines, I was on cholesterol medicine, I was having such a hard time breathing and
getting around that just walking 30 feet to the car, I’d be exhausted. Coming back in,
up the stairs I’d be exhausted. And my husband headed out the door one day and I was feeling
terrible, when I called him back to the table and I asked him, I took him by the hand and
I said that I want you to know dear, if you come home and I’m gone, I want you to know
that it’s been a hell of a trip and I wouldn’t change it for nothing. And he said ‘we’re
going to beat this. Don’t you worry about it, we’re going to beat this.’ This was a picture of me and my husband that
we just had taken this weekend at a wedding compared to this picture. I just can’t believe the difference. I walk
by the mirror and I see my reflection and I back up and I say ‘who is this lady.’ In reality, I have lost half of myself. I
lost 116 pounds and I was 250, I mean your bones do weigh something, right [laughs)]! [Lawnmower noise] I’m mowing two and a half acres of land.
It takes me about three hours. I used to sit in the chair for hours with
my cat and the car couldn’t sit with me in the chair. It used to have to sit on the
arm of the chair and put its head on my shoulder… My cat comes now and sits in my lap beside
me with her paws on my lap and I drive her crazy because I’m up and down. I can’t
sit still. I don’t have any cravings. It’s amazing.
I can eat dropped eggs, I can eat oatmeal, I can eat Cheerios, I don’t a lot and I’m
full and I’m satisfied. Now let me tell you, I’d have to stop ten
times before I got here if I still had the weight on. The doctors, the nurses, they were terrific.
I owe my life to them and Dr. Wolff. I can’t say that enough. I get up every morning and
my feet hit the floor, I say to myself thank you for having the courage to do this and
thank Dr. Wolff and the team for taking me on.

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  1. I am interested in when you had your surgery. It has been 12 years for me.
    Dr Wolffe is and angel sent from God. She saved my life,I would be died now if I had not had the surgery.

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