Gaining & Losing Weight & Men’s Clothing – Menswear Alterations & Adjustments – Style Fashion Advice

Gaining & Losing Weight & Men’s Clothing – Menswear Alterations & Adjustments – Style Fashion Advice

Gaining & Losing Weight & Men’s Clothing – Menswear
Alterations & Adjustments – Style Fashion Advice Hi, Iím Antonio Centeno. The founder of ìReal
Men, Real Styleî and today weíre going to be talking about weight fluctuation and how
to deal with it in menís clothing. All right, if you havenít make sure to subscribe our
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us feel good too. So all right, [Laughter] the question we received
is what do you do when your weight fluctuates? Say a man starts building his wardrobe when
heís 70 kilos and then he gains a ton of weight for some reason and ends up at around
90 kilos. Naturally his clothes wouldnít fit him anymore and therefore the investment
he made when he was 70ís is rendered null until he loses the weight. Same goes for someone
that starts off at about a 100 kilos and goes on a diet exercise and ends up at around 70ís. So whatís the correct protocol here? How
to deal with the weight fluctuation? Okay so we threw our kilos, just double it for
pounds. But basically what weíre seeing is a wide shift in weight loss and weight gain.
So we ñ I had a number probably once a week I get a phone call. Weíve had a gentleman,
letís say he was at 300 pounds. Heís down to 220 pound or weíve got another gentleman.
Heís you know when he was younger, football player he was at 220 now heís up to you know
closer to 300. So when you have things like this, this is
a huge weight fluctuation. If you do with this in percentage weíre talking about 25%
you know to 10%. Anytime youíve got 10 to 25% body you know shift one thatís dangerous.
So you know the best advice that even though you know it may not apply because you canít
control it is to keep your weight the same. Now I fluctuate between 5 pounds in summer
and winter. I live in Wisconsin. Itís hard to get outdoors when itís negative 30 outside
so I canít exercise this much. But overall I try to keep my weight pretty
stable because I understand that itís just healthy. But Iím sure you know this and question
is Antonio I understand this, what can I do about the clothing? Well thereís a reason
why custom clothiers are in business is because this is one of our best customers. Heís the
man who has gained so much weight that his clothing will not fit him. And this is ñ
thereís three reasons, there are three things you need to pay attention to when it comes
to clothing and how you can get it adjusted. One, is there a fabric in there? So if you
gain, every plate depends on your height but every usually 10 to 15 pounds, youíre going
to increase a size. So if you gain 30 pounds, youíre suit jacket probably were not two
sizes and when this happens youíre going to be very limited. Probably youíre going
to need a whole another suit because thereís not going to be enough fabric in the jacket
to open it up. In addition there is the issue with proportions. So you know if I were to open up the jacket.
Is it going to look proportionally right? And actually proportions happen a lot more
or the limitations of proportions whenever you get losing weight because technically
I mean a guy could lose a 100 pounds and I could take his jacket and make it fit him
but the pockets are going to be in the wrong place. It just not going to look right, the
lapels are going to be too large for his new body size. There is just going to be a number
of issues that proportionally that jacket is not going to look right and itís going
to be a better investment for him to buy a new jacket. The last thing is going to be the skill of
the tailor. So if you live in the middle of nowhere and you donít have access to a skilled
tailor or seamstress, you may have issues. On the other hand, if youíve got somebody
whoís got really great skills you know itíll may cost you a pretty penny but you can usually
get them to make some really good adjustments of the jacket. But then again there are limitations
with the clothing. Iíve heard of men who you know throughout
their lives they know theyíre going to gain 50 pounds, lose 50 pounds. They actually have
two sets of clothing and they just put one in the closet. You know again I think this
is really dangerous and if thereís any doctor out there, maybe they can send me an email.
And tell me you know a little bit ñ point me towards the research so I can send this
on my clients. But no seriously I know not everyone can control this. Iím dealing more
with the clothing aspect but there are limitations. Itís an expensive fix and you know the best
advice is to try to you know find that weight in which itís the closest to where youíre
going to hover around and make sure your clothing fits you for their. If youíre going to heir
on anything go with clothing thatís maybe a little bit bigger because itís always easier
to make clothing a bit smaller than it is to make it a bigger especially shirts. Obviously
thereís no fabric in there. You canít make a shirt any biggerÖ Öbut again if you got a big weight fluctuation.
This is a hard fix and something that could have been expensive for you. So Iíve laid
out a few options of having two sets of clothing, having access to a clothier. They can adjust
it but when it comes to things like shirts or trousers or items in which you know itís
going to be less fabric in there. Youíre going to find it that youíre going to have
two sets. Okay, hopefully that answered the question.
And if you enjoyed what you learned today, make sure to go to ìReal Men, Real Styleî
because Iíve got tons of other you know articles there in addition will give away a free 47
page e-book which I think youíll really enjoy. Take care. Ba bye.

8 thoughts on “Gaining & Losing Weight & Men’s Clothing – Menswear Alterations & Adjustments – Style Fashion Advice

  1. Love these Videos Antonio. My wife is pregnant and I've gained 20 pounds as a result. I work as an executive in the public sector and my clothing is important to me as its my reputation in thread.

  2. Hey Antonio, i have that same problem but i have the problem of the shirts fitting right in the body but being too short, and i wear an XL in all my shirts, I am 6 foot 4 and the arms are a bit baggy but the length is so short that when i tuck my shirts in they tend to come untucked when i bend over, I cant even bend over that far before i can feel the shirt being stretched and start coming untucked, how can i fix this problem? i also dont have the funds to even pay a seamstress or tailor.

  3. hey, in the past 2 years i have gone from 50% bodyfat 22%muscle at 150 kilos to 17% bodyfat and 40% muscle on 107 kilos. i have a problem with a bit of loose skin on my stomach. and it likes to stick out and show up through shirts. it makes me look unhealthy and fat whilst the rest of my body is fit, in shape and buff. (my ptofile picture is from a year ago) i don't have alot of money and i currently only have 4 shirts that i can wear and a section of my wardrobe is stuffed with way too huge clothing from my past. what kind of tips can you give me to diminish this nasty waist problem in the coming summer days?

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