Gaining & Losing Weight : How to Lose Weight on the Fat Flush Diet

Gaining & Losing Weight : How to Lose Weight on the Fat Flush Diet

How to lose weight on the fat flush diet?
Ann Louise Gittleman, had a great idea when she came up with this diet plan. Hi, I’m Jani
Roberts, I’m a Nationally Certified Personal Trainer, and also a graduate of the American
Academy of Nutrition. What Ann’s idea was here, was to really work with the liver. I
don’t know if you realize this, but your liver, it’s kind of like the garbage disposal in
your body, everything ends up getting flushed through there. It’s a pretty amazing organ,
it’s the only one that can actually regenerate itself completely. You’ve probably heard of
people getting liver transplants, and actually regenerating their own liver, after they’ve
had problems with toxins. We know when people consume too much alcohol, or other toxins
like that, eventually, because everything is flushed through that liver, it really will
destroy it. So it’s really important to have a real healthy liver. And by eliminating a
lot of the fatty foods in the diet, takes a lot of pressure off that liver, it doesn’t
have to work nearly as hard. So, lets talk about that, getting some of the fat out of
the diet. The most important thing that you can do, is, start making better choices, as
to what kind of fats you actually are eating. Remember, the good fats are called, essential
fatty acids. Whenever you hear that word in nutrition, it means that your body cannot
produce them on its own, you must get those essential fatty acids through food. So do
some research, learn about the foods that contain those good essential fats, and stay
away from the bad fats. And I know you’ll find a way, that you can lose that fat. Thank
you. This is Jani Roberts.

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