Gaining & Losing Weight : How to Lose Water Weight Caused by Birth Control

Gaining & Losing Weight : How to Lose Water Weight Caused by Birth Control

Have you ever wondered if you could lose the
water weight caused by birth control? Hi, my name is Jani Roberts, I’m a graduate of
the Academy of Nutrition and also a national certified personal trainer. Here’s some suggestions.
First of all take a deep breath. Do you really need to be using birth control? Are you aware
of the fact that by using condoms, the safety is exactly the same. When you use prescription
drugs, regardless of whether or not it’s something as common as birth control, it does have affects
on the body. Most women realize this, because as soon as they start to take birth control,
they gain that extra five to ten pounds. That right there doesn’t make us happy. So, in
what other ways is it affecting our body? You know in your digestive track, you have
good flora. This is the foundation of good health. It helps maintain a good immune system,
it helps you to digest your food properly, efficiently so that you can maintain a good
weight. Whenever we take any kind of medication in, whether it’s over the counter, prescription
or not, it has an effect on that good bacteria and it does destroy it. So, give some thought
to exactly whether or not you should be using that. If that is a proper choice for you,
it’s a personal decision and certainly only one you can make. But you do have options
around that. In regard to the water weight, try drinking more water. Anything you can
do to flush the system is going to help. The other thing you can do is use something that’s
like a natural diuretic. Remember, I said natural. Nothing over the counter. Watermelon’s
a natural diuretic, alfalfa is something that you could take organically by tablet. A natural
diuretic which really will help to reduce inflammation, any type of swelling, water
reduction. So those are some suggestions, I’m sure that you can have some reduction
and see some water loss caused by the birth control. Good luck, this is Jani Roberts,
thanks for joining.

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  1. Eat slowly and calmly. Put your fork or spoon down between each bite. Drink water frequently
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