Gaining and Losing Weight, Sex with a Stoma & Harry Potter | Q&A | Hannah Witton

Gaining and Losing Weight, Sex with a Stoma & Harry Potter | Q&A | Hannah Witton

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  1. I would definitely love a whole video dedicated to the first question, especially since it seems that this is a topic you really care about and have a lot to say on!

  2. height is relative okay 5ft, is never likely to be tall, though my last work place 5ft was close to the average, also remember blokes exaggerate height, I have met so many 6ft2 blokes who I'm taller than, I'm 6ft dead.

    As someone who has also had something life changing happen too them that is one of the reasons i've subscribed, in brain injury circles they quite often talk about version 1 and 2. And related to that the grieving cycle.

  3. Actually I think it's not the best idea of figuring out your sexual orientation by porn. There were studies that show most of hetero girls are can get aroused by female body and lesbian porn even though they aren't attracted to women at the first place

  4. Great video! I was wondering if have ever heard of a podcast called 'The Shrieking Shack'? It is a podcast hosted by two lapsed Harry Potter fans who are rereading all of the mainline books from the series. It is a fantastic podcast that I think you would enjoy!

  5. I've been away from Youtube for a bit and I've missed learning from Hannah, so glad to see your face again!

  6. Personally I found The Order of the Phoenix the hardest to read – it's a great story, but I found it dragged in places with too much filler. Personally I love The Goblet of Fire, but my favourite physical copy of a Potter book is the Hufflepuff edition of The Philosophers Stone that my sister bought me last year 😀

  7. To Bumblinliss: Having packed everything I owned into 2 sea bags and a duffle bag several times, I say go for it. One, you will loose a lot of dead weight, stuff you 'think' you need, but don't. And two, you will find opportunities you would never have in the old place. Add in the fact that if you are out going, you will find new friends, and voila, life is good. There will be challenges, but succeeding at challenges also gives rewards. I would advise not burning your bridges to your old life 😉 but whole hardily advise you take the plunge.

  8. Hannah I am a feminist, as well as someone who identifies as lesbian so I get a lot of abuse on both sides of that. Especially since I am in some way's, an insult to many feminist due to my holding more traditional female rolls or am seen as perpetuating old female stereotypes. My explanation of how I deal with the abuse will be kind of long winded, as I deal with it in two ways that are best told in a story and a prayer. But here is the story first.

    Anger and the Buddha:
    I heard this tale some years ago………
    The father of one of the buddhas monks was angry that his son spent all of his time with the buddha and not at home helping out with family business. One day the father decided to confront the buddha. As he approached the buddha he gave vent to his anger. The buddha made no response. Again the father shouted and raged at the buddha. Again the buddha made no response. Eventually the father calmed down enough to speak rather than shout. He asked the buddha why he did not respond. The buddha said,' If you had brought me a gift & I hadn't accepted it, where would the gift be?' The father of the monk replied, 'I would still have it.'

    I remind myself of this tale whenever I'm confronted by anger or other negative emotions.
    Now the second way I deal with it is with this prayer.

    God grant me the serenity
    to accept the things I cannot change;
    courage to change the things I can;
    and wisdom to know the difference.

    Living one day at a time;
    enjoying one moment at a time;
    accepting hardships as the pathway to peace;
    taking, as He did, this sinful world
    as it is, not as I would have it;
    trusting that He will make all things right
    if I surrender to His Will;
    that I may be reasonably happy in this life
    and supremely happy with Him
    forever in the next.

    There is a quote I also use that goes like this: What is man without the beasts? For if all the beast were gone, man would die of a great loneliness of the spirit. Sorry for the long windiness of my post, but that is how I deal with the abuse.

  9. That answer to the feminist question seemed to be a sidestep. It came across to me as a question about dealing with the inherently negative connotations the word 'feminist' now has attached to it.
    My answer would be: Use a different word. Many who hear or see the word 'feminist' now interpret it as being the same as 'misandrist'.
    Be a Equal Human Rights Activist or a… Human being with a moral compass. You don't need to advertise yourself as a 'feminist' in order to exhibit feminist values.
    Embody the qualities you hold dear, don't just speak them. That's how change is influenced & accepted by those who are initially opposed to the idea in the first place.

  10. your friends with Elle!! what. how i wonder, y'all from two different countries. I wonder how that happened.

  11. My boyfriend hates the fact that I identify as a feminist, but thats because the only feminists he's noticed are the ones that are hateful towards men. I'm sticking to my guns obviously, but all I can do is show him that not all feminists are like that. That we believe in equal rights for all genders. Its when we talk it through that he's okay with it, but he automatically flinches at the word which is tough.

  12. I’ve graduated already, but feel like a video about mental health and university would help so many people! I always worked ahead so that if I needed a break I wouldn’t fall behind.

    As a “taller” person I think it’s terrible that y’all feel left out of conversations. I will try and make it a point to pay more attention to my shorty friends. 💕 well done!

  13. that's weird cause when i had my ostomy, every doctor told me that i could eat almost anything except from raw nuts, cabbage and a few stuff that are hard to digest. I just had to be careful to re-introduce every category of food slowly right after the surgery and be careful with the ones that made my stomach hurt ^^ and whenever i ate vegtables or fruit, it was in reasonable amount and i had to eat carbs too
    So no real restriction, just "guide lines" on how to eat

  14. I could listen to you answer questions all day, I love hearing your ideas and perspective on different topics and also you have the worlds most soothing voice I love it

  15. Not sure if anyone has asked you this but, have you played the new HP game for mobile & if you have, do you like it? I've been playing it for a couple of weeks myself & love it!

  16. I am 22 but I'm still in university after taking a couple of years out of education for disability/medical reasons.

  17. I would love a whole video on balancing life and school! I'm entering grad school and would love some tips.

  18. the idea of learning a new skill during breaks sounds wonderful! I wish I knew that back at school.
    also find it hard to keep myself off social media during breaks but i suppose there's no fix for that other than exercising restraint and self-control 😛

  19. I think you shouldn't always have pointless arguments with stereotypical anti-feminist because it'll just make you feel frustrated and angry that you can't get your point across or they're not even listening to you, tbh I only express myself completely when I'm with people I trust and know they'll listen even if they disagree, and I trained my mind to relax a bit more and remember that I can't change everybody's mind, but if you're forced into having a discussion with that type of person I think the best thing to do is to corner them by having a strong argument and being educated then they'll feel frustrated or try with simple stuff that they can comprehend without being so aggressive about it.

  20. My mom has a new stoma and was worried about her quality of life after. I showed her some of your videos and how independent and positive you are and it made her feel so much better.

  21. One thing that I've also found that helps with the first question (balancing school/work and mental health) is that I'm a big to-do lists person. So I'll actually include self care things in my to-do lists. For example, if I have a list that includes 4 steps towards getting an assignment done, the 5th item in the to-do list will be to go outside for a walk. That way the self care is still included in the to-do list, so I get to check it off and still feel productive. It works for me sometimes so just thought I'd share! 🙂

  22. I'm not a feminist. That political platform entails way more than the oft quoted line dripping with sarcasm. You know, the one that snidely declares feminism to be the RADICAL notion of men and women being equal. If it were just that simple, I would have no problem subscribing to it. It demands open war on language and identity. I have no bunny ears, pocket watch, or school girl staker, so I am no prepared to go down that rabbit hole. Having said that, any kind of abuse can only be answered with confrontation and rage. Not even close to kidding. It is not an answer that sounds professional but it is correct.

  23. I just want to say you have an amazing personality and positive attitude that is contagious! It's also really nice to find other ostomates that look at their health situation in a positive light. I have decided against the j pouch surgery myself, and I'm still getting used to my changed body as well. I wish the best of luck to you 🙂

  24. Do like hannah . she's very open about her life but don't know how she will feel if your kids see this year's down the road .

  25. Babe i have a tit fetish ,but fully understand the judgement women feel about there bodies, men feel the same about length, time, and satisfaction!! Both sexes judge each other, xxoo

  26. Like ohhhh my goddddd, I have to talk with an upwards inflection, like everything's a statement you're supposed to answer, like I want to be condensing, coz I'm like, constantly asking if you understand what I mean. POXY MILLENNIAL WAY OF SPEAKING. Drives me mental.

  27. Oh and on your response to feminists who might feel like they receive abuse. If you have an idea that gets criticized, and your choice of response is to cower away to a "safe space" where everyone agrees with you, you're not being very equal to everyone's views, and so…. You'll end up being bitter and twisted against anyone who wants to give you a different point of view.

  28. Going to be honest only had my stoma surgery 9 days ago I think not being able to fart with my butt anymore is the hardest part T_T

  29. The weight one was very interesting when you mentioned about the dietician and BMI. Medical professionals stick to that more than I thought they would. I’m almost 18 weeks pregnant, and my midwife has made me feel quite ashamed about my body by continuously telling me my BMI is “raised” and she put me on aspirin without giving me any reason, I had to use google to find out why she would do that as she wouldn’t tell me. Everything seems to be about my “raised” BMI, and she handles it really badly. I understand my weight may affect the health of my baby boy, but I want information and also to be treated like a human being and not be ashamed of my body because it’s doing an amazing thing. I’m a zookeeper by profession, I have a very physically stressful job, I’m very fit and have lots of muscle so I’m sure that contributes to my weight, but in my job I’ve seen a lot of people give me funny looks when I could throw myself over an enclosure barrier at my chest height with no issues, probably because I’m not conventionally skinny or the body type you would expect to be able to do that. I’m working hard to love my body and it’s changing like crazy now, and I don’t quite look pregnant yet – I just look chubby, and having a midwife who is supposed to look after me making feel the way she is is not helpful at all.

  30. I love watching your videos! I had a stoma for about 7 months (it has since been reversed) it is so good to let people know that stomas are a thing because so many people had no idea what I was talking about! I appreciate this so much!

  31. I like how normies act like a year without sex is a long time when most incels have gone 20-25 years without it, but yet it isn't a real problem that anyone wants to acknowledge.

  32. Even though I’m not a feminist but an egalitarianist, I’ve had vitriol and abuse sent at me for being so and just for displaying my opinion. I’ve been singled out and told to shut up over showing how they got the wage gap statistic. The girls in question who found a comment I put up on Facebook talking about where we need feminism in the modern day and that it’s mostly needed in third world country’s and the Middle East, and so they started attacking me on a group chat that I’m in, promptly ruining my chances with any of the girls in my year or in my city at all. I do know people who side with me but they didn’t want to help out in case of what happened to me happening to them and so I didn’t have any back up or defence to help me. I was and still am alone due to it add to that a self conscious, dyslexic, skinny, shy, anxious 17 year old. My chances of anything happening isn’t in my favour.

  33. Grades affecting mental well-being? Seriously? If you are in college, and you think schoolwork is stressful, wait until you get out in the job market.

  34. my advice for evil feminists, when u are getting ready to do some attack on someone or group, just be aware of ur situation. if u know ur going somewhere, where a lot of smart males are probably going to be… might want to be prepared and do some background research to cover ur corners. now im a nice guy so I say this. and I DONT like comparing it to the military, because it makes them look bad. but u need to look at things how we do. with ur beliefs u are going to have confrontations. not if. its just a matter of time. everyone enjoys lol well most ppl some back and forth banter. keep it civil and it will never escalate. if u keep driving it up and up, well… ur on the losing side and ur just making the person dropping the hammer that much more upset in the mean while. humans dont try as hard when its not personal, so try to u know…not make it personal. I would also suggest ANY feminist learns what it ACTUALLY means and find REAL facts and ways to show ppl. know the more questionable it looks the less this works. talking shit with bullet points does not work to anyone around 100iq… just saying.

    so this is the battle u want to undertake? this is the best way u can be prepared for ur little war.

  35. What is with female youtube vloggers? They all have exactly the same mannerisms and intonation in their speech, and do that stupid retarded pointing with their fingers.

  36. you didnt have sex with other guy for a long time. I could see it, its on your face. Pity. Still trying to pretend be happy alone. How many years do you have, until you hit the wall?

  37. If I get a bad reaction because I'm a feminist, most of the time it's because people aren't educated on it. So I try to explain what being a feminist means to me and that everyone can benefit from it (not just women). If that doesn't result in a frutiful conversation, I usually just sort of give up and leave.

  38. I'm a guy….Wait! Don't shoot me! J/K. Feminism that is strictly about equality is great. However, I've run across "feminists" who, imho, are no better than male chauvinists. One gender isn't more "superior" than the other. If you're a female that acts like all men are pieces of shit, then how is that different than idiot males who treat women like shit. BTW, if I hold the door for you, it's not b/c you can't do it (unless you medically can't). It's because I hold the female gender in high regard. My wife is my partner, my equal, my strength, my pride, my joy, my sounding board, my support, and my rock (and probably too many to list). I open the door for her as if she's my queen…b/c she is! Sorry for being long winded. Love your vids!

  39. I had my ileostomy surgery 8 years ago when I was 15 and I remember it being really really hard to deal with emotionally the first few months while in high school but now I hardly think twice about it, it seems as normal as my hand or anything else!

  40. I have a friend in Malaysia who has a friend in the Netherlands. She stands 5'2", he is just under 6'6". Whenever he manages to visit, and does something really dumb (he's massively intelligent, but doesn't always think things through), she stands on a chair and reads him the riot act face to face. He finds this both amusing, touching, and worthy of contrition on his part. So… standing on a stool/chair not a bad idea….

  41. For the J pouch or IPAA, the most recent studies that it doesn't effect fecondity as much as we once thought. It affects it as much as other similar laparotomic or laparascopic procedures. Doesn't mean your ileostomy won't be or shouldn't be definitive, but there are possibilities out there that might continue to evolve.
    Also, to anyone confronting this situation, it's a bloody shock. But you will get used to it, I promise.
    I spent three months in a specialist unit for medical training, and have had several very young people realize their lives would be changed by their disease, and a couple of people in their mid teens to early 20s have terminal ileostomies. Maybe I just met extraordinary people, but those young uns did well in their recovery, and discovered their determination.

  42. people always say i dont seem like a short person because 'my personality is tall' or sumin. id also say i have a 'tall persons' physique which im not mad at

  43. people always say i dont seem like a short person because 'my personality is tall' or sumin. id also say i have a 'tall persons' physique which im not mad at

  44. I like the advice about a – level subjects – I do both art and fashion textiles and bc i manage my time well and enjoy them both it goes well! x

  45. Hannah, what are those crazy concepts of "going outside" and "talking to people"?
    Outside is dangerous, it's where all the bad people are.
    You can communicate with people without having to actually talk to them or be there in person.

    JK lol

  46. Have you found out how much weight you lost just by having your intestines and colon removed?
    My current and favourite diet is cheese, white bread and meat. So pizza is great.

    As a man and a feminist, anyone that tries to attack me for it will get a piece of my mind.

  47. Are jobs in the UK still actually 9 to 5? If so, I’m jealous, they’re 8 to 5 with unpaid lunch breaks now in the US. Dolly Parton didn’t see it coming.

  48. To the feminist question:
    My best advice is to explain to people what it actually means to be a feminist in a calm way. Be careful not to accidentally sound condescending or anything, but just calmly explain it. Say that you understand that there's a certain image problem associated with feminism, but regardless of what people might say, real feminism is about equality, not about hating men or wanting to take over. As far as I can tell, it's really what's the cause of most issues; A misconception of what it means to be a feminist.
    From there you can slowly go even further and have a good conversation with the person to explain more about the social injustices that exist.
    When I was quite young (like 12-13-ish) I used to think "Why do we need feminism? Surely there's good equality. I treat men and women equally and everybody around me seem to do so too". I wasn't an "Duh! Feminists are evil" 'idiot', but I still had a lot to learn. And what really pushes people away from learning, is if you make them feel attacked or stupid. What I needed, and what I got, was someone saying to me "Yes. You're right. You treat men and women equally, and many others do too, but!.." and explained all the issues that persist. From that moment on I've been a declared feminist.
    I honestly think that most people would be feminists if they were introduced to the concept and the issues in the right way. After all, inequality doesn't really make any sense, now does it? 😉

  49. When I get abuse for being a feminist I keep calm and level headed. I don't get angry, and I answer their questions calmly and honestly. Especially if the term 'angry feminist' has been used, I think it is very telling if they are getting angry and verbally abusive and I am the one who is being calm and level headed and logical. A screaming match will achieve nothing, but showing that my opinions are valid and well thought-out and that my mind is clear, even if you don't agree with me, is important.

  50. I have a j pouch and to be honest I wish I hadn’t even though at the time I really wanted rid of my
    Ileostomy bag , but now having a j pouch for four years , tmi but because I go to the toilet so often I ended up with a prolapse which I got fixed in April but every year I have to go in and get a haemorrhoidectomy which is not nice ! Also I am deficient in so many things vitamins b , d, ferritin, constant uti s , so if I had the choice Again I probably would just keep the bag. Xx

  51. I have had my external intestine for 5 weeks now. For the first few weeks I was losing 1Pound a day. The shite substitute is getting firmer now and my weight has leveled off. I hate the bloody thing. If they they can,t reverse this I will be looking at flights to Switzerland. I am in my 60s and life is not great with this disability.

  52. Am I the only one fascinated by her very English accent not sure why but I find it very appealing I could listen to her talk for hours.

  53. Hi Hannah I just enjoyed just listening to you chatting n answering the questions! I would just enjoy sitting and listening to you all day…thank you for your wonderful personality n since of humour

  54. I used to get burned out studying in uni, but found studying in coffee shops and taking regular breaks really helped. I hated studying in crowded libraries or on my own in my flat. I had loyalty cards for every coffee shop in Dublin where I studied uni

  55. “How do you get good grades and stay sane.”
    Answer – You don’t. I was basically a feral raccoon in sweat pants for most of my post grad. There was a week during exams where my main meal of the day was jolly ranchers.

    The trick is to lean into the skid and pray for the best!

  56. You are a confident and I* believe a brave young woman. Height is immaterial and it is the person you are that counts. I stand 6 ft in the old scale and that means nothing in a crowd. It has been fun following your journey. Cheers.

  57. I have the j pouch. I got pregnant very easily. My daughter is now 24. I’ve had the pouch since 1992. I was the first in my area to get pregnant with a j pouch.

  58. I would love to see a video about balancing mental health and school, because I'm in highschool (in the Netherlands) right now and I'm struggling…

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