Functions of Stomach in Digestive System – Human Digestive System – Biology Class 11

Functions of Stomach in Digestive System – Human Digestive System – Biology Class 11

Do Subscribe to Ekeeda Channel and Press bell icon to get updates about latest Engineering HSC and IIT-JEE Mains and Advanced videos. Hello students today we are studing chapter human nutrition in that we are studying topic function of Stomatch we all know that stomach is a place which is made up of muscular walls and that can store your food so our storing your food what are the other functions of stomach today we’ll be studying and looking to teeth. Stomatch this is the place been food from your buccal cavity then your Oesophagus cavity finally reaches inside stomach now stomach is basically a muscular bag or muscular voice whenever you eat food your stomach contracts or relax depending upon your food material that you want eaten or the quantity that they have eaten so we can say that stomach is nothing but a reservoir for food material keeping when I say there’s a way you can say a ban just to keep your food material stomach basically release enzymes gastric enzymes which are called as pepsin trypsin pepsinogen all such enzymes are released by stomach and this has ents helps to break down food apart from that stomach has a bag of HCL ended so in case of bacteria in weights inside your body this X here which is a greater ph or you can say a good quality ph helps to kill those bacteria inside stomach apart from that stomach release is an enzyme which is call effect signal chain now this pepsinogen will isolate will break down protein but it cannot act on it itself so pepsinogen is acted upon by Xen and now in the presence of HCl pepsinogen is converted into pet cell which is a workable form of an enzyme now this pets in action proteins which you eat and Bridgetown them into pro pierces or efectos that of the mucous layer of your summer helps in proper digestion or breakdown of the food that is the mechanical breakdown because we all know the physical breakdown is done inside your mouth the gastric glands secrete enzymes functions of summer now stomach basically acts as a reservoir for food material the mucosal layer of stomach basically has gastric clan the ashtag line basically secretes enzyme along with that gastric glands secrete certain other things status mucosal next cells of gastric glands secrete mucus and this reduces the acidity in the stomach remember that said at co-president stomach so just to reduce that acidity mucus si importance apart from that peptic of chief cells secrete an enzyme which is called as pepsinogen that will help to break down trophy pepsinogen or you can say HCL secrets pepsin and now this steps in plus proteins in the presence of HCL form spec tones or proteins and your HCl is secreted by parietal cells or oxytocin cells students in this part of the chapter we have studied about the function of stomach and how stomach helps to digest fill and various other functions I hope you are clear about this concept thank you

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