Functions of Small Intestine – Human Digestive System – Biology Class 11

Functions of Small Intestine – Human Digestive System – Biology Class 11

Now so let’s what are the fuction carried out by small intestine
again like stomach small intestine function also depends on the liquid we secreted in small intestine. now let’s see what are the liquid secreted in small intestine
the liquids which are secreted in small intestine is categorized into three categories first it is Cornell Pancreatic Juice second by Dile juice and tore intertiner juice just like gastric juice whenever one gastric come it is related to stomach and when it comes into Schuyler juice it is related to intestine so these are the three types of juice or liquid secret in small intestine now let’s see what are the functions of each juice now speaking about pancreatic juice pancreatic juice cannot get activated without by juice now advise you so will study Bibles foot now what is the speciality of bio juice from summer installment the medium required was a physics but for small design the medium which is required is alkaline in case of small into time the chemicals or the enzymes will get activated only when the video is alkaline so first of all before support pass into small into tan from thumb up the ethnic food more so particular it is called as athletic food but the acidic food from summer is passing too small into 10 before it’s passed it should have a medium of Alken so this all convenience is alkaline medium is created by by juice now question arises Venice by this form values are formed in labour added toll in gall bladder so there is a common gap through which to buy juice enter small intestine the name of the common house is common doctor form one Sammy some levers called as hepatic duct one coming from ball later called cystic duct they meet at a point and then form a common ducts which is entering small intestine or more specifically the duodenum of small under-strength so by choose create alkaline medium and this alkaline medium activated pancreatic juice enzyme intestinal juice and then in case of pancreatic juice the enzymes which are present are mostly a my they are also called as pancreatic alpha-amylase and I hope you know the function of a ballet student a – big dumb carbohydrate into small molecule it could be either bios of glucose so speaking of our function of pancreatic juice pancreatic juice consists of enzyme alpha amylase which break down tasks of the complex carbohydrate into glucose and multitude now later my toes also needs to be broken down so this maltose is also broken down by one of the enzymes present in pancreatic tools this enzyme is called a multi now this multis is both breaking my code into two molecules of glucose now apart from the student there are many other complex carbohydrate or we can say dissect right carbohydrates like sucrose is example of type X 9 now this type a client need to be broken down first of all bill group types occur through so closed form in which type of food it is formed in sugar cane juice so when you consume sugar cane juice the task or the carboy item it is present and sugar cane juice needs to be broken down into simple molecule and what are the name of the diaper kite prison in sugar cane juice it is sucrose so sucrose is broken down into glucose and fructose with the help of two courage that’s when you can see the name of the enzyme is on the basis of the substrate now the last guy bike ride which we have to carry need to be broken down is lactose now where is lactose form lactose is found in milk so when you consume with the carbohydrate part of the milk that is lactose need to be broken down into simple molecule that is glucose and galactose and it is booking down with the help of enzymes blackfish so this is all about digestion of carbohydrates now let’s see how protein digested in small intestine now the protein enzyme or protein ation enzyme appears in mostly in pancreatic juice and intestinal juice so let’s see what are the enzymes of presence in indochina juice and pancreatic juice which break down proteins the interest first of all we need to go which protein is broken down on the basis of this protein name we can also just be my MD and we can and finally almost all the proteins are broken down into amino acids like carbohydrate in case of carbohydrates ultimately the simpler molecule forms is glucose same way in case of protein the simple molecule forms is amino acids let us see how the protein and fats digest it in small in the sense with the help of pancreatic tools and with the help of intertidal Jules again I’m repeating this two concepts of mixture of some enzymes which are specific in their action one specific enzyme will break down one specific kind of protein now first of all trypsinogen just imagine is if I’m going to be bitten with elbow enzyme boils at your Heinie’s now this trypsin helps to break Tom croci the protein name is time mode trypsin chymotrypsin is broken down into and Sarika chymotrypsin whole gin it’s broken down into cry move steps in with the help of enzyme pepsin which was active rated by n0 kindness the sensation of them is inactive form of trypsin intestine of the active and run which went as convert cry chymotrypsin noggin endo chymotrypsin next is about peptide routine if some peptides proteins are live they are broken down into amino acid with the help of enzymes textaid age next we are going to study dietitian of fast now fact have a oily consistency now before we break down fat we need to emulsify fats now the question arises what is emulsification emulsification i will give you a very simple example to understand that take a glass of water put some oil drop in it what you see cut your views of oil group views scattered on the surface of the water the solution with this form is called as emulsified fat solution so when the facts are taken in or consumed for it needs to be emulsified o carryout emulsification of fat studies by Jules so biases come in action for the digestion so four paths are emulsified and after emulsifying the smaller factor Butte I acted upon by the enzyme now this enzyme breaks down those fats into fatty acid and glycerol the simple form of fat which can be absorbed by the life of small intestine now the enzymes which is breaking down emulsify fats into fatty acid and do it all is call it light Peas now the question arises is the fuck shit niggas fast then why it is call it blesses it is called as lipase because biologically faster corners little fish yogi completed the function of small intestine thank you very much students

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