Functions of Liver in Digestive System – Human Digestive System – Biology Class 11

Functions of Liver in Digestive System – Human Digestive System – Biology Class 11

Do Subscribe to Ekeeda Channel and Press bell icon to get updates about latest Engineering HSC and IIT-JEE Mains and Advanced videos. Hello students today we are stuyding chapter human nutrition in that we are setting topic function of Liver we all know that liver is the largest gland present inside human body along with synthesizing Bile juices it has many other function today we’ll be studying about that. the first primary role of liver is nothing but secretion of Bile juice and we all know that Bile juices basically help to emulsify fats when I say emulsify it means to break down fat molecules we all win a single tablespoon of fat is eaten it has nine calories for example your one tablespoon oil will have 9 calaries so fat molecules take greater time to break down due to the presence of either saturated bones or unsaturated bonds of fat depending upon the type of fat we are eating and when bile fat on fat molecules it helps to convert food in alkaline form and our body is alkaline secondly the other function of bile is the amination process that is the breakdown of proteins in a certain way to release ammonia along with that liver basically help to synthesize or you can say resynthesize fat soluble vitamins like vitamin A D E and K moreover Li the three vitamins like vitamin A D and K V synthesize by liver other surrogate almonds are fat soluble – in fact soluble already stores them doesn’t remove them even if it is not needed and can use it the next time wait I mean a is for your vision or eyesight but I mean D it is the same with I mean that you obtain from the Sun source and store it under your skin surfaces and your skin has a capacity to convert that potami day into different forms of aldosterone and can see Pharaoh now but I mean K is a vitamin that is responsible for your skin repair and all those things along with that your liver also does the function of taking care of prothrombin now this Protomen is nothing but all the clothing factors which are required for your blood clotting it doesn’t cut on your skin the first working factor that comes is fibrillar chain there is a cascade of clotting factors total – L thought in factors are responsible for that one God will happen on your body and Ruth Roman is one of them so your liver helps to take care or they synthesize this prop Roman functions of limo the major function of liver is to secrete by or by juice which helps to break down fat molecules and make the food alkaline along with that by basically does our liver basically helps to store your excess glucose which you obtain from fourth in the form of glycogen in your muscles and whenever you are starving or doesn’t not have enough glucose sources in your body this glycogen is converted back again into glucose to obtain energy by or you can say liver also helps to convert excess of amino acids we all know that amino acids joined together to form proteins into ammonia which is nh3 a base product or you can say base product of protein metabolism by the process of deamination the other functions of level include synthesis of becoming a DK which is fat soluble vitamin just to stole that Radames and resynthesize whenever we needed as a source is a function of liver along with that vitamin b12 which is one of the water soluble determines which our body never keeps it even if you are getting enough of it on between the body will remove and this is a way down which is responsible for intrinsic factors or it is related to sluggish behavior anemia all of them it also helps to synthesize prothrombin one of the clotting factors along with febrile najin and another cascade mechanism Protomen is important when you have a cut in your body just to happen that flawed prothrombin is medium and liver helps to D synthesize this prothrombin also helping him at the voiceless process when I say hematopoiesis it is nothing but synthesis of advices we all know that an RBC’s are going to die after 120 days that’s the lifespan of RBC’s hematopoiesis it’s a process that is required for the regeneration or making of RBC’s students along with secreting by juices liver dust various other functions thatis adek synthesis with unbeatable synthesis flow through main synthesis and phylogeny synthesis I hope you are clear with this concept of what are the functions of flavor thank you

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