Freeletics Bodyweight and Running: 14 Weeks Transformation

Freeletics Bodyweight and Running: 14 Weeks Transformation

I know what it is like to feel uncomfortable in your own skin. Last year I was fit and confident. Then I let other priorities take over. I am standing here wanting to make a change because right now this is not who I want to be. I am gonna put myself out there and I am gonna show you what I am not happy with and how insecure I am. My new job also motivated me to change Working at Freeletics I saw transformations every day And this inspired me to do my own Just become the person who I know I can be, who I have been before and another reason is somewhere right now I just want to become the person again who I actually am. So I set myself some goals Goal #1 Enjoy running Goal #2 Eat clean I am hoping to get rid of some bad habits definitely through Nutrition app I snack a lot.. Thats all I do all day I really hope I can stop doing that 4 weeks later These results motivated me To train with Freeletics Bodyweight Goal #3 Be fit and confident again 8 weeks later Before I knew it… I reached my goals #1 I am a clean eater #2 I love running #3 And I feel more confident than ever It just completely changed me and the way I live I was getting up early I was going out when it was cold When it was dark When it was raining I trained when I was tired I trained after long long day at work I just changed my priorities Insetad of making everything else priority, made me a priority And it was the best thing I could have done 14 weeks later Change will happen if you get up… And make it happen Why not today? Follow me in the Freeletics Bodyweight app

100 thoughts on “Freeletics Bodyweight and Running: 14 Weeks Transformation

  1. Danke danke danke danke!!!! Für deine Motivation! Du siehst toll aus und kannst absolut stolz auf dich sein 💪💪💪💪

  2. I Just reach 26% body fat with bodyweight im also a skinnyfat in 2 months i went from 35% body fat to 26% body fat so my goal is to reach 15% body fat in 6 months 🙂

  3. Ich bin vor einem Jahr von München weggezogen und bin grade so traurig, weil ich alle Orte Wiedersehe, die ich so geliebt habe

  4. Seems too unreal/: to get thin and lose a lot of weight with just Bodyweight and running for exercises , must have added some weights or gym sessions , especially for men. No way they can get muscular or six packs with just Bodyweight training.

  5. Wenn ich nur nicht so einen Schiss hätte, joggen zu gehen. Ich wurde meine ganze Schulzeit über gemobbt, und wohne in der selben Kleinstadt wie meine Mobber. Dann hätten sie ja wieder was zum lachen…

    Aber Respekt an dich, dass du es so durchgezogen hast! Dafür braucht man echt ein großes Durchhaltevermögen 🙂 <3

  6. Shes clearly have low self esteem. What if you put extra 20-30kg?! Would you suicide hahah? You were slim and well looking before!

  7. I don't care if the transformation is real or fake, all I know is watching you inspires me to get up and change my life. That is why I watch these videos, not to decide if it's real or not, but to inspire me to motivate me to be my best in everything. thank you!

  8. Es una puñetera estafa, yo pagué 25€ por tres meses de entrenamiento y no carga, funciona fatal, encima no me quieren devolver el dinero, no os la juguéis!!

  9. This is not a fake video. Trust me. Don't matter when she published. Look at her. Damn! Congratulation girl!

  10. please answer me if you know , i wonder if only running can lose my weight and do not rise my leg's muscle??? i am afraid of growing muscle on my leg :/ i want only lose my weight and thin my legs out

  11. Wow! This is what inspired me a few weeks ago… I started to run and I love it! And I already went to sucking in my stomach to having nothing to suck in, I also see that my inner leg fat is getting thicker! Running, eating healthy, and working out is the best feeling on this earth for me🌞

  12. Thank you!

    Do you have the different workout for FREELETICS?

    In our park, there are no any bars where I can hang over. So what I usually do is just do Jogging, Running, walking with Deep Intensity Interval Work Out. I do also Situps, Push ups, and other exercise I used to do when I was still in my High SChool Military Training.

  13. I don't get why people always say these are fake… Of course Freeletics is going to upload the person who lost lots of weight over someone who only lost a little, that's marketing 101. But it's more than likely not fake. There's a saying that basically goes most people will not achieve the results that they want because they don't follow the program to the letter. This person put in a LOT of hard work, probably did every single workout at her highest intensity, stuck to an amazing, clean diet, had an active lifestyle, and trained in other ways on her off days. That's much different from most people who will do the workouts half assed, like their way through their workouts (not do every rep, take super long breaks, etc), like to the machine to give them workouts that they can't and won't complete, probably don't eat a clean diet, and think that the activity for the day is over after the workout. That, again, is why most people won't get the results they want, and that is the reality with this program. Yes, it promises you to get the body you want, but only if you follow it to the letter and do everything spot on. That is why it's made, after all.

  14. Thank you so much for your video. I watched it and a light clicked on in my head. I thought wait, 'If I really do this in 3 months I can see a change?' That was 6 months ago. I went from size 14 to a 8-10. I'm 40 and in the best shape of my life. Thank you.😊 @bwrightart on instagram. I have a before and after pic. Thank you for being transparent and showing us we can do it to. God bless. 😊

  15. Hi Ellie. Congrats on your work out. You give me inspiration; )

    By the way, i realy like to know where do you live? Looks like it is very beautiful city?

  16. Sigh!!!cant run r do much cardio…hav knee condition ie chondro malacia patelle….cant even swin as also ssuffer from rotator cuff syndrom….n getting rid of weight just by dieting seems too difficult….uff wat to doo😭

  17. Do you pay for it?I mean I went to the website and when I was about to choose coach it said (pay 3,16€/month etc)

  18. I couldn’t find the answer to this but what do we do in intervals or pause or breaks in freelectics running apps, just stand or keep walking?

  19. I'm not sure if it is unusual for a 22 year old to think 10 or 15 years down the road. I know that is how I think: long term. So I watch what I eat but I don't restrict myself from anything. I will have a shot of bourbon in the evening. I have had a shot of bourbon with a piece of chocolate cake. But I always have a veggie smoothie a day. That's become a habit. I get on an elliptical for 30 minutes four times a week. Again, that is a habit. I don't take it easy either. I sweat. The other 3 days a week I do 20 minutes of upper body resistance stuff with elastic bands. I have been doing this weekly routine for a couple of years and it isn't so torturous that I see no reason why I will not be able to keep it up for years to come. It isn't about some short-term body transformation.

  20. Thank you for your video…it gives me motivation…☺

    One question for you please, I am slim but have muffin top and love handles 😀.
    Am I going to be slimer by running? Cause I don't want to lose weight, I am already thin, I just want to get rid of those parts…if not, how often? & how many hours?


  21. Das motiviert mich so sehr, vor allem dein 4 Wochen Ergebnis. Ich laufe jetzt regelmäßig seit einem Monat und habe in 4 Wochen Geburtstag, hoffentlich kann ich ein ähnlich tolles Ergebnis erzielen :)))

  22. you really did the best job . but i have one question did you do workout wight after you running until you finish 1 month or in same month you also do the weight workout ?

  23. I love seeing how happy they are it makes me smile 😄 from these videos, one day I'll be happy like them as well

  24. I’m skinny fat and it’s so hard to burn fat seriously! I’m on my first day on Freeletics and I hope to get those results.

  25. eu estou achando a galera bem de boa, pouca coisa pra mudar, e nenhum é realmente sedentário e todos jovens, o que ajuda muito no processo de mudança…
    Eu tenho 49anos, 180cm, 123kg… sera que rola?
    Moro sozinho, num lugar um pouco afastado, tive um problema sério de relacionamento e acabei me afastando de todos, então sou eu e eu mesmo.. nada de Irene

  26. wow this was super motivating- I just started running last week and watching this video really helped my mental support. I'm pretty much running for all the same reasons after taking a break from fitness

  27. Love your motivation with really actions !
    Love your strength & energies as well !
    Love U from Taiwan!🍀😍💖💪

  28. It's mis-guided that women can mash up their knees while jerking about when most of us are not built for running. I think it's a myth like testosterone+vegetarianism. Our hips are built like buckets~better at marching or raising the knees high . Slowly is even better for tightening butt and thighs. It induces a soothing swaying motion side to side, up&down or/and forward and backwards. Especially swinging magnetically with 3lb weights. Salsa induces rhythmic momentum 888888

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