Florida Man Runs to Bermuda in a Giant Bubble | WTFLORIDA

Florida Man Runs to Bermuda in a Giant Bubble | WTFLORIDA

-When I heard about the bubble,
I was just amazed. I just never heard
of anything like this. -Like a hamster inside a wheel, the world-class athlete planned
to walk on water more than 1,000 miles
from Miami to Bermuda. -No one person is going
to overcome the ocean. There was only going to be
a bad outcome. This is by far the most bizarre
case that I was involved with. -So, there’s no motors. He runs in that thing
and powers it from — -From here to Bermuda.
-From here to Bermuda. -With the Bermuda Triangle and all these vessels
disappearing over the years, they thought it was
a suicide mission. -I really didn’t know if he was
gonna come home alive or not. They were saying how it cost
taxpayer money, and “crazy Florida man.” I mean, we can’t help
what people think. ♪♪ [ Ding! ] ♪♪ ♪♪ -I tried to talk him out of it
for quite a while because, obviously,
it’s extremely dangerous. I really didn’t know if he was
gonna come home alive or not. -One of our sectors,
Sector Miami, got a call from a concerned boater
that there was a man in a bubble that was lost and was asking
for directions to Bermuda. It became really obvious really
fast that he wasn’t a sailor, didn’t know the ocean, was unequipped to do
what he was attempting to do. We wound up staying with him
in the bubble for at least a full day as we tried to hash through
what our authorities were. At that point, we let the
patrol boat depart the scene, and then a day or two later, a cold front knocked
the bubble on his side, so he set off
what’s called a spot device. He was in need of assistance,
and we went out and rescued him. Captain of the Port of Miami gave him basically
a cease-and-desist order, that, “you’re not to get
underway in your bubble. If you do, you will be
in violation of Coast Guard regulations.” And that seemed to stop him
for a while, until he was discovered
planning a voyage. He’d rebuilt the bubble, and no amount of reasoning
or common sense was going to change his mind. [ Sander whirring ] [ Metal clatters ] [ Tanks clatter ] [ Whirring ] -This is one of the first
prototypes, there. -First one.
-Yeah. [ Air pump whirring ] We are in North Palm Beach,
Florida, in the Intracoastal, and this is where Reza stored
the bubble for a year while we were trying
to get the Coast Guard, the situation
kind of sorted out, and decide on when
the weather was good for him to run to Bermuda again, and he had waited for so long
to go on his mission, so he had reached a point
where he was just frustrated, and he said to me,
“George, I want to go. It’s time for me to go.” ♪♪ -Reza’s been running
since he was about 7 years old. He grew up in Northern Iran
on a rice farm. He was required
at a very young age to run to school, run back. It was a very rough life there, and he struggled with following
the traditional law of Iran. So, on Ramadan,
he got caught eating, and he was publicly beaten. He had to leave. He was running from abuse. So he left, and then he came
to the United States after that, running across the country,
raising money for charities. -Reza Baluchi is spreading peace
by running cross-country. He’s running
in the name of peace, after being jailed
in his native country, Iran, for political
and religious violations. -He is driven by
a lot of different forces, and he has the capability
of doing these things — running across the country or, you know, running
into Bermuda on a hydropod. ♪♪ -It was actually sad watching
the bubble leave with Reza because I didn’t know, you know,
if I’m gonna see him again. I said, “Reza, what if there’s
a hurricane?” He says, “It doesn’t matter.
I want to go in the bubble. I’ll zip it up, and wherever the
hurricane takes me, I’ll go.” -It was difficult, you know,
letting go and just — I care about him,
and just, you know, pushing him out
into the ocean — “Good luck.
I hope you make it,” you know? It was crazy. -What we could see
with his Facebook posts, he was doing this
as part of a charity event, that he wanted schoolchildren
to be able to track him and make donations. -Alright, go! Keep it up!
Yeah! -He was putting himself at the whim of Mother Nature
and the ocean, and you’re just not
going to win. Temperatures inside the bubble
could get up to 120 degrees. Running in a bubble,
sleeping at night, he’s gonna wind up getting
pushed off towards England or in one of the eddies
that swirl around in the middle
of the Atlantic Ocean forever. You’ve got a better chance
of winning the Powerball lottery than you do
of starting in Florida and trying to run to Bermuda. We referred to it
as the “Hamster Wheel of Doom.” ♪♪ -Five days after Reza set sail, I don’t hear from him,
and I had no communication. I thought the bubble
and him were gone. I thought he was in the bottom
of the ocean and that’s it. -I was watching the line move up
on the GPS tracker, and then, all of a sudden,
I saw it turn to the right, and I knew something was up. -The final time,
we were called in by a concerned mariner. [ Boat horn honks ] The patrol boat
came up to the bubble. We tried to have
a conversation with him, tried to get him
to embark the boat. Based on the Captain
of the Port Order… …and his physical condition, we determined it was unsafe
for him to continue. So we removed him
from the bubble… and sank the bubble
as a hazard to navigation. ♪♪ -They just shot it down
into the ocean, and he had all his backpack,
supplies, GPS tracker — a lot of the things
that he had been working on. -That was like
over $120,000 of his life that he had put
into that bubble, and it all just got stolen
in 30 minutes in the middle of the ocean. -The Coast Guard response cost the taxpayers
approximately $144,000. The fact that he was
putting himself at risk, the people that were gonna have
to respond to his attempt just shows very poor judgement. -Him being from Iran and not knowing, really,
what he went through and, you know,
that he was imprisoned and he was tortured in jail, and him being that free-thinker
is what put him in jail, and, you know,
thank God Reza came to America. But here, he always thought, “Okay, I’m free to do
whatever I want,” and he never expected that they would not let him do
what he wants to do. This is the land of the free.
That’s why he came here. Running is just…Reza. Reza runs.
He is exactly like Forrest Gump. You know, people didn’t
understand Forrest Gump. People don’t understand Reza. But look at Forrest Gump. Everybody loved that movie, and I think Reza will get
to do his bubble dream. -I don’t think this is the last
that we’ve heard of Reza, but I hope this is the last
that we’ve heard of Reza trying to go somewhere
in a bubble on the water. ♪♪ ♪♪

100 thoughts on “Florida Man Runs to Bermuda in a Giant Bubble | WTFLORIDA

  1. What’s the big deal? Show people that they are responsible for their own wellbeing. If he dies out there then he dies. This is why we have so much stupidity in the world because they know they will get rescued.

  2. COPS: Hello 911 uhhh can we arrests this man traveling the ocean in a bubble?
    Uhhh no I'm not under the influence Larry😂😂

  3. 7:58 thats what i define as an asshole. because they have certain graduations they feel like they know everything beter. But the forget what it is to be a human. If reza wants to do that, then let him do that. The asshole is just jalous that he doesn't have such balls.

  4. Of course he is iranian. Of course. I can tell you his back story is fake too: no one gets publically beaten for eating during Ramadan, because tons of people eat during that time. Just another fake story to get to the West.

  5. It’s almost like life is actually hell and the governments job is to force you to stay alive.

    I guess that way you’ll be able to keep buying stuff and keep this machine going….

  6. so instead of letting the dude do wtf he wanted u want to waste 150k to save him that's stupid af if something happens is his fault not happy I had to pay for the coast guard to do that call me crazy 1 life isn't worth 150k worth of tax payer money

  7. This is the problem with authority and government. He's a free man and there is no law preventing him from doing so. If it kills him, whatever. He knows the risks. Try again buddy.

  8. He just figured out he's no better off here than Iran. "The streets in American are paved with gold". Yeah. Enjoy the home of the fee, and the land of the slave.

  9. Hold the fuck up… so he solo trying to walk to bermuda of his own free will and sound mind.. and the coast guard decided that he was not in his right mind? Who da fuq made the coast guard responsible for his life? They should have asked him to sign a waiver and allow him to move on instead you destroy his property. I know the coast guard had to cut him a check. That is why his attempt cost the coast guard so much money. Had you left well enough the fuck alone then tax payer would have only had to cut a check for 10k for the trouble of attempting to save someone that doesn't want to be saved. That's like someone is actively trying to kill themselves and you keep saving them when they did not ask to be saved.

  10. 1,000 miles is a long voyage. 100 maybe 200 miles would be a lot. I’d say he’d make it like 3/4th the way and that’s all she wrote.

  11. Authorities controlling people… one of the elements that creates so much pain and hatred in this world. 👍 from me. 🇬🇧

  12. Who the fuck does the coast guard (or any government agent) think they are to PRESUME their constitution applies to this guy, or anyone else??? What actual evidence are they relying on that PROVES a written instrument called the constitutions applies to this guy and creates obligations???

  13. so let's ban all sports, because they do put your life at risk. Let's ban driving; it's dangerous, and puts your life at risk. Let's all stay at home to be safe. Oh….people die in their homes every day, so homes aren't safe

  14. Am from Iran and this guy seems like a bitch cant handle Iran cultures and tradition then be like ever traitor and run to the United states. Also my ass they beat for eating during Ramadan half of Iran ians dont take that seriously and if he said they beat him then he's probably from one of thosed f uped villages in north that are cult behaving psychopaths. He could of just moved to any other city in Iran like Tabriz or Isfahan which is much more liberal then running to the states calming to be a political or religious refugee because half all Iranian thaf run to the States say that b***** but the government doesn't care about any of them and are only saying that to get a Visa and not deported. So as far as I care this whole idea is stupid dont know why this is in my feed and he lost the privilege to be called an Iraian the moment he got their!
    But again one man's opinion.

  15. Florida man gets halfway to the Bermuda and the coast guard are too late to save him. Then everyone still gets pissed off at the coast guard. I like the outcome that he is still alive better.

  16. Reza: okay, I researched Alien bases at Bermuda. I'll expose them.

    Coast Guard: Mr. Bubble pirate, you can not go to Bermuda. If you want to hold a festival outside of the triangle that is fine though.

  17. I get that they decided it was too dangerous but I mean come on dude fucking deflating the bubble into the ocean? I’d rather it just go to the shore and atleast let him get his god damn stuff. Coast guard just angry they the weakest beach🤭.

  18. This was a reckless suicide mission.

    It would have been a different story if he had a private boat follow and help guide him all the way. He wouldn’t have to worry about the Coast Guard’s interference and he wouldn’t have been at the mercy of nature. If he really wanted to inspire, raise money for charity, etc he would have taken proper measures to ensure that this was done as safely as possible.

  19. The coast guard could always just not rescue him. Have the dude sign a release saying that he understands the coast guard will not respond to any distress calls from his vessel and let him go about his business. People do stupid shit, as long as they aren't endangering others with their stupid shit, I say let them do it.

  20. Came here to watch inspiring story of a courageous man and instead we get to watch wierd negative man with glasses spend 144k USD of taxpayers money to ruin mans effort? He even got a name for the bubble? Wondering which one spent more time in his bubble. What a loser.

  21. ☝️☝️ Just a man attempting to walk 1000+ miles on the oceans surface, who was casually held captive and tortured against his will nbd

  22. Where is the world class athlete? I could see only the overweight taxpayer money wasting muslim who is clearly too old for this. Plus he is a liar, his equipment is no way worth $140 000…

  23. Florida man's body has been recovered after GPS tracker mounted on bubble. thia was a bad idea

  24. The American dream just got popped. If only he had changed the shape of his protective bubble. And maybe the mass. Then multiplied the risk many times to include lots of other people. He could call it a gun and walk around with it freely.

  25. "America is good, you can chase your dream" they shot his bubble with his stuff inside and now he has to pay a fine, this is America

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