Five Element Facial Features – DIY Home Healing – Chris Shelton Qigong

Five Element Facial Features – DIY Home Healing – Chris Shelton Qigong

Good morning, and welcome my name is
Chris Shelton coming to you from a chilly and brisk sunny San Jose
California to the heart of Silicon Valley with your DIY home healing for
health healing transformations and longevity. We’re talking about today is
something that’s really exciting and important to me which is referred to as
Chinese face reading. What is Chinese face reading? Well
Chinese face reading was developed thousands of years ago because Chinese
medical doctors at the time didn’t think it was appropriate to touch women to
diagnose or to assess so they had to come up with a way to diagnose without
touching them. What’s really cool about Chinese face reading is that it connects
back to one of my favorite subjects which is the five elements, and if you’ve
been paying attention to these videos as well as my book, . I really love the five
elements because it’s so practical and applicable to so many things besides our
bodies. What’s going on in our environment and everything else around
us is step one with the Chinese face reading When we look at Chinese face
reading , we could actually see by looking at the person’s face by their facial
shape what element typology is now in my book if you click on the link below in
my book, I do have a five element questionnaire quiz that will actually
help you understand what your personality typology is and what organ
governs you and the importance of this. It is that not only what organ governs.
you but what are your strengths and then how to tell when you’re not in your
power. That’s really cold so we could you but what are your strengths and then how to tell when you’re not in your
power so that’s really cold so we could use. Most often we are a predominant
one element type and generally speaking the question is is well Chris can my
primary element typology change? Yes it can if you have some life-changing
circumstance that forces you to change. This will change your primary element
typology ,or bring other organs or other elements back or closer to what your
element typology is. When we look at that will change your primary element
typology or bring other organs or other elements back or closer to what your
element typology is so when we look at the facial shapes you could tell if
somebody is an earth-type an earth-type means that their stomach and spleen the
pancreas governs them those people tend and who have a trapezoid face or a square
face and earth people are just our natural peacemakers. They tend to be very
grounded and when they’re out of balance so they tend to worry a lot . Maybe they
have overweight underweight conditions and they could be very stubborn they
don’t like to be pushed what typology if you look at a wood
person .They tend to have a rectangular shaped face or an inverted trapezoid
face and that people are natural born leaders you know they’re great military
leaders police officers civil servants and leaders of companies and then they
help to create things. Also so when we look at what type that means that
they’re delivered their gallbladder governs them and when the liver in
gallbladder is out of balance or when they’re out of their wood typology then
they will not be leaders. I think they may tend to suffer from addiction issues
they may tend to suffer from depression issues control issues D,on’t get me
wrong. All the typology could have controlled issues or whatever, but the
wood typology will tend when they’re out of balance to want to really control
everything around them okay so then when we look at the fire type now the fire
typology relates to your heart pericardium small intestine what is
known as a triple warmer or triple burner and the fire person when they’re
in balance then they they lead with their heart they’re about all about
love Then they tend to brighten up the room
so they’re very Cris Matic people people love to be around them because they
exude so much love ,but when fire people ,are out of balance then what it looks
like is is that they tend to suffer from manic episodes that can also lock in
lack boundaries andthey tend to have to worry about things to deal with their
heart like higher low blood pressures or issues with the valves now the but the
fire shaped face is either a heart shaped face or a up side triangle-shaped
face that normally represents the the fire typology now the metal typology
when we look at the metal type that represents somebody who’s governed by
their large intestine lungs colon and skin so the lungs are the predominant
Elle or the predominant organ that governs
them and the metal typology they tend to have like a diamond shaped face there
tend to be very stoic when they’re in balance you could normally tell the
metal type because they don’t really share their emotions because the lungs
here is the shielding or the guarding to protect them but they’re very they tend
to like the finer things like fine food and all those types of things. these are also good leaders, and they tend to be very meticulous and organized and and like things and a neat and tidy fashion, but
when they are in balance. When they’re out of balance though ,the metal type
will tend to maybe suffer also from depression sorrow, skin issues like
eczema dry skin or peeling skin what else will they have oh they won’t tend
to show their emotions too much so if they are sad and they repress it then
they will have this unproductive dry cough now when we look at the water
typology the water typology is represented by a circular face and the
water type represents the kidneys and the urinary bladder and water people are
really are considered the wise leaders they are they’re very smart very wise
and they tend to like things also in a certain order and when the kidneys are
out of balance or when this water typology is out of balance then they
tend to become recluse inert maybe fear will show up more for them they will
tend to have problems like with leaky bladder or a low back ache
excessive sex drive This is how you would tell if the water typology is out
of balance and mice in my second book that I’m writing right now we’re
discussing this in greater greater detail okay so would we just summarize
here when we look at the five elements on the face we could actually look at
the shape of the face and this will tell us so much about what a person’s primary
typology is which again as I said a few minutes ago it’s the deviation from your
typology that starts to indicate disease okay but on top of that what’s really
cool about Chinese face reading is is that different parts of the face
actually represent different internal organs of the body so for example
when you look at the water element well where does a water element show up on
the face well the water element which relates back to the kidneys it shows up
in your ears your puss rim your chin and under the eye area and you can normally
tell the overall longevity of a person by how big their ears are or how big
their place room is you could tell their overall will like the how much willpower
they have by how how strong that chin is and just a little a little tip
health-wise if you have a little line that bisects the earlobe here this is
normally an indicator of some type of issue with with the heart in particular
with the valves of the heart when we look at those features we could actually
tell by the strength of the ears how big the ears are how long the person’s life
will be except where they gave by our car is something along the person’s life
will be how well they fight off disease and their overall ability to help to
fight off stress and how they deal with stress okay also this area here this
this put it through for you women out there the plate from actually shows
fertility it goes for men and women but if a woman for example has a line
bisecting above the upper lip here a straight line that goes across it to be
very faint it could tend to mean that they may have fertility issues it may
have a hard time conceiving a baby okay so from there when we look at the metal
element well the metal element represents the upper cheeks represents
our nose and and when we look at the at the nose the nose represents our power
oh also our nostrils – you know you could actually tell about looking at the
size of endosteal just how giving or house dizzy somebody is and if you or
somebody you know has little itty-bitty little nostrils it tends to mean that
you’re very conservative with your money and energy and you don’t give it out
that easy so people little nostrils may not be
that giving us partners and and that’s okay so if you want to open up those
nostrils a little more start practicing giving a little bit more something like
for example the bump of the nose I just saw on Instagram a couple days ago the
scowl or the arch on our nose removed, and the thing about that is is that the
nose actually represents our power how much power how much stamina do we
have is this connects back into our lungs how well do we invest in money and
that works on the nose actually means that that person has a potential for a
lot of power now it would be interesting interesting to see kind of like what
might what happened with Michael Jackson as as he continued to go on along in his
career he kept on getting no surgeries and make it his no smaller and smaller
and smaller and and he slowly was losing his power now that could be coincidence
or it could be a direct reflection of the nose being reduced in size who knows
our nose will tell us how well a person invests how well their stamina is what
kind of power that they have actually the in and also you could tell by the
top of the nose here you can if that area their nose near the bridge of the
nose if that area is really skinny that tends to mean that the person has weak
neck as well okay so that’s the metal element the earth element as seen in the
lips the bridge of the nose itself we could actually tell if a person has a
line bisecting here if they have a potential for high or low blood sugar
the lips the upper lip area the lower cheeks is also represented by the earth
and stomach and spleen and the mouth itself a person that has a big big mouth
and full lips you know that normally represents that those people are very
giving they’re very passionate if there’s a lot of lines especially in the
lower lip that means that those people like to laugh a lot now if they have a
lot of lines above their lip lip or that lip is heavily marked then or what they
refer to as smoker lines that means that that person even if they’ve never smoked
in their entire life that means that that person actually is over nurturing
other people and not bringing enough back to themselves so this is pretty
cool to see if you see somebody who smiles and when they smile and their
gums show that tends to mean that they are a little bit selfish so if they’re
if they have a very gummy smile they’re probably pretty selfish so if you want
to not be so selfish and start being more aware of that and then start again
giving a little bit more now if you combine a big mouth a big full lips with
big nostrils you have somebody who’s really giving and that would be somebody
that would be really good let’s say on a campaign for charity to help to raise
money or or if you needed to get money for a charity you are on talk to those
people so our lips actually will tell us what what is going on as far as diseases
go like coloration around the mouth or also tell us potential diseases as well
and it also the the jowl area this area here is also considered connected to the
to the earth and what’s interesting is is that during famine times people that
actually had more weight on on themselves actually they consider this
area moneybags which would also relate back to the metal element too but this
money bags would actually represent to how well they’d be able to fight off at
a famine so if somebody was too thin and generally speaking and they would pass
on if famine came but if somebody had a little bit more meat on their bones and
have these gels and like we have in this pig year we’re talking about this pig
then what will happen is that it would mean or tend to mean that the
person may live to outlast the famine okay so okay so we covered the metal
element the earth element the water element okay so the wood element where
does a wood element show up the one element shows up in our jaw structure so
somebody who has a very strong jaw it also shows up in our brow bone and I I
browse and the eyes themselves also represent the temples represent the this
wood element and the wood element is connected back to the liver and the
gallbladder so we could tell for example how controlling somebody is by looking
at the strength of their brow bone and their eyebrows we could actually tell
how many friends a person has you know that that a person with short eyebrows
if you know somebody has very short eyebrows meaning that it doesn’t extend
from one end of the eye to the next that that normally means that that person is
pretty stubborn but also it means that person doesn’t really have that many
friends and and because he or she does not want to have to repay favors they
will not ask for favors and they won’t want to do something on the road
so the brow bone will tell us in the jaw structure would tell us how controlling
a person has potential for anger how much testosterone somebody has who are
the most changeable features on the person’s face is actually a person’s
mouth and their eyes so you could actually
change the feature suddenly you know for example if here somebody was with a very
small and squinted eyes that means that you’re very self-critical critical of
other people then if you want to change that and you recognize that then what do
you do relax a little bit give some people some grace give yourself some
graces and some love and guess what those eyes will start to open up more
you can normally tell diseases by looking at those areas like for example
discolored template area may be a sign that the person has addiction issues so
once again toxicity we’re leading back to that liver and the gallbladder all
right what’s the last one oh the fire element now the fire element shows up in
the tips and corners of everything so the tip of your nose the to the corners
of your eyes the tips of the eyebrows so if you have very fine thin eyebrows at
the very end if you have a point the very tip of the of the nose itself the
tips of the ears all represent are connected back to your heart and your
pericardium also the glistening of the eyes as well to also tells us the
condition of the heart and they say that the heart houses of the mind which
houses the Shen which is our spirit so the more clear and bright somebody’s
eyes are guess what the more intact that their spirit is and that normally
represents that the spirit has a place to reside and you know what’s
interesting is that I’m talking about these different features like the ears
for example the nose for example and how it relates back to like the ears connect
back to the water element the nose could expect to the metal element but the tip
of the nose actually connects back to the fire element and if you have a line
that bisects the nose here a very faint line that’s how we normally tell if
somebody is suffering from a broken heart or has a broken heart that hasn’t
fully mended if a person has a line that bisects through in between the nostrils
here that normally is an indicator of high or low blood pressure also valve
issues with the heart so they have to be careful of that especially if you’re
young and you know then as you age you’re really going to
have to look out for issues with the heart so be very careful we could tell
the ears are pointed like mr. Spock that the person will tend to have extreme
highs and lows meaning that their emotional state is like very manic so
those are emotions then the emotional state of that person will change
drastically so how do we use this well number one we use is first and foremost
to look at ourselves and to understand how these different features lines and
the shape of our face represents not only our primary typology but also what
organs governs us and what disease is and what past traumas that we have
inside of our body so what’s so important about this well this helps us
understand what Qigong practice is to do so for example if I know that I’m very
controlling and my wood element is out of balance I’m going to want to do the
liver move and this is found on our youtube series Qi Gong Chris Shelton and
Qi Gong and is we have both the 30 days of Qi Gong on there click on the link
below as well as the Qi Gong tip of the week which is only a few minutes long so
I if I know I have these anger issues controlling issues depression issues
then I’m going to go ahead and do the liver move if for example I know that on
a little bit manic or I have these alternating mood swings maybe I do have
a broken heart I do feel this thing of abandonment loneliness and lack of joy
then I’m gonna do the heart move okay working with the fire element and again
these movements are all on the YouTube page and also inside my book okay so if
I if if I’m suppressing my grief if I have an unproductive dry cough if I’m
not investing well if if I’m too stingy with my money and my energy that maybe I
need to loosen up a little bit so then I’m going to do the lung exercise
connecting back to the metal element to help to clear that out okay
so I’ve given a lot of information in a short period of time we actually have
the course that we’re developing online we’ve already recorded the course on
Chinese face reading we just have to go through and edit it and it’s very
fascinating so even if you’re not a practitioner of Oriental medicine or or
even a doctor or nurse what’s really great about the Chinese face readings
it’s really good to under help to understand personal and business
relationships okay so that’s the lung move bringing back the courage there for
somebody who worries a lot maybe we are over nurturing we’re not giving enough
back to ourselves so we see those fine little smoker lines above the lips we
had focus on the spleen and focus on loving ourselves more and giving back in
nurturing because you think about it your mouth is entryway for the food
which goes into our stomachs and nurtures us and nourishes us but it’s
not only the food it’s the words that we speak to ourselves and to others and the
words that we allow other people to speak to us so those words could either
be toxic like toxic food or they could be very nourishing all right so if you
have diabetes like I said that line across the in between the the eyebrows
at the bridge of the nose there then we can do this move as well to help to
benefit the spleen and the pancreas okay very simple to do and and then finally
last but not least then if you’re somebody that’s a whose water element is
out of out of sync and let’s say you’re tired all the time I mean there’s other
things that can actually cause tiredness it’s not just the kidneys themselves but
if you’re tired all the time have a weak sex drive tend to be timid or tend to
have lack of willpower that means that the kidneys are out of balance frequent
urination nocturnal emissions you know those types of conditions then
you could actually do the kidney move to help to to help to tonify those kidneys
or stringing those kidneys so I’ve just placed in my hand here on my right
kidney and if you don’t know where the kidneys are located the located opposite
the navel on the lower lumbar so the left kidney and what’s interesting is
that that left kidney is connected to the in aspect of our being which is the
foundation for the blood and all the fluids so that’s considered cooling in
nature and when I work with the right kidney then the right kidney is kidney
yang which is the heat or the motive force for transformation inside the body
and we need this heat in order to assimilate food in order to move blood
to the extremities etc okay so this has helped to work with fear and fright and
shock also okay so very simple to do and then you just come back and pull down
the heavens three times in order to recollect and ground yourself third time
and release wow I feel great so here you have it this is what’s so cool about
these practices is that in what I love about Chinese medicine and Chinese
philosophy is that everything is connected
so everything that we’re talking about here whether we’re talking about the
energetic properties of food which we’re going to be doing here in a couple of
weeks energetic properties of food if we’re talking about functions of the
organs if we’re talking about the changing seasons you know it doesn’t
matter what we’re talking about it’s all connected back everything is connected
back and today what we’re talking about just as a recap is we were talking about
how does the five elements show up on our face first thing we talked about was
facial shape second thing we talked about is where the different elements
actually even if you are let’s say an earth-type
we all possess the five elements on different features of the face and it’s
by looking at those features it helps us understand ourselves better and what’s
fun about taking the class that Chinese face reading is is that yes it’s fun to
be able to read other people’s face and kind of understand their personality
or kind of see what traumas that they’ve been through but really the Chinese face
reading is a mere back on yourself to look back at yourself because the face
does not lie and like I tell people if I see a certain line or feature on a
person’s face that means that that disease or that emotional trauma is
still stuck there so here we have it my name is Chris Shelton coming to you from
sunny San Jose California if you want more information or if you have any
questions about anything that I’m talking about here please subscribe to
this youtube channel and ask the questions and I love to hear what you
have to say I’d love to hear your comments I’d love to give you the
answers so until next time as our gardener comes back around I’m Chris
Shelton say la cheap

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  1. Thanks Chris. I am so grateful that you shared your perspective on Daoist Face Reading. I am fascinated by the subject but found it hard to assimilate the information from the book that I bought. So I was very happy today when I saw your video. You are great communicator and it is hard to find videos on Face Reading. I am a huge fan of your book and I recommend it to everybody. So I am thrilled that you are writing a new one. All the best to you

  2. So excited to hear that your 2nd book will be on Chinese face reading. what does having two lines above the nose bridge would mean (before the eyes brows )?

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