Fexaramine Tricks Mice Into Losing Weight

Fexaramine Tricks Mice Into Losing Weight

Man 1: One of the biggest challenges of our
time is that we are in the era of a weight gain. It’s a product of our modern lifestyle,
sedentary behavior, the availability of high-quality food for relatively cheap amounts. This is
a pervasive problem. We are interested in studying the science of food, how it comes
in to our body, how it’s digested, because that’s where the problem begins. And the problem
ends with that food in calories, going to our adipose or our fat tissue. Man 2: When you eat food, your body begins
a process of breaking down that food. And what we have done is discovered a process
of mimicking that without the food intake. Bile helps to dissolve the food and aid in
the digesting process. Bile also triggers a response in the body that alerts it that
you’ve just eaten a meal. We realized that we could develop a drug, and we could trigger
that process without any calories at all. So, it burns the fat from your fat tissue
to make room for new calories, but since there no new calories actually coming in, you begin
to lose weight. We work with obese diabetic mice. Because
the nature of the disease in the mouse is very similar to the way humans develop type
2 diabetes we are very hopeful that this drug, or an advanced modification of this drug,
will be very effective in treating diabetes and obesity in people. Man 3: So, when we give this drug by oral
treatment, body weight is reduced, energy expenditure goes up, fat amount decreases
and then the lipid accumulation in the liver was decreased. We are thinking that this drug
treatment might be a powerful therapy to cure super obesity or diabetic patients. Man 1: One of the biggest effects of lowering
weight is that as soon as that happens, you will also lower glucose. And so, this is not
only a weight loss drug, it’s a way to manage type 2 diabetes, which itself is a very difficult
disease to manage, in part because it’s so difficult to lose weight. Man 2: Apparently, people who are extremely
overweight really only have one choice of action, and that is gastric bypass plastic
surgery. What we think this drug can do is have all the benefits of the gastric bypass
but through a chemical means. Man 1: Perhaps one of the most important aspects
of this drug is it doesn’t rely get into the blood stream. It gets into the gut and then
goes out. We think these is an revolutionary process because this is now a drug that doesn’t
even get into the body yet winds up having a very profound effect on weight loss.

20 thoughts on “Fexaramine Tricks Mice Into Losing Weight

  1. Wow, I would be willing to try this. I have some major health problems that keep me from exercising. Let me know if they need volunteers or when it is available.

  2. Reminds me of a "Wish Sandwich" where you have two pieces of bread and WISH you had some meat. Hey if it works for #WeightLoss great news. #weightlosstips .

  3. VendorSupplier / Purchasable Chemical / PubChem SID
    ABI Chem / AC1NS0YI / 113905013
    Chembo / KB-69557 / 172917359
    ChemMol / 97901133 / 135698646
    Tractus / RT-012704 / 204372590

    Source: http://pubchem.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/compound/Fexaramine#section=Chemical-Vendors

  4. It will take at least 5 years for it to be available to a small portion of people. atleast 7 to be available for the public, and even then it'll probably only be available to obese as opposed to overweight people :/

  5. I would like to participate as a volunteer in the experiment… i'm from Brazil …. and i am overweight…. i would like a contact please

  6. Why would this be more effective than other kinds of dietary fiber at simulating bile production, and thereby the same metabolic pathways?

  7. Later in the future it could be inbuilt into the genetic codes of our bodies to counter produce this substances chemically in our guts whenever a certain amount of fat builds up, and then act as a metabolism (or what it now is called) to balance it all out automatically.

  8. never leaves the gut to me means this is a great thing. all of the money in the world thing as well. There are no clinical trials of fexaramine planned in humans. something really weird here.

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