Fasting Weight Loss Vlog 2019 Daily Weigh In [Day 101]

Fasting Weight Loss Vlog 2019 Daily Weigh In [Day 101]

hey everyone its Mieka fasting weight
loss today is day 101 of my weight loss journey and I’m continuing weight loss
vlogs 2019 daily this has been the biggest thing
that’s made me lose 57 pounds in a hundred days is make an accountability
video every day I highly highly recommend it to everyone and if you do
it I am cool with you putting your channel in the description because man
each person that subscribes and watches you is just like a support system for
you I’m all about positive support in any almost any kind of diet um I believe
almost every diet works of you working you have to keep going um I mix
intermittent fasting oh man one meal a day low-carb and keto meals I’m not
straight keto I am low carb and for my body it’s 50 to 100 carbs is what I want
to stay at as a lifestyle however yesterday as I told you guys I was
having a sugar cheat day which I don’t recommend a cheat day I recommend a
cheat meal only when you like put in a lot of work and need a reset or just one
a day um I think my no my parents started today um but it’s been couple of
it started today but the process started you know a few days ago I think that’s
what made me want to have the cheat maybe I don’t know um but I also wanted
to reset because I’ve been doing pretty bad I had gained weight right here and I
just needed to refocus so now I’m refocused on today 101 and I’m about to
get serious I and I’ve joined a challenge I’m a fasting challenge and
I’m not at the beginning of it like I skipped like 11 or 12 days but I’m gonna
do at least 80 days of fasting not water
fasting no I’m gonna do either intermittent fasting man and I have to
stick to this cuz you guys know I always say I’m gonna do stuff but I don’t stick
to it but I’ve stuck to my journey and I still lost 57 so whoa no I haven’t cuz I
getting back I gained back so it’s not 57 but I still think it is because um
these little fluctuations are my body holding onto things so and I don’t
recommend weigh in every day oh my gosh I’m just doing it cuz I’ve been doing it
once I get some maintenance I’m not weighing every day I’ll wait
once a week but I’ll still do these daily videos um and you gotta learn your
body like once you you’ve done I’ve been doing fasting on and off since July um I
really have learned my body I’ve been doing ketosis type diets for 27 years
um obviously I didn’t stick to it and that’s why I was 273 500 days ago um but
I know how ketosis works with my body so you gotta get to know your body ok so
every day I want to come to you with the quote I am going to talk about Medgar
Evers and I’m gonna leave it towards the end of the video um I know a lot of
people don’t want to hear all the extra but I feel like it’s important to learn
from history from people and appreciate what we have more um and then people
that are successful I think it’s important to learn and listen to what
they’re saying because if they’re giving you information it’s like they could be
your mentor even if they don’t know you right you listening to me every day I’m
like your mentor cuz you must find some kind of value so I want to try to give
more value so today we’re gonna talk about medgar evers because I went to
mega Everest College in Brooklyn New York I did not graduate from there I’ve
been to three colleges we might talk about that in another video
they were all in the Brooklyn New York so Medgar Evers quote I love my children
I love my wife with all my heart and I would die die gladly if that would make
a better life for them that means he wanted to sacrifice for his kids and his
wife to have a better life so that’s the lesson we’re gonna learn from that quote
is you have to sacrifice he sacrificed his life actually in stood against the
people the oppressors of that time in his city and state and the United States
so we need the sacrifice for our children and our families we need to be
healthy so this is all right oh my gosh the end of hundred pounds overweight
being 50 pounds overweight being on all these pills and medicines
like we must sacrifice the food we want to eat we must sacrifice our TV time we
must sacrifice just laying around and being lazy no that is not beneficial to
your kids that will learn your habits you only have a certain amount of time
dang I need to stop talking about him cuz I’m gonna leave that to the end I’m
gonna get to what I did yesterday well go back to megger Evers um I had a major
binge cheat day and I gained weight I’m very happy with how much I gained
because I thought it would be worse I thought it would be so much worse um
this is Micah’s fasting weight-loss journey
2019 and this is the way I’m choosing to do it which is not ideal for everyone
but it’s working for me and I’m still learning I would really love your input
on suggestions like um or not even suggestions what would you like to see
me do that’s what I want to see do you like seeing me do the longer pass would
you like to see me do and I do chunks cuz I don’t I have like I get bored so I
get bored and I need it to be like seven days I choose what I’m gonna do and try
to stick to that I can’t say I’m gonna just do
six hours of fast then for a month like that’s so hard for me I get bored and I
feel like I’m being tortured so based on watching my videos what would you like
to see that’s what I want to know but it would be seven days of doing something
so they I don’t even know what I’m gonna do cuz after a binge like that I have to
do something kind of stricter um I’m not saying what I ate because in yesterday’s
video I said the only way I’m gonna say what I ate is if I get 20 comments of
people saying they want to know I got 5 or less comments about seeing what I ate
so I’m not saying because I think it’s very very bad example to tell you what I
ate what I will tell you is and what’s a multiple restaurants work fast one
restaurant fast food I told you guys yesterday I only go out with friends
three times a week three times one time every three weeks well man I’m just a
social butterfly this week because I went out with three different people
this week and I appreciate it I appreciate being invited places
sometimes especially like when it was just convenient so I got it and ride it
out yesterday to dinner and it was so perfect timing cause it was my cheat day
but I did not like my food I didn’t like nothing on my food and I ordered the
sampler and I thought it had celery and I thought I was gonna get blue cheese
dressing it I was so mad at my celery and blue cheese didn’t come well it was
in the picture I didn’t even ask I just did not like the food but I like the
experience in the discussion of going out and whatever I’m gonna go out type
person I’m a travel type of person and I have a feeling and then I was invited by
somebody who body bills yesterday I was invited he was like just let me know
when you want to work out and do a video I was like dang that got me excited I’m
excited maybe maybe the universe is gonna send me like-minded people and the
person I went out to dinner with they were like they’re starting fasting and
eating right and working out I was like hmm
it was just it was a good day yesterday socially so maybe the
maybe I’m gonna be sent you know a better social life and that’s exciting
so let me see but I only want to be doing stuff that like I like to do and
it’s beneficial and you know I don’t want to just do stuff okay so I hate bad
so after I ate dinner I had sugar sugar then I went to get my favorite sundae
this is all I’m gonna tell you I had I think I ate it at 9:45 p.m. horrible you
don’t eat before bed um a sundae with extra caramel Heath toffee pecans cherry
and I wanted extra cherry but I didn’t ask for that and whipped cream that’s
what I ate and I waited I got home and sat on my couch so I can enjoy hot
caramel so that’s what I ended my day with um that’s bad though kind of it’s
not to me why not two days a month that’s not bad that’s what you’re gonna
see here sorry um but you’re also gonna see working out and you’re gonna see
someone that’s really trying to improve their overall everything okay so let’s
see exercise oh my gosh after the sundae and everything I fell
asleep I had to get up and do this 20 minutes of exercise because we’re doing
two habits for the whole month of January that we want to continue with
forever okay so mine is apple cider vinegar and
20 minutes of at-home exercise a day I did it
check her yesterday did you do it what are you two habits and did you do it
yesterday there will be a prize for the winner and
pretty much if you live in any country I’m pretty sure if I can get you a prize
I’m gonna get you the prize and I could get it to almost every country but there
might be a few I can’t but I will if I can
and I yeah okay so that’s it so my weight for today the only bad thing is I
went back to the 20s you guys I gained four pounds on a full day of cheatin
like what the heck I ate so much bad food
so much and I feel kind of okay I don’t know I don’t know you guys
and those cookies that my neighbor at work gave me oh those were so yummy
but the some of the like food is not as satisfying as it used to be I also had
those cookies that I used to eat every day but they didn’t put a good amount of
frosting and I only got two cookies when I used to eat four or five for breakfast
okay so that’s some of the stuff I ate I’m not saying any more I’m four pounds
that’s not too bad on a full day of cheating because I could just fast a day
which I’m probably not doing a full no food fast but I’m definitely either in a
minute fast in oh man one meal a day or only one of those two today so let me
make sure this is recording my phone just turned off during the last
recording of this and this video is so late I know okay it’s still recording I’m at 12
minutes a little over so I’m gonna go back to
Medgar Evers so I went to that college man I went to three colleges that was my
second college I believe because I wanted to be a nurse so megger Evers in
New York New York City has a good nursing program it’s also like a black
college but it’s a community college and New York City has like seven I think
well when I lived there 12 years ago it had seven community colleges or in that
area I really enjoyed that college but I was there shortly
um I’m gonna read this quote again no I’m gonna tell you about megger Evers
okay he was a civil rights activist he was born in 1925 um and he served in
World War two he gret he left the military in he used his GI Bill for
college and he majored in business and administration and he met his wife there
they dated for one year and they got married had three children he organized
voter registration efforts he fought for crimes against he investigated crimes
against black people in his time it was very easy to for them to be convicted
there was a lot of lynching just even if like someone just spoke like if a black
man just spoke to a white woman lynched he also organized I cannot make boycotts
because that really hurts when you hurt people in the pocket um I’m glad that he
fought I’m glad for all the civil rights activists because if it wasn’t for them
I would not be born because I have a white mother and a black father so I’m
very very thankful and I need to be more thankful and appreciative and use my
life in a better way because I’m here you know due to these type of people
like I really respect these people um he was assassinated in 1963 outside of his
home in Mississippi um they know who did it but he had an all-white jury twice
and there was a hung jury twice in 1994 or 97 or 95 I can’t remember in the 90s
the man was finally convicted in 2017 President Barack Obama made megger Evers
home in Mississippi black historical landmark so you can actually go visit
his home I think it would be really fun and educational for me to take my
children to different national like national landmarks and to teach them I
wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for people like this that stood up and sacrificed
megger ever said as I said at the beginning I love my children and I love
my wife with all my heart and I would die die gladly if that would make a
better life for them so we’re gonna relate this to sacrificing for your
family um or sacrificing for the family you’re
gonna have or sacrificing for your friends everybody has somebody
especially if you have someone in your life that’s overweight like you losing
weight you get unhealthy it is gonna rub off on people they’re gonna be like huh
she did it and especially like if someone’s watching my my blogs every day
um you know this is really hard for me like I love to live and I’m still that
same person that ate 273 pounds worth of food every day like that’s a lot of food
to UM maintain that weight my maintenance at 273 is like from my
activity level is in the 2500 plus area so you have to eat a lot of food to
maintain that way um if you have kids like you’re setting but you’re setting
the habits for their life like if you’re buying them like me my son told me the
other day he didn’t even want to have talked about but I got my kids talk
about the other day like they have to eat what you make um and if you’re doing
keto or low carb you don’t have to make two different meals for your kids no
make if you’re making I don’t know if you’re making them rice and chicken
right make them cauliflower rice and if you don’t want like if they don’t want
to eat it you get sneaky make half rice and half cauliflower mix it up I promise
you they’re not gonna know or season an extra-good like go on youtube and you’re
gonna find 10 gazillion million recipes and your kids and your husband or your
wife they will like it I promise you and if they don’t they’ll learn to like it
my mother always says if you’re not hungry you don’t eat and I am okay with
that either you eat it or you don’t you don’t have to eat every day you don’t
have to eat three times a day like you don’t have to you’re gonna be fine even
a kid and I’m not saying starve your kid oh my gosh do not tell me any comments
about starving your kids I do not agree with starving your kids yeah if your kid
really really won’t eat it which like give variety like put different things
keep trying don’t just go buy them chicken
while you’re having a salad with the baked chicken or a baked fish no you
have to start to have it’s now and I’m talking to you when I’m talking to me
too because I am guilty and it’s bad okay I want these kids man my time is
running out my kids are 11 12 14 and my 19 year old is here probably for another
year or two cuz he’s in college locally I have to really get these healthy
habits to them oh my gosh I’m so far over so appreciate these people that
fought for us if you’re not of color that’s okay because appreciate that
you’re in a country where you have the freedom to go join the gym you have the
freedom to wake up and not think a bomb is gonna go on your house like we are so
lucky feel so thankful that you don’t have to walk 10 miles to get some fresh
water when you go water fast with the water at home or at the store like we
have to be thankful for what we have we have to sacrifice because some other
people they don’t have a choice you know they have to live a really hard life and
we anyone watching this man we are very very fortunate in all kinds of ways so
every day we gotta try harder we got to think about others and we got to think
about people that fought hard and even the people that are on weight loss
journeys man go support some channels go watch some channels of people that are
trying to reach goals because it is so well you’re watching mine and I
appreciate it it is so helpful you’re changing people’s lives by watching them
so man I talked a long time I know some people watch all of this I’m gonna try
to keep the extra chitchat at the end yeah I already seminar weight and that’s
it I’m gonna go drink my apple cider vinegar now I gotta get that done in the
morning and I’m gonna try really hard to make good choices because I’m gonna
sacrifice like I want to be thankful and appreciate every day thank you so much
for watching and do your best today right

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  1. I would like to take the part out where I said I was a mentor lol. I do plan to be a mentor eventually. This comment is for all my edits haha…..I meant put your channel in today's comments lol. Not my description. If I knew how to edit I would have a butterfly fly across my head in my video when I said social butterfly haha. My mother said If you don't want it don't eat. When you are hungry enough you will eat. I am cool with that. I made zucchini this morning. My 11 yr old didn't want it. He had to have 1 bite then he also got the eggs and smoothie. He didn't want it before he even tried it! I don't force my 19 yr old to eat eggs. I just didn't make him breakfast since that is what the others had.

  2. You got this, everytime you fall you have gotten up, your a trooper๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ

  3. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ Great Amazing video I loved everything you had to say. The 4 lbs is mostly water and if it was putting fat which it's not you will have it off in no time.๐Ÿ˜˜

  4. Haaaa! I thought for sure you were Puerto Rican, but now I realize itโ€™s that Nuyorican accent we pick up there. Thanks for video and sharing, sis. My two habits are same as you with 20minutes home exercise 5 times a week. The other is creating and promoting my music and art everyday.

  5. Glad you found my channel! Great content definitely going to check out the rest of your videos so I can learn more about this thanks!

  6. I agree with Ebony Star's comment about your weight loss totally being noticeable…Absolutely!! I esp find it noticeable in your shoulders, Mieka!! I am just finally noticing my own shoulders changing (down 39lbs now). My Mumma always told me that I had the shoulders of a quarterback lol! One thing that I def consider a NON-scale victory & can't wait for is when my arms will hang down straight instead of that super rounded shoulder look that I have had for several years now. I hope that makes sense lol! I love the story of Medgar Evers & that Obama has made his home a historical site. I know it isn't the exact same but I have extremely close family friends of 30+ yrs that sacrificed themselves & everything they knew by leaving their extended family & jobs in S.Africa to come to Canada in 1978. All for their 3 children to get them away from the apartheid that was happening back then. It was to give them a mich BETTER life bc they were considered "coloureds" on their passport, etc… So offensive. But bringing them here presumably exposed them to other unhealthy factors and it is sooo sad to say that 1 child (my best friend of 27yrs) died of a heart attack 3 yrs ago. Leaving everyone shocked beyond belief. He certainly seemed super healthy and played sports, etc… but literally had a massive heart attack from a blocked artery that killed him unexpectedly. Presuming, it had to be all the processed, fast food crap that he consumed as a single guy that was involuntarily a work-aholic! So just to point out that he was prob only about 160lbs & what we all thought was a pillar of strength/health. Yet, STILL had a massive heart attack! So we not only need to fast & stick with Keto for weight yes, but more importantly, for our overall health! Wow, sorry for that novel…made myself emotional of course but that is exactly where your story took my A.D.D brain.๐Ÿ˜‰ As for my 2 changes…I am still fasting(which btw my mouth was watering as you spoke about the hot CARAMEL๐Ÿ˜ฅlol), still keeping the house tidy daily & walking the dog more. Today I have felt a little more weak on day 6 than the last time I fasted this long. But hopefully it passes. You asked about what we think you should do and I think if you continue to throw in your DRY fasts even say the first or last 2 days of the week & do OMAD for the other 5 days, that you'll do amazing. You said that DRY is better than water fasting for you & that's so great bc every 1 day of dry=3 days of water fasting & you always drop great on the scale when you do your dry fasts. But of course, do what works BEST for your body Mieka! Have a great night & we'll see ya tomorrow! Oh, oh, oh…wait (*eye roll*, I know lol) I also just wanted to say that thru the Law of Attraction and of course God willing, I too, do believe that YOU are putting sooo much good out into this world/universe that you truly are being sent these ppl that are like minded to aid you in continuing your journey! I love that!!๐Ÿ‹๐Ÿฝโ€โ™€๏ธโ™ฅ๏ธ๐ŸŒŽ๐Ÿ˜

  7. Okay, I'm setting my two new habits right now. I am committing 2019 to (1) taking a walk outside or on the treadmill for no less than 15 minutes a day and (2) work on cleaning a small cluttered space anywhere in the house for 15 minutes a day. (Baby steps! ๐Ÿ˜‰)

  8. Great video! Congratulations on your weightloss this far! I just subscribed so I missed the beginning of the 2 habits a day but I'll start tomorrow. I have to ponder on what 2 habits I want to do consistently.

  9. Good video stay focused. I had a small refeed day keto and back on dry fasting on Monday. Didnโ€™t work out either so my two things are still being implemented. Goal is to make it to gym 4 days a week. And i did

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