Fasting Diet For Weight Loss | OMAD Meal Pictures | Group Fast Day 2 | Weight Loss Motivation 2020

Fasting Diet For Weight Loss | OMAD Meal Pictures | Group Fast Day 2 | Weight Loss Motivation 2020

hi it’s Mieka fasting weight loss and
today is our day one accountability for our five day group fast I appreciate
everybody that is fasting with me for these five days we all chose from three
different options either omad one meal a day 20 hour 20 hour fast with the
4-hour eating window or a snake diet water fasting okay
so first I’m gonna read off everybody that completed their day one and checked
in with me fig goddess 11:11
she completed our OMAD Iowa mama did her Warrior Diet that’s 20 hours fasting
mieka fasting weight loss Molly cash Morgan Monroe tab a baby D we
all completed our omad one meal a day OMAD Caroline and Patricia Ramirez
completed their dirty fast and ana completed her water fast
and Tasha a and Nikki speaks did not complete their 20 hour fast but they did
check in and they are going to rock the last four days of our group challenge
okay if I did not call your name I didn’t I get a check-in so please put in
this video day one and how you did so I could give you some kind of mark for day
one and in this same video this is the same video you check-in for day two
because when I wake up in the morning I’m gonna see who commented on this
video and put day two and how you did so you could get another pretty colored box
okay and we have added Karen the fasting Duchess nurse Jade
Jojo Mick Cummins jersey and guernsey and soap soap is a my fault I don’t know
what you wanted to do because the three choices was 24 a 20-hour fast 23 hour
fast or a full fast so let me know if you want to do it still so I can fill
that in for you okay so yesterday I ate a big huge omad
meal I’m gonna show it I’m gonna show it all even though it might not be what
everyone wants to see so if food is a trigger for you you’re gonna want to
stop the video I’m also gonna show you um I’m gonna talk about the exercise I
did I did go to the YMCA yesterday and got a pretty good amount of exercising
um and that is it for today I’m feeling good snake diet snake juice dirty fast
and from me today and I have a full day of work doing Lux hair and I have some
amazing people coming today I’m excited to go to work today
I had some great morning with a great friend this morning that got me feeling
good and happy and I watched a lot of good videos today of Discipline hardcore
people and I’m feeling extremely motivated at the moment I need to keep
that in focus I get to eat tomorrow no worrying about
food today I like that and let me know how you did day one and two and if
you’re not in our group challenge you’re still with us in the fasting community
please share about your story everyone likes to hear okay here’s my omad
meal it’s ground beef broccoli and cheese lots and lots of cabbage like
coleslaw sunflower seeds those crispy noodles blue cheese dressing and cottage
cheese with pepper on it and I had salsa and this was a big yummy satisfying meal
then I had white chocolate sugar free pudding and I used half and a half as
the base and I also made white chocolate almond protein
powder treats I had four of them and they’re kind of little and thin and they
were really good my meal was extremely satisfying to me and I’m going to try
really hard to have meals like this and then I also went to the gym and I did um
let’s see if I could actually see it yes I did the track for 20 minutes the
elliptical for 65 minutes then the track for 20 minutes then I did 20 85 pound
kick back for glutes and that was it for my exercise yesterday thank you for
watching don’t forget to check in please like please comment and please subscribe

55 thoughts on “Fasting Diet For Weight Loss | OMAD Meal Pictures | Group Fast Day 2 | Weight Loss Motivation 2020

  1. How did everyone do? I am excited for today. I would love to figure out how to always feel so happy about the day.

  2. Awesome video of the OMAD fasting diet for weight loss. Day 2. Watched fully with ads. Nice weight loss motivation video

  3. I'm proud of you guys! 😊 I love it when you have these group challenges. I'm on day 25 of my water fast so I'm rooting for lal of you guys 😁🙂

  4. Hi, vielen Dank für das tolle Video 👌👍🔔wünsche dir einen schönen
    Sonntag Abend, wir bleiben in Kontakt. Liebe Grüße Siggi & Marianne

  5. Day 1: I did Omad. I decided to get back on my schedule of eating Wednesday and Saturday. So today I am water fasting 🙂

  6. I often do the OMAD. Some people think it's hard to eat one meal a day but if you do it along with water, that helps. Keep up the exercises, God bless!

  7. This is sooooo fun. I am using a fasting app to help me along with your support of the fast. Doing a 32-40 hr dry/ water fast.

  8. Hey Mieka! I like be seeing that spark of motivated in you. It gets me pumped!

    I just finished my OMAD meal. So I completed today. Yay!

  9. Day 1 I wanted to get in on this. I've been going through so much, I'm just getting caught up on my videos! Congratulations to everyone for staying accountable!!

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