FASTER THAN_ my mind //Maria Martin for adidas running

Hi, my name is María Martín and I’ve been running
for the past 4 years. At the age of 24 I was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder. Only people who suffer from it can understand how
hard it can be to do something simple
like leaving your house My doctor advised me to
meditate and exercise And that’s what I did… I put on the headphones left the house and started running. At the end of 2015 a friend of mine challenged me to run the
Berlin Half Marathon. I will always remember that feeling walking up to the starting point I was just… I was so nervous. When there were only 2 kilometres left to finish the race, I started running
faster than ever. I crossed the finish line with tears all over my face. That race meant to me the win of my first battle. Since then, I run the same race every year to remember that anything can be fought with
courage and dedication. Thanks to running I’ve learned how to better understand my body, how to breathe through the pain and how to focus on goals that before I thought were impossible. Faster in sports means to me beating my best time, sticking to a long
term training plan or finishing a race,
and turning on my laptop immediately afterwards to sign up for the next one. These races are like goals to me. And finishing them remind me that I am still alive. Sports have played a
big role in my life. They helped me with
reconnect to myself with the person I
really want to be because we tend to forget how important our
inner-peace is. That’s why I started sharing my journey on Instagram. Because if through
all these posts I can help just 1 person to be faster than
their own problems, faster than their mind for me it would be already the biggest win I could desire.

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