Fasted Cardio, a simple way to burn more fat with less effort and in less time right? Sounds too good to be true Well We’ll just have to see about that won’t we? First of all let’s examine the word fast in case you didn’t know to fast means to not eat for a period of time for most people the only time they’re fasting is when they’re sleeping while others prefer methods like Intermittent fasting which is simply to extend the fasting window by several hours this means that they have a smaller window of time to consume other calories for the day However, whatever the case may be for you the first meal after a fast is still called breakfast get it Break fast that’s how it’s spelt so whenever I refer to breakfast that doesn’t necessarily Mean the meal you have early in the morning It’s just the first meal of the day that breaks your fast But before we get started guys be sure to click that notification button So you never miss a new video upload and if you enjoy fun video topics like this About giving this video a big thumbs up now There’s this theory that seems to go in and out of the spotlight in the fitness industry That cardio on an Empty stomach or fasted Cardio Produces more fat burning results This leads to loads of people literally rolling out of bed and going straight for a cardio session first thing in the morning But these people aren’t cranking out that six-minute mile guys typically, we’re talking about Low intensity Cardio for a long period of time because that’s likely the only thing you’ll be able to do without eating anything For most people high-intensity interval training for example is out of the question that early in the morning or just after waking up while fasting Because you just won’t have the energy to do it and you might even feel extremely dizzy during or after So the main question here is are these early bird runners wasting their time or boosting their fat burning potential well the actual theory behind fasted Cardio is sound and it comes down to this a prolonged absence of food brings about a reduction in circulating blood sugar Causing glycogen or stored carbohydrates level to fall that leaves your body no choice But to rely more on fat rather than glucose to fuel workouts, especially those that last 45 to 60 minutes Also the low insulin levels associated with fasting are conducive to fat breakdown Increasing the availability of fatty acids to be used as energy during the exercise session So in simple terms this means that when you perform your cardio on an empty stomach your body favors burning fat instead of carbs because your carbs Deposits are already low and your body prefers to hold on to them as much as possible in case a life-threatening situation Arises and you absolutely require the immediate burst of energy makes sense right in addition to this if you perform fasted Cardio often enough you’ll actually Train your body to eventually favor burning fat rather than carbs Which is a good thing if you want to get weaned and right about now I bet this sounds pretty good doesn’t it but the next question you should be asking yourself is this what about burning muscle? research has indeed shown that while you fast your body breaks down amino acids into glucose, so fasted morning Cardio can potentially Mobilize more amino acids which are the building blocks of muscle guys For fuel in addition to more fat which isn’t ideal is building muscle is your primary goal to combat this a lot of people who fast Bcaas like Amino x while fasting and or performing fasted Cardio or they consume a fast digesting whey protein Immediately after their workout to help, lessen or eliminate muscle wasting Unfortunately though fasted Cardio will not produce better fat burning results for you And that’s for a variety of reasons reason number one while a lot of studies have indeed shown That you burn up to 20 percent more fat calories while training fasted your body though is more Complicated than that and it continually adjust its use of fat and carbohydrates for fuel depending on a variety of Factors as a general rule if you burn more carbohydrates while exercising you’ll ultimately burn more fat in the post-workout period And Vice-versa So who really cares if you burn a few extra fat calories while exercising Fasted if an hour later the ratio shifts to a greater carbohydrate utilization for energy at the end of the day guys It doesn’t make a bit of difference And you’ll have burned the same overall calories you need to evaluate fat burning over the course of days not an hour to hour Basis to gain a meaningful perspective on its impact on your body composition reason number two it comes down to simple Thermodynamics guides you’ll eventually lose fat and become lean up if you shift your energy bowels in a way that expenditure Exceeds intake that simply means eat less food than your body actually needs and you’ll lose weight This is where the term caloric deficit comes from for example Let’s say you did 30 minutes of fasted Cardio, and you burn 400 calories and 300 of those calories were from fat It’s obviously very optimistic, but it’s just for my example now Let’s say you did 30 minutes of Cardio But had a meal just before the cardio session and this time you also burned 400 calories But only 100 of those calories were from fat and the rest were from carbs Well when we look at this from a calories versus calories in versus calories out for the day comparison There’s no difference in both cases. You still burn 400 calories Which is all that really matters calories in versus calories out Period In fact in a specific study I read and I’m going to link to all these studies down in the info section below they found out that what the participants benefited from the most was the presence of supervise Dietary restriction and mandatory exercise Rather than the timing of their cardio sessions and reason number three guys is the afterburn effect and yes It is a real thing We all know that intense exercise doesn’t just burn a lot of calories while doing it But your elevated heart rate and blood flow will continue to help Boost metabolism For several hours after and that’s because of epoch which is another way to say after-burn and it stands for excess post-exercise Oxygen consumption the after burn represents a number of calories expended After training and guess what eating before exercise promotes substantial increases in the after burn effect And want to guess where the majority well the vast majority of calories expended in the post exercise period Come from You guessed it from fat so at this point guys killing yourself to do fasted Cardio Probably makes even less sense at best the effects on body composition won’t be any better than if you trained in a fed state at Worst you’ll lose muscle and reduce total fat loss Therefore why even risk it now with all that in mind I personally suggest that you guys are doing a hiit which stands for High-Intensity interval training as the preferred method to burn max calories and of course not on an empty stomach Okay it is just alternating between moderate intensity and high intensity intervals so that can be like jogging for one minute and then sprinting for another minute and then Repeating that 10 time, and you have a badass 20 minute max Calorie burning cardio session and you can do that anything you can do it on treadmill you can do it on a bike you can do it on an elliptical anyway you can do cardio and in comparison to low intensity fasted Cardio you’re not only going to burn more calories while doing it it will take you much less time and you will be utilizing the after burn effect to continue to burn more calories throughout the day as well Some other examples of hiit guys can be like one minute walk jog 30 second Sprint 30 second walk [jogs] 30 second Sprint 30 second walk jog one minute Sprint so basically as you guys get stronger and increase your endurance you want to push yourselves during that 15 to 20 minute hiit cardio session and play with the times to best suit the level of Intensity that you can handle remember guys in fitness there are no shortcuts, and there are no magical supplements And there is no secret way to burn fat there really isn’t it all comes down to hard work Exercising intensely and having a solid meal plan that you follow everything day Trust me hard work always pays off. So don’t try to find ways to avoid it. What’s important Is that you actually do your cardio And if you can only do it first thing in the morning when you wake up that’s perfectly fine Now if you guys made it to the end of this video and learned a lot Please show some love by clicking that thumbs up button and share This video with your friends who are too stubborn to listen to you that the fasted Cardio height isn’t all that It’s cracked up to believe knowledge is power guys I want to make sure that you’re all always making those gains and if you have any questions Or if you have any suggestions for future videos you want to see be sure to leave them down in the comment section below and for those of you who are looking for a custom meal planner and a full 12 week program to build lots on strength or If you’re looking for a program to shred fat you can always check mine out at] and those Those links are listed down in the info section below as well Have a great week and as always more good stuff coming – see you guys

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  2. ScottHermanFitness
    Hi, mind answering my question ? is it alright to do cardio after your workout like straight after workout(walk/jog/run/ on the treadmill) ? Cause i heard some ppl say that doing before the workout will cause something which i couldn't remember. Please answer my question T_T oh and if your gonna do leg workout on that day is it ok to still do cardio after it ?

  3. Intermittent fasting is good for fat loss not muscle building. I’ve done it several times and I think 6 months was my longest. I can honestly say it’s one of the coolest things I have come across for mental clarity and losing fat

  4. Hiit is the best way to burn fat. You can even build muscle if you’re sled pushing, running uphill etc. but you can’t do hiit every day. Low intensity Fasted cardio, like walking, is a good alternative on days you are not doing intense training.

  5. Thanks Scott great videos great advice always watch and go back when I need motivation to get back to the gym .. Happy New Year bro keep it up!!

  6. fasted cardio is basically a necessity if you get up early to exercise before work. and as just about everyone who does it will attest, you have so much more energy during fasted cardio. just eat something right after.

  7. How is it that you can say “caloric” properly but insist on neglecting the “r” in both carbohydrate and cardio? 🤦🏻‍♂️

  8. Hello Scott! Great info. Can you give me advice on my routine, i can only train at 5am, so is difficult to eat before. What can you tell us ?

  9. Meatheads reading studies …lol. He didn't even mention that there is a massive cortisol release during fasted training. That is the underlying mechanism which makes fasted cardio so catabolic.

  10. Does anyone else notice that he is wearing vegeta’s whis symbol battle armour or is it just me??

  11. Great video !
    I want to know if i can take Whey Protein 20 minutes prior to fasted cardio; will it prevent muscle loss ?

  12. I always hear this thing about how you will burn more carbs later after training fasted. Well I don't eat any carbs. So what then? All fat loss dude!

  13. Yo Scott, m real confused man.. as u said you gotta perform hiit workout definitely not in a fasted state.. which means that u gotta consume something like bcaa's before doing hiit workout to prevent muscle loss and not in an empty stomach.. did u meant bcaa's or something else brother..?
    And is it okay that I do weight training in the morning time and hiit workout session in the evening time to satisfy your point of not performing it in a fasted state..?

  14. I'm currently fasting on a only water fast. My primary reason for doing morning jogs is to maintain my stamina. Right now I can run 8 Miles and not even be tired afterwards. Does it help burn calories? No. Does it help keep me in shape. Yes.

  15. I’ve found a lot of cardio sessions are BETTER when 20 hours fasted, more intense (Usually HIIT). I’ve noticed this Usually when these are done in the afternoon though. Could just be me but early cardio after 12 hour fasting (overnight) can be tougher and less intense than after 20 hours fasting after being at work all day.

    This was all when I was trying to lose fat/weight but stupidly wasn’t weight training at the same time – I did lose a lot of fat though and I’m a lot happier. Now I’m weight training more and doing way less cardio I’m also eating breakfast at “breakfast time” more often.

    Currently doing a full body workout around every 48hours and playing around with my calorie intake to get an idea of my actual TDEE taking into account my exercise. On the days I don’t lift I’m doing cardio (bike, swimming, bit of running) with a day off 1 day at the weekend. If I have time I tag on 20 mins or so of steady state cardio after I lift but a lot of the time I’m knackered from the lifting.

    Fasted lifting I’ve found is way harder than fasted cardio too (high intensity cardio, not half arsing it)

  16. I’m just starting to get in the fitness, I’ve been watching your videos for about a week. They’re awesome. Are you a big Dragon Ball Z fan?

  17. How about fast training? I've been doing it for a few months. Obviously, my "break fast" is a protein shake with a banana. But does it have more negative effects than positive, like in my situation. Thanks for all your posts

  18. I always work out fasted and then stay fasted till near bed. I stay Keto using IF a few times a week. I’m making all kinds of gains.

  19. In terms of feeling off/dizzy/weak when you do fasted cardio, it's really about what you're used to. When I first started IF I felt really dizzy at about 10-11am for the first couple of weeks no matter what I was doing. Now I don't feel anything. I rarely eat before 1-2pm and don't feel hungry before then, irrespective of what I'm doing. You wouldn't find a caveman NOT running from a savage beast because he hadn't had his morning oatmeal.

  20. Im fasting then running 2 and a half miles come home and eat then at night time running 6-8 miles everyday. Im trying to get to 190 by November 14th and right now im at 200 it is know October 15th should i be at 190 by then?

  21. You don’t burn any muscle from training fasted completely opposite it boost HGH

    I don’t recommend hit cardio most people cam only do 5 to 10 minuets of hit cardio instead you should do steady cardio you’ll burn more calories like you said no shortcuts

  22. hi scott thnkx for advice just want to know what if i workout early morning should i take a small meal and workout or i should take preworkout empty stomach and workout my goal is cut and i train with heavy weight 45/60 mins follow by 10/15 min cardio. waiting for reply

  23. Hey Scott! I am usually busy and the only time to work out is in the early morning. Can a protein bar be consumed right before training? Since food takes long for it to be digested.

  24. I feel miserable if I eat anything at all before HIIT cardio. HIIT is the first thing I do every morning. If I don't my entire day is shot.

  25. This is great but what if u was on gear maybe some test tren and tbol what would be best cardio for optimal performance in in lowering your body fat when diet and training is on point???

  26. Hi scott i checked how to find my calorie from the BPM. I need to find out from you how to keep from bio stress?? I also just am fighting on how Not quite.

  27. I think the big question is how do you continue getting muscle mass and still shred fat so that abs are more visible

  28. Always on point with your advise! You bring the facts and break it down for us so we can do what we do the right way. Don't know where I'd be without this channel! Respect!!

  29. Bro if you were girl i will proposed u ,u are good handsome so sad u are man not girl🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😁😁😁😍

  30. THANK YOU!!! I needed this so bad I kept teetertottering with this idea not knowing what’s better. You surmised everything so perfectly.

    I’m curious to learn about if it’s true about if you do too much running type of cardio it’s not good for your muscles or reduces leg gains or something? And I keep seeing mixed things on don’t run the day before or after legs and etc. I run HIIT 20-30 min 15% incline 30 sprint 1 walk rest M,W, and Th, and do legs Tuesday and Friday. I usually find that running the day before and after helps reduce muscle soreness and stretches them about to prepare for the next day better ?

  31. Nice vid as always! For me working out early in the morning works well, but as you pointed out, you need something to fill the muscles. I take a preworkout with maltodextrin and glycerol (besides the other usual stuff a pwo contains). It works great for me. Sometimes it feels a bit uncomfortable training after eating, even after like 2 hours.

  32. Love u Scott.. learned a lot about workouts. When it comes to fasting I think u may need to read a couple more studies. Human growth increases and Brown fat will burn for energy.. but if you’re not Keto or actually IF as a lifestyle you’re not fat adapted.
    Took me a yr but I am now down from 220 to 170 with best body I’ve had and great muscle def.
    Thomas D And Edward V natural athletes like yourself have shown these studies in the vids they create.
    But I’ll always come to u for the best work out 😉

  33. Very, very good video that answered all my questions about fasted vs non fasted cardio and their comparison with all the consequences to lose weight. Thumbs up n keep up the great job!

  34. What about fasted lifting? I'm not doing it for any perceived benefits, I just get up early to train before work and don't usually want to eat right away. On weekends when my gym opens later I usually end up eating before training, but I haven't noticed a big difference in the quality of the sessions.

  35. Excellent video! I've tried fasted cardio versus HIIT cardio and as far as fat loss and body composition and overall endurance the high intensity cardio worked much better. Sometimes I do still enjoy just a long slow run but that's more for overall Fitness and to clear my head. Really enjoy your videos! Thanks

  36. Can u suggest me an endomorphic diet plan my weight is 173 pounds height 5 inch 10 cm.
    MY food includes bananas cherries bueberry ,3g fish oil,1 durian seed, strwberry, wheat bread, whitebread, 1 tbsp nutella, 1 tbsp peanutbutter

  37. @ScottHermanFitness, Hi mate, i want to say thank you for your general ongoing knowledge sharing (loving the "Only 2 exercise" program – seeing results) 🙂

    I have a question, on which if i search online, i'm getting some mixed info, and i know u are the man to sort it out.

    Q: How do i increase my cardio stamina???
    short description, i'm 28 age, 1.84, and 97 kg, i'm pretty much happy with my muscular look, but i would like to take the benefits of the good cardio workout (health + removing one useless layer from the belly :D), but i always get frustrated at the gym.

    I go usually 4 times/week, train every muscle group, but when i hit the treadmill, in 10 min max, at 8-10 km speed, i'm dead, even if i do it before the muscle training, i am gasping out fast, and it kills me when i literally see people like me, or actually a lot of people in a bad overall physical "shape" which can run continuously 30-45 minutes , without any issues! i cannot wrap my head around it…..

    Your advice here would me much-much appreciated!

    Cheers !

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