>About some of the factors here and
family background because from so many people I here “it’s in my genes” and I’ll
go back again to the the the cartoon era of Eric Cartman — sure — himself Park who screams –sure– “I’m not fat on big boy” Right. — okay — So how much how much of this is reality?>So well definitely what we like to think about on obesity medicine
is that there’s a micro environment in a macro environment that definitely
influences what we weigh and there’s absolutely some what are called mono
genetic causes for obesity and those are not the majority of cases. The majority
of cases the obesity is accumulated over time. In the majority of cases it’s lifelong
influences in your culture, in your food habits, in the way that you were taught
to eat, in how our culture has developed socially and how we live our lives and
have decreasing levels of mobility and energy expenditure as we’ve gotten older.
There’s if and I would encourage you to look at these statistics cuz they’re
pretty easy to find, if you look at a world map this isn’t unique to the
United States although we may think that it is, there’s actually countries that
are dealing with this epidemic just as much as we are. And there’s a lot of
things that influence that so again there’s multiple parts of this disease
there are multiple things that can be reviewed so that we can try to again
implement your nutritional plan, your obesity plan, and then be able to help
treat you better so there’s a lot of levels of treatment.>So out of these
genes and family background: metabolism, age, medicines, that any other risk
factors we’re missing in here or… which one should we pull out. We just talked
about genes and family background.>So a very easy one to pull out of there is
medicines, for example. That’s a really, really simple thing that I do in initial
consultation when we sit down to talk about your weight what medications are
you taking, what mendication have you taken. That maybe
influencing what you weigh or it maybe even how about this: Inhibiting your
ability to lose weight.

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