Ep. 2 Weight Loss Challenge Begins – Fitness Assessment | Dianne’s Challenge: Fit for Wedding

Holly: All right, Dianne, so today we’re gonna
do a full physical and just kind of lifestyle assessment to see where you’re at so we can
figure out what we need to do, what changes need to be made. Normally there’s a lot of different lifestyle
changes that are gonna have to happen, ’cause what you’re currently doing got you to where
you’re at right now, so to get to the new place we’re gonna have to change a whole lot
of things, probably. Tell me what you do for work. Dianne: I am a servicing coordinator at an
in-flight entertainment company. Prior to that, I was at a job where I was
doing like five people’s jobs at once, which I think led up to where I am today. Holly: That was stressful, it sounds like? Dianne: Yes, very. Holly: And did you … So did you gain at
weight at previous job, in that season? Dianne: Yeah. Holly: Okay. Dianne: I was at work long hours. I never got to the gym. I was just eating whatever was convenient
around and lots of sweets to keep the energy up, and then of course there’s the crash,
and then you just continue to eat sweets, so. Holly: Do you have any pains, joint issues,
muscle issues, any kind of current or previous pain that I should know about? Dianne: I do have pain in my left knee. I went to a chiropractor, and we found out
that I have minor scoliosis that I kind of … Yeah. Holly: Okay. Dianne: So, and then through all the X-rays
we also found out that my left hip is a little bit higher than my right, so that could be
like … Everything on my left side seems to ache a little bit more. Holly: Tighter. Okay. Dianne: But I do have a history of heart disease
in my family. My grandfather died when [inaudible 00:01:59]
early 50s from heart failure. And then I just found out that my dad had,
recently had triple bypass surgery. Emergency triple bypass surgery while he was
on vacation, so that was really hard. And then my mom has diabetes, which has also
triggered heart disease for her, so she’s going through some of her surgeries as well. Holly: Okay. Is that a concern that you have for yourself? Dianne: Yeah, I definitely … I want to look
great for the wedding. Initially, that’s really what makes me want
to do this, but sitting long and hard and thinking about it, I just want to make a better,
healthier lifestyle for myself. I want to start to take care of my body. Holly: What about what is your current activity
level? I know obviously you’re sitting at a desk
all day, so you’re not moving around a whole lot outside of work. Are you moving much? Dianne: Not really. I walk the dog every day, kind of pretty much
every day when I get home from work, and that’s usually just a quick walk around the apartment. Holly: If you’ve got the time, you can always
make a way. If it’s a priority, you can always fit it
in, whether it’s getting up before work, getting your workout in after work, taking the dog
for a run instead of just a walk, but we’ll definitely work on that and find some ways
that you can implement in time to work out. Even if you just got a short window, there’s
things that you can do. So definitely, no excuses. So, tell me about what your diet looks like
right now, kind of a normal day of eating for you. Dianne: I think I do pretty well with breakfast. I’d say my one downfall with my morning routine
is I usually do about two to three cups of coffee to wake up, which probably isn’t great. I need to prep my foods more, because I’ll
just go out and get what’s around. I do Chipotle a lot, I do Subway a lot. Sometimes I’ll do frozen dinners a lot, ’cause
it’s convenient and easy. But where I get myself into trouble is at
night, because my fiance and I, we do a lot of takeout. And, yeah, it’s not good. Holly: No, that’s not good. Those are just full of so much sugar, sodium,
MSG, loads of calories that you usually don’t realize that you’re consuming. So if we can get you in a routine of buying
your meals, prepping your meals, having them ready to go so that you don’t just have to
go out and get whatever when you’re starving, that’s gonna make a huge difference. So that’s gonna become a really important
part of this, and we’ll talk more about that later, but we’ll definitely get into what
types of foods you need to eat, how to prep your food, how to count your calories and
watch everything that you’re eating so that it’s not just a big guessing game as to what
you’re eating but you really know what you’re putting in your body, and to make sure that
you’re putting in foods that are healthy and that are gonna give you energy and prevent
those crashes or prevent that waking up in the morning and needing three cups of coffee,
things that will give you energy and help you feel good all the time. That’s gonna be the most important part of
this. Although the workouts are super important
in getting physically in shape and all that is important, but nutrition is gonna be 70,
80% of your result, so it’s gonna be very imperative that you change the way you’re
eating, that we get rid of foods in your house that aren’t helping you out, that we get rid
of the ice cream. Why else is this important to you? The day after your wedding you’re gonna be
done. I’m assuming you don’t want to put on back
20, 30 pounds, so why does it actually matter to you to lose weight? Dianne: I imagine feeling comfortable in my
own skin. It’s just … That energy level to be there. I want just … I want to feel comfortable
in my clothes. I want to look good and feel good, and ultimately
I think if you feel good inside, you’ll good outside because you’ll put in that extra. But right now I’m just kind of not really
caring too much, and I don’t want to not care. Like, Dave and I, my fiance and I, we have
plans to have kids after … We have a kid plan after the wedding, so I just imagine
once kids are in the picture, I want … I don’t want to be that mom’s that dragging
herself. I want to be there for my kids, and especially
with the heart disease running in my family, it’s just … I want to be there for the longterm,
so. Holly: Definitely. So as we go through these next few months
of training, I want you to keep those things in mind. When we’re working out and you’re needing
to push yourself, I want you to remind yourself of how you want to feel, how you want to look,
how you want to be with your kids. And when you don’t want to get up and go to
the gym, or you don’t want to leave work and have to go to the gym, to remind yourself
of those motivating factors that you have. The reasons beyond today, right now, how you
feel but what you ultimately want, that’s really gonna help keep you going through these
few months, ’cause you’re gonna hit roadblocks. You’re gonna hit times when life gets hard,
it gets stressful, you don’t want to work out, you’re tired, and you’re gonna need something
to motivate you and to push you through those days. So maybe you want put them on your wall somewhere,
you know, sticky notes around the office, in your car, and just kind of remind yourself
what you’re trying to achieve and what Fit for Wedding really is about even beyond the
wedding and the pretty dress and the pictures and all that. Dianne: Right. Holly: All right, so we’re moving now into
the physical assessment for Dianne, and this is a really important thing that I suggest
that anyone do if you’re starting out on a workout program, even if you’ve been in a
workout program for a long time. Almost any gym will do this for you for free. So you can go in and ask for an assessment,
and what they’ll do is pretty much the same things that I’m gonna show you with Dianne. It’s some sort of test of your strength, maybe
your flexibility, your cardio capacity, and they’ll kind of analyze how you’re body works. Those are really helpful so that you can make
sure that you do everything with proper form. You can learn maybe some tight areas that
you have on your body, some weak areas and things that need improvement, find out where
your cardio capacity is, find out what your body fat and your measurements and [inaudible
00:08:16] things are. So that’ll help you kind of set you up for
success in a future program, and then you have a way to measure how you’re doing and
if you’re progressing. You can go back and retest on all those things
and make sure that you’re getting better. … [inaudible 00:08:29] shoulders. On your toes. Pull your bellybutton in tight. Engage that. Squeeze your glutes. Good job. Got 36 seconds. Not bad, not bad. … time this for a minute and see how many
push-ups that you can get in a minute. Dianne: Okay. Holly: I don’t necessarily expect you to go
a full minute. It’s okay. Most people get to maybe 10, 11 if we’re lucky,
so don’t worry. It’s basically just seeing how many you can
do. Dianne: Okay. Holly: So what I’m gonna have you do, I’m
gonna sure they’re proper push-up form. So you’re gonna come down on your knees, hands
outside the mat, so you’ve kind of got this nice wide angle, kind of like a field post
with your arms. So arms are at 90 degrees. Keep your core engaged. Just like the planks, you want to keep that
tight. And then when you do the push-up, I want your
whole body to move together. So you’re moving down towards the mat, bringing
your chest down, and pressing back up. What I don’t want to see is butt up in the
air and chest down. Okay? A lot of people do that. So I want everything moving together all the
way down to ground, and then back up. Okay? Got any more? 13 … Okay. Hey, that was close. That was about 45 seconds. Dianne: Oh. Holly: Not bad, 12 push-ups. Good job. You got some pretty good strength. Good form. So last thing I’m gonna have you do strength-wise
is a squat. So this is just gonna help me see how your
body is working, what’s maybe moving in directions it shouldn’t be and make sure everything looks
okay. So the squat is a very big, important movement,
and we’ll be doing a lot of those in the future, so this will kind of help me assess some tight
areas, weak areas, things to work on. All right, so what I’m gonna have you do is
stand with your feet just a bit wider than hip-distance apart, arms straight up in the
air, core tight just like the plank and the push-up that we did, so that’s engaged the
whole time. Then what you’re gonna do is squat down and
back up, as low as you comfortably can. Maybe thighs go parallel to the floor, they
don’t necessarily have to. And I’m just gonna have you do a few of those. You don’t have to rush it. Take your time. And I’m just gonna kind of walk around your
body and observe what I’m seeing. So just keep doing a couple for me while I
watch you. Dianne: Okay. Holly: Nice job. You made it a mile. You didn’t die. You didn’t even stop. That was awesome. So you got about 16:23, looks like, is your
time. That’s good. Dianne: Yeah. Holly: That’s not bad at all for somebody
who hasn’t been running in a while and working out. So good job, you made it. Okay. All right, Dianne, so we’ve got your measurements
now, and that will serve as a good baseline. We’ll check those measurements every few weeks
and see how you’re doing. And ideally, of course, we’ll see those numbers
continue to drop down. Dianne: Okay. Holly: And then we’ve got your body fat. So I calculated out those numbers that I took
those measurements from, and your body fat is about 32%, so it’s definitely a little
on the high end. I’d like to see that you drop that down to
about 26%, even lower if possible. 24, 25, 26 would be amazing. That would put you in a much healthier range,
so we’re gonna work towards that over the next few months as your weight comes down
also on the scale. Dianne: Okay. Holly: Now, weight-wise, you’ve got about
20 pounds to lose, maybe 30. 30 is sort of the ideal. Dianne: The wish number. Holly: Yes, the dream. But 20 pounds is what we’re kind of shooting
for. So what I actually want you to do is focus
on hitting that 20-pound mark by November. So although your wedding’s in November, I
want you to hit that number before then. So that’s gonna be five pounds a month, which
is doable. As long as you’re getting in your workouts
and you’re doing your nutrition right and your meal prep and everything, you should
be able to do five pounds in a month. Dianne: Okay. Holly: All right, and then that’ll give us
November for maybe lose a couple extra pounds, maybe get a little bit closer to that 30 or
to even just really focus on toning up your arms that you’re gonna see in your dress and
cinching in the waist and just sort of working on building some muscle and kind of sculpting
your body just a little bit more. Rather than just drop weight, add a little
bit more shape to it. Dianne: Okay. Holly: So that’s how I want these next few
months to go. Do you think you can do that? Dianne: I can do that. Holly: Okay. I know you can do that. Dianne: I will do that. Holly: Good. That’s what I like to hear. Dianne: Okay. Yes. So today was tough. It was a real eye-opening experience, I mean,
just in its entirety. Sitting there and really talking about where
I was at and with my fitness level and the foods that you’re eating, it’s just … It
really woke me up a little bit, ’cause during the day when you’re doing it, you’re just
doing it, and when you sit down and think about it, it’s like, “Wow, that’s really what
I’m putting into my body. That’s really what I’m doing to myself.” And then as we progressed into doing the measurements
and the assessments … Yeah, 32% body fat is not really good to hear, so definitely
that’s gonna motivate me to get that number down and just work on tightening everything
up and just feeling better in my own body. So I’m really excited, but it was a really
tough one, especially when Holly was testing me on my planks and my squats and, yeah, that
was really hard to hold it for, what was it, like 20 seconds? Yeah. Not a good feeling, but you know what? When you’re feeling this down, there’s really
nowhere to go but up, so I’m excited and motivated to better how I feel about myself, so here
we go. Holly: You just got to see Dianne’s first
step into her weight loss journey, but we want to leave you with some helpful tips as
well so that you can also take your step into your weight loss journey. So three of my biggest tips for you are these:
one, when you’re starting to lose weight, ask yourself one of the questions that I asked
Dianne, which was what’s the reason behind wanting to lose weight? Besides just looking good, what really is
your motivation? Is it confidence? Is it being there for your family? Is it anything else that you can think of? Anything that may be triggering that desire
to look better? What’s the reason for that? If you can think of that, keep those little
motivators somewhere. Put them on a Post-it note or put them in
your phone to remind you, to keep you motivated when things get hard. Two, go somewhere and get a fitness assessment. Have a professional help you out and look
at what you’re doing well, maybe where some of your strengths are and some of your weaknesses
are, so that they can help to guide you into a weight loss program and give you some tips
that you can use. And then third, incorporate something like
a plank. One of the things that we measured was a plank,
and planks are a great exercise. That’s a great way that you can start is just
by testing that out. See how long you can hold a plank for, keeping
that really flat body, a strong core. See how long you can hold it, and try to do
it every single day and improve your numbers. That’s one easy step that you can take after
this episode to start to improve your fitness. So this was just Dianne’s first workout, but
in coming weeks we’re gonna have many more exciting things like showing you full workouts
and how she’s losing weight, showing you her meal plan and meal prep, and some of her emotional
struggles and wedding preparation. We’re gonna have a lot more to come, so be
sure to stick around and interact with our videos and the blog. Dianne’s gonna be posting her blog from her
own words and her own view on prosourcefit.com, so be sure to read that in between watching
the videos. And then interact with this video. And we’re gonna give you a little extra motivation
to do that. We’re gonna be giving away a $100 gift card
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so keep coming back and watching more. And until next time, stay fit, stay healthy,
and stay happy. So for Dianne’s first workout today, we’re
gonna be working out outside. Dianne: So Holly and I talked about nutrition
today and understanding the conscious decision of what types of food to put into your body. Holly: Six. Seven. Try and keep your upper body tall, though. Try not to lean forward too much. Yeah. So you’re squeezing back here and then pressing
up through your heel.

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