[EngSub] Run BTS 2019! – Ep.79

[EngSub] Run BTS 2019! – Ep.79

[RUN BTS EP 007 Operation 1] Run BTS~ [Where are we?]
Where are we everyone? Lotte Duty Free! [So excited] Lotte Duty Free allowed us to
rent this floor and the floor upstairs as well. [Right now] [BTS is the only ones in the
Lotte Duty Free store!] Thank you. It was my wish to run around here. Today’s topic of “RUN BTS” is, [Today’s RUN BTS]
Operation 007. 007 operation. [Bang bang]
– Hey, hey. – Hey. [All ready] Jung Kook is the spy.
Everyone, keep that in mind. He’s the spy. [He’s alarmed]
Why are you calling me the spy all of a sudden? [Today’s RUN BTS!]
[007 operation! -1-] [The 7 members have to collect hearts
through their missions!] [They must find the hidden star cards during the
30 minutes of round 1 and 2] [and win against the Game Man to win a heart!] [The member with the most number of hearts
at the end of round 2] [will get an amazing award!] [But if the rest of the members] [guess who has the most number of hearts
at the end of round 2] [then that member will be eliminated
as the winner] [And they may not run or walk on escalators] [Types of cards] [Heart card: They can either win it from a game
or get it from a question card] [Star card: They need this to play with
the Game Man] [Question mark card: They can win] [or lose hearts according to what this card
says from -2 to +3] [If they don’t have any hearts, then the minus
card has no effect on them] – Is there a storage room by any chance?
– The hearts. [V needs a storage space for his hearts]
– A storage place. – Storage place? – That I can store my hearts…
– Here. – Your bag, you bag. – Right here.
– Your bag right here. [He can store his hearts right here] – This is where
you can hold your hearts. – Hearts. [Thumbs up] The final member who wins, – will win 1,400,000 won
– What?!?! [The members are so surprised by this] in cash. – What? How much?
– 1,400,000 won. [Did I hear him wrong?]
Is there something wrong with my ears? – 1,400,000 won?
– What? [I get it!]
It’s a gift card. [Gift cards with BTS on them!]
– Gift card. – Lotte Duty Free. [Interested] – All 7 of them?
– They’re worth 200,000 won. [7 gift cards worth 200,000 won a piece is
today’s reward!] 7 cards that are 200,000 won. All those cards [A chance for one person to hog(?) the award!]
given to one person only. [Lotte Duty Free sponsored these gift cards]
Lotte Duty Free store sponsored the cards. [Really?] But it’s not like we can actually
come out here to use these cards. [They could be embarrassed to use cards with their own faces on them] Yes, 7 cards. – I don’t have to use them myself?
– We can give them to our parents. – To our parents.
– Anyways. An award worth 1,400,000 won. [They’re going to try their best as always]
– Let’s try our best. Warm up. – Let’s go. [Getting ready] 4 of you will start on the 8th floor. – And 3 of you will start on the 9th floor…
– Do we do rock, paper, scissors? – It’s up to you.
– OK, we got it. – Let’s do “up or down”.
– Up or down~! [Up: RM, Jung Kook, j-hope, Jin]
– OK. – We got it. [Down: Suga, Jimin, V] – Down, down.
– We’re down? – We’re down. Shall we all say fighting? Bangtan, Bangtan, Bang-bang-tan(???) [This is RUN BTS…]
What’s up with “bang-bang-tan”? RUN BTS! We’re totally not in sync! [We’re really close (betraying) brothers]
Yes. – Let’s not betray each other.
– Let’s not betray each other. Don’t look. I can see your eyeballs rolling. [We’re so happy]
Come on, come on. This is just a game. Don’t be childish. [The members downstairs are just playing around] There’s nothing here, is there? [One member is already searching]
Wow, everyone is so… He’s looking for the cards. [Jung Kook is boxing]
It’s begun. It’s begun. – We can see everything.
– Be quiet. [Listening] [Today, the carefully selected agents] [Is that true?]
The carefully selected member? [Victory is mine!] What’s this? [The members upstairs are looking down
at the floor so they won’t see anything else] – They don’t have to explain that.
– No. [One more time]
Don’t look. [They must find as many hearts as they can
and put them in their bags] Come on. [The 1st round is 30 minutes]
Have you already seen a heart? [No] No, there aren’t hearts. We only get
them if we win. I can’t hear anything they’re saying. [Jung Kook is still doing warm ups] They begin after the countdown!] [Hurries!] I saw him. [The members quickly dissemble and start
searching] Where are they? Where are they? I don’t see anything. [The members downstairs also begin to play] [Run j-hope~] [Jump!] This is weird… [Jin looks everywhere]
It’s not here. [Like our mothers used to say]
Like what our mothers used to say, the item you’re looking for is staring right
at you, you just don’t have the eyes to find it. So this is what she meant. [Jin really looks like he’s desperate] [They’re looking in every corner…]
Wow, this is much harder than I thought… It’s hidden so well. It’s so much harder to find than I thought it’d be. [RM found a question mark card]
OK, OK. Question mark card.
Very nice. [Jung Kook is running from the start] [It seems like it would be here somewhere]
Wouldn’t it be at the counter. Hey~ JK~ [Find one so quickly] [Rummaging around] j-hope. Don’t you know the saying, “the eye is faster
than the hand? [What will he have found?]
The eye is faster than the hand. I bet it’s here somewhere. [j-hope… Why can’t you see what is right next
to you…] Huh?! j-hope! j-hope! What? [Jung Kook has heard something]
j-hope! j-hope! What’s going on? [Save j-hope] [j-hope and Jung Kook went different ways] [Found a question mark card!]
I got a question mark card. Awesome. [Suga is jogging(?)] [Found one!] [V is always polite and greets people]
Hello. [Thank you (??)]
Thank you. [V got a star card!] OK! [Looks around] [Jimin found one too!]
Oh, so this is what it looks like. OK. [Jimin suddenly starts to run] [Meets Suga] [Scans with his super big eyes] Someone left a mirror here! [He thought it was a card…]
I was surprised. [Found one more!] [Happy] [Another star card!] Nice~ [The members are finding them relatively well] [Jimin quickly scans the area] [He’s so focused he doesn’t even say anything]
[Is it here?] [Hurries] [All we can hear are breathing sounds] [Jimin’s hand is like a card detector] [Just then]
[What?] [Suga runs to the place that Jimin went by] [Suga tricked Jimin into believing that there
were cards] [Heehee] Can I go in here? [Jimin looks in a different area] [Telling himself]
None here, right? Look carefully. – Be calm. – Isn’t this place banned? No, they said we can come in. You take that part, and I’ll take this part.
Agreed? [Suga doesn’t agree!]
Come on! I’m going to follow Jimin around. Huh? [Suga loves to make fun of Jimin] What, what, what? I didn’t do anything wrong. [Laughing]
I found only one. I can’t see more closely because of you. Really? Can there really be none in here? [Jin can’t see the cards] I should at least play one game, right? [Jung Kook is nice and calm]
Yes… [Golden youngest]
Yes. [He has mastered his eyes, hands and speed] My eyes are a perfect sense. – j-hope! Did you get one?
– You got one? [They’re saying weird things to each other
on purpose] – Got it? – Got it JK? You’ve found it already? – It’s a lot harder to find!
– Yeah. [The youngest member’s words and actions
do not line up] Why aren’t they around? – I haven’t found anything. – Look at him,
picking one up as he said that. [He got me] – Jung Kook.
– I don’t say any around. What about the stores? [Over here?] [He found a card after looking hard] [He’s going to play the game soon]
After I get a few more, I’m going to play the games. [RM doesn’t get excited even though he
finds one] [That was mine…!] [j-hope came running this way at the sight
of the Game Man] Game Man. I have a star card! [The 1st star game] [Cham Cham cham game]
It’s the Cham Cham Cham game. Yes. Here we go. Cham cham cham. [Mission clear!] [Heehee] [j-hope still has a long way to go]
It’s not over yet. [A question mark card!]
It’s a question mark. [Game Man]
Will you like to use it? Yes, my question mark card. [The heart that he had]
Then does that mean I could loose it? [He didn’t think about]
Should I use the question mark now? [the minus part of the game]
I should have used it earlier. I was an idiot. [Wins 1 heart]
Huh? [j-hope’s question mark gave him 1+1]
I get another one just like that? Wow. I have another one. Should I play again? [Uses another question mark card!]
14! I’ll use this one. [Excited]
What? What is it? [He wins another heart by beating the odds of 1/3
getting another, zero, losing ] [Runs off to look for another card!] [Suga and Jimin are walking around together]
Are you sure you looked everywhere? [It’s so hard to look around because it’s so huge]
Honestly I just… I can’t look everywhere. I’m sure there’s got to be one around
here somewhere. [Yeah… Right next to you…] [Suga went past without knowing
there was a card] [Jin looks carefully at the sofa] [Sees another card in the sofa!] [Looks carefully in the pamphlets] [Looking really thoroughly] [Sees another one!] [Yum yum] So there’s hidden in places like that. [Out of the blue]
Do you want some jelly? [Go ahead and eat them all~] [Jin is on a roll]
3! I found all 3 of them here. [Jin is doing really well in the hallway]
They’re all hidden here. It’s so big… [Jimin can’t find any]
Why aren’t they here? Are they even here? [Please let Jimin find some cards…] I can’t see any. I’m doomed. [Over here?] Hey! Did you find some? I couldn’t find any! Did you find some? [They’re tricking each other]
– I couldn’t find any. – They’re not here. [You went up…]
I came down here because I couldn’t find any. – Did you get any V?
– Nope. – I got 1! – What?
– 1. – Really? [That’s good~]
That’s still good. [Telling him about Suga]
I think Suga found a lot. [Card magic]
I don’t see any here. [He slips in carefully in his bag] I don’t see any!!! [j-hope’s words and actions don’t match up]
Why aren’t there any here? [Here too?]
There’s a lot hidden behind fire extinguishers. [Over here too…] [j-hope missed a card that was
right in front of him] [RM is busy running around] [Sees another 1!] [RM already got 3!]
3 cards. I’m going to look around here. [A master at finding cards?] [Sees another!]
A question mark. Jung Kook is running with his mouth]
Quickly, quickly, quickly, quickly. [Jung Kook… Please look behind you…!] [You won’t be able to find any if you run
around like that…] [Runs again] [I’m right here!!] [Sees the card this time!] [In a rush!] [Opening his eyes wider] I have to get all my energy together. [In a rush]
Camera. [Not sure where to go] Can we go in here too? [RM enters another area] Can we go in here
too? Can we come in? It’s so wide! [It’s too wide]
Where do I start? [Can’t even guess where the cards are]
[Laughing] [Game Man is passing quietly] Can you give me just one hint? [And Jimin ask him a question] [He almost forgot]
I’ll play the game. The question mark card! [Game Man]
Zero. [This time, a star card!]
No. 38. [Cham cham cham game for Jimin]
Cham, cham, cham. [He lost this easily?]
Cham, cham, cham. [Cute guy]
Please give me another chance. [Cold-hearted]
Play the perfect pitch game. [Given word: Jangsoo haneulso] – That’s easy.
– With Jangsoo haneulso (Longhorned Beetle). [Given word: Jangsoo haneulso] [Succeed!] – Park Jimin!
– Yes? How many did you find? I didn’t find any.
I’m telling you the truth. [Jimin… SUGA found one…]
I didn’t find any here. I’m telling you the truth. [His bag seems to be full of cards] [This time, it’s the mukjjibba game!]
Mukjjibba game. Rock, scissors, paper! [He’s playing so hard but keeps losing]
– Paper. – Scissors, rock. Gosh. That guy.. I should ask him
whether he saw any cards while cleaning. [He’s thinking about asking for a hint
from a cleaning man] Excuse me. [Polite]
Hello. I’m sorry but..
Sir, I’m sorry but.. – Did you see any cards looking like this one?
– No, I didn’t. – You didn’t?
– No. [Appealing hard] – If you find any,
please look for me. – Okay. – Promise me you won’t give it to others.
– Okay. – Thank you. [Jung Kook is also trying another place]
Open! Oh! It’s spacious. [He’s doing his best to find cards]
The other way. [Running hard]
Let’s start from the inside. It was so easy to find cards at the beginning.
But why is it so hard to find them now? Maybe I was lucky at the beginning. [It suddenly became noisy] [4 other members are]
– Where are they? – I can’t see any. [in the same floor with Jung Kook]
Isn’t that RJ? See? It’s in places like this. They were all here.
They left now. [He found a card while feeling frustrated] [My precious card] Oh, I met you! Hey, as I keep walking about this place,
I can’t tell where I am now. [It’s so spacious that they can’t even tell where
they are now] Namjoon, did you find any? You already… I think you already searched the places
before me. [They are talking but so busy looking for a card]
What are you talking about? How come there is not even a single card? [Game Man]
Please come here, Run BTS Manager. [SUGA to play a game]
It’s no. 42. [First game is Cham cham cham!]
– Cham cham cham game. – Just once, right? Cham, cham, cham! [SUGA won!]
Okay, I stopped. [This time, the capital game][Q]
Where is the capital of Tunisia? The capital of Tunisia? [Panicked]
How can I know? Tunisia! [Tried another game. But he lost again…]
– Rock, rock, rock, rock! – Paper, paper, scissors! Cham, cham, cham. [He’s the master of cham cham cham]
Okay. [He runs away quickly after getting a card]
I can’t find it. How come you didn’t hide many cards
on the 9th floor? [Shall I run as well?]
They are so eager to win. They are running around. [Jin and j-hope bump into each other] Did you find any? – I didn’t. How about you?
– Don’t come near me. [I thought they are in a race walking competition]
Did you find a card? [Amazing. He walked so fast but found a card]
Did you find a card? [j-hope ran to Jin]
Did you find a card? – What, are you trying to steal it?
– No. – You’re not? [Ready to fight]
– We’re not fighting? – No. I was already here.
Oh, there’s a way out. [He found a card on his way out!]
What is that? What is that? [He’s going out after finding one card!]
I can’t be just here. [He’s going out to meet a bigger world]
In this spacious building… Come to think of it,
I was a big fish in a little pond. [Good bye…] How many cards did you find? [You can’t trust no one here..]
In this spacious place, I couldn’t find any cards. – Huh?
– Go to Yoongi. It’s so funny. [They sound like they didn’t find any cards]
Why? He didn’t find any. – Yoongi didn’t find any?
– No. [What’s that?]
Did you hid a card even there? [Found a card in a number ticket dispenser!] [So excited]
No. 32. [He’s go nice]
[Picking up the waste] [Ant putting into the trash can] [Where would it be?] [Found another question mark card!]
Question mark. No. 1. [He almost go past it but found it!]
Yes. No. 33! [More cards?] [Found the card that Jimin missed!] No. 2. [SUGA has changed!] I should run. Only the strong one wins. [Physical strength over cards?]
I will win with my physical strength. [He’s going through the place thoroughly] [As soon as he found one,
he went to the Game Man] [Found SUGA!]
Wait, there’s someone now. What are you going to do? What are you going to do ? [He’s trying to disturb SUGA]
What are you going to do? – Be quiet.
– Let me see. [Perfect pitch game!]
– Luxembourg. – Luxembourg. [Given word: Luxembourg] [His body moves along] [He runs away as soon as he got a heart] I’m going to win!
Just keep this in mind. [Looking around] [He didn’t know that he could go outside]
I can go outside? Really? I can? I didn’t know that. They might hid the cards here. I can hear a voice.
They are coming. They are coming. [It turned out to be j-hope!]
JK! Did you find many cards? [They act whenever they meet each other]
I couldn’t fine that much. – It’s driving me crazy.
– They must have found the cards before us. – JK! You seem to have found many cards.
– No, I didn’t. [He’s just saying anything]
I’m really disappointed at you. [He can’t leave the place easily]
I think there’s more cards. Let’s just go upstairs. [Jung Kook leaves to go upstairs] I’ll gather the cards and then
I’ll play games at once. [He changed his mind in an instant]
No, let’s try a game. [Jin went to the Game Man] – Let’s play cham cham cham.
– Okay. [Cham cham cham for Jin!]
Cham, cham, cham! [Please give it to me]
Thank you. [Announcement is coming out]
– What’s that? – No way. – Already? [Ta-da!]
You have 10 minutes left until the interim check. [They got impatient]
We have only 10 minutes left? I should go upstairs. What?
Why nobody took it? Thank you. Jimin, did you find something? I found three.
But I lost all three games. [Running!]
Lost them all? [He felt sorry for him]
I’m so sorry to hear that. I should play a game. Mr. Game. [He found Mr. Game(?) while running!]
There he is. [Jimin went in to play a game]
I’m ready to play a game. [Found another one]
I knew it. [Jin became star-card-rich]
I’m a rich. [Korean alphabet game!]
– It’s Korean alphabet game. – Okay. K and S. – Kosu (meaning a master).
– Yes. – What? [Passed speedily]
I’ll do one more. [In a hurry]
I’ll play these two cards. [He’s trying use all the cards] [He even lied to the staff]
I got this one. – Let’s play the capital game now.
– Okay. I’m really bad at this game. – Where is the capital of France?
– Paris. What?
Thank you. [He was unconfident but he passed right away]
It’s so hot in here. Thank you. [Next game is his favorite game!]
– Perfect pitch. – I’m so good at it. [Given word: Geomjeongkong songpyeon]
Geomjeongkong songpyeon (Black bean rice cake). Geomjeongkong songpyeon, Geomjeongkong
songpyeon, Geomjeongkong songpyeon. Geomjeongkong songpyeon, kkung. Geomjeongkong songpyeon! [Oh]
Failed. [He failed to get another heart] I’ll get revenge. After I stepped on this escalator, [He wouldn’t be able to get it]
if I find a card, it would break my heart. Because I have to let it go. [SUGA is coming downstairs] [Peeking]
SUGA came downstairs. I think I just heard the voice of
Jeon Jung Kook. [He’s in great condition today]
Who made the voice of Jung Kook? [Can’t hear him]
Okay. I’ll sweep them all here. [You can’t run on the escalator!]
Oh, I shouldn’t run here. [RM looks so tired] I lost my pace. I’m so exhausted now. Oh, RM found another card. SUGA found the most cards. [Is it here?] [According to RM][SUGA is in the lead]
We should cooperate. I didn’t found anything. Don’t lie… He’s lying. He found lots of cards up here… [Found it]
He found lots of cards up… [Betrayed in an instant] [This is the smile of the winner] [SUGA also finds cards well]
– Jimin. – Yes. [Can’t understand]
Why can’t they find the cards? – Jimin!
– Yes. I found 3 cards. I’ll give you one. [Jin gives Jimin a card with a question mark]
Why are you giving it to me? Okay! [Cute]
[But! He looks so excited] Sir! Oh, please! [Found Jimin exchanging the cards]
What? You should give me 2 hearts. [So unfair]
Wow. Jin is so bad. – Wow..
– Why? Why? Is it a blank? I managed to get 2 hearts
but they took them away. Wow, Jin. Jin! He took my 2 hearts. [Everybody hears Jimin’s desperate scream]
– Gosh. Jin! He took my 2 hearts. He took it? [But he finds it funny]
What? What did you say? [Trudging]
They took 2 hearts from me. That’s all I had! You knew it, right? Jimin, instead, I’ll give you this one. – How about that? – It’s over.
– Over? – Yes. – I found this one. It’s for you.
– Until the interim check, [5 minutes?]
You have 5 minutes left. [Then I should run!] [This time, it’s mukjjibba!]
Mukjjibba? I’m not good at it.. Rock, scissors, paper! [We’re so sorry]
Jji, jji, muk! [We really want to give you the hearts…] [But we can’t help it…]
– You lost again? – I hate this! Just don’t play the game. But if I don’t play games,
I can’t get the heart. – Jimin, you know that I just gave you a card,
right? – I know. [They’re just passing the card again]
I’m really bad at mukjjibba. [RM is finding cards alone and quietly] There hid many cards
in the books! [He found another card
with his know-how!] [No, not exactly]
It’s the books! The answer is in the books! They wouldn’t have noticed it yet. [RM is finding all the cards that
other members missed] Okay. – What?
– What? [Engaged in mental warfare as soon as they met]
– What? – What did you say? I think you found one. [I think he found a card]
Cheer up. [RM came to play games after founding
many cards] I’ll play games. [He uses the question mark card first]
I’ll use 2 question mark cards. I have no hearts now. [V found a card, too!] [All of them are good at finding cards]
No. 52. [Found another one!]
No. 51. [Trying to find more until the interim check]
You have 5 minutes left until the interim check. One of them was a losing ticket and for the
other one, you should give me 3 hearts. [If he hadn’t used it, he would have lost all] But I have zero card but you asked me for
3 hearts.. [How to use the question mark card]
[When you use the question mark card,] [if you don’t have any hearts,
we can’t take any hearts from you] [He’s so excited]
Okay! Okay! Okay! That’s why you have to use the question mark card first
when you don’t have any hearts. Jimin, how many cards did you find? [Speaking in a sad voice]
– They took them all. – They took them all? [Sad]
– Yes, I had 2 but they took them all. – Really? – Gosh.
– Bro, can you give me one of yours? Hey, I don’t have any. – Please have mercy for your little bro.
– I have none. – Jimin. – Jimin, not everyone is like me.
– How many hearts do you have, honestly? I have one. [It’s so obvious that they are lying to each other]
– You are lying. – I gave you my cards! What? – Jimin! Pay it back!
– Sir! Jimin, pay it back! [The most important thing to me now
is the Game Man] [SUGA is coming to see Jimin play the game]
I want to see Jimin win the game. Park Jimin, please win! – Cham, cham, cham.
– Arh!!! [He’s really curious]
Why do you keep losing? There are no cards left now. [Jung Kook is begging for a hint]
Please give me a hint. They are so loud.
But it’s really quiet here. I’m going to make the most of this place. I can miss places like this. Passing by… [Cute][He’s walking around talking to himself]
But I might not be the only one who think so. [He found a card that other members missed] Yes, I was not wrong. [The youngest felt better after finding a card]
I feel so much better now. [RM is going through stuff thoroughly] [Let’s take a look here] [RM, you’re really good at this] I think this strategy is working. Looking into the books. Teacher! [Shocked as looking for card]
Teacher! [Found the card he missed earlier]
Teacher! – How did you find that?
– Teacher! [Jimin is not shy about cards]
Teacher! [Looks at every corner]
He’s so good. [looks around] [This is a game Jimin is good at!]
– This game is Hunminjeongeum. – I’m curious. – Teacher! I found it!
– Let me tell you right away. [Finally found a card]
Teacher! I found it! – “G, O”
– “Gaok”. (house) Correct. [Finally won a game..!]
The card I lost earlier, can you turn a blind eye
and give it to me? My eyes are wide open! [There are enemies everywhere]
Even without you, they won’t give me. [He turns back]
Jimin, it’s time for us to team up. Can you give it to me, then? Why would I? – I’ll help once.
– Let’s watch j-hope. – The game you’ll play is Perfect Pitch.
– Perfect pitch? – Yes. There is game called
Perfect Pitch? The phrase you’re given
is “Law of Economics”. Okay, let me start. LAW of economics!
Law OF economics! Law of ECONomics!
Law of ecoNOMICS! [Clean pass!] How many do you have?
Be honest. I just got one.
Just this one. [Jimin feels cheated on]
You didn’t give one to me! [But that’s because j-hope passed the test…]
The black bean, you know… [Jimin feels wronged; the big bros don’t care]
“Black Bean Songpyeon”. – I did a great job!
– BLACK bean songpyeon… [trying alone]
Black BEAN songpyeon… No, I can’t do it. I’m ready for the game. [RM’s first game is Capitals]
– Guess the correct capital. – OK, got it. Where is it? – The capital of Hungary?
– Budapest. “Kk, M” Kkomak!
(blood cockles) Rocks scissors paper! [Calmly passes all games]
[Excited] Okay! [But that excitement was ruined
in the next game] MUSSEL king chestnut bread!
Mussel KING chestnut bread Mussel king CHESTNUT bread!
Mussel king chestnut BREAD! Okay! “Ch, Ch” [Let me think of a word that fits]
[Nothing comes to mind] Time’s up. [RM played games with all the cards he collected]
Thank you. [Another announcement] The 30 minutes allotted for Round 1
has passed. Please gather at the interim check location. [Planning to fake it]
I’m going to trudge slowly. Is everyone gathering? – Jung Kook. – Yes?
– Is it okay to keep looking for cards? No, I was on my way. [Jung Kook gets caught trying to walk
somewhere else] Where are you going? – Oh, really?
– Yes. Where are you going? [These guys are walking together while
also looking for cards discreetly] – I’m scared to go in the stores.
– How many do you have, V? What do you mean?
You found them all. [That’s true] [According to you, no one has
found anything] If you all found them, who actually found them? [They’re on guard against each other] This is a phone. How many did you find?
Be honest. – I found 1.
– Honestly. [Even friends can’t trust each other]
– Honestly, I found 7, – Should we open up? but I gave them all away. [Jimin reveals his card]
– Exactly one left? – Yes. [They still can’t trust each other]
– What about the rest? – I don’t have any! – I have no more.
– Really? – Really. – You didn’t use it!
– I have these two. I didn’t use mine. [The members are gathered at the check area]
Wow, this tastes good! For now, we will reveal which members
are in the top half and bottom half, and only the number of hearts
of the first and the last place. Actually, there are a lot of ties. – Those who are in the top half…
– It means everyone did about the same. j-hope. – j-hope.
– What? – And RM. You fraudsters! I’m in the top half with
only 2 hearts? [Liar!] [Can’t trust anyone!]
– How can you… – What a liar! [RM also evades for now]
I have a rough idea of how many he has! The gap between the 1st place
and the last place is… 6 hearts. – Really?
– You got 6 hearts! – Huh? – Huh?
– These guys have 6 hearts! [Welcome to the no-trust land]
– Huh? – Huh? – These guys have 6 hearts! – Whoa!
– j-hope! – 6 hearts? – j-hope.
– Whoa! [Lies everywhere, since no one knows the truth]
– 6 hearts? – I told you I have 2 hearts! Wait, shouldn’t there be 3 people
in the top “half”? – We tried to divide by 3 people.
– Yes. But everyone except 2 people
were tied… [But the important thing is]
The first and the last are 6 hearts apart? Does everyone else have
zero hearts, then? Yes! I have zero! [V didn’t play any game]
– I didn’t play any. – You look around so much. You guys are too mean! [RM feels cornered]
Some people didn’t get to play any game yet! – They have all the cards stacked up!
– No way! Are you sure? – I’m really not.
– Anyway, j-hope is lying. He has 6. [Feels falsely accused(?)]
He has 4 or 5. – Terrible acting!
– Okay! I’ll be honest. I’ll be honest, really. I’m not first place.
I have 4. Look me in the eye. – j-hope, look me in the eye.
– I see 6! I see 6 in his eyes. [j-hope is startled by Jimin’s remark?]
How can you see 6 in my eyes? – Is he writing 6 in his eyes?
– There is 6 in his eyes. [Which of them is lying?]
– j-hope has 4? – I really have 4. I have 4, j-hope. [Before the end of Round 1…] [j-hope quietly visited the Game Man]
It’s 31. [He played Hunminjeongeum first]
This game is Hunminjeongeum. I’m terrible at this. [And he easily passed!]
– “G, W”. – “Gawi”. (scissors) [Next, he played Capitals]
– This game is Capitals. – Oh… I’m doomed. I don’t know capitals. [Q: The capital of Malta?] [Oh, you know, I know that place!]
[He’s been there but can’t remember the name] Valletta! Valletta! [But he eventually remembered and succeeded!]
I almost forgot. Seriously. [He gained 2 additional hearts at the last minute]
Fantastic! [j-hope is the one with 6 hearts]
Thank you. [Current Scoreboard] [RM: 4 hearts] [Jin: 2 hearts]
[SUGA: 3 hearts] [j-hope: 6 hearts] [Jimin: 2 hearts] [V: 0 hearts]
[Jung Kook: 0 hearts] [Jin believes that RM is 1st place]
RM, it’s obvious that you have 6 hearts, and j-hope has 4 hearts. – You really believe that?
– Of course. [This is a scary place…]
– I have 4. I’m serious. – I think… – I think j-hope has 6.
– You have 6! Go ahead,
be number one. The top score announcement is
a little shocking. [Look at him!]
I shouldn’t have played the game. The announcement result
is a little shocking. [The 6 hearts are stirring up the place]
After having lived so many years together, are the 6 hearts more important to you
than our friendship? – That’s what I mean.
– What? Whoever has 4 hearts is
also in the wrong. – Take one each.
– What is it? The hotteok here is delicious.
(Korean pancake) You’ will play “007 Bang” very speedily
for extra reward. – Reward?
– What’s the reward? The reward will be revealed
if you win the game. – SUGA should go first.
– Go, SUGA. RM should go first,
since he’s first place. – This is how it will be played? – Here like this…
– I know what’s going on! Stop fighting! [Real friends arguing]
– Okay! Let’s do this! – I’ll go first. Do we start with a chant? [The game will start right away!]
– No, no. – No, no. – Ready? 0!
– 0! – 7! [V is poked yet again today] [So sorry!]
– Sorry, sorry. – Bang! [flinches]
– Ow! – Ow! [RM’s flinch was too noticeable to ignore]
RM… [RM, believed to be first place, is out]
– RM is out. – I’m out? – Yes, you’re out. – You’re 1st place. – [shamelessly] Since you’re
1st place. – I’m 1st place?! [This is a scary place full of deceptions]
– It’s handicap for the winner. – RM, sit this out. Don’t reveal right now. [Feels falsely accused]
Wow, j-hope, you’re so good at this. [Bickering] [BTS members are such great actors]
Wow, look at this acting. – Seriously…
– Look at this acting. Stop arguing! [Let’s stop arguing and play this game]
– Focus on the game! – You guys… – Alright, okay, alright.
– Next, V. – Who will start first?
– V should, since he was the last one. – 0, 0, 7
– Bang! – Ow!
– Ow! [SUGA’s reaction was too delayed]
– Ow! – Too late, too late. [I give up] [Let’s focus]
– Okay, out. – I can’t do it. – Jung Kook, what’s wrong?
– Ready? [j-hope and Jung Kook stare at each other]
007 Bang! – Ow!
– Ow! Ow! [V is out due to delayed reaction] I think Jimin did it. I didn’t. I didn’t. [Jimin’s eyes said “Ow” due to shock]
Only the eyes moved up. [I didn’t..]
– Hurry, V, go behind. – Okay. [Jimin will start this time!]
– Ready? – Yes. 007 Bang! [Fast but slow reaction]
– Ow! – Ow! This is allowed. 007 Bang! j-hope didn’t do it. [Like being shot by a bullet~]
What is this? [Trying to figure out the situation]
– It’s okay for the first place. – SUGA is dead? [Jin gets confused with many members out]
– SUGA is dead? – I’m dead. [Soon, only 3 members remain]
– Only 3 of us are left. – Fight me! – Ready? Let’s go!
– j-hope’s acting skills improved. – 0! – 07 Bang!
– Ow! – Ow! [The maknae is happy thanks to Jimin] [And Jimin is strangely slow]
Why is this guy off one beat? No no! [Go again?] – His dancing is also one beat off.
– 0! – His dancing is laid back. – 07 Bang! Ow!
– Ow! Owwwwww! [What’s wrong, Jimin?]
Okay. It’s Jimin’s turn. [This game is quite a spectacle]
– 007 Bang! Ow! – Ow! [Flinches]
– 70! Ow! – Ow! – 007 bang!
– Ow! – Ow! [Chaos]
– 007 bang! – Ow! -Ow! – 007 bang!
– Ow! – Ow! 007 bang!
Ow! [Oh no…] [Jimin confidently misses and loses]
Jimin, I was rooting for you. Wow! [Now only 2 members are left]
Wow, you guys are good. – That’s dope. Seriously.
– Do rock scissors paper. – Play rock scissors paper.
– No one can beat SUGA at this. [The members want a new game]
What else can you do with 2 people? – Which game are you good at?
– Rock scissors paper. – Which game? – Shall we play “Sweet and Sour Pork”?
– Do you have another word? – Let’s play it with “Duty Free” then.
– Duty Free? [Let’s play Duty Free, since we’re at a Duty Free]
Okay! We’ll play Duty Free. [Word: Myeonsejeom (Duty Free)]
Sit down and look at each other in the eye. – Right here.
– Myeon. – Se. – Jeom. – Myeon. – Se. – Jeom.
– Myeon. – Se. – Jeom. – Myeon. – Se. – Jeom.
– Myeon. – Se. – Jeom. – Jeom. [Jung Kook is out…]
– Jeom. – Jeom. [Jin is the final winner of
this interim check game] [j-hope is more excited]
Duty Free! Duty Free! Duty Free! – The final winner of this round is Jin.
– Yes. The reward is… [Interim Check Winner’s Reward] [The interim check winner will be
given 2 extra votes] [at the voting in the final check round] [At the end of Round 2, at the final check,
the members will vote to predict the winner] [At that time, these extra votes will have the
potential to change the winner] [Number of votes of each member]
[Jin: 3 votes] [RM, SUGA, j-hope, Jimin, V, Jung Kook: 1 vote] Gentlemen, even more spectacular events
are awaiting in the second half. In the second half, 3 more types of
cards will be added. [100 Star cards, 10 Question Mark cards
+ Bag Switch, Special, Red Star cards added] – 3 types of cards?
– What’s that? 5 bag switch vouchers! Bag? – I can switch my bag with someone?
– Yes. That’s not fair! [Joy and sadness] – Wow! – I want to
switch with him! – I want j-hope’s. – This is good! Jung Kook says,
“It’s not fair!” [Complains] What’s the point of
collecting all the cards, then? Also, each Special Card is
worth 200,000 won. There are a total of 7 Special Cards. [What is a Special Card?] [7 Special Cards, each worth 200,000 won,
are hidden all over the place] [At the final check, if the most-voted member
is the same as the actual winner,] [The winner is disqualified, which means that
the reward will not go to the winner] [Instead, the reward will go to the holder
of the Special Cards] [e.g. 3 Special Cards=600,000 won] [What’s a Red Star Card?] [A Red Star card can completely turn the table!
It has the power to change the game’s rule] [so that the winner is “the one with least hearts”,
rather than “the one with most hearts”] [If you don’t want to change the rule,
you may choose not to use this card] [Whether or not this card will be used is
completely up to the one who finds this card] [If this card is used, from that point on,
the members must try to lose all their cards] [In that case, they can hand off 1 card
to the Game Man] [for every game they win] Be careful, guys. – Then… – Your acting skills improved so much!
– Round 2 will begin. [The members disperse as soon as
Round 2 begins] [Camera director]
Wait for the cameras! [Guys… at least wait for the camera…]
– Go with the cameras! – Go with the cameras. [They are so competitive]
Is speed the only thing that matters? [Coming up in Run BTS!]
[In Round 2, the boys get even more competitive] I’ll just find them in the department store. [I will be the final winner!]
Isn’t it this? The game has been finished. [Some rejoice, while others rush]
– Woo-hoo! – Oh no! [Shocks] [What will come out of this unpredictable game?]
Is there a plot twist? [Breathtaking plot twists] This is crazy! [Don’t miss the next episode!]
This “Run BTS”… – I’m going to make sure to watch it!
– I felt so much fear working with you. [Run BTS!]
[EP.79 007 Operation 1]

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