[EngSub] Run BTS 2019! – Ep.43

[EngSub] Run BTS 2019! – Ep.43

[Run BTS
– Satisfaction of 5 senses Ep 1 – ] [Suga was given a punishment
in the previous episode] [Suga confidently said
he would not get the punishment] Suga will be given
the punishment. [Suga went to the sea due to the punishment]
Entering the sea water! – That’s the sea.
– Winter sea. To carry out the punishment,
I’m in Jeju Island. [The temperature was below 0
(Very low)] But it’s below zero.
I can’t enter the sea water. [On his way to put
his hand in the sea water] [Walking] [His back looks like a cute worm] [You can feel the coldness
from the wind sound] Urgh! [What’s that sound?]
Wow. [Please understand he can’t say
because it’s too cold] [Pretty sea in Jeju Island] [Suga’s punishment is over!] Run, BTS! [Wow] [Olympics torch relay muffler?]
While the torch is being relayed
for the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, dear Olympics mascot RJ
is here with us. [Su-J, today’s star for Run BTS]
You look so cute today. [Cute cute]
So cute. [Golden torch relay started suddenly]
“Golden torch relay”. [Nagging]
I think the mask is growing. I think this is not an alpaca
but a sheep. [No way]
RJ is an alpaca. [Nagging] – My head is getting bigger.
– His fur looks like an alpaca. [So much interest to Suga]
– Too cute. – Not too heavy? – Heavy. Really heavy.
– So, what are we going to do today? We’re going to test your five senses
during today’s “Run BTS”. – Test of five senses?
– Five senses? [Today’ Run BTS!]
Satisfaction of five senses] [BTS members will
test their 5 senses] [It’s a test of five human senses,
sense of touch, sight, hearing, smell and taste] [They are going to play 5 games
in individual matches] [Who is the one with
the best five senses?] [The one who has the best
5 senses will have a prize] Wow. [Not because of that…]
Since I offered my laptop for a prize, [the punishment was gone in Run BTS]
the punishment has been gone. RM received the prize happily. [RM put the laptop in his parent’s]
– Did you get it? – It’s in my parent’s. [Focusing]
The first game is to test a sense of touching. [Already doing it]
Sense of touching! [Satisfaction of 5 senses
– Sense of touching] [Each of four boxes has an item
and an embossed letter on the bottom] [The player need to guess the answer
using his tactile sensation] [4 minutes will be given] [If he guesses the item correctly,
he will earn 1 point] [If he guesses the word correctly
by combining letters, he’ll earn 3 points] [The first challenger Jimin]
Are you confident? Will you go first? – Receiving Hope’s energy…
– OK. Go ahead. [What are going to be the items in boxes?]
– OK. – Go. [Hesitating] [Concentrating]
– Why? What? – What’s that? [Jimin is touching fearlessly]
– What’s that? – Does it bite? [Surprised]
– It bites. – Does it? [So curious]
[Something is biting Jimin’s hand]
What’s this? Its moving. – Moving? – Moving?
– It’s moving. [Talking so fast]
– Fast? – Fast! Fast! [Dried noodles that bite Jimin’s hand]
– Not Jin’s pet? – It’s from home. – What’s this?
– Isn’t it V’s dog? [No…]
Didn’t it move? [Members are suspicious of Jimin]
Didn’t he act? [No way]
– He’s not good at acting. – Nope. There’s a camera in the box.
It’s not the… [Jimin kept touching the camera
thinking it was the letter] [Feeling sorry] [Can’t laugh]
There was a camera. It was a camera. [Jimin moved on]
Let me move on. [Putting is hand being scared]
Should I do this for all boxes? [Touching]
Can you remember? [He can’t hear]
So, you need touch 1 letter in a box, [What’s this?]
and combine them to guess. [Silicone globes] [Curious eyes] [Scared eyes]
What? Does it bite? [Warty sea squirts] [Oh! Now I know!] [He found the letter, touching it]
What’s this? One letter per each? [Talking individually] So, four letters in total? [Probably….?]
– Water. – The Olympics Torch Relay? [Probably not]
No? [Jimin is frowning]
– What’s this? – Look at his face. – He frowned when you say a torch relay.
– What is this [Mixed sliced fruits]
I will go next. – OK. Done?
– Please hang on. [Jimin checks out the confusing one]
– There’s water. – This makes sound. [Members got scared of the sound
that dried noodles make]
– Sound? – It’s moving. [He keeps saying]
– Isn’t it Odeng? – It makes sound. [Jimin is acting so great]
This is huge. What’s this? I’m done. [Jimin’s result] [Dried noodles – ?
Silicon gloves – ?] [Warty sea squirts – balloon
Mixed fruits – ?] [Letter – Hwa Yang Yeon Hwa
Result – Hwa Yeon ? Ha]
[Failed!] [Writing the answer]
[Next challenger Jungkook] Go! [Carefully]
[The youngest touches it fearlessly] [Oh]
Jimin was acting. [Jimin is not sure about his answer]
Does it move? Big? Bites? [What’s this?]
Please give it to us. [Jimin is approaching to give the answer]
– Yes. – Does it bite? – Here it is. [Jimin finally handed out his answer] Jimin was acting. [Jungkook’s wandering hand]
Can we see from that side? I don’t know what it is. [Jimin checks out from the front]
There’s time limit. [Bombing questions]
Jungkook, how does it feel? [Saying in dialect because he’s surprised]
– How does it feel? – What’s this? [His surprised look from the sie]
I’m checking out the letter first. [Guessing]
– It will be something that we
can’t expect. – Sure. [Members are guessing]
Tuna cans in the water, I gss. [What?]
– Squid sushi. – It’s delicious. [Surprised V]
– Delicious? – Delicious? I’m looking at the items.
My answers were all wrong. [Frozen]
Jungkook knows nothing. [RM gets too excited]
– Jungkook. – He has no idea. [I don’t get it]
– What’s this? – He knows nothing.
– Time’s up! [Time is up]
– Put your hand out – Take it out. [Jimin came to see it again]
– Too difficult? – Yes. – The 3rd challenger.
– Please exchange the boxes. [Mad]
What? [Jungkook’s result] [Dried noodles – Branches
Silicon gloves – Balloons] [Warty sea squirts – Warty sea squirts
Mixed fruits – ?] [Word – Hwa Yang Yeon Hwa
His answer – Hwa Yang Yeon Hwa]
[Success!] [Two finished the mission and
five didn’t] The third one. [The 3rd challenger Jin]
Kim Seok Jin. [Zoning out]
1, 2, 3. Oh! [Hope’s official: Jin is a scaredy cat]
Jin gets easily surprised. [Rolling eyes] [Toy snakes]
He’s 27 years old. [Younger ones are laughing out]
[Jin’s shaking had] It’s moving! [His hand is moving so fast
like a food mixer] [Members are so surprised]
Does it move? [Jin, please do no break it down]
What a scaredy-cat! – I’ve never seen such a scaredy cat.
– I don’t get it. [True or false]
Jin is more chicken-hearted than I am. [His body shrank already]
Oh? [Making a fuss] [It’s a rice puff cookie]
Everyone understood perfectly. – While I didn’t get it.
– You didn’t understand the rule. Are you doing it? [He’s doing it but..] [Jin got surprised when touching the water]
– What? – What’s wrong? [Please tell us why he’s doing this]
It does not bite. Hey, it does not bite.
It doesn’t. – Is there any living creature?
– Yes. – What’s this?
– Is it living? – I think so. [Ballet posture]
Look at Jin’s feet. You need to move on to this box, bro. I forgot the two letters. [Touching]
Did you forget letters? [Putting his hand without much thoughts]
Urgh! [Surprised]
– What’s that? – That’s the worst. [Sheet masks]
– Really? – Yes. [Making a fuss with his hand
while shouting out] His hand didn’t even touch it. [Unfocused eyes] [He’s hilarious] [Worried]
[Worried next player] [Shouting out loud again] [Jin finally touched the item] [Time is up]
– Stop. – Stop. [Jin’s result] [Toy snakes – Snakes
Rice puff cookies – ?] [Toy frog eggs – Preservatives
Sheet mask – toilet paper] [Word – Hwa Yang Yeon Hwa
Answer – Ho An Yang Wa]
[Failed!] [The 4th challenger Suga]
– Let’s go. – Go! [Suga is not scared of things] Suga is very brave. [Focusing on items]
He’s scared of other stuff but not afraid of playing this game. [Right] – Suga can’t watch scary movies.
– I don’t like scary movies. [OK!] [Suga moved on quickly]
What’s this? [Surprised]
Can he touch it? [Suga’s hand is touching the letter first]
I think the 2nd one is something gross. [Talking to himself]
How can I describe it? It’s not living. [Fearless alpaca Su-J]
– What’s this? – It’s not living. – Yoongi moves so quickly.
– That’s why he’s wearing this. I don’t understand what this is. [This is toy frog eggs]
What’s that? [Arguing]
I think my answer was correct. [Talking to himself]
Is this the one? What’s this? [Please admit my answer]
Isn’t it? My answer is correct! [No….] – The answer is…
– What’s this? – Producer. [Please don’t ask us]
What’s this? [Smelling test that started from touching]
[Smile] It smells sweet. [Facing a difficulty] – Right, it smells good.
– This is not its original shape. [Suga’s time is up]
I don’t get the 3rd one. [Suga’s result] [Toy snakes – Toy snakes
Toy spider – Toy spider] [Toy frog eggs – toy frog eggs
Sheet mask – cleaning tissue] [Word – Hwa Yang Yeon Hwa
Answer – Hwa Yang Yeon Hwa]
[Success!] [The 5th challenger]
Inofficial scarey-cat RM! [Innocent]
– Right, an inofficial scaredy-cat.
– I’m easily scared. – The first thing is really…
– Go! [Unfocused eyes] How can they guess? [His hand slowly going into the box]
[Dried tofu] [Members are so sure he can’t guess]
– Urgh! – He can’t guess. Hang on. I can’t touch the letter. If RM can’t recognize the letter… [RM’s chin when he’s concentrating] [Scared but child-like RM]
What’s this? [Big and beautiful toy spider]
It’s big and beautiful. – Big and beautiful.
– What’s this? Please don’t break the box. [God of destruction, please…]
Please do not break it down. What’s this? What should I do? [Members are surprised by the next one]
– Here it is. – That’s it.
– This is… [Frozen] [Jungkook looks so excited] Hang on. [Sea cucumbers] [You don’t have much time]
– What’s this? – You need to hurry. [Talking fast]
It’s gone. It was here. [It doesn’t bite you]
What’s this – Starfish?
– You have 30 seconds. [Is it mad at me?]
Hang on. [RM had to move on]
RM, you need to move on. I don’t want to guess. That was amazing. [What’s the item that RM says it bites?]
It bit me! [That’s manyplies]
It doesn’t bite yet. – Hey!
– Dose it bite? [Next runner V is scared] [RM is surprised]
– Time’s up. – The end. – Time is up? [RM’s result] [Dried tofu – sponge blocks
Toy spider – cotton candy machine] [Sea cucumber – octopus
Manyplies – loaches] [Word – Hwa Yang Yeon Hwa
Answer – Hwa Yang Yeon Hwa]
[Success!] [The 6th challenger V]
[Hope’s joyful sound effect] [Let’s be calm]
I think Hope can’t touch it. [Jin who scares the younger one]
You need to be careful. He’s so serious. – He looks like…
– A master who fires pottery. [Calm] – It’s big.
– RM broke it down. [J-Hope looks so nervous]
Really? [Chatting]
– The fear about unknown things…
– Hope. [V was surprised when he touched]
I think… [His big eyes are wide open]
It’s living. [I’m living] [White-faced]
Is it living? [I will pet it] – Amazing.
– Taehyung, you need to move on. That’s amazing. [His hand enters slowly]
Here it is. [Five members are talking about it]
Don’t make a mistake. [Touching slowly]
Go down, slowly. [Should I touch it or not?]
– It bites. – Up. [V is touching a sea cucumber] [Members show amazing reactions] [He is surprised more] [He’s brave]
I didn’t expect him to touch it. I see. [Oh? What’s this?] – Oh, man.
– Why is it so big? [I’m laughing but I’m not laughing]
– Big? – Careful. Touch it slowly. [May I touch you?]
[Touching] It’s moving. If you move your hand down,
it’s his head. [Shall we talk together?]
[Touching bravely] [Feeling dizzy when looking at it]
Will he lift it? [What’s this?]
What is this? [Time is up] [V’s result] [Dried tofu – Big jellies
Toy spider – Toy spider] [Sea cucumbers – Pig’s skin
Manyplies – Octopus] [Word – Hwa Yang Yeon Hwa
Answer – Hwa Yan Yeon Hwa]
[Success!] [Last challenger J-Hope]
[Excited] Go. [His hand touching in the air] [Excited members] [Here we go!]
[Hope’s sound effect] [Touching in the air]
[Jimin’s love for ARMY] [Hope, your face is red]
What’s this? What’s this? [Su-J is just laughing] What’s this? [Weird posture] Suga, your head is too big
and I can’t see J-Hope. [Sorry] – I can’t see him because
of your head. – Sorry. – What’s this? [Mysterious item, black mushroom]
What’s this? – Tripes?
– Other stuffs are more amazing. Oh! Urgh! Oh! [J-Hope gets so surprised] [He’s so funny] This feels so weird. [It feels strange since
he guesses by touching] [They scare him again]
It bites! [V became child-like after finishing his turn]
Brother, touch the bottom. [So serious]
Where is the letter? [His scared face]
You can’t tell if touching carelessly. You need to move on. – There it is.
– That’s the one! [Sound effect begins again]
Urgh! Wow! Hope, it’s living. [Hope’s smell radar starts working]
It smells like seawater. It’s living. [H looks like he’s bitten] [He’s so funny]
He touches the letter only. – What’s this?
– On the front… – What’s this?
– That thing. [Asking for help with his eyes]
He spits water. [Correct!]
Spoon worms? [Everyone is acting together] [Hope’s face looked relieved] [This is seaweed] – I can tell.
– How do you know that? [Correct!]
I know. It’s seaweed. [J-Hope’s episode about seaweed]
When I was young, my dad cooked seaweed soup
5 times a week. [So he got used to it]
I know what it is when I smell it. [Moving back to the next box]
All right. What’s this? [RM looks like he’s touching it] [Amazing]
What’s this? I think I will win this game. [Sorry?]
I’m more brave than you think. [You’re now watching brave J-Hope] [J-Hope’s result] [Black mushrooms – Tripes
Manyplies – A monk fish] [Spoon worms – spoon worms
Seaweed – Seaweed] [Word – Hwa Yang Yeon Hwa
Answer – Hwa Yang Yeon Hwa]
[Success!] [Result of tactile sensation game] [RM – 3 points, Suga – 6 points,
Jin- 1 point] [J-Hope – 5 points
Jimin – 0 point] [V – 4 points
Jungkook – 4 points] The first round is over. [Belated reaction]
Good! I like that I’m at the 2nd place. There are four games left. Shall we move on to the next round? [Sudden question]
– Was there a punishment for the last place?
– We don’t have it today [Rules are added every day]
Let’s make the winner wear this costume. [Praise for BTS members who will wear BT21]
Let’s give up our styles and wear BT21. Let’s move on to the next game. [Let’s go to play the 2nd game]
– Let’s go! – Let’s go! If you wear this, you have to keep wearing. You can’t take it off.
The doll mask. [Those two at the 6th and 7th places]
We’re at the bottom now. This is the hearing test. [Satisfaction of 5 senses
– sense of hearing] [Players need to find the member
that he chose after hearing voices only!] [1. Members will pick a member
that he will find] [2. Others will stand around the player
and say “ARMY” together] [3. Members can shout only 3 times] [If the player finds the member
he picked, he will earn 3 points] [Choice of members]
[RM ->V] [Jin ->Suga
J-Hope ->Jin] [V ->J-Hope
Suga ->Jungkook] [Jimin ->RM
Jungkook ->Jin] [First runner Su-J, Suga]
We will randomly stand behind Suga. [Suga needs to find Jungkook] [V, what are you doing now?]
So, can we just go and find him like this? [Left alone] [Suga feels weird]
What is he doing? Nobody tries to find where you are. [What’s wrong with him?] [Members are choosing where to stand
making a fuss] Ready? [They are answering by clapping] [Standing behind him]
[Suga closes his ears] If I count 1, 2, 3,
you will say ARMY. [Why did you clap?]
Did you get it? Are you standing behind me now? – 1, 2, 3.
– ARMY! [Suga got it]
[Saying don’t come to me with his face] [No way]
1, 2, 3. [One more time]
ARMY! [Using gestures (Please tell him
to go to the front)] [Slowly] [Jimin’s favorite gesture] Please come back to your place. [Funny]
Please come to the front. [Last time]
– 1, 2, 3. – ARMY! [Can Suga find Jungkook?] [No!]
I’ll find him. [Suga goes to Jungkook]
I got you. [The youngest member]
I’m sure he’s Jungkook. [Correct]
Amazing. – How did he get this?
– Didn’t he guess? [Showing off]
I have good ears. [Cute]
Can I do better by wearing this? [The 2nd challenger Jungkook]
You can hear 3 times there. [Members are choosing where to stand]
Please decide where to stand. [Smooth] [Jungkook needs to find Jin]
– Who does he need to find? – Jin. [They exchanged places
with Su-J’s exciting clap] There are 3 chances
when he counts 3. – OK, here we go. 1, 2, 3.
– ARMY! [It’s not fair]
You should not change your voice tone. [No interest] I don’t get it.
1, 2, 3. [Someone’s voice tone sounds weird]
ARMY! [Talking at the same time]
– 1, 2, 3. – ARMY! [Kook can’t tell]
I don’t get it. [Let’s raise our voice tones together] Members will give another
chance to Jungkook. [Kind bros]
[Making a quiet fuss (Jungkook!)] [Kook is not confident]
I don’t think I can guess. [This is shouting]
– 1, 2, 3. – ARMY! [Laughing] I think this is Suga. [Correct]
[I’m here, Jungkook] [Please find me]
Jin? [Oh?!] Um…. [Flapping]
[What’s this?] [Probably?]
[Jungkook is approaching to Jin] [Jin is so flexible] Is there anyone? [Jungkook is highly sensitive]
Amazing! Did you get the telepathy? [The 3rd challenger Jin]
Please exchange your places. Who does Jin need to find? [Jin needs to find Suga]
Suga. [Jin is clapping together]
[They’re making a fuss while changing places] [Beagle-like members
who can’t stay quiet for a second] [As if he can see]
May I count 3? [What is he doing?]
Sorry. I’ll count. [Calmly]
– 1, 2, 3. – ARMY! [Can’t tell…] [Relaxed since his turn is over]
This… – Again. 1, 2, 3.
– ARMY! [His exclamation shows
how he feels] I can’t guess at all. [Closing eyes and trying]
[One more time] 1, 2, 3. [Jin’s last chance is over]
ARMY! [Approaching]
[Who is Jin coming to?] [The end]
Screwed up? [Hey, it’s me] [Jin chose RM]
He screwed up. [Suga looks so happy]
[Jin failed!] [The 4th runner,
god of destruction RM] [Clapping time again] [RM needs to find V] [He’s dancing now] [Why did you wear upside down?]
You have 3 chances. [Choir]
– 1, 2, 3. – ARMY. [Tilting his head]
[Reading the room about what to do] [Lowering voice tones]
– 2, 3. – ARMY. [He looks so proud] [So low and booming voice]
– 1, 2, 3. – ARMY. [Proud (I bet he can’t tell)] [Smiling] [Amazed]
Now they’re good at this. [RM keeps whispering to himself]
I can’t tell the exact place. [Try]
You can guess. [Can he find me?] [Can RM find V?] [Everyone is waiting]
[Confused] Based on his personality, [Don’t come to me]
would he try to make louder sound [RM analyzes V’s character]
to get my attention? [Saying that he’s here]
Would he say quietly, not to get caught? I guess it depends on that. [Come to me]
I don’t know. [Holding his breath]
You are standing too close to me. [RM’s answer]
[Members start laughing all together] [Surprised]
Hey, I’m the only one who failed! – Who does V need to find?
– Hope. [Next runner, handsome guy V] [Su-J says hurry up]
Go, hurry up! [Walking without making sound] Are you ready? Please say 1, 2, 3. [What?]
Producer, sorry but please… [What is he saying?]
1, 2, 3. – ARMY! [Did it help?] – 1, 2, 3.
– ARMY! [I don’t get it] – 1, 2, 3.
– ARMY! May I try one more time? [Smiling]
OK. [Raising their voice tones]
[OK, OK] 1, 2, 3. [Showing off the perfect harmony]
ARMY! [Where is he going?]
[Jungkook looks a bit nervous] [V is coming to someone
without hesitation] [He arrived at Jimin’s place] [But J-Hope is here]
– Amazing. – Awesome. [V found his soulmate Jimin]
It’s your soulmate Jimin. [Waiting until he takes off his sleep shade]
– Amazing. – Jimin? – Your guess was wrong.
– Amazing. Thank you. [Jin came to say thank you]
Thank you for failing. [Next member, J-Hope,
the rising star of mixed tape]
His mixed tape will come out. I hope you can guess. [Members are putting pressure]
– Right, I hope so.
– Because your mixed tape is coming out. He can find easily. Right, he can do this. [J-Hope needs to find Jimin]
They shared a room for years. [J-Hope and Jimin are sharing a room]
Jimin has his own frequency. [J-Hope who feels Jimin’s energy]
– Jimin. – Jimin’s voice stands out. [Changing places] [Making a fuss] OK, shall we do this now? [Another confusion tactics] [Oh, correct]
Taehyung? [Members got surprised
by he guessed with shoes sound] [Surprised]
This is hard. [Let’s change the seats]
I think I can’t do this. [Secretly changing the places]
What if I stand like this? [So serious] [Lower tones]
– 1, 2, 3. – ARMY. [J-Hope successfully found the direction]
OK, the left side. He’s on my left side. [Amazing?]
No? [He’s talking to himself]
He’s on my left side. I’ll pay more attention to my left. [Nervous]
– 1, 2, 3. – Army! [Confident]
I’m so sure. On my left side.
This is Jungkook. [Jin is surprised (Am I Jungkook?)]
This is Jungkook. [It seems strange, right and wrong…]
Jimin is between Jin and someone. [I’m here] – 1, 2, 3.
– ARMY! [Hope got confused again]
Is he on my right side? [Jimin is trying hard
to hold his laughter] [Please come to me, bro]
Please go find the member you chose. [J-Hope walks around and
checks out the energy] Jimin, ready? [Sure, I’m ready!]
Jimin, are you ready? Jimin? Hang on. Where is the front? [J-Hope lost the sense of direction]
Please face the left. – Sorry?
– Your left side. [Suspicious]
Is this the front? Are you sure? [It looks like that he was deceived all the time]
This is the front, right? [Checking out if it’s the front side]
Are you sure? [Please go] I trust you.
I think it’s the front and go. This is the front.
There’s the camera in front of me. [Hey, trust that] [J-Hope moves slowly to the left]
I’ll go to the left. [Oh?] [Did Hope really…?] [He tries to find Jungkook who is not here]
I think this is Jungkook. [His guesses are all wrong]
He’s Jungkook, and this is Yoongi. [Me?] [Oh, brother]
Or here? [Hold m hand, Hope]
This is Jungkook. Somewhere here. [No, I’m not there] [Hope is approaching to Jin] [Come to me]
Who is in the middle? [Everyone gasps and watches] – Oh, I screwed it up.
– Answer! [J-Hope failed]
I screwed it up. He’s Namjoon. [Hope, it’s me… Your big brother]
[What’s he saying?] Namjoon! – Wake up!
– What? [Why? J-Hope still doesn’t understand]
Jimin was here. I said so. But I couldn’t find the location. [Hilarious]
– There was nobody. – You talked to there. – There was nobody.
– Really? [The last runner, Mangae Jimin] [Members are trying to choose their places] [Quiet]
Are you ready? Done? [Yes, we are]
Are you ready? [Finding RM]
Namjoon, are you ready? [This is V]
Namjoon, ready? OK? [Calmly]
– 1, 2, 3. – ARMY. [No way]
[Will he find him at the first go?] I think I know. [Saying in harmony]
– 1, 2, 3. – ARMY! – 1, 2, 3.
– ARMY! [Upgraded ARMY sound] Can I try one more time? [In high tones]
[Can Jimin find RM?] – 1, 2, 3.
– ARMY. [He turned around without hesitation] [Walking straight] [Where are you going, Jimin?] [Trying to hold laughter]
[Jimin, why did you go there?]
There’s no one. I heard it from here. [Jimin Found RM]
[Jin’s shout] No! How did you guess? [Members have a good sense of hearing]
– Did I? – You did. – I did!
– I almost did. [It’s so unfair]
I lost the sense of direction. [Result of hearing test game] [RM chose V
Success!] [Suga chose Jungkook
Success!] [Jin chose Suga
Failed!] [J-Hope chose Jimin
Failed!] [Suga chose RM
Success!] [V chose J-Hope
Failed!] [Jungkook chose Jin
Success!] [RM – 3 points, Suga – 3 points
Jin – 0 point] [J-Hope – 0 point
Suga – 3 points] [V – 0 points
Jungkook – 3 points] [Jin is at the bottom with 1 point]
You got only 1 point. Let’s start the next game. [Smell test]
– Sense of smelling. – Smell test. [Satisfaction of 5 senses – smelling] [With his eyes covered,
a player needs to guess the food] [and the member who
is holding it by smelling] [The player will get 2 points for
the member and 1 point for the food] [If he guesses both correctly,
he will earn 3 points] – Who will go…
– How can you do that? Let’s do it in this order. Shall we start with Jungkook?
Starting with Jungkook? – Let’s start with Jungkook.
– OK. [The first player Jungkook]
Ready, go. [Smelling]
[Jin is holding white chocolate] Cake. Where’s his hand? [This is Jin’s hand]
You have 1 minute. What’s this smell? [Smelling] [Kook is surprised]
Is his hand in front of my nose? [I can’t smell any]
There’s no smell. [Smiling]
What’s this smell? [Suddenly]
Jin? [How can he…?]
Cake? It smells so sweet. [Focusing] [10 seconds are left]
– You have 10 seconds. – This… [Loving eyes at the youngest member] Oh? Oh! – The answer is…?
– Answer! [Food] – Chocolate.
– And? [Member]
Jin? I guess it’s Jin. Chocolate, you know. Not the brown one. [Showing reactions as if they guessed right]
What’s that? The white one. White chocolate. [Simple but correct answer!]
Amazing! [Other members look more
excited than Jungkook] – Amazing!
– Both are correct. – He has a good sense of smelling.
– How can he do that? [Surprised]
I think he saw with eyes in his heart. [The 2nd player Jimin]
You’re choosing the member. [BGM: Suga Suga Supe DJ] I will smell his hand first. [J-Hope is holding the food]
– Ready. – Hand first. Go. [Holding laughter]
[Why are they trying so hard?] [Surprised]
Because of the smell of food… [Jimin got surprised by the food smell]
Please give me your hand. [They’re crying] [Approaching slowly]
Please come near. That’s the hand. I think it’s Hope. Let me smell the food. [It’s Shell Cookies]
It’s Matdongsan. [Why did you get surprised
when he said a wrong answer?] [Member]
Answer. It’s Hope. [Food]
– It’s Matdongsan cookies. – Wrong. [Jimin missed the cookie name]
It’s Hope! – This…
– They were cookies but… – How do you call this?
– Shell Cookies. [The 3rd player is Jin]
Are you ready? Ready. We’re all ready. [Please do this time]
Ready. [Suga will be holding the food]
Ready? – Here we go. – All is set.
– Ready? Here we go. [MC Su-J, great] Let me smell his hand first. [Suga’s hand]
[Sniffing] [Curious]
It doesn’t smell. [The food is lettuce]
You’ll smell the food. Here it is. [Su-J is busy while
being an MC and holding the food] [The youngest smells together
out of curiosity] Please come near. [How can he know this?]
OK. The member. [Carefully moving his position]
You’ll smell his hand again. [Sorry?]
Who are the members of BTS? [Jin’s surprise quiz: BTS members?]
Taehyung, Jimin. Namjoon, Yoongi. [One by one]
– Hope. – 7 seconds are left. – Jungkook. [The last one is you]
Who is the last one? [Oh]
Time is up. [Can he?]
– Please say answers. – Answer. [R & V are nervous] The member is Yoongi. And the food is lettuce. [Jin said correct answer]
Amazing! – How did you know that?
– How can he do this? [Showing off, it’s nothing]
You know the smell of lettuce. [The fourth player Suga]
What will you smell first? [To show cute Su-J for viewers]
Me? [He covered his eyes with the hankie only]
Let me smell the member first. Member first. Ready, go. [Everyone is watching]
Um… – OK.
– Next. [The food is lemon vinegar]
Food. [Suga’s strong reaction]
Ugh! [Sour smell to his nose]
How can I say this? May I smell it again? [Sniffing] Answer. Jungkook
and balsamic sauce. [Wrong]
He said Jungkook and balsamic sauce. What’s this? [The 5th player V]
What would you smell first? – The food, first.
– OK. Here we go. [Can V guess it correctly?] [Are you smelling?] [They are guessing together
(Feat. sense of taste)] [Yum yum]
Cream? [Thinking hard] – What do we call this?
– A lot of time is left. [V smells again]
The food again, please. [Cream bread filled with red beans] OK, the member. [J-Hope is back] [V for V] [How does it smell?] [The youngest tries
what older members do] It doesn’t smell at all.
One more time. [J-Hope lets him smell
various spots of his hand] [Members are trying hard
to hold laughter] [Food]
Answer! Custard cream bread. [The member is….?] [Thinking hard]
The member is… [Focusing on Jimin and Jin]
Between Jimin and Jin… [He’s still amazed by
the V-shaped pose] [Member]
Jin? [Playful members]
– Wow. – Oh. – V.
– Amazing. How can you say all wrong answers? Taehyung, amazing. [Disappointed]
– Bread filled with red beans.
– Oh, it was close. [The 6th player J-Hope]
What would you smell first? [Warming up by smelling the air] [Deciding who holds the food]
I’ll smell the member first. OK, here we go. [Jin is holding the food] [Giving a finger only] [Hilarious] [Concentrating] [Dog’s nose?]
I guess he had bread before. [Jin tasted some of bread
during V’s turn] [The food is pickled garlic] [Focusing on him]
What’s this? [J-Hope keeps saying it]
What’s this? [Time is up]
Hang on. – Over. – Answer.
– It’s tricky. The member is… Hang on. It’s Jin. [Surprised] [But Hope changes his mind]
Nope. No. [Frustrated since they can’t laugh out]
The member is… Jungkook. I’ll say him. [Hang on]
– 3. – The member is… [Funny to watch J-Hope getting confused]
2. [I hope it’s the last]
I’ll say it’s Jimin. – OK. It’s Jimin.
– Will you not change? [Final choice: Jimin]
OK, Jimin. I won’t change. It’s Jimin. Jimin. The food is… [Talking a lot because he doesn’t know]
Please say the answer. [In exaggeration]
We counted 3 like 10 times. 3, 2, 1. [Food]
Gochujang? (Red pepper paste) – Wrong.
– Amazing. [Shouting so high]
– This! – Pickled garlic. [Trying to fool him
as if he guess the member right]
Isn’t it ginger? – Pickled garlic.
– Smell him. [He smells Jimin again]
Pickled garlic? I would have not guessed. [Hope was surprised]
It isn’t the hand I smelled. Oh! Right. It was me. [The last player RM]
Which one do you want to smell first? [Suga is holding the food]
– Member. – Here we go. [Staring] [After smelling Suga’s hand]
Are we doing it now? [Yes, I’m close to you] It smells like perfume,
very softly. Once again, please. [Can you smell my perfume?] I don’t know. One more time. [Will you smell the member forever?] [He’s confused but
says the correct answer]
Who is it? Suga? The food, please. [Avocado]
It smells like… [Sniffing] [Everyone’s eyes are on RM] What’s this? Let’s gather all my energy! [Smelling the air]
Over. – Answer. 1, 2…
– You smelled the air above it. [Merciless countdown]
3. Your answer is? [Member]
Answer! Suga. [Food]
Meat. How does a piece of
meat smell like that? [Why are you looking
through the handkerchief?] What’s this? Avocado? This is meat of fruits,
because it’s rich in protein. This is an avocado.
Never seen this before. – Is this an avocado?
– Avocado. [It’s not fair]
How can I guess that by smelling it? [Smelling test result] [RM : Member – success
Food – fail] [Suga : Member – fail
Food – fail] [Jin : Member – success
Food – success] [J-Hope : Member – fail
Food – fail] [Jimin : Member – success
Food – fail] [V : Member – fail
Food – fail] [Jungkook : Member – success
Food – success!] [RM – 1 point, Suga – 0 point,
Jin – 3 points] [J-Hope – 0 point,
Jimin – 1 point] [V – 0 point
Jungkook – 3 points] [Vision test]
– Vision out of five senses. – Sight. [How will the vision test pan out?] Let’s go closer for 1 second. [Match among competitive members!] Seokjin! [It looks like they’re fighting
but they are not] [They are making a fuss to win] [Each member’s sense of taste
will be revealed!] What’s the name of
the brown thing? I have no idea. [Run BTS
– Satisfaction of five senses Episode 1]

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