[Eng Sub] Run BTS! 2020 – Ep.91 Behind Full

[Eng Sub] Run BTS! 2020 – Ep.91 Behind Full

(#1. A live broadcast)
I’m suddenly on air. Are you starting a broadcast? I’ve never done a live broadcast
while filming Run BTS. (#2. Real-time commentary) This part was so funny. That was a legendary case of acting. The snack is so random. Because my blood sugar dropped. This isn’t even strenuous enough
to do that. (#3. Curious Jin) Will the completed drama be shown
at the end? – Yes, it will.
– Just one episode, right? Yes. (#4. Jin, the clapperboard) (#5. An energetic opening)
– Run!
– BTS! We’re here now. – We have to do it over.
– It wasn’t energetic enough. – Let’s do it again.
– Shall we do it again? – Can someone do the clapperboard?
– I’ll do it. – Run BTS!
– BTS! Okay, that was good. (#6. Silver, not gold)
– A mini golden bell?
– A mini golden bell! – Is there a silver bell, too?
– A mini golden bell! A mini golden bell! (#7. I. G.)
All the games on the show today will be individual games. I guess it’s “I. G.”. (#8. Pressure on V)
Taehyung will be our host today. I’m looking forward to see – what a great job he’ll do.
– Let’s see how well he does. Whether this episode will be
in two parts or one – lies in his hands.
– That’s right. Its fate is in your hands. (#9. Straight to the point)
This is the first round. – Get to the answers.
– It’s already the first round? Are we starting the first round
right away? But, first, the first round. He cuts right to the chase. It’s suddenly the first round. I can imagine the Run BTS…
What do you call it? The background music?
I can see it being added here… You should tell us your goals
before you start. (#10. So many requests)
Excuse me,
but can you speak a bit louder? – Speak like a host.
– I can’t hear you clearly. Now! Here are the rules. For each of the ten questions
you get right, you’ll receive a point. – All right, one point.
– No, don’t change your voice. We just wanted you to speak louder. (#11. Not listening to each other)
– So listen to the sound…
– There are ten questions in total. You’ll get one point
for each correct answer. – Okay, I understand.
– Okay, I got it. Ten questions for each point. – That’s not what he said.
– What? (#12. That’s it.)
– Okay. And?
– And? And that’s it.
They’ll just give us the audio now. Give us what? All right. – Great explanation.
– They’ll connect to bluetooth… You don’t have one of those… Something like, – “Here comes the question”?
– That’s right. That’s what hosts say. You have to give them
a cut-off point. Once the bluetooth is connected, – I’ll do it right away.
– Okay, thank you. (#14. “Now”!)
Let’s go, Taehyung. This is the beginning of my dream – Now…
– The trip to make my dream
Come true, Pikachu – Here’s the first question.
– Okay. (#14. Anything but “why”)
What do you want to know, from
who, where, when, what, and how? – “Who”!
– “What”? – “Who”…
– No, “when” is the most important. When is key, isn’t it? Who is easy.
It’s one or the other. – We can guess that, but not “when”.
– “Why”? – What?
– “Why”? I can’t tell you that
’cause it’s a dead give away. – Wait, but “when”…
– Then what are you willing to tell us? Anything but that. Then “who”. – Can you tell us the situation?
– “Who”? Yes, what is the situation? (#15. Jimin is enjoying this.)
– He always does that.
– Why did he make this sound? The host is… I know. – That’s too specific!
– You can’t just say “I know”. – Call out your name.
– SUGA. – I said it first. Sorry.
– Oh, okay. – Isn’t he adorable?
– Jung Kook… (#16. I got it!)
– Huh?
– So that was the first question? And we still have nine more left. No, we can do it! – I’ll speed it up.
– It’s noon already. This is where the host’s discretion
comes into play. – I’m serious.
– Okay, I’ve got it now. Yes, okay? – Now you know how it goes, right?
– Yes. Give us some more hints,
for instance. You should tease us a bit. (#17. Viewer mode)
Even if it’s a bit vague,
if you think it’s right – then it’s right.
– It feels like Taehyung is watching us. You’re not watching TV right now. You’re not watching Run BTS. It’s like he’s a fan, a viewer who’s mesmerized
on set. – Like a guest host for the day.
– “So this is what hosting is like.” Give us the next sound please. – How cute.
– Can you give us
the question first? (#18. Taehyung’s coming-of-age drama)
He’ll get better. – Let’s go.
– Watch carefully. – Next question. Let’s go!
– It’s a coming-of-age drama. Can you give us the fourth sound,
please? – But what’s the question?
– It’s actually the third sound. You have to listen
to the sound first. (#19. An ad-lib
no one expected)
Oh, someone… He was drawing out
the last line of the song! – Wow, it was a person?
– It was the part that goes “Let’s go on a trip!” That was what it was. I thought it was like a siren, calling everyone back
because our time was up. I thought it was the siren
from when we debuted. How did you even get it right?. (#20. I have two points!)
What’s the current standing? – One point, one point…
– I have two points! Jin’s been getting all the answers. Really? I think he’s really good
at discerning sounds. He got half the questions right – last time on the sound episode.
– The current score… (#21. Jung Kook, the warrior)
I thought it was when we were getting ice cream
at the picnic. No, I want this one! (#22. Talking with his eyes)
It’s Taehyung,
answering a phone call. From which episode? Which episode? You have to say
who was calling, too. You have to tell us
what the call was about, too… (#23. I don’t know.)
– All right, all right…
– Can we hear it again? – “Hello?” Didn’t he do that before,
– It’s from… when he was doing
some sort of role play? It’s from an actual phone call. And as for what I was wearing at the time, it was a button-down and a cardigan. That’s what you always wear. Who doesn’t wear cardigans? It makes sense to tell us, if it was something
like a cropped t-shirt. – It was…
– I think I know
which cardigan it was. It was a blue cardigan. – You have a blue cardigan?
– I don’t know. (#24. The masters of video editing)
It’s up to me to decide
what the answer is, right? Right. Then just tell me
who said it to whom. It was Jimin, talking to Yoongi. – I think that’s right.
– Jin. – I think he’s right.
– I think that’s right. This one is too easy.
So what was it that you said? It was Jimin, talking to Yoongi. V can just change the answer! – What did you say?
– V’s just changed it on him! Jimin said to Yoongi,
“Don’t you dare have a bite.” We should edit in a scene
where RM gets it right. – Do it right now…
– Yes! Let’s do one, just in case. Yes! I knew it was Yoongi
who said that to Jimin. (#25. A strange logic)
– Everyone, take a guess.
– What’s your score? – I have zero points.
– Really? – You have three points,
– Right. and I have two. Then j-hope should go first,
obviously. I’ll go last. – What are you talking about?
– I should go last, then. That’s not how it works! What kind of logic is that? It doesn’t work like that
in this kind of game. – He’s trying to play the hero.
– I’m in last place. (#26. Confident SUGA)
It’s between 34 and 14. The closest one of the two wins,
okay? No, it doesn’t work like that. – He’s making up all the rules…
– I’m going to guess now. I’ll get it exactly right. The answer is 26 times. (#27. A baseball hint)
Are you playing baseball? Hang on. Was it 20 times? (#28. Pout)
But you have to guess
who’s approaching. How am I supposed to know that… – Then you decide, V.
– What are you guys doing… It’s kind of an ambiguous answer… (#29. Jimin! Jimin!)
Jimin! – Jimin!
– Want to take this outside? Jimin! Did he find the hint or not?
That’s all you need to tell me. Jimin! – It’s a 50/50 chance.
– He found it! – Jimin!
– That’s correct. (#30. Understanding the rules)
– So we’ll listen it
in other languages,
– Right. – and figure out which song it is?
– It could be in Russian… – Right, or in Japanese…
– I don’t think it’s talking about actual translation,
but it’ll be like this. – That’s what it is, right?
– Yes, the program will read
the romanized characters. (#31. Too many at once)
So we just have to guess
which song it is? The title of the song… It’ll read out the Korean… There’s no way
we’ll get the lyrics right. Why not? – That’s what you have to do first.
– You’ll have to
figure that out first. Let’s just have
the host tell us what… Who’s the host here? Let’s just try it first! You have to guess
what the lyrics are. Okay. Once you figure that out,
you’ll know the song, too. – That’s right.
– Okay, I got it. – All right, let’s do it.
– Let’s get started. (#32. “Waste my own money”)
– j-hope!
– “Nagasaki”? – Nagasaki? What’s it saying?
– j-hope! Run, run I make and waste my own money You’re right. It’s “waste my own money”. (#33. “Dollar” or “run”?)
Is it “dollar, dollar”
or “run, run”? It’s “run, run”. – That’s why it’s “Run BTS”.
– We’re on Run BTS right now. – Is it “dollar” or “run”?
– It’s “dollar, dollar”. – “Dollar”?
– No! – Dollar, dollar…
– Jimin! (#34. Not even close)
Jung Kook! Jamais Vu! – Please give me…
– No, that’s not it. – That’s not it.
– That’s not even close. – It’s changed from Korean lyrics.
– It wasn’t that at all. It’s your part. (#35. Reading faces)
Remedy – I think it’s the second verse.
– No, it’s not. – How do they expect us to get
the rap from the second verse…
– Hang on. That’s way too hard. (#36. I’m sorry.) Sorry. (#37. Is that really from our song?)
Is that really from our song? I said, is it really from our song? – Is it?
– My mother is Korean.
– Greek is so hard. (#38. You can just hear it.)
What did you just say? – It was N, G, something.
– I said, “N, O, G”. Those are
the first letters of the syllables. You can just hear it.
That’s what it just said. You can just hear it. You can hear the lady
saying, “hello”, too. (#39. Can’t escape the N, O, G)
SUGA! That’s not it. – I’m just going in circles
– It’s “134340”. I’m just orbiting you – That’s wrong.
– Jin! No, it started with an N. It starts with N, O, and G. – I’m just orbiting you
– That’s not it. (#40. Cold at 37 degrees)
My heart is – at a cold temperature…
– He said it starts
with N, O, and G. 37 degrees. Sorry, guys. (#41. SUGA, the determined)
Nothing goes the way I want – Even fewer places to hide
– Wrong. – He’s suddenly lost confidence.
– Are you okay? I thought I had it! It sounds pretty close. – I thought he had it.
– It sounds like “nothing goes”… – All right.
– That’s from “So What”! – Oh, it is?
– Can we listen to it again? SUGA, SUGA! It’s my part from “Wings”. I believe in myself
The reason my back hurts is
That I’m growing wings That’s right. – Wrong.
– Wrong! What? – But why?
– What’s with you? – I believe in you…
– SUGA! I believe in you
Even if things are bleak right now That’s correct. That one was impossible. (#42. Chinese)
That’s real Chinese! That’s outright Chinese. (#43. Gelato!)
Did it ask if we like gelato? – This is practically…
– I like gelato. – It’s Chinese, right?
– “Would you like some gelato?” I’d like some gelato.
That’s what it said. Let’s hear it again. (#44. Say your name!) – “Gelato”?
– I know! Jung Kook! You didn’t call out your name. (#45. Just go for it!)
– Jung Kook!
– You have zero points
because you keep hesitating. Just go instead of worrying,
you know? RM! Jung Kook!
No, I didn’t say it yet.

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