[Eng sub] 유다연 직접 보고 만지고 선택한 신축원룸 인테리어는 과연 어떨까? 철거현장 신축공사 집짓기 건축현장 3탄 [부동산바나나TV]

[Eng sub] 유다연 직접 보고 만지고 선택한 신축원룸 인테리어는 과연 어떨까? 철거현장 신축공사 집짓기 건축현장 3탄 [부동산바나나TV]

Mr. Park, you’re a tile shop, aren’t you? Yes. Do they only sell tiles here? a washbowl, pottery What’s a pottery? Porcelain wash basin, toilet bowl I thought it would be a pretty place because it’s an interior store, but I was very surprised. I think it’s some kind of warehouse…? It is one of the largest wholesalers in Incheon. Do traders deal? It’s like a pile of clothes for people who wear wholesale clothes in Dongdaemun. It’s a place where you can only take samples and put your big sheep somewhere else. So we just have to look at the tiles and pottery and choose from here? a front door tile, toilet tile, sink, toilet, a mirror cabinet, faucet Just six things Pick it from here? Oh, I’m excited. Let’s pick an expensive one. Let’s go inside and pick quickly. Hello x2 There are many kinds. This store has tile samples. That’s a lot. It’s a floor tile, and it’s available in the bathroom and the porch, but it’s a square. I chose this One Room shoe closet tile. I’m going to go to the bathroom black and white,
so I’m going to use this tile and put the floor in a clean gray, black mirror and black intestine. Did you install the mirror over there? Wow, that’s expensive. Oh, this kind of closetr? Yes. What we used most often is a nude closet. I’m just trying to figure out whether the kitchen tile goes square or hexagon. I heard that matte is a nice tile. But in the kitchen, slippery tiles are good to wipe. Oh, really? The tile is good. prompt acceptance I chose this color, so you two choose now. I think I’ll choose this for the kitchen style. I will choose the white color no matter what. WHY? It’s cheap. It looks good up close, but look far away. When I look far at this tile, it doesn’t look cool. It’s just white. Why are you telling me to choose when you’re not going to let me choose? You’re not very well-mannered. If this tile is between white… You look dirty. Revenge success I’ll choose a long tile because the kitchen might look small. Then I’ll take this. Diagonally? It’s a Korean tile. Is that a good thing? Expensive… Are you all right? an answer in silence These are bathroom tiles. Is this the bathroom tile? I don’t think it’s necessary to use masonry joint. Use a masonry joint. Use a silver masonry joint. This is expensive, too. Have you ever used a gold tile? Gold x2~ Oh, this isn’t pretty. It’s tacky. Are you going into a motel somewhere? I’ll go check it out. Can you give me a recommendation? I do this a lot. It’s like a toy. I’ll have the same color as the bathroom and the front door. Bianco tiles look luxurious in the bathroom. It’ll look good if you use it. It’s no good…? This is also expensive. the end of a tour Did you choose? Nope… Let’s pick a tile for a front door. I think the shiny tiles are pretty. That’s it, then. Shall we? It’s shiny because of the light, isn’t There’s no sparkle without an electric lamp on the shoe rack. Don’t you have a sensor light? There’s a sensor. That’s it! That We can just do it. The halogen lights here are strong, so it’s hard to look at the tiles… Is this supposed to dazzle you? You like it. Be realistic. Did you choose, Mr.Kim? I’m almost. I’m the only one in trouble. What about this one? Why do I think these tiles are pretty? I picked one, too. Put this tile in the bathroom. Mr.Park, is this expensive? It’s not cool to use two tiles together. Then I’ll use it on a front door. Then I’ll choose this tile. I’ll choose the bathroom floor black. It’s black. In black? Why are you so dumbfounded? You don’t like it? Then I’ll have to do something else. To be difficult. How do you always choose? I’ve used almost half of the tiles here. That’s a good one. Da-yeon Yes. The porch tile is also used for this. Polishing tile No. I don’t like it. If it’s expensive, you’re sorry. I’ve chosen. x2 I want this to go in the middle. In the bathroom? Yes. It’s a little expensive. a heavy loss Oh, come on! Why do you live like that? Why are you doing that? How about this? When pieces are stuck. appraisal It’s all right. appraisal Appraisal Completion It’s really not cool… That kind of tile… Recommend me. x2 Can I ask him a question? Oh, recommend it as soon as possible Mr,Lee! Oh, that’s okay. See? They say it’s okay. Searching in pairs. I found the enemy. I ask for backup fire. Save me. Mr. Lee, we’re just picking out a one-room tile You know? Ignoring I will lay everything down with this tile, and I will make this tile a belt. This is cheap, right? Is this expensive, too? No, it’s cheap. I saw all the tiles attached. Then give me a recommendation. You don’t like this? That tile made me look a little old-fashioned. What do you have to do Yeah. They’re telling me not to do it all. I’m doomed. What the hell do I have to buy? a magazine run after all Interrupting lol But still reacting She can’t hear Mr,Lee in her ears. I can’t hear you. WOW Wow, it’s like a motel. All I’m saying is I want to use another tile in the middle of the tile,
but I can’t see the tile when the toilet is in the washroom I built. The bathroom is really small. I can react, but I can’t hear. We can’t see it all my life. Okay, It was fine, Okay. Then I’ll add something with a beige tone. But they’ll say it’s expensive, right? Da-yeon x2 I don’t like it. Mr,Lee’s going to show you a new tile. I don’t like it. If you use this tile, It’s like a plate. lol I don’t like it. I’ll put this on top, and I’ll use this half-and-half, and the bottom is a bit dark. Ignored I’m done. I’m out of energy. this and this The black one? You can’t use it on the floor. Why? Just look at the color. I’ll choose the same color as that. Just pick up the colors. Next, I’ll choose a sink. This is pretty, right? NO Appraisal It’s uncomfortable. What should I choose next? I can’t wait to pick one and go home. Right? It’s hard, right? The toilet is… All the toilets are the same. What’s the difference? They all look alike. You want to pick quickly and go quickly, don’t you? ME too You said you were only shooting here for 30 minutes? But it’s been over an hour. business obstruction It’s a sales jam. They’re old, so they’re slow to choose, aren’t NO I will choose this mirror cabinet. And I will choose this toilet. I’ll choose this washbasin. NO This won’t go in. This sink is a big size for the household. The bathroom is really small. You don’t wash your hair these days, you just wash your hands and wash your face, right? Then this first one. I can’t do this either. Then what’s the point? We need to unify. in the smallest size I’m trying to see if I can put this in the bathroom. This is prettier. The toilet will be uniformly constructed. The storage cabinets are nude cabinets. If I put this in, can I use that mirror? Where There’s a big pretty mirror. Emotional worm She’s hooked on that…. I’d like to take one from here and put it on at home. Oh, are you watching the toilet paper holder again? This and the x2 Teeth Cup. All right. I’m done choosing. They’re all at the top of prices. I can’t forget what I said. I’ll choose another No, I’m just going to make it look like that, okay. Isn’t the lever the same thing? They say it’s wide and good. There’s a little wheel out there. I like small things. Consumers like big things unconditionally. Then I will choose the product called Hanssem. The owner of the Daelim tile in Incheon, Mr,Lee, explained a lot to our. Thank you, Mr,Lee Now we’ve made all the decisions from tiles, pottery, and sink. As I expected, I lost all my energy. Did you pick a lot of expensive ones? Da-yeon picked so many expensive ones. It’s on the second floor. What happened? I’m sorry. Are you going to say you’re sorry now? Then, Mr,Park will mix well with what we have decided Let’s wrap this up here. What else are we going to decide now? The rest We have to do wallpaper, too. Go to the office and the wallpaper is in a booklet,
so you can decide by looking at the wallpaper sample. Tiles are the most difficult to see and decide in person. The rest are now in booklets. Does the booklet say the amount? There isn’t. Oh, really? I’m sorry No, it’s okay. Like made in Italy. That’s probably not coming out. So here’s the end. Subscriptions and likes notifications we always talk about are essential. I beg you. Thank you.

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