[RUN BTS EP. 91 Mini Golden Bell 1] RUN BTS! [Clapping] [They are in London today]
We are in London now. We are doing this in London today. [Today’s theme?]
What are we doing today? Today’s theme for RUN BTS is Mini Golden Bell. – Mini Golden Bell!
– Golden bell?
– Mi-Gol! – How about Silver Bell?
– Oh, Mi-Gol! [RUN BTS Mini Golden Bell] [3 games will be played against each other
with MC’s lead] [The one with the lowest score will receive
penalties] [MC gets advantages]
MC has [Interested]
big advantage. – After games are over, he gets to choose a team,
– I’ll be the MC. – I’ll be the MC.
– and gets penalties?
– Wow. – Oh, MC?
– You volunteered?
– Yes. – V has never been an MC before.
– V? [Didn’t hear the advantages]
– Wait, we need to learn the advantages first.
– There are some merits. – We need to hear it first.
– Sure. – The advantages?
– Yes. The biggest advantage is
there are advantages. [Not sure, but it should be good]
– V, try it then.
– It’s not a bad thing, isn’t it? – Of course it’s good.
[I’ll do it!]
– I’ll do it, then. V has no experience in hosting a show. – So, it would be more fun.
– V will do it.
– Isn’t it a great chance not to get a penalty? [Firm]
– You could or could not avoid it.
– We are not sure of it, though. [Worried]
From my experience, MC gets to receive
penalties together. [If you want, do it]
But if that’s what you want, – why don’t you trying it out?
– Okay, great. [MC V!]
– Let’s go, MC V!
– You are not voting? [Without votes][Decided unanimously]
– Is it V? – Sure.
– Okay, then. Today’s MC is V. [Congrats!][V debuted as an MC for RUN BTS]
Looking forward to seeing – him hosting a show.
– How great it will be. – MC V, please go ahead.
– MC V. [At a loss]
Isn’t there a thing? [LOL]
I can’t without scripts. [Looking forward to it]
Read it as if it’s a textbook. – Let’s go.
– What are we doing today, V? [Nervous]
– Can I start now?
– Yes. It’s the 1st round. We start it right away? [Such a straight shooter]
You can’t just get right into that. Any word as an MC? [Q. How do you feel being an MC?]
How do you feel now? Well, I get nervous hosting a show, but
I wanted to avoid getting penalties so I’ll try my best and I’ll try not to get nervous. [LOL]
Ma best. – His voice was trembling.
– He’s already nervous. [Excited]
You seem very nervous. – Your outfit is perfect for an MC, though.
– Right. [Only one wearing glasses]
He’s the only one, wearing glasses!
He should be an MC. – Looking forward to your lead, V.
– Let’s go. [Serious]
Then, 1st round is – sound quiz.
– Sound quiz! – Sound quiz.
– What’s it about? It’s the game where you listen to a sound,
and guess what the sound represent. Listen to a sound first, and
wait for my question. If you know the answer, – raise your hand and shout your name.
– Yes. Maybe AI could do this better. Excuse me, but
can you raise your voice a bit? – Wait.
– I can’t hear you. [Like this!]
Yes! [What V was trying to say was…]
The question is… [1st Round, Sound Quiz] [Listen to a sound, and shout your name
to say an answer] [Total of 10 questions with 1 point
for each question] [With MC’s discretion] Then! It’s just a beginning. For my dream! [Interlude]
– Then!
– It’s the trip for my dream, Pikachu! [Question]
It’s the question. – Who made this sound?
– Okay. [I know of this game]
Who made this sound! – What we did last time.
– It’s what we do all the time. – Then,
– Who and why! – when
– when, where, what, and how! [Surprised]
– 6 Ws.
– 6 Ws for this? – 6 Ws?
– No, it’s not that. – I just said that.
– It’s too much. – Just guess what the sound it.
– Okay, I get it. [Guess what the sound is, and you get a point]
Who made the sound! Play it, please. – Let’s include why.
– Why? [1st sound]
Ah! [What is it?]
– Ah!
– Well, it’s like… [Jung Kook 1]
– It’s Jin.
– It’s like Jung Kook. – Ah!
– It’s either Jimin or Jung Kook. – I think it’s Jin.
– I…
– So do I. – Really?
– One more time.
– When you give your answer, [Answers are legit only when a hand is raised]
Please raise your hand. And say our name? [Concentrating] – It’s not Jin.
– It’s the sound that someone says our of anger, [Self-reflecting]
when I drop something. – When damage is made to someone.
– Jung Kook! I drop my phone. – Incorrect.
– Jimin. – Yes.
– Jimin angry at a ride before getting on it. It’s similar, but incorrect. – Is it similar?
– Really?
– Is it Jimin, then? – Jin!
– Am I allowed to say such things? – I was just saying it’s similar…
– It’s MC’s discretion. [Do whatever you want]
You can do whatever you want. You can give us an answer, too. [It’s your world]
Today is for you, V. – You don’t have to care about anyone.
– Can I say an answer similar to Jimin’s? – It’s similar!
– It is? Jin! – Yes.
– Jimin, sighing at the sight of a ride. – Incorrect.
– Jung Kook! – Yes.
– That…
– He want to take a ride… Incorrect. [Let me see…]
– Wait.
– Isn’t is the sound made [Jung Kook is disappointed]
during penalties? You should at least listen to the answer
before saying incorrect. – SUGA!
– A ride is incorrect. – SUGA!
– Jin before getting penalties. [Chance to hear one more time]
– Incorrect.
– Can we listen to it once more? – I have no idea whose voice it is.
– I think it’s Jin, though. It’s really difficult. [Doesn’t help]
– You don’t know this voice?
– It’s Jung Kook… It’s time MC gives us some hints. – It’s either Jung Kook or Jimin.
– Do you want some hints? – Yes.
– What kind of hint? [I give one hint only]
Give me one of the Ws. – Who!
– Tell us which situation this it. Which situation is this? Someone’s on a ride, viking pirate ship. [I know!]
– Ah!
– I thought so. – Jin! – I think I know what it is.
– Jin! On a ride, j-hope is not telling an answer, so Jin got angry and said “Ah”. [Oh] – Incorrect.
– Jimin! It’s Jimin, I think. – I think it’s Jimin, too.
– Since I keep missing questions, Jin got angry, – Right.
– and yelled.
– I think he’s right. – Incorrect.
– It’s incorrect? j-hope! j-hope! Before taking the viking pirate ship, – Jimin sighed.
– No. – Incorrect. It’s not Jimin.
– Isn’t is a crow? – It’s not Jimin?
– Then, it’s Jung Kook. [Very firm]
I can’t tell you that. – Isn’t it Jung Kook?
– Answer! Jung Kook! – You and I were on a ride.
– Yes. I can feel it’s not correct. – Go ahead.
– You were missing questions. And I sighed. – Sounds good.
– It’s very close. – Sounds good.
– Jin!
– It’s the sound made out of frustration. – It’s Jung Kook.
– I knew it. – He say, “Ah, RM”.
– Right.
– Then, why did Jung Kook made the sound? [Laughing so hard]
– Jin!
– MC is… [MC is enjoying the show]
– Answer!
– “Ah, why can’t you get the answer”. – Shout your name.
– SUGA. [He vow out first]
– I said it first.
– I’m sorry. – Isn’t he so cute?
– Jung Kook is on a ride. – Yes.
– But another member didn’t get a right answer. [So close]
It’s so close, but that’s not it. SUGA! Jung Kook got upset because
they wouldn’t let him take the ride again. – I thought of that, too.
– Is that it?
– No, we took it again. Incorrect. – Ah! Jung Kook!
– It has too much details. It’s really easy. We were playing a game, and
time’s over. – Yes.
– So, we didn’t get the last answer. I hope it is, but it’s not. [LOL]
You know that. [Acting]
SUGA! SUGA! Jung Kook, when he knows an answer. – Jin!
– Jimin! It’s very close, but opposite to that. Jin! Jung Kook frustrated because
he knows the answer, but doesn’t know
how to express it. [It isn’t?] – RM RM RM!
– Jimin!
– Wait. [Reading it carefully]
j-hope! – It’s correct.
– Wow! You should’ve given me a chance to be happy! – Timing was…
– Correct. [Congratulating in his own way]
I should’ve been thrilled, but missed the chance. – He missed the timing.
– I’m not sure if I should feel happy or not. Correct! [Mumbling]
– It’s exhausting.
– I’m not as happy as I should be. – What do I feel this way?
– This is the first question? [Still have 9 questions]
We should solve 9 more questions in this pace? – I can get better. I’ll speed up.
– It’s 12. [MC needs more love and support]
Jin has 1 point. – It’s time we need MC’s discretion.
– Okay. I got it now. [Feeling awkward]
Okay? You know how it goes now? [I can do it!]
– Let’s go.
– Give us hints from now on. – Give us the second question!
– Give all the hints you can.
We won’t get it anyway. [2nd Sound] Oh my stomach. [It’s me]
– It’s RM.
– It’s me. [Q.] In which situation of RUN BTS
he made this sound? [Confident]
– Jin!
– Just give me the situation. – That’s the answer.
– Jin is on a fire today. – We were playing a board game.
– Incorrect. [So cold…
He just took away the board game…] – It flew away.
– Which situation? Which episode? [Defending]
– Why…
– Just say it if it’s in the episode. – Is it the viking pirate ship episode?
– No, it’s not. It’s where we did something for the first time. [Not sure]
– Wait, can we hear the sound once again?
– Jin! – Escape room.
– No, it’s not. – Where we did something for the first time?
– Jimin! I think it’s every episode. In the episode where we made a pottery, the clay on the wheel fell onto the floor. – and RM made the sound because
it’s so funny.
– RM. – Go ahead.
– Correct! Wow! [Remember]
– V’s clay fell.
– Right. – It was hilarious.
– I thought it wasn’t correct. I thought mine fell off of it. – Giving the situation was enough.
– How did you get it? [Can’t stop smiling]
– I just remembered.
– How did he get it? [Passionate viewer of RUN BTS?]
– That’s amazing.
– You follow RUN BTS? [Still can’t believe it]
Still, how could he get it? [Like this]
– It was almost done, and it was ruined.
– Right, it was ruined. [3rd sound]
Please play the next sound. [3rd sound] [Q.]
– It’s j-hope is saying something.
– It’s my voice. – Why did he say this
– j-hope… Why did j-hope say this to whom? Is this a word? – Why did you do it?
– Kkya. – j-hope..
– RM! Isn’t that the crow sound of Jimin? j-hope is mimicking Jimin. [Confident]
– No. I nailed it.
– It’s not? – Incorrect. – Jin!
– I thought it was right. – j-hope asking someone for snack.
– He’s acting cute? – Acting cute…
– It’s hard, so here’s some (hint). – Last time…
– This! [This!] Jung Kook! [Surprised]
– He’s memorizing chant.
– That! [Frying pan?]
Frying pan game! – It’s not?
– How can it be…
– Jin! – j-hope is playing rock paper scissors minus one.
– No, it’s not. – j-hope! I was wearing a rabbit hat,
– Oh! – and playing the frying pan game!
– And I got out so unfortunately. [5!] – My reaction to that.
– That’s not it. – It’s not?
– Is it correct? – It’s close.
– Okay, it’s close? – It’s not the answer?
– No. – It’s close. – Rabbit hat is correct?
– What’s missing? – Jung Kook! Jung Kook!
– What’s missing? Someone talked to j-hope, and j-hope did this. [No idea]
And he made that sound? – Jin!
– He almost said an answer. – Aren’t we supposed to guess who?
– No. – We should guess what he said, too.
– What he said. – We should guess what he said.
– j-hope missed it. Do we need to guess who it is, too? [j-hope missed it, and who?
– Who is it?
– I should know who, too? – Take a pick.
– Isn’t it better you get that, too? – Just say what he said.
– It’s better you get that. – It’s 1 out of 6.
– RM – Me?
– Incorrect.
– Okay. [Exhausted]
– Incorrect.
– Okay. – Jung Kook!
– Okay, RM got it wrong.
– What did he say? – Wait, what did you say?
– It’s incorrect anyway. – Let’s get the person first.
– Me?
– Incorrect. I got it wrong. – Incorrect.
– Jin!
– Jimin! – Yes.
– Incorrect. [It’s not SUGA]
– j-hope!
– RM! – It’s not me.
– It’s not SUGA? [Everyone’s confused]
RM. – Jin…
– Am I correct? [Holding back laughter] [Surprised at his poker face]
Can’t read his face. It’s harder because I have no clue. [It’s not?][j-hope + rabbit=hobbit?]
j-hope and rabbit are hobbit? [It’s Jin!]
– It’s Jin.
– Jin. When j-hope didn’t get the answer,
I said, “It’s disappointing”. It’s close, but, – This?
– It’s a hint. – Jimin.
– What do you do when you lose at a game? We should put the hat down when
we get the answer wrong. – Right.
– But j-hope was wearing it. – That’s right!
– So, Jin said something to him.
– What did Jin say? [What did he say?]
– That’s right. – What did Jin say?
– Don’t act cute. – “You should put the hat down”.
– What did he say? – That’s not important. Go ahead.
– He said it. [What’s j-hope’s reaction?]
What did j-hope say? So, he said, “Kkya”. – Correct.
– Is it correct? – We’re starting now.
– He should take off the hat first. – Hey!
– 3 people! But it’s hard. [LOL]
It’s very… – I’m not fit for this role.
– It’s fun for me. – This is new for viewers.
– Right. V, go ahead. – Doesn’t matter.
– It’s not fun only a few people do it all the time. [Breaking news]
From this point on, I’ll never take a leading role. [Today’s RUN BTS!]
He’ll be showing us [You’re watching how V grows as an MC]
how he keeps improving. – Let’s move onto the next question.
– Watch V grow. [Speed up]
4th sound, please. He looks very relaxed. – Jin!
– What? [Easy! Isn’t it a siren sound?]
– Isn’t it a siren sound?
– A siren sound? – RM!
– Jin! No…
– Hold on. [MC said something]
MC said something. What was it? [Q.]
Who made this noise on whose side? [Surprisingly someone made that sound]
Someone made the sound? – With a mouth?
– Isn’t it a siren sound? – It’s like voice mimicry.
– Jung Kook! – Jin!
– Jin did it. – In the episode of BTS village,
– I thought so, too. – Why?
– time’s up, so he’s gathering people. – Incorrect.
– Voice mimi…RM! It’s the pig tail episode. [Episode of Dear My Santa]
– What’s pig tail?
– You know where we cut pig tails. – It’s the episode of BTS something.
– Jung Kook picnic… – Jung Kook picnic?
– BTS… – Picnic…
– RUN BTS Picnic episode.
– That’s correct. – A siren sound at a picnic?
– We were singing. – No, there wasn’t a siren.
– I was holding a mic. – And saying woo in it.
– That sounds good. – Is it Jung Kook?
– Was that a person’s voice?
– Is it correct? – Yes.
– Correct. [What?] [Production crew: It’s not…]
– It’s not correct, is it?
– It is. It is correct. Wait, Jung Kook explained that… I need to help you out. [Guest is helping out an MC]
– He’s singing…
– A guest is helping out an MC. I’m his partner host. [Reading the script carefully]
He was singing at the picnic episode. [Ah!]
And made a siren sound. – Ah!
– But that’s not enough. It’s not Jung Kook.
So, incorrect! Answer! [Exhausted]
– It’s not Jung Kook.
– Jin! – Is it me, then? RM was singing at the picnic episode, and made a siren sound. Correct! [Jin got it right] [Don’t remember a thing]
– Is it correct?
– Can we hear it? – Am I too slow? Why can’t I remember that?
– I made the sound? – It wasn’t Jung Kook.
– We’ll play few more seconds before and after. I got it right, but still don’t remember. [Go away on a trip]
[What’s going on?] [It’s a voice mimicry]
It was your ad-lib [that we definitely need]
for the last syllable for “going away”. – That was human voice?
– This was it. “Let’s go away!”. [Found his talent where he least expected]
This was it. [Laughing]
– Amazing.
– You are good. [Getting it right is amazing]
Getting it right is amazing. – Let’s move on to the next question.
– It was so close. [5th sound]
Please play the sound. – It’s SUGA.
– Ah! SUGA!
– Jin! [Not sure]
– It’s when SUGA cried.
– SUGA! – I was on a ride, viking pirate ship.
– That’s right! And I cried because I was so scared. – Correct.
– It’s correct. – Wow, amazing.
– He got an advantage. – He was good.
– How did you pick that one for me, [You sure have the talent]
and pick “I cry” one for SUGA? It’s the 6th sound. [6th sound]
No, I this! [Q.]
Why did Jung Kook say this? – Jung Kook! Jung Kook!
– Wasn’t he asking for something? [Can’t form a word]
JuJuJu…Jung Kook! – It’s what he says when he feels unfair.
– Jung Kook! In the BTS village episode, [So long time ago…]
I found a small box at the police office, and I was confused. So, I said, “I saw this at the police office”. Correct! [How did he get it?]
He got it because he did it. – It’s so unfair.
– Isn’t it TMI? – I don’t think I would get it if it were me.
– I thought this is when he was picking out an ice cream
in the picnic episode. [Re-enacting]
“No, this”. [0 point for RM and j-hope]
– I thought that was it.
– RM and j-hope has no point now. [Surprised]
– Please work harder.
– Only you and me have no point? – Yes.
– Please play the sound.
– They are 94s. – 94s?
– Are 94s getting penalties together? [MC’s discretion]
I’ll give 94s a chance to speak first. [Again]
– Who is it? Let’s hear it again.
– One more time. [7th sound]
Hello? – It’s V.
– V! Jin!
– No, you can’t. [He’s fair]
– 94s go first.
– j-hope! It’s the sound V answers a phone. – In which episode?
– [Well…] Which episode? – You should get who called him, too.
– So, it’s… Jimin! In the BTS “Butterfly” M/V, [LOL]
when he looks for RM, [LOL]
“hello”. [Funny but incorrect]
I miss you, RM. SUGA! – He’s getting direction for an X man.
– Oh! [Not too fast]
No, it’s not. Can you play it one more time? [7th sound]
– Hello.
– Jin! – The voice is so cute.
– We were playing escape room game. He was asking for a hint, – saying “hello”.
– Wow, that’s correct. – Correct.
– Wow, amazing. [My glory!]
He didn’t say who said that. – SUGA! He didn’t say who said this.
– He didn’t say that. – SUGA! – Sorry? – He didn’t say who it was.
– He didn’t say who said that. SUGA! – I said V. – He didn’t say who did it.
– I’ll… I’ll go first. [Replay]
We played a room escape game, – he said “Hello” asking for a hint.
– Wow, right! [I’m sure I said so]
He didn’t say that it was V. [Saying with his eyes]
– Fact, right? – Taehyung said… – SUGA. [Reading the room]
– V said it in the room escape game. – Hang on. – Yoongi said first.
– I said first. [I’m on my way]
He said so when asking for a hint. – Hang on.
– Why do you all say that to me? [You’re the MC]
– It’s because… – You’re the MC!
– You’re the host. [When they need to sort out]
– You should’ve said “Okay!” – Okay! – Jin!
– SUGA! [It’s SUGA time]
SUGA! When we played a room escape game. V wanted to ask for a hint. So he said that while talking over the phone. – Correct.
– Yes. [8th sound]
Please play the 8th sound. [Staring]
“If you eat…” – “If you try?”
– Jin! – It’s Jimin’s voice. [Q]
Who said this to whom? [Me me]
– Jin! – Who said this to whom? – Who said, to whom?
– Jin! – It’s from the school episode. School episode? Jin! Jimin said that to Jung Kook,
“If you eat…” – Wrong. – Jimin.
– RM. [At the same time]
– Jimin! – RM. – RM. [Jimin said that to SUGA]
Jimin said that to Yoongi. – Jin. – I think that’s correct.
– Right. – Isn’t it correct? Too easy. – But what did you say?
– From Jimin to Yoongi. Let’s change right away. [The student has become the master]
He changed his attitude right away. – Changing it right away.
– Jimin said that to Yoongi, “If you eat…” [MC said no]
– No. – j-hope! – SUGA. – j-hope. I think I know. – I don’t know. You go first.
– May I? – Yes.
– SUGA said this. In the school episode, he said he was full
when he saw us eating. – Right. – I was angry and said,
“If you eat!” – Right. – “If you eat”.
– Correct? [Way to go! Correct]
– 100%. – Right, correct. – 100%. [I said so]
– Awesome. – I said that, too. You guys are fans
of “Run BTS”. But it was too easy. [Complaining]
– I have 0 point. – “Sorry? Sorry?”
– Really? [Let’s edit this scene]
– I got 0 point. – Let’s edit the scene as if RM got the answer right. Let’s show reactions. [Sorry, we won’t take out this scene]
– Yes! – I knew he said to Yoongi. [Great job]
Let’s film reactions. The 9th question, please. [Sound 9]
Jung Kook! Jung Kook! [In a hurry]
– j-hope! j-hope! j-hope! – Jung Kook! I’ll give a chance to him. Okay. I know.
I’m so sure. [Everybody knows]
– j-hope! – Jin! [Keep listening]
– This… I know. – It’s easy. – Jin!
– j-hope. [You need to hear it further] – Really. – Okay, the end!
– Jin! – j-hope. [Q]
How many times did he say “oh?” [Unexpected question]
I couldn’t hear because of them! [Everyone is upset]
– Who stopped it in the middle?
– I was counting. – Okay.
– Jin! – Again.. – 22 times.
– Wrong. – j-hope.
– Hang on. If someone does this, [Opinion] [Acceptance]
– let’s exclude him. – Okay. – We can do that. Right?
– Okay. Otherwise, he would continue to do this. [Reporter]
Jin! Jin! 21 times, 22 times, 23 times… – Right? Agree?
– Yes. Exclude him. – Okay. [Victim]
You’ve done this so far! – Right.
– Let’s go again. [No mercy]
No more chance. [Weirdly convincing]
– Okay. – No more chance? Okay.
– Good. Let’s listen. – Listen?
– No. You can’t hear it again. [You can’t hear it again]
– We can’t hear it. – No? – RM. [Guessing]
– 13 times. – Wrong. [LOL]
Jung Kook! [35 times]
– 35 times. – 35 times. [Smaller than 35]
– Below. Wrong. – Jin! Jin! [Bigger or smaller?]
Suddenly? It sounds like another game. [A bit excited]
– 3 are left. Go! – 3 of you have a chance. – Say, one by one.
– How many point do you get? 1 point? [0]
– I have no point. – 0 point? You have 3 points.
2 points. – Then, hope needs to go first.
– I’ll go last. [Hang on… What are you saying?]
– What? – I should go last. – I should go last.
– What’s this logic? [Under the name of consideration]
– No, no. – What’s that logic?
He’ll say smaller or bigger. [Trying to calm down]
He’s good at manipulating the mass opinion. [Please give me a chance]
I’m on the bottom. Please help me. [Let us introduce the right answer]
– He’s really… – Try. Hurry up. [Oh x 1] [Oh x 2] [Oh x 3] [Oh x 4] [Oh x 5]
Jin, use some hand gestures. [Oh x 6]
Do better as the owner of sugar gliders. [Oh x 7]
Oh, SUGA. I’m going! [Oh x 8] [Oh x 9]
[Oh x 10] [Oh x 11] [Oh x 12] [Oh x 13] [Oh x 14]
Wow. [Oh x 15]
It looks safe. [Oh x 16] [Oh x 17] [Oh x 18] [Oh x 19] [Oh x 20] [Oh x 21] – 14 times?
– Up. Up? Bigger than 13?
Go ahead. [26 times? Down]
– Answer. 26 times. – Smaller than it. [Nervous]
Smaller than that? I’m the only one left. We gave the answer to you. [Can’t hear] [Calculating]
I think it’s in the middle. [????]
Baseball? [Cute tricks]
Hang on. 20 times? – 20 times.
– Up. – Jimin! – Jin! – Answer! Jung Kook!
– RM! I know it.
I’ve seen it. – He’s not hearing it and guessing.
– 21 times. – No. Jung Kook.
– RM. – Jimin. – j-hope! [It’s Jin again]
Correct. – Awesome.
– Wow, you have to give me a point. To be honest,
Hoseok looked so sad and I moved my lips [21 times, 21 times]
like this. Hoseok saw me when I moved
my lips 20 and looked away. – Baseball?
– Hang on. [Turning around] [Input error] [Close but wrong]
20 times? – Really? Bummer.
– It’s okay, hope. – It’s okay. – Let’s play fair.
– Bygones are bygones. Life is long and
it takes long to film “Run BTS”. Okay, the 10th sound. Please. The last question. [Sound 10]
Don’t come! Jin, don’t come! I think he said Jin. – Jin, don’t come?
– Jin… Don’t come to me? – It’s me. [Q]
Which episode and which situation – Let us hear again.
– of “Run BTS” was this sound from? [Concentrating]
Don’t come! Jin, don’t come to me. Jin… What are you? [Obsessive]
– I think it’s hope’s voice.
– I heard “Jin, come inside”. Come inside. [While they’re divided on it]
– Isn’t it “Jin, don’t come?” – I heard so. I think “Really, don’t come”. – “Really, don’t come!”
– This… [He memorized something]
– Please say which episode and
which situation. – Not this? Jin! – Zombie episode.
– No. – Why did he say “Don’t come?”
– Isn’t it another room escape game? [No]
– No. – No, another one. – Everland. – In Everland.
– We went to the amusement park. Jin! Lotte World. [BTS village episode]
It’s Blue village episode. Don’t come. Jin! Jin! [Trying to draw attention]
– Jinjinjara… – I don’t know. – I know which situation it was.
– Jinjinjara. [You’ve answered too many times]
I guess you’ve done many times. [Sad]
– Hey… – RM. – Jung Kook. – RM. – Go ahead.
– Okay. We were looking at the hint,
in the BTS village episode. Then, someone was approaching. You have to say it was whom. Do I have to know that? [Pouty lips]
It’s up to you. [Ambiguous]
– Jin’s face. – The answer is ambiguous. – RM.
– I’ll… Okay. He pretended as if
he had the hint. – Wrong.
– So he tried to fool the other. – Wrong.
– Jin. I remember the scene clearly. [Scolding]
You try too many times. [Strong mindset]
That’s how you play this game. – It’s the game for agility.
– Yes! – MC is meddling. I’m not good at hearing. [Full of passion]
– In the blue village episode. – Yes. [Frowning]
I saw a hint. [No…]
– Someone came up… – Wrong. – Jung Kook. I know.
– Look at his face! – I can say who came up.
– I don’t know who it was. I can say who came up. – In the BTS village.
– Yes. – Jimin. – Jimin.
– Jin was approaching. – Yes.
– And he said, “Don’t come to me!” and ran away. – Why did he say that?
– Because he suspected him. – Now I know it!
– What did Jimin do? – He was looking for a hint.
– Jimin! – No? Not looking for a hint?
– Jimin! – He was. – Did he find it or not?
– Jimin. – Jimin! – Well,
– Shall we talk together outside? Jimin! Jimin! Did he find it or not?
Please say that. – Jimin.
– 50% chance! – He did! – Jimin.
– Correct. [Great!] [The current score]
What’s the final score now? The game was not so fair.
So, what’s the result? [Round 1 result]
[Jin, Jimin 3 points] [SUGA, Jung Kook 2 points]
[RM, j-hope 0 point] – To encourage you,
– To encourage us? – To encourage us?
– let us introduce the punishment. Then, we’ll move on to the round 2. – Punishment.
– I hope I don’t get it. [Punishment]
It’s to do something outside in London. What if it’s like Dragoon? [????]
– What’s Dragoon? – I don’t know. [If you don’t know what Dragoon is..]
– Doing like this!
– While crossing the London bridge. [Let me show you an example!] [LOL]
Dragoon! [That would be so nice, if you do that in London]
After we finished our concert at the Wembley, if we do that in London,
that would be so nice. We’ll be on news shows! [You will be on news shows]
We’ll be on 9 o’clock news! – Because it’s the punishment.
– While we’re doing this, [Saying Eh! Oh!]
what if we say Eh! Oh? – As soon as we get out of the hotel…
– Isn’t it like going to the Big Ben? [Others will decide it]
It will be decided by others. [Encouraged]
Members can decide it! – Everyone looks so enthusiastic.
– Round 2 game is… [Guessing the song title]
to guess lyrics read by the online translator. – Sorry?
– Transparent? – Translator. [Round 2: Guessing song lyrics] [Online translate website will read
Korean lyrics in foreign accents] [Players will guess lyrics
after hearing the pronunciation] [1 point per each question,
10 questions in total] – It doesn’t make sense.
– The first question. English pronunciation. [1. English]
– English? – What? [It’s for RM]
RM will have the upper hand. [Let’s hear it first]
– It’s not related to English fluency.
– It doesn’t matter. [English] – j-hope!
– Nagasaki? [Laughing out loud] [Cute]
– Nagasaki? What? – j-hope. [Finally, j-hope’s turn]
– Hang on. – Nagasaki? I think I know it. [Not so sure]
– But I don’t know the lyrics.
– I don’t know exact lyrics. – I know which song it is.
– I know it. j-hope. “Go Go”. – Correct.
– Yes. “Run, run. In one day…” [Raising his hand]
– SUGA! – Jin. – SUGA. – Nagasaki.
– “Run run, squandering it all in one day”. – Jin!
– No. – No. “Run run, squandering it all” [Not correct]
– “in one day”. – Let’s hear again. – Jimin. – It’s “luxury”.
– It’s not “Run” but [Useless detail]
“Dollar, dollar?” [Wrong]
– Wrong! Close. – RM. [Correct answer] [“Go Go”]
[Run, run, I make and waste my own money] RM! “Dollar, dollar, I make and
waste my own money”. – Is it “Dollar, dollar?” Or “Run, run?”
– Jimin! – Jung Kook! – j-hope. – Jimin! – Jung Kook!
– j-hope! [Still talking]
– Jimin! – j-hope! – Jung Kook! – He’s saying. [Run run]
– “Run run”. – He’s saying. – “Run, run?”
– “Run, run”. [Confident]
– Really? – “Run, run”. [Really?]
Are you sure? [Not so confident]
– “Dollar, dollar”. – “Dollar, dollar?”
– “Dollar, dollar”. – Wrong.
– Jung Kook! [Warning! Too loud]
– Wrong. – Jung Kook! – j-hope! – Jin!
– Jung Kook! [So confident]
You know what? – “Dollar, dollar”.
– “Dollar, dollar”. – Jimin!
– “Dollar, dollar”. – Yes. “Dollar, dollar, till the sun
shines through this mouse hole”. – j-hope!
– RM! – Jimin. – It’s something about luxury.
– j-hope. “Dollar, dollar
I make and waste my own money”. – Jimin.
– “Dollar, dollar?” [Giving a hint]
Or “Run, run?” [….]
Run. – Run.
– We’re on “Run BTS”. It’s “Run BTS”. [Confident despite others’ hints]
– Run or dollar? – Dollar. [Wrong]
– Dollar? Wrong. – Jimin. “Run run”. [Wrong]
Wrong. [Taking it back]
Wrong! Oh, sorry. Correct. – Really? – When you said “dollar,”
he changed it to “Run”. – “Run, run”. [Run, run I make and waste my own money]
– “I make and waste my own money”.
– Correct! [Saying in dialect]
– Right… it’s about luxury. – Why?
– V, why did you fool… This song will be read [2. Vietnamese]
in Vietnamese accent. – Vietnam. – It goes like this. Okay. I got it.
– Foreign language fluency doesn’t matter. [Kwang Na Ji Meun
Kwang Nan Ji Eh Nya?] – What?
– What did she say? Kang Nan Ji Eh Nya? [Can’t get a clue] One more time, please. [Listening again] This is too hard. Kwang Nan Ji Eh Nya? – Do you know it?
– Kwang Nan… [Just showing reactions]
– I don’t know. I just reacted to it.
– Corns..? – Jung Kook!
– Will you tell us the song title? [Song title: “Jamais Vu”]
It’s “Jamais Vu”. [Surprised]
You just said the song title? – Can you know the lyrics?
– Can you? [Listening again]
Please, one more time. [Kwang Na Ji Meun
Kwang Nan Ji Eh Nya?] – It’s your part.
– Jung Kook! [So sweet but it’s not correct]
– No. – Not even close. – The lyrics are in Korean.
It’s your part. – That’s not even close! [MC’s decision] The syllables are… – It goes like, da da da da, da da da da.
– What? Hang on. One more time. [Once again]
I guess it’s a negative statement. [Kwang Na Ji Meun
Kwang Nan Ji Eh Nya?] – Ji… no?
– Is it my part? RM! “Jamais Vu”.
“I’m fine but I’m not fine”. Correct! It’s not my part.
I told you so. – “I’m fine but I’m not fine”.
Whose part is this? – Whose part? – It’s your part.
– It’s yours. – You sang together.
– How can we guess this? It’s our song! – Oh.
– “I’m fine but I’m not fine”. [Too hard to guess when it’s in foreign accents]
It sounds too differently. [Cute]
– I’m fine but I’m not fine.
– I can score, I guess. “I’m fine, but I’m not fine”.
This is it. – It’s too hard.
– It’s really hard. This song will be read [3. Greek]
in Greek accent. [Wow, have you been to Greece?]
– Greece? – Have they been to Greece? [Can’t get it]
– What? – What? – Wow. [No clue]
– This is really hard – You have to tell us the song. – I think I know the song. – It’s really….
– The song is “MIC Drop”. – “MIC Drop?”
– Don’t act like as if you know it all. [Embarrassed]
[Sorry] – What’s the song?
– “Airplane pt.2”. – “Airplane pt.2?” – One more time.
Please play it one more time. – Verse…
– I think it’s a part of rap. – Right. Oh, Jung Kook. [So serious]
It’s Jimin’s part. My part? – “Words that someone gave me
when I was exhausted”. – Correct. [Amazing] Hang on. Let’s listen to it again. [Words that someone gave me
when I was exhausted] – Gave me. – “Words that someone
gave me when I was exhausted”. Is this our song? Is this our song? Oh, he’s a Korean. Next song, please. This song will be read [4. English]
– in English accent. – Okay. Relatively easier. [Easy] [Easy]
– English is the best. – Right. – It’s easier. [When it’s in English]
I feel more comfortable. [Not comfortable anymore] – Who said that?
– Hello? [More comfortable? Who said that?]
Someone said we’d feel comfortable. Once again. [Listening again] [Clueless]
It’s about the age. [The song title]
“134340”. – I think it’s the rap part.
– It starts with “my”. “My”. – “My?” – “My?”
– I see! It’s SUGA’s part. [My part?]
– I have this in my part? – Really? Rap?
– I don’t think so. My age… something. [Teasing]
– I’m just 20… Are you meaning this?
– I’m 23! It’s like this. [Hint] – Okay. j-hope.
– Is it my part? – j-hope.
– Is it his part? [Hint was short] [Answer is too long] – That long?
– It’s too long. [Hint again] [Sorry=I’m so sure]
Sorry. – Sorry.
– It’s RM’s part. – RM. [My seasons were always you]
– “My seasons were always you”. – Correct. [My seasons were always you]
– “My seasons were always you”. – The rap… – It’s too hard.
– “My seasons were always you”. [Too hard]
– It’s too hard to guess. – It’s RM’s part.
– Right, it was hard. [Don’t forget, I got 0 point]
– It was hard. – My score is 0.
– Everyone. Okay, today’s Dragoon is you. [5. Germany]
It’s in German accent. – It’s going to be super difficult.
– German accent. [Amazed] What’s the song? [“Danger”]
– It’s “Danger”. – “Danger”.
Let’s listen again. – Jung Kook! – Let’s hear it again.
– Jung Kook! It’s my part. – Really? [We are like parallel lines.
We are so different] “We’re like parallel lines”. – “We are so different though we are
looking at the same place”. – Correct. – Yes.
– Hey. – Huh? Is it “So different,”
or “Too different?” It’s “so different” but
I pronounce it uniquely. It’s my part! [Trap question!] [MC’s skills improving]
Correct. This time. [6. Spanish]
In Spanish accent. Galio? – Galileo?
– Galileo. – This… – Galileo! [“Wings”]
It’s “Wings”. – “Wings?”
– Yes. Jin! – “Spread spread spread your wings”.
– He’s really… [Just throwing]
I just threw things. [Stop being Mr.Know-it-all]
Correct? [Smiling]
Let’s hear it again. [Listening again] SUGA! “Wings”. [Cheekbones are going up]
“There’s nothing that works out as I wanted” – “There’s even fewer places for me to hide”.
– Wrong. [Serious]
Yoongi… – Are you okay?
– I thought he guessed correctly. [I thought I said the answer]
– It was close. – You were too… – Didn’t it say “as I wanted?”
– confident and I thought you’d got it right. [Oh, is it?]
– That’s “So What”. – Oh really?
– Let’s hear it again. Let’s listen to it. SUGA. It’s my part of “Wings”. [So confident]
“I believe in myself, my back hurts” “Because it’s to sprout my wings”. [Not really]
Right! [Wrong]
– Wrong. – Wrong. [Why?]
– Really? – You are too cocky. – Why? – Not this one? – I think that’s it!
– It said, “I believe in me”. That’s correct. “I believe in”. [SUGA again]
– “I believe in you, I may be weak now”.
– Correct! [I finally did it]
It’s too hard. Everyone, this question [7. Chinese]
– will be read in Chinese accent. – Chinese! – Chinese! – I hope it’s
not a rap part. – We’ve answered many. [Confusing] [It’s Chinese]
I’m so sure it’s Chinese. It’s real Chinese. But everyone… [Can’t say the song title]
I can’t tell you the song title. – One more time. – Jin!
– Let’s listen to it again. – It’s the chorus part. [What they heard clearly is “Gelato] – Gelato.
– Gelato. – Gelato.
– I see. – Jung Kook. You said “I see”. [Smiling]
Well… – Jung Kook!
– hope hasn’t scored because he hesitates. Go, instead of worrying! [Loud]
– RM! – Because I have no idea.
– Jung Kook. I didn’t say an answer yet. – Hurry up.
– Jung Kook. It’s “We Are Bulletproof Pt.2”. [Jung Kook, hush]
– Be quiet. – RM. [I was wrong]
RM! I know. It’s “Paldogangsan”.
“From Seoul to Gangwon, Kyeongsangdo,” “From Seoul to Gangwon, Kyeongsangdo,
Chungcheong to Jeolla”. – Gelato. Right!
– Jeolla. – Next question.
– Let me hear it again. [Gelato] [Chungcheong]
That’s “Chungcheong to”. – It’s really hard.
– Right. – Everyone. [8. Chinese]
This is in Chinese accent, too. [Concentrating] It says “Bbuchi”.
Bbuchi? [One more time please]
Will you play it again? – MC asked.
– Okay. [What’s this song
that surprised the MC?] [In the next episode] [Mini Golden Bell]
Jung Kook! – SUGA! – Jimin!
– I got 1 point, finally. [As a result]
Hang on! Say that again. [MC Taetae’s growth story]
We will not hear that? No. [Announcement to retire]
– I won’t be an MC any more. – Cute. [I like my role]
1, 2, 3! [I am more enthusiastic about it]
1, 2, 3! [Struggle to avoid the punishment]
May I stretch it? You need to do that. Why are we making a fuss? It needs to be horizontal. [And… everyone]
– Namjoon. Please sing well. – Everyone. I have something to say. [The next episode will be funnier] [Who will ring the bell
of “Mini Golden Bell” quiz show?] – Here we go!
– Turn up! [Run BTS]
[Ep 91. Mini Golden Bell 1]

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