ENG) 엄청난 크기 월남쌈에 에머이 쌀국수 꿀조합 소스 리얼사운드 먹방 spring roll Vietnamese rice noodle Mukbang ASMR eating show

ENG) 엄청난 크기 월남쌈에 에머이 쌀국수 꿀조합 소스 리얼사운드 먹방 spring roll Vietnamese rice noodle Mukbang ASMR eating show

rice noodles!! Raw spring rolls !! Wet rice paper in warm water! Two sheets !! Put the vegetables evenly !! Choose from shrimp, duck or pork !! Roll it up !! Boil rice noodles broth !! Noodles in broth, meat and vegetables !! Hello I’m ppagjjae Today’s eating show is It’s marbled rice noodles in Emmy And today we prepared for spring rolls As you saw in the previous video, I made it myself I use vegetables. I was about to die. Make it a little bigger in front I prepared this much This is Chili sauce, pineapple sauce, peanut sauce And from Emmer to pickled radish I prepared Then I’ll pour the cola first Today I prepared for pet I will enjoy this food!! I’ll put down the coke umm♥ Really delicious I have to eat raw spring rolls with pineapple I didn’t prepare the pineapple so I prepared it with pineapple sauce umm♥ It’s really delicious I’ll have peanut sauce umm♥ Rice noodles are marbled This is duck meat It’s really big Dip a lot of sauce It’s really delicious In fact, it’s my first time eating raw spring rolls I made it because I wanted to try it Made bigger than I thought Burst I popped out … You broke up This is made of pork Raw spring rolls There’s a lot of vegetables and I can’t cut it well. I should eat this carefully I keep flowing I almost burst (It’s funny that I made big spring rolls) Mmm (yet delicious) I think it’s really healthy (A sip of soup) (It’s not in the plate) (Just heard the sound?) I can’t see the rice noodles so I’ll change the bowl Voila!! I changed the bowl I’ll eat a small one this time I made it Delicious Next I’ll eat duck Dip it in pineapple sauce! It’s really delicious umm♥ It’s amazing I first eat raw spring rolls It’s really delicious It looks really good Then the pork goes Come on ~ ^^ Shrimp, duck and pork I think there are three sauces I personally Shrimp pineapple Duck is chili Pork is peanut I think this works best I’m going to eat this first Inside I added the top mushroom The texture is really good This is blown up … Eating .. ^^ I won’t be greedy next time I’ll eat duck this time Duck in chili sauce Last of you Why is the end of food like this Are you sorry? Really The vegetable scent in your mouth goes really well together Vegetable flavors hovering in your mouth Really While fresh Cool The freshness of the sauce is so good It’s delicious for the first time I’ll drink some broth Last is pineapple (Protruded) (It was so big that it was hard to chew) (Today’s Two Shots ♥) full I ate it all I first tried raw spring rolls and rice noodles So harmonious I knew it was the first time And these sauces go so well together I made it myself It was so meaningful Please subscribe and like bye bye ^^&

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  1. 월남쌈크기도지리는데.

  2. 자막은 설정에서 선택하실 수 있습니다
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    안녕하세요 빡째에요
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    그리고 어떤 것과 먹어야 맛있을까 하는 생각에 검색도 많이 해서 준비한
    쌀국수와 월남쌈 먹방을 준비했습니다
    준비부터 먹는 것 까지 정말 통문어와 비슷할 만큼 많이 준비한 먹방입니다
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    구독, 좋아요 부탁드립니다 🙂

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