Elizabeth Warren’s Drop Sparks Demand For ‘A Woman Running Mate’ | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

Elizabeth Warren’s Drop Sparks Demand For ‘A Woman Running Mate’ | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “Elizabeth Warren’s Drop Sparks Demand For ‘A Woman Running Mate’ | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

  1. what the left doesn't get, among many other concepts, is that the first woman president of the US will be a republican.

  2. I'm calling it: The DNC gives Joe Biden the nomination and he picks Hillary Clinton as his VP. Then if Joe somehow wins the 2020 election he'll die shortly after due to one of many "health complications" and then HRC becomes president.

  3. Cecile, what are your thoughts on Kamala Harris locking people up on marijuana charges while she joked and laughed that she herself enjoys getting high? 🤔😲

  4. "We need someone on this ticket who can listen to women, and speak for women, and then can uh, govern for women." Because women are all one monolithic block, right MSNBC? Without someone from the Woman Tribe there is no representation. With that logic I guess every male president has governed for men, right? That's why the vast majority of suicides, homeless, incarcerated, and murdered people are men, as well as workplace and war deaths, because we all share the same genitals and the male politicians are looking out for us. But please, tell me more about the gender pay gap(debunked) and affordable child care, you know, the big issues.

  5. Wake up you still have a woman running Tulsi Gabbard maybe it's time to vote for her in the final primary states and put her on the debate stage to debate Biden and Sanders.

  6. I still think she'd work best with Bernie but Warren for some reason finds any reason to not like Bernie

  7. She was disliked not for being a woman, but for being a liar. Her ancestry, her work history, etc.
    Her campaign was based on the lie that she had "plans", all her plans were: spend more money.

  8. Ivanka Trump 2024. Let's have our first women president. She's basically already doing it. And the trumps are doing a great job.

  9. In 2024 I hope to be voting for Candace Owens either as part of a ticket or for President…..no one should be voted for simply because of their race or gender…Every Democratic candidate this year male or female is a clown so I won't be voting for any of them and no I'm not a Republican!!

  10. My opinion, have someone qualified be elected not someone that is a specific race, gender or age. I'd trade in 10 newbies for 2 professionals.

  11. For those who think women are not qualified, I don't think any of those men were at their for day at the white house. For those who think it is sexist to elect a women, u are the sexist for 34 men presidents and zero women. In this issue, there is zero, I mean zero excuse. America is sexist. We like to give jobs to men. Denie a Chance to women. It reminds me of a black discrimination at one point in history. History has the nasty tendancy to repeat itself in this country. I will say it again. There is ZERO EXCUSE WHY WE DO NOT HAVE A WOMAN PRESIDENT. IT IS TIME.

  12. Can’t wait to lose another election. DNC decided to put 2016 on repeat. Rather than focus on the issues that will actually win an election they fight amongst themselves like children and then after losing don’t understand why. Smh

  13. The way you get over it — vote for the best candidate instead of hoping for the best female candidate. -0- IMO there was only one good female candidate for President in 2020 and it wasn't Warren.

  14. Warren and Harris as your representatives of the party. LOL what do you expect when they aren't even competitive.

  15. I’m not heartbroken at all! I just want the best candidate and that’s Donald J Trump. 😀 This is so stupid!

  16. DO yall hear this a "LITMUS TEST4WOMEN" 59% of Democratic Voters are WOMEN.
    The NERVE they want BLACK WOMEN but NEVER show4Us when OUR BABIES are MURDERED unarmed Or WE BLACK WOMEN nerd support against WHITE MALE EMPLOYERS NOW N.O.W. is OUR friend Our Sisters LAUGHABLE🔥
    HEAR this! These Feminists are BETTING BLACK WOMEN ban with them over BLACK first issues!

  17. This notion that we have to elect someone because of their gender or race is both sexist and racist in its self. We need to support the person who will run the country the best whether it is a man or woman. This way of thinking is how we ended up with Barack Obama, the most corrupt and unsuccessful president in our history. And telling people that men don’t care about women is ignorant. We all have mothers, wives and daughters that we would die for. So stop playing divide and conquer just like you democrats do with race. America sees right through your little tricks and schemes……Now onto other fake news…..

  18. she would have been the most extravagant president this country could have ever had the opportunity of straightening out this country it's is now loss

  19. So the second most powerful person in America should be a woman because woman.
    Not because of their qualifications, intelligence, or ability to do the job.
    Wamenz is the only qualification.
    This is why people hate the Democratic Party.

    Odd they didnt want to vote for McCain, then.
    He chose a female running mate.

  20. Elizabeth Warren QUITS, and the democratic party is blaming institutionalized patriarchy? Her quitting is her fault. Fair and square. She continually insulted the intelligence of American voters by lying to them. They – myself included – saw that and decided not to vote for her. That's it.

  21. I was hoping Dems wouldn’t do this. Affirmative action in some scenarios has arguably worked. But for the president/vice president, it should solely be based off of merit, values, and getting voted in.


  23. The Democrats always talk about having a woman in the White House UNLESS she is a conservative. Then all they do is bash her and condemn her the way that they bash and condemn Melania Trump. They are THE MOST HYPOCRITICAL people on the planet.

  24. Shut up about 'gender'.
    Pure political bias, and other unconstitutional bloat.
    Liars, regardless of gender, need not apply.

  25. That poor lady, she is so elderly and so unwise.
    If she only knew that a women cannot be given this just because she is a women. That eliminates half the population from having a chance. I know its been men only.
    But a women has to win it fair and square. Totally possible although not easy, you have to convince men and women you are wise enough to lead and it will be amazing but only if truly earned. God makes great Men and Women

  26. It's like in baseball if you were to take your eye off the ball and started looking at your bat. You aren't focusing on what's most important: Hitting the ball / electing the best candidate.

  27. I think they need to think less about their candidates vaginas, and more about their brains and character.

    If you would stop nominating horrible human beings, it would be easier to get people to vote for you.

  28. Women complain about voting for women. But women also be the first to talk trash about women behind said women back.

  29. Joe cant even tell whos his wife and who his sister, dont forget all the videos of him touching on little kids

  30. Pity, I thought Warren was a good candidate. From the outside (I'm British) it seems odd that the U.S. has not had a woman president or vice president. Is it really a question of choosing the best candidate or is there an element of men being reluctant to vote for a woman.
    Whatever it would be great if the comments could reflect a discussion on this rather than abuse and trolling.

  31. How can these people just lie to themselves.. Horrible candidates.. Warren couldn't win her own state

  32. I think Hillary Clinton really set women in politics back a decade or so at least. Honestly i really like Elizabeth Warren, Tulsi Gabbard, and Kamila Harris. i thought they stand for great morals and conviction. But everyone knows the Clintons are shady. Picking Hillary over Bernie in 2016 was one of the biggest mistakes in American politics and that unfortunately left a bad taste in everyone's mouth.

  33. Plenty of Republican women have run for President throughout the years. Minus Carly Fiorina of course, she is a commie. None of these regressives cared about any of them. So no, it's not about electing a woman president. It's about a woman who identifies as a democrat.

  34. Everyone keeps saying, "We want to see a woman president or vice president." This is at its core sexist. The only thing anyone should be saying is I want the best person for the job to be our president. If that person is a woman, then great. We should only do what makes our country stronger and more safe.

  35. The Feminists are blaming men because it's down to two men, are denying that the majority of Democrats are women. So it's women who are voting for men. Stop with attacks on men. Get real. Women don't like or trust other women.

  36. Cecile, when you pondered squaring a circle, had you just smoked a "fatty" marijuana cigarette with Kamala? 🤔😲

  37. We are all being played. Warren tried to make it like Bernie is against women. They are going to give Biden the nomination. Biden will either announce Michelle obama as a running mate or bow out later on due to health/mental health issues without choosing a running mate. . Michelle obama will be brought in to run in his place to "save the country." Watch the show unfold!

  38. Women are misogynists – they didn’t vote for a women on the ticket. Or….perhaps they voted for the best candidate???

  39. It's mind boggling how stupid these people are..you are admitting with your own mouth that women are a majority of the voters, but you are blaming misogyny for women not being elected?? I can't with these people.

  40. Wheel out Biden for the debates against President Trump haha he doesn't know hes running for president he will think hes on the apprentice!

  41. Doesn't matter if you're a man or a woman. What matters is how well you run the country. If you don't win an election its because majority of the American people didn't want you to lead the country. If you drop out its because you sucked. I shouldn't have to explain this. Might as well bring animal rights groups into this and elect a turtle for president and we can all parade around the streets and yell "change!" With that being said, I'd rather have a turtle for president than Elizabeth Warren anyday.

  42. Elizabeth Warren “I’m never taking money from a super pact”
    6 months later “Elizabeth Warren accepts money from a super pact.”
    Way to live up to the stereotype. Warren is trash. I want to vote democratic but I’ll take trump over her. No woman will be president of the US in this life time

  43. The "deplorable" women will NEVER FORGET..In fact they have a movement stronger than you can ever EVER imagine

  44. Warren has Hillary syndrome.. chronic liar.. there was and I believe only one female candidate worthy of proceeding and she was completely ignored by her own party Tulsi Gabbard the only honest female in this campaign

  45. Women like Cecile Richards are a shining example of why women like her shouldn't be allowed to vote. Sounds harsh, but what she is pushing is as stupid as anything can get. As ThrobbinHood said below, "Voting for a woman or wanting one to be Vice President just because she’s a woman, is sexist and sickeningly entitled." I'll add, it's this kind of thinking that makes the feminist movement look as dumb as Ms. Richards knowledge of how freedom works, how it's the people who did not vote for these women, who had to drop out, and those voters were about half women. Next she'll be asking for quota's in the House and Senate.

  46. Democrats are a joke remember when we where called racist for not supporting Obama because he was black it's all identity politics for these morons. Btw I'm not white and I couldn't stand that guy because of his policies and smugness.

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