El Diablo Run – EDR – A Mexican Motorcycle Adventure – Full Length Film

El Diablo Run – EDR – A Mexican Motorcycle Adventure – Full Length Film

100 thoughts on “El Diablo Run – EDR – A Mexican Motorcycle Adventure – Full Length Film

  1. Its cool to see people are still trying to keep the real biker lifestyle alive … Not just a bunch of yuppie on gotti 30,000 doller crackerjack prizes from the local Harley shop !!! I don't care for that type scene. Those people are always cockie douche baggers anyway Lol😝😝😝

  2. Check out "Doin it Baja" by VICE… Same guide, small group, all the way down to Cabo, and back to SD 😉👍

  3. That is oldschool, in the 40s the bikers rode all kinds of bikes, not only hds, and seein those british and japanese bikes riding toghether with american bikes, man that is pure shit for me! i'm that kind of guy that likes pretty much everything with an engine or not. And every machine is nice for those that ride it!

  4. Those people are real motorcyclists and are definitely not "Posers" like the majority of those you see in the US on their overpriced and underpowered 2 wheeled lounge chairs who only put 300 miles a year going from bar to bar

    I'd love to ride with these guys, they have real stories to tell about bikes and adventures

  5. Life should be a good story no matter your doing, however, you sold me @ 3:58. Looks fun AF and a great video. Awesome! 👊

  6. Real bikers right here! This is how it's done! No.posers or runs! And oh yeah fuck sturgis!!! Real bikes! They r all beautiful!

  7. I will never go back to Sturgis if it was in my backyard. But this is what I'm looking for. All the reasons to ride a bike are in this run.

  8. I love the credits clip reminds me of hauling ass through the Hungarian Swiss border, just the cars look a little less European

  9. Fun times…always a blast hitting that speed bump on your first EDR on the MX5 20 miles south of Mexicali at 80mph on a chopper!

  10. Great video, love the music choices, too! Keep making great content like this, guys! By the way, the saying is "VAYA con dios" guys! It means, "go with god," literally translated.

  11. THAT was fun..
    I'm waiting the shop to finish my cycle.. too much boating.. fishing.. and riding to do..
    and not enough time .

  12. Mi casa es tu casa welcome to Mexico I live in Mexico City and hopefully I'll take a good ride to have a beer or two with you guys, it's pretty freaking awesome.

  13. Why did I duck under the tape……? This is how riding used to be, and should be again! Bike night is seriously played out!!

  14. Dude with no job or girl has the right idea I've done that a bunch of times even stayed in Oaxaca for 2 years with a Mexican girl once lol

  15. Hi there I’m Mexican I’m in California
    Man what a f. Nice Video I love it the music you guys rock!!
    I have a spotter 883 I wish I can do rids like you do espectacular canijos!!

  16. Thanks for the video. I live 1 hour North of Daytona, been riding my entire adult life. Just recently doctors found 2 brain tumors, nice surprise as I just celebrated my 50th birthday. Not sure if I’ll ever ride again but watching your video brought back a lot good memories.

  17. Well shee ite. What those guys go to the klink for? Guess what happens in Mexico stays in Mexico. Kinda figger it was the dopes the other guy referenced

  18. Amen brother, it's nice to see bike's that dont have burka lounger's, lazy boy recliner chair's ice chest and Microwave oven's and Mr coffee machine's on the handle bar,s. I could not get on another bike if it dont have a kicker..

  19. Kudos to the geriatric RCs, and the crap music they think is “cool”.
    Good bye Harley, hello BMW R18.

  20. Hell yah Eric. Some miles and smiles topped of with some brothaly love to mend your spirit. Hope things are lookin better. FTW.

    Edit: I’m 41 yr old Masshole collecting parts for my first bike. LITERALLY my first bike. Never owned one never ridin one. Got some time to make up cruisin around in a cage watching graybeards have all the fun.

  21. Hey John Pons, pilot, Alaska, we need a lot more of you in the world – only the true pilots will save the planet and heal our broken societes – congrats you made it all the way down to Mexiko this time, and yes, the journey never stops!

  22. 😲👎 шняга , особенно этот тип на спортстере с помойки , ваще блювотний , тупой типчик.

  23. I Reckon Some Of Our NZ Motorbikes Look Meaner Than Some Of Theirs!..They Don’t Go 4 Ape Hanger Bars Much Over There!..Maybe They R Ilegal?

  24. Buy far the ugliest helmet I have ever seen in my life . You know the one I’m talking about. And I dgaf about “retro” of “nostalgia” that shit is absolutely terrible in every way

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